I guess nobody owns forks now?

I guess nobody owns forks now?

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That's kind of a nitpicky thing to get mad about, and not super-relevant to anticonsumption. This seems more like the domain of /r/zerowaste, or I think there's a sub that's literally just for complaining about plastic. Anyway, pickle lifters aren't new, and it's not like there's some big marketing campaign promoting them (unless this counts, but you can't even read the brand on the jar). They're not commonly used, but they can be useful, especially for smaller pickles like these. There are also reusable versions, but it'd be complicated to use them on pickles you buy in a jar.


Yeah, I would totally repurpose this


They are great for holding any diy pickling/fermenting foods beneath the brine to make sure they don’t mold.


I'm glad I'm not the only one.




you would have to have a dedicated pickle jar you re-use and leave the lifter in, and when you buy new pickles you would transfer them into that jar


I wish you could just bring your gallon pickle jar to the deli and stock up all loose leaf.


The concept of loose leaf pickles is equally compelling and horrifying to me. Something about the term 'loose leaf'


Central Market in Lancaster has some of the best loose leaf pickles money can buy!


My mom has had one for 20+ years. All my family liked to snack on pickles of different kinds. So she'd buy a couple jars, they'd get dumped in the bigger (hers is square) pickle container and you could lift them to easily select the kind of pickle you wanted, no fork required.


My grandparents had one called a pickle keeper. My gf's parents had one too but used it for jalapenos.


Consumption causes waste. I don't see your problem.


As someone who loves pickles…I have a system. I stir my morning coffee with a fork, rinse it, and put it on top of the coffee maker. When I return home at 5:15 the coffee fork becomes a pickle fork. I try to remember to rinse the fork and use it again for dinner but I usually have to put pickle fork in the dishwasher to keep myself from eating 9 snack pickles.


Sounds like you have a pickle problem, and a few pickle solutions!


And I've seen over on r/fermentation that a few folks have refused this tool to help keep their ferments under the brine. Cheaper than going out and purchasing fermentation weights. Idk if everyone is ok with using plastic during ferments, but the Ziploc bag method seems generally accepted and idk how this plastic is different than a plastic bag.


Consider also that not everyone has the fine motor control ability to use forks 🥲 I'm personally happy that the pickle lifter exists!


Yeah I'm thinking this is great for kids or people with certain disabilities


My epileptic pickle-loving girlfriend lost it when she saw this. It’s not always easy for her to get the pickles with her fork. Especially the small ones. I bet OP buys nestle products and drinks coke from the plastic bottle.


I'm happy that it exists since my family is shot through with essential tremors and less heritable neurological issues, but that's no reason it should be in every jar. I'll probably be using shit like this by the end of my life, but that's really not relevant to these being produced in large numbers. People are in here invoking disability for the sole purpose of showing off that they haven't forgotten a group of m a r g i n a l i z e d p e o p l e and feel superior to others on reddit without considering whether that invocation actually makes sense.


What a strange hill to die on.


I feel like the template for every single post on here is either: 1. OP: Look at this amazing zero waste, eco friendly thing! *500 upvotes* Top comment: Actually this thing is terrible because of reasons. 2. OP: Look at this horribly disgusting, wasteful thing! *500 upvotes* Top comment: Actually this thing is good because of reasons.


Great summary. So moving forward people can just post a picture of something and then select #1 or #2. Think of all the time we’ll save!


This sub is just people criticizing others for consuming, I thought there'd be more actionable tips for sustainable living.


I mean I get your point but for disabled people that has got to be a godsend


Definitely the work of Dionysus. And we thank him kindly.


I lifted my pickle with this once...felt amazing


You dirty pickle lifter


This are not fat chunky pickle sir, they are called cornichons or gherkins. They are significantly smaller and harder to catch. A fork works fine when the jar is filled but reaching the bottom is very hard as they are slippery. Either you become frustrated by aiming at slippery cornichons with a fork or you deep your fingers in the brine.


cornichon is french for pickle ya dingus


Cornichon is a breed of cucumber that is pickled ya buffoon


that's dumb


Yeah it’s confusing. Took me some google search to get the difference.


I am french. Cornichon is just the word for pickle you prick


I am French too. I live in the US. Pickles and cornichons are not the same thing. It’s all about the vegetables and what breed of vegetable is being pickled.


My whole thing is it's just more plastic and there's been significant studies which show plastic leeching into our food and water from things like this. On top of that most recycling is basically a myth, especially here in America, feel free to do your own research on the efficacy of recycling.


na... That's something I've gotta support... The pros of food preservation aside, this is practical, useful, sanitary, reusable, and I FUCKING LOVE PICKELS! Trying to get at them with a fork is a pain in the ass.


And it doesn't even look like it works that well? Just why ?


…I mean I’ve found they work great. Debates about plastic aside.


More micro plastics for the consumer


It's nutritious


A fork? You have hands just reach in the jar.


I saw this today too and was disgusted, immediate downvote


Forks fuck up the pickle tho.


A pickle pincher is where it's at. Never stab your pickle again.


It's a pickle. You aren't going to deflate it with a fork.


Not the way I use them




Has this sub been filled with pro consumers? Ive noticed this sub get proggresively more pro consumption. People were litterally defending that Amazon box in the park.




Lol I was so angry when I saw that. How lazy can people get?


Not going to lie, I use a new metal fork every day to get some olives and I could use something like this; however, i'd never get it because you can't trust the companies to keep the jar the same size. Damn r/shrinkflation where they will just keep messing with the jar height and width making this tool too large or small to fit in the jar properly.


By a new fork do you mean a metal fork that you just wash and reuse or a new disposable fork?


Chaotic Evil: Buying metal forks and spoons but throwing them away after each use


Metal fork that I just have to keep washing. Just changed it.


New disposable for me. I figure it’s offset by the difference in dishwasher and detergent usage?


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Some people have disabilities. My girlfriend has epilepsy and the tremors that come with it make it hard for her to grab the pickles. But sure. Call her lazy if it makes you feel better. I’ll let her know you think she fucking sucks because she shakes sometimes. She’ll love that.


I shake too. These shouldn't be in every jar. Get off your high horse. Disabled people are not the sole or even anywhere close to the main consideration in a discussion about a piece of plastic being shoved into shitloads and shitloads of jars, and I don't know how people can sit around and pretend they are. Jfc it's so easy for capital to pander to liberals even while they destroy the planet.


I’ll get off my high horse when we stop blaming things on the consumer. Sick of companies doing bullshit and somebody coming in to damn the consumer for their laziness. Fair?


This entire subreddits PURPOSE is to bring attention to how the consumer can be better with the environment. Do you think people are gonna magically stop polluting if these companies were to cease to exist? Socialism doesn’t requires anti consumption but it needs it if it wants to be environmentally friendly. I’m not sure why your here if your pro consumption.


There’s a difference between being pro-consumer and realizing the problem isn’t the consumer. A great example is the consumers role in global warming vs the government regulatory powers/the companies lobbying for relaxation of those laws


It's the elites fault for brainwashing the consumer. But they are still in many cases unnececarily one, and the average person needs to recognize that before they change. If you were stuck in a cult and you knew it would ignore others and make no attempt to get them out because it's not their fault so they don't need to change? No! Just because it's not your fault doesn't mean it isn't your moral duty to change.


Okay we're going to have plastic infused brine in every jar so your gf can pick up her pickles with ease, that's not unreasonable at all


This product could so easily be made with aluminum or something along those lines.


Hey calm down! This has nothing to do with her- you nor her are the center of everything. I was talking about the people in the original post who were applauding it like it’s so amazing. We should definitely help the disabled but sometimes you have to draw the line. Why should we add unnecessary plastic to every pickle jar so that 2.2% of the population can grab pickles easier when they shake occasionally. If there’s a renewables version that only some jars have that would be fine. It was a small nitpick of a product, don’t be so offended.


Right. It has everything to do with the company that put them out. Not the consumer. Calling someone lazy is unnecessary. Curb your criticism so it’s actually constructive and not just bitching. Oh wait this is Reddit… carry on. My bad.


Clearly you don’t know what subreddit this is. I’m not sure if your lost but the purpose of this sub is for critism of unnecessary products which you would “consume” this is just that. It’s a criticism of a culture which creates and uses special products to make life easier at the cost of the environment. I am calling people lazy who applaud this because it makes their life easy yet contributes to the destruction of the environment.


Unnecessary. Is it their fault the culture is this way? Is it their fault to be born in this culture? Encouraging people to use other products is one thing but wantonly calling people lazy just because you think you know the reason behind their behavior either makes you god or an asshole. Either way it doesn’t save the earth anymore than if you learned how to suck your own dick so your father could use less gas having to drive to your house to do it for you.


But culture has MADE people lazy when they wouldn’t be otherwise. I’m not blaming or attacking people for being lazy I’m just calling it like it is. Culture has changed and convinced them to be lazy. Also you lost me at that last part.


Calling it like it is? Now you’re just excusing your rudeness. Go Make America Great Again with that attitude.


"We should definitely help the disabled people but sometimes you have to draw the line." What the fuck?




You've got a fucked up view, my guy. These grabbers aren't in every single pickle jar, can be taken out and reused for pickles and other tasks, and you're seething over people explaining how some things that seem useless to you have a use for people with disabilities.


Im not though. I 100% agree with what you said and that's litterally what I said above. I said this already but ill say it again if your illiterate: This is not me calling disabled people lazy. This is a critism of the people in the original post. I admit the last comment I said was wrong and I will delete it but still. "If there’s a renewables version that only some jars have that would be fine. It was a small nitpick of a product, don’t be so offended."




I wouldn't want to touch a utensil with my hands and then seal the same one in the jar every time i use it. Just use a fork


Ever tried chopsticks? Talk about reinventing the wheel.


Love plastic in my brine.


This isn't even anti consumer


This is cool. I’d repurpose for boiled eggs


i love that brand of pickels. i have them in my fridge right now. they're so good. never really thought about the plastic of the lifter tho


Pickle lifter is what they call me on the street


Those pickels are the bomb tho


I really want one of these.


But it is absolutely neccessary to put one of these in every jar, so we can use up all the extra plastic we produce. Otherwise there would be huge piles of perfectly good plastic just piled around everywhere. /s


Pickle elevator go brrr