New to the mod - where to start?

New to the mod - where to start?


If you're wanting a more traditional EU4 experience try Verne or Arannen. If you're wanting something unique play a Escann adventurer or a dwarven hold. I really recommend forming Adenica if you're playing the bitbucket build, but it's not in the steam version yet. The discord has a useful map of countries with mission trees as well.


What's a "adenica" ?


Western escann formable if you stay regent court and follow adean iirc


It’s also worth noting that you need to be an Escann culture before the option even shows up. Corintar, Count’s League, and presumably the reachmen vassals of Frozenmaw have the option from the start, but other nations have to wait for quite a while.


Since when? You didn’t have to a couple weeks ago


You don't have to if you're on the bitbucket version. Steam version still requires it.


While messing around with console commands on the bitbucket version I managed to form it in 1444 as sons of dameria


Do you have any EU4 preferences? Some people have already posted great suggestions! My first game was actually as Pearlsedge way way back before they even had their own Mission Tree. Playing a human nation within the HRE equivalent was actually a great way to learn about a lot of the new content the mod has without it being *too* different an experience. Pearlesedge now have their own missions (which I've not tried yet) so they could be fun alongside Verne, Wesdam etc. if you want a HRE-like experience. Lorent is also a fun one as it's essentially the Anbennar equivalent of France. Vassals, decent land and the opportunity to colonise. There's so much variety in the regions though that you'll be sure to find something. Dwarves are always a really fun game just by virtue of the insane wealth you get but then they're balanced by having some tough Disasters. Elves are fun for their Disc. bonus (among other things) but the slow manpower recovery means you really want to preserve your troops where you can and avoid taking lots of casualties. Welcome to the mod though, it's basically the only way I play any EU4 anymore!


Welcome, this subreddit has links to the wiki and discord if you want to know more things about the world and lore. For the first game it really depends on what do you want, a more vanilla experience to get accustomed or an anbennar specific game? This flowchart could also be a good place to start [https://i.redd.it/7tkuuolnbjg61.jpg](https://i.redd.it/7tkuuolnbjg61.jpg)


Thanks a lot! Im reading the "EU4 Setting Primer" now, and thanks for the flowchart! All this really looks promising, im looking forward to this! :)


Playing with a mage ruler and studying necromancy and becoming a litch (immortal) is pretty fun and op because u can spawn a lot of troops without uising mp. Then u can study anything else and become ultra op also don't turn ur ruler to a general cuz he will die even if he is immortal cuz of a bug


You can also get infinite mana because some of the absorb events seem to roll the same chances over and over. I absorbed my 5 year old sons life force about 200 times before he died, giving me enough mil to insta-siege a bunch of provinces and flesh out some mil idea groups. Once they die you just roll for a Mage heir through the estate, and absorb advisors in the meantime or your capital if you have enough development reduction modifiers.


I've been trying to become a lich for a while but the one time I got my necromancy high enough,my mage-ruler died of "natural causes" before I got to the end of the event chain. But having a undead army was nice,because of the havoc I caused with that. It didn't matter if I was defeated because I didn't lose any manpower and the bonuses were insane.


Yes I think that event chain increases ur rulers chance of diying, also frosthide has a nice young ruler so u could play as them or u could just savescum I saw a person posting about doing that and occupaing whole world


My first game was as Vernail, I think that was pretty good. They have a large mission tree, an interesting story, and they are also about exploring the "new" world, which is a nice experience if you don't know yet what it looks like.


I think Escann adventurers is the best introduction personally. It's easy to pick up the mechanics and there's a ton of flavour to them which serves as a great way to pick up what the mod is about. I've actually had the most fun playing as the monstrous factions (orcs and harpies especially), but these take a bit of getting used to and I wouldn't recommend it for a complete beginner because they usually have difficult starts.


Gawed if you want to purify the continent and create a Human utopia.


Play jaddari


My first game was as Pearlsedge. It was enough like normal EU4 to be understandable, and they are out of the way enough to just observe what crazy events unfold throughout the game. This allowed me to be better prepared for my next game. My next game, I played as dwarves, and I was not prepared. Nothing can prepare you for the dwarovar.


I just joined too, just now as I'm writing this, and I started my first game a couple nights ago. I spent a few hours studying the map on the home screen and trying to get a feel for the cultures and religions. It really is overwhelming how fleshed out the game is, but I was up for the challenge. I saw Venail and thought it looked interesting to play as -- I would be able to watch what happens in Cannor without getting too involved, and get to be the first to explore Aelantir. So I played up until the 2nd age just started, and then I didn't have any time to play anymore until now. Idk if it's just me having bad luck but imo I was getting an excessive amount of stability hits as Venail, like every five years or so, and it was hard to keep up with admin tech even though I've been staying in negative stability. I also didn't manage my wealth real well; I didn't imagine that being elven would come with periodic money draining events, so I was running loans and a deficit up until I got dragged into a war against Deraine and I just deleted my exiled army instead of ferrying it back to the island. But yeah it's been a really cool experience and I'm excited to get back in.


Vernail's MT pushes you to resettle to the old world entirely and eventually reform the old elven empire. The home island is abandoned.


I get that, but it wasn't relevant to the issues I was having.