Welcome to Obooloo!

Welcome to Obooloo!


Welcome to the results of my experiment! Obooloo is a NH tropical-themed terraformed island that has 2 villagers, no Blather’s tent, and a non-upgraded plaza. DA-4601-9083-7433 I’ve always preferred the look of the non-upgraded plaza, as well as Tommy walking around with his little flag. Also Tom Nook to do the announcements, as well as the early island music. But I also like terraforming! To do this, 2 Switches and 2 copies of ACNH are needed. Create a new profile and play ACNH with it now on your current island as a non-rep player. Your current island needs to have the upgraded plaza and ABD. Collect Nook Miles and use the ABD in the upgraded Resident Services to redeem the Cliff Construction permit, Waterscaping permit, Path/Tile and Custom Design Path permits. Also the Pocket Organisation Guide and Ultimate Pocket Stuffing are useful, as well as all the fence and hairstyles customisations because you can’t access these in a non-upgraded ABD. Transfer this account to another Switch with the game, and it becomes the island representative account for that new game (and map). You can now immediately terraform! Do let me know if you are planning to doing this and need any more information. Also would love to see your photos and Dream Addresses! Right now I’m working on a junglecore SH island based on the Angkor archaeological park, where I’m keeping the island rep in a medic tent while the secondary account is moved in to do all the terraforming and then moving out, lol!


Wait there’s different music early on? I had no idea do you know anywhere I can listen to it?


The music changes to hourly music once resident services upgrades to a building. Before it’s a more consistent tune, with slight variation for day and night


It definitely became obnoxious after the first three days but I wish the rest of the game’s music was as chill as this.


Yeah, I remember being super excited to finally get hourly music so it wasn’t as repetitive! But I do wish the beginning music could be an air check from KK or something, I’d still like the option to listen to it when I want to


Yeah! The music is different before you upgrade Resident Services. [It already gives me some kind of nostalgia ](https://youtu.be/_94Tucq7A18)


Thanks I’m gonna give this a listen


Just a forewarning, it is very repetitive. It was designed to be a familiar melody that builds as your island builds in its first week.


excellent work and i’m happy for you but i cannot condone any island purposefully forgoing Isabelle 😔


This looks absolutely amazing and I can't wait to check out the dream address. Also, thank you for explaining the how-to, it's really creative. Makes me miss the outside announcements!


Bud (the lion?) fits right into a tropical island, nice two villagers to go with your beautiful place!


And you got Renneigh right out of the gate.


She’s a good one


Good Hoers. She's not Best Hoers though.


You got the same two villagers as me when i started lol


I ran the numbers that’s a 1/1824 chance that’s crazy


The sub has 1.5 million subscribers... It's not that crazy that at least two of them have the same starters


Thats wack


Reneigh was my starter. You got lucky with starters.


They should add rowboats into the game


Omg this is actually so creative. Very interesting, I’m going to visit this tonight!


I m very interested!!! I m gonna check it out when I m home!!!


Noiceeee, I miss the natural feeling so much. The terraforming is grand!


The whole gentrification of a wild island into a town always rubbed me the wrong way.


Very cool design not something you usually see! Hopefully you can give us a dream address soon I want to check it out


The dream address is both in OPs comment and in the map picture


Sheeeesh can’t believe I missed that thanks for letting me know


Wait this is beautiful! I’d recommend Julia for your island!


Omg I want to live here 😍😍😍


Dang I sold my second switch!!! 10/10 would play like this


I love this so much! I’m not sure what my favorite part is. I love how natural it is and your use of bugs for ambiance is perfect. The real cicadas I can hear through my window definitely added to it as well lol. I love the lake island you can see in the distance. The silhouettes on that are so well thought out. I would love to do something like this but sadly I don’t think I can let go of my current island. Thanks for sharing so I can have a taste of tropical jungle island life!


Love this idea. I sometimes want to reduce my villagers from 10 to maybe 4 . It gets so tiresome sometimes to continually have to pre plan their plot locations if you re-design often


This is so cool! I've always wanted to try a minimalist design and keep to the deserted island theme with minimal buildings and stuff. I had no idea you could do this! This may actually push me to pick up another switch if nintendo announces a switch pro!


You also got Reniegh as a starter


This is cool but I know it’s probably not gonna last.