Emerald Orc Formable

Emerald Orc Formable


I believe there is an event that appears about a fae offering power? I think that is what triggers the formable.


Yeah, that's how you get it. But I think you need to have a certain development level (100 - 150 or something) to get the event to pop up, from what I remember.


100 is right


So just a total of 100 development or combined with vassals?


100 development excluding vassals. The formable makes your government emerald horde, which tanks your diplo rep. Be careful about trying to integrate vassals later


It's better not to have vassals. Or if you do then not orcish ones. This is partly due to the fact that your government type when you form Tugund Darukh gives you a massive debuff to your diplo rep, which means that you can have a really hard time integrating them later, and also means that you'll be blocked out of finishing a lot of the mission tree as a result. This is not something you can really plan for either because the switch happens by way of event and isn't a conscious decision. If you can take a vassal up in the mountains that's great, but you don't really want them in the deepwoods itself. As for why not orcish vassals, that relates to a unique disaster and is a little spoilery, but essentially you need the absolute minimum amount of black orc culture in your lands once you form Tugund Darukh (which culture converts all of your provinces but not any other provinces). So if you have orc vassals then if you do manage to integrate them later this will create more problems for you. Same for if you conquer any independent orcs in the deepwoods after you make the switch. It still needs doing of course, but it's better to deal with most of the other orcs and get them all integrated asap. Btw, I found that, vassaling Silvertusk is not the best approach. You need that goldmine for the early part of the game because it's pretty much your entire economy and you need it to pay for the initial wars against the elves. I found the easiest strategy is to invade Silentblade immediately and fully annex them, then turn round and do the same to Silvertusk. Your powerful mage ruler makes these wars easy and after that you're the strongest individual nation in the whole area (still much weaker than the elvish coalition though). You may or may not want to ally Cursed Howl. It has obvious advantages in that it makes both of you less vulnerable to an early elvish curbstomping (their alliance is almost unbreakable at the start and they easily kick your ass whenever they choose). The problem I found was that CH tend to be overly-aggressive dicks who will start an unwinnable war and call you into it whenever they get the chance. You really, really want to avoid war with the elves until after you form TD, because this gives you a lot of major buffs that make the war much easier (notably a near limitless amount of manpower and a bunch of outstanding generals from the mission tree). You also need time to get your money situation in order and build a couple of forts (the war is really hard without them). As such it may be worth simply letting CH get killed. I loved this campaign when I did it. One of the most unique and interesting experiences in Anbennar.