Jadd religion seems overpowered

Jadd religion seems overpowered


Surael guides her children, and since all are children of Surael, it is natural you too feel the warmth of the sun. Stackwipe for Surael Praise be to Surael


Doing the first Jaddari game now myself, and yeah that sun festival event is pretty damn broken even for monarchy.


It's completely nuts in a republic. I fully intended to switch into monarchy when I started the game so I could go with magical elite, but in the end I couldn't bring myself to give up the guaranteed mana. It's insane. I don't really know how it works when you're creating events so maybe it's not an easy fix, but it feels like this event fires way too often. I've seen it happen 4 times in a year before. It would be much more balanced if it happened more rarely.


I agree, it feels like something that should be at least once or twice in ten years, like a proper once in a lifetime celebration. I’ve had it happen twice in a year so far. The republic synergy here is crazy, but for the Jaddari itself it does mean eternal 100 prestige, 3 stab and full legitimacy, and their ideas already gives 1 legitimacy per year which really seems like a useless NI thanks to this.


Well of course the religion that is objectively correct and that all should follow is going to be overpowered.


Don’t worry. You’ll hit the Deioderan and suddenly won’t feel as overpowered anymore :)


Thanks for commenting on it, the sun festival event should happen less often in the future. Though it will still remain a very strong religion.