How do I turn emerald ?

How do I turn emerald ?


You 100 dev, a male ruler, with high mil stat


I think is either bug or you misread the event and picked wrong option. In my few test playthrough the event fired around 1460, i think its related to dev in fey religion provinces


I don't remember getting any event that gave me a choice. Guess it's possible that I just missed one. Looks like I'll need to start again though, which is a bummer. On a related note, is there any way to disable the feature in-game which colours in wasteland with your faction's colour ? It's not something that ever bothered me in the past so I've never looked into it, but the Deepwoods in particular look really fugly when all the wasteland fills up. This was especially true in my game since I started out as Blackmoon so all of a sudden the whole map was filled with this brown smear...


It can take a while to fire but the requirements are Male, not in regency, not a subject, capital in deepwoods, primary culture is green orc, and over 100 development. Mean Time To Happen is 10 years, 9 years if Military Skill is 4, \~8 years if it's 5, and \~7 if its 6. Takes twice as long for the AI to receive this event. Choice is to become emerald orc or gain some admin & 1 stability


Yes, you can change it in the scenarios select settings (Bottom left, the same place you can configurate multiplayer/custom nation settings). I personally use Graphical Map Improvements mod because it make wastelands look better.


100 or so dev, you get an event to marry a fey. It doesn’t tell you that you become Emerald for it though