Honestly I'm In the same situation and we are getting out. My lease is over but we likely will have to pay for 2 places at once cause I cannot live her till the end of the year. We have a triple threat if a lid upstairs, loud neighbours downstairs who blast music that shakes our walls and beside us is cokes heads who stay up all night. Put your mental health first.


Yikes that sounds like a nightmare. Sucks that you have to pay double the rent, but good thing that you are getting out of it. But thank you for commiserating with me on this. It truly sucks.


Honestly it's the worst feeling. I hope things turn around for you!


Live on the top most floor you can find / afford.


I'm in a very similar situation, and honestly if I had the money at the moment I'd be breaking my lease and letting the terrors upstairs continue to ruin the place. Put your mental health first, and see if you can get out, you'll be much happier.


I was in a similar situation for 5 years. Landlord wouldn't do anything. I finally just had to give in and move. Broke my lease once I finally found a better place. Moved 3 months ago. Can't put a price on your mental health. I understand just moving isn't feasible for everyone but if you can manage it, it might be worth it.


You really can’t put a price on mental health. I just got an email today from my landlord stating that my neighbor complained about me. 🙃I need to figure out my options because I’m just done living at my place.


I'm a parent of small loud children who also lives below someone who often has kids running around all hours of the night. I am paranoid of my kids bothering other people so I try to make sure when we are in shared spaces they are kind of quiet but still able to express themselves because regardless kids are kids. They are loud. They stomp. But it all can be annoying if your not a kid person. I would honestly learn to live life with headphones in because the kids aren't going to stop. Even if the parents tell them a hundred times. If it really bothers you that much you should try to move up to a higher apartment


Hi, I feel you, I have a very large elderly man above me. Scooting around all day and night, it sounds like a couch being moved around. I have learned to live with headphones all the time to drown the sound out. It’s not worth getting upset about anymore.


I have moved a few times because of shitty neighbours and shittily insulated apartments. I’m now on the top floor, can’t tell if my neighbours even have kids — fantastic. If possible, MOVE. It will improve your mental health sooo much


The sad thing is legally you can’t do anything. I have the same problem and I was flat out told by my landlord that I have to suffer until my lease expires in May of 2023. The only thing you can do is talk with the parents about it. If they refuse to take action on correcting the situation. You can contact the landlord and state you have talked with them and they don’t care about the situation. They can talk to them about it.


Funny you say this, I actually just got an email from my landlord telling me that my neighbor complained about me for asking his kid to quiet down at night. So now I’m in the wrong for asking for some common decency.


As a tenant you have the right to complain. Also, most complexes do have quite hours. If they are in violation but the kids put kink in things. Just so I know did speak to the parents prior to reporting them only reason is leverage. If not then I have nothing to say that will help you.


I’m the top floor tenant with kids. For the most part we do our best. As much as we’d love a single family house, the economy is kinda garbage atm. Why not offer a unit trade?


I feel your pain. I live under noisy kids also who run all day. I have recorded the noise and filed some complaints.