Castellos - Still Not Dead

Castellos - Still Not Dead


There's several different things going on here. First, the age. The age will switch when Castellos is found to be dead or there is a backup at 1560 when it will start to switch anyway. Second, Castellos. Castellos is dead triggers for any country with a capital in Cannor that owns land in Aelantir. The earliest it can happen is 1510, but the MTTH is somewhat high. For a while there was a problem where colonial nations would break it, but they are now properly included too so it should be happening more consistently. Though I've seen several reports of it taking a very long time recently so maybe it broke at some point. Third, Corinite. For Corinite to spawn Castellos must be dead and there must be a regent court country with a capital in Escann. The entirety of Escann, including Corvuria, so it's hard to wipe out entirely. Though it's much much more likely to spawn in Castanor. But it's possible to completely stop Corinite from spawning which would also affect things such as the crimson deluge and ravelianism once it's in.


Thanks for the explanation. Funnily enough, right after I wrote this post I went back to playing and the event happened about 5 years later. It's the latest I've seen it occur by at least 30 years or so. Since it took so long the Empire has managed to progress all the way to reform level 5. It'll be interesting to see whether this affects the league wars. The reform that just passed disallows internal EoA wars, so will that stop the league war from being declared ?


It’s very much dependent on if nations in Cannor have land in Alentir. I managed to delay it to almost 1600 as Venail by blocking anyone from getting to Alentir for a very long time. Whoops.