Me when I'm the most unlikable character to ever exist in the AHS Universe:

Me when I'm the most unlikable character to ever exist in the AHS Universe:


"I put arsenic in the wine.....*and the pasta.*"


I like when Ally flatly explains that she murdered ~~Ally~~ Ivy by poisoning her and Kai just goes on eating his manwich, both completely unmoved


I think Kai had a thing about loyalty. He might have actually seen something actually wrong with Ivy gaslighting her wife like that.


“Holy shit you’re serious?”


Ally murdered Ally?


The stew is stu?


lol oops


The scariest part about that scene was the portion size of her pasta; still bothers me to this day


Just a sensible little scoop! lmao


“The Pasta is Stu!!!!”




"Good soup."


Her demise was the most satisfying of any character in AHS


10000%. I was shocked when I found out the truth ab her


Right!!! Now when I rewatch cult I just stay pissed until she dies. What she did to Ally was the worst betrayal


oh i know. poor ally. her character arch is one of the best tho


100% agree was so happy with her coming out on top


Ally had the best and most satisfying character development in the entire series. Loved the way she manipulated everyone who wronged her and fought her way to her own happy ending.


this!!! yes


She is definitely up there on my list, followed by Margaret Booth!


Yes!!!! Hated Margaret so much


I enjoyed her demise so much lol.


Agreed, that scene was so satisfying to watch


It truly makes up for having to suffer her for most of the season


she was the epitome of gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss


Ding Dong


Not the GGG Ally signed up for


Gaslighting - the character


The husband in Ba'al comes pretty close too.


Watching her dying was so satisfying


I’m sorry but do some people actually consider her a good mom? Because they need brain scans or somethin


I think it’s moreso because actors that play roles as dislikable characters get a lot of hate sadly.


They’re not talking about her being a mom in real life


Wait, did *anyone* like Ivy by the end of the season? I thought we were all on the same page. (I love Alison Pill though. Amazing actor.)


Hate the character but Alison Pill did fantastic


If you’re up for another horror series Alison Pill does a wonderful performance in Them on Amazon Prime. You hate her all over again 🤣


Oh I tried to watch it. After the pillow case (or was it a bag?) scene I had to stop


Oh I do not blame you, you have to be soulless to not cringe at that scene.


Dude that was the one thing on tv I’ve seen that disturbed me the deepest. Truly horrific scene. Truly horrific show.


Cat in a bag! Cat in a bag! Ugh.. Horrible scene. Performed excellently by Dale Dickey. She's very underrated. Honestly would be a perfect fit for AHS.


Oh she’s fantastic! I saw her in one episode of “The Closer” and she stole the episode. If you’re in the U.S. and have HBO Max, it’s season 2 episode 6. Worth a watch. You don’t need to know much about the show to enjoy it


Although not horror she does a great job in Devs as well, another one of her characters to hate


Yeah, watching her ending in Them was a bit satisfying to say the least.


She's great in Them. Although I wasn't a big fan of how her character's story concluded. I also enjoyed her in Devs.


I loved her on HBO’s Newsroom.


Nah, I didn't like her. I empathized with her early on before I understood what was going on but it was satisfying to see her demise. Alison Pill was also in Picard. Underrated series in my opinion. A lot of people dislike Picard and Discovery because they break the mold from the previous shows, but I think they're both really fun adventures. Both have gorgeous cinematography too.


No one likes her lol. And the people who like her are the same people that support the toxic Tate and Violet relationship lol


Lots of people hate her that like Violet and Tate though. Very few people actually like her while a lot like Violet and Tate


Well they might as well be together. Eternity and what are their options? 🤣🤣


Yeah upon my 2nd watch I gained so much respect for her as an actor because I wasn’t distracted by hating the character so much! It takes talent to pull of what she did. Would be very happy to see her return to AHS sometime


I recognized Alison Pill from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World!


I first started liking Ally when she killed her lmfaoooo


I loved her since the beginning just because it's Sarah Paulson lol


Never bought the whole “I wanted someone to look up to because my partner was so weak and phobic!” narrative she was pushing. What mother, at 30-something-years old, needs to join a clown cult to feel validated? 🤣


Have you read any of the “why I left my Q spouse” stories that have been coming out here lately? They sound like real life versions of Ivy.




To be fair, there are an awful lot of people who join mlms and ridiculous movements just to feel like they belong and are valid.


And almost all of them are more than likely braindead.


There's a difference between braindead and not knowing what else to do or defeated.


“I don’t know what else to do! But I *do* think I should join a cult and dress up like a clown and kill people to cure my daddy issues! Especially if I have a vulnerable wife and child. And why? Because I’m a suppressed blonde white woman who owns a restaurant business! 😍” No, not going to be normalising that. Braindead. 🤣


I.mean she was cray cray but not like, everyone was all I was saying lmao


You thought I was referring to real-life cults? 😭


Well yeah, that's how it seemed you were referring to mlms and things all being braindead. I was saying, there is other sucky reasons why people end up sucked into things than just being braindead.


never said that but cool!


"To be fair, there are an awful lot of people who join mlms and ridiculous movements just to feel like they belong and are valid. " To witch you responded: "And almost all of them are more than likely braindead. "


I disagree. People can be intelligent but not emotionally intelligent. Thinking it can't happen to you is like a red flag imo.


Not talking about real-world examples because real-world examples don’t typically include clown cults led by Evan Peters.


Lol true but Evan Peters is not hot imo but everyone ia crazy about him. So someone unattractive could lure people in and brainwash them. The NXIUM cult reminds me of this, there's a clip of the leader talking to Alison Mack and she bursts into tears. Like Kai he made people feel understood and manipualted them into following his plans.


I've is a character you love to hate. Love because she's well written and hate because... Well she's well written in a way that makes you hate her. Its like Madame Lalaurie in Coven. You absolutely hate the character, but love her because she's so well played and written.


Dude she's so good at being hateful. I'm watching Them(highly recommend for AHS fans, it's on Prime Video) and she's in it.


I thought Them was just low-brow trauma porn tbh. I was incredibly disappointed.


Well I'm definitely low-brow, so maybe that's why it has resonated with me😅 Its not for most, its physically disturbing in parts, but I know quite a few people that have really liked it. I don't really see how low-brow trauma porn is different than a lot of the plot points of AHS seasons, as well.


I just don't find Black people being tortured with racism to be that entertaining. There's just not a taste level imo, unlike Get Out or Candyman.


But you find the content in American Horror Story to be perfectly reasonable level of torture/rape/murder porn entertainment. Ok.


But, but... racism...


What seems more racist to me is applauding a show created by a white male that revels in sexualizing and glamorizing casual rape and horrific torture and murder. And also happens to feature a primarily white cast. But when a show created by a black man comes out that features black leads and centers on the black experience you suddenly have a problem with it. But what do I know,I'm a low-brow lol


Ivy was trash but Allison acted the fuck out of the role. I’d love it if she came back for a second season


Ivy got what she deserved


Stanley from freak show tho


yeah, Dandy Mott was pretty horrible too, arguably worse (certainly worse in terms of damage done), but I guess Stanley was more deliberately evil while Dandy was mentally ill. I think one of the funniest lines from AHS is when Dandy and Gloria are talking by the flower bed where they're burying the maid he murdered and he's basically saying she didn't die in vain because she'll make good fertilizer for the flowers. Finn Wittrock basically plays the same character in Ratched, and there is also a really hilarious line involving his character that I won't reveal in case you haven't seen it yet.


I watched it ( love it) and don’t remember now….


She has a shit load of rose plants in her backyard, like completely full.


No sorry I meant the line by Finn in Ratched


It actually wasn't his line. It's about his mother's monkey.


after Stories theres some that challenge this


Ivy and Alma are the only characters that genuinely infuriated me.


Which Alma


Current season of AHS


I feel the same way about Alma.


i couldn't stand her and coming to this sub during the early episodes of Cult when the Ivy apologism was rampant was so painful lmao


I literally disliked her character, I remember when I started watching AHS and Cult was airing being so happy when she died.


Yeah fuck this bitch for what she put Oz and Ally into and for joining Kai. But, I do have to give her credit where credit is due. Her turning out to be a villain was, imo, the best done plot twist in the entire series. Didn't see that one coming at all. Broke my heart because I liked her up until that point when I first watched Cult.


I read that as 07 like 3 times and was wracking my brain trying to remember who that was 🙄😂


But at least she didn’t vote for Jill Stein.


I can't stand her face


Same! It just screams Ben Harmon


She joined a cult, murdered people, and gaslit her wife all to get back at her for voting for Jill fucking Stein lmao. If you sympathize with her you're either an idiot or psychotic


Hated ivy dang I was like why hate your wife if she’s scared of stuff like help her and then just everything with the cult happened and ally went 🥣


Exactly it's dumb because she's keep saying she can't take her phobias anymore, but she keeps scaring her and torturing her by sending a group of clowns to scare her, like girl don't you realize you are making the situation worse lol.


Idgaf they were both absolutely intolerable. Worst part of the season. Traumatic almost


The *worssssssttttttt*


She did well joining star trek Picard where shes done a fantastic job playing the first star trek character seen entirely mid-emotional breakdown


Fuck ivy. All my homies hate ivy


[FUCK IVY ALL MY HOMIES HATE IVY](https://i.imgur.com/OgPVkkU.jpg) ^^^this ^^^has ^^^been ^^^an ^^^accessibility ^^^service ^^^from ^^^your ^^^friendly ^^^neighborhood ^^^bot


She was a girlboss tho


The girl who plays Alma better get her sign ready.


Who’s worse? Her or alma (S10)


I can't make it through this season, I tried twice.


gaslight gatekeep girlboss


Alma, Harry and Ursula are finally competition for most unlikable.


She did a good job making a character easy to hate in a season that was, unfortunately, easy to hate.


I liked cult, but I still can't tell if the praise of the clintons, rachel maddow, and other establishment democrats in that season was supposed to be satirical or not


I think everyone was a target, the extreme right and the extreme left


...Rachel Maddow and establishment democrats are not "extreme left" Cult satirized the then current political climate, which consisted of far-right crazies and moralistic centrists.


All she did was prove how weak she was and how strong Allie was.


She beats characters like Maggie in the walking dead and Joffrey from GoT.


Wait what did Maggie do that put her on the same level as Joffrey?


1. Contantly opposed othe people and got her own pregnancy in danger 2. Despite that Rick Grimes constantly kept her arse alive from episode 2, she turned on him to fulfill her own agenda to kill Negan, even though she knows perfectly well that keeping Negan alive and suffering is the only way to pay off other's death. By doing that she threatened the life in Alexandria and Rick had to lead all the Zombies and essentially blow himself up for everyone, even the people who conspired against him 3. She took her kid and left for several years, to a community that assumably lived better than them. Maybe she's not even telling them the full story about where she went. 4. Still keeps grudges against Negan, but doesn't care of Negan's followers who are well and alive and were kicking her, barely killing her baby. I appreciate all the downvotes, but this character is personally pissing me off. She didn't help in any instance in the story. And especially after the death of her partner, she became more of a burden and trouble, rather than something heroic and useful. And the current Negan grudge is annoying. Glenn died because they were an enemy group, several years passed and they lost a lot of people, including her sister. **She didn't even search for her sister, she just cared to find Glenn. And never even thought if her sister is alive or not.**


Huh? What puts Maggie on a near level to Ivy?


I hated ivy, she makes my blood Boil


Even more objectionable in "[Them](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9064858/)" . Probably a really nice woman.


One of the only deaths in American horror story I was happy about


Yeah fuck this guy


I agree. This reminds me of my favorite hill to die on, Cult Episode 6, Midwestern Assassin was the best Cult episode and one of the best AHS episodes to date. It had good pacing, a plot that could be followed even if you didn't have the details from the first few episodes and some really fun turns.


I didn't realize people were idolizing her. She is one of my favorite AHS characters, but she was definitely a villian and they made that clear on the show. (Sad the actress is not in more seasons)


seriously the person i’ve hated the most ever in like any tv show


Had no idea so many other people hated her character but I’m glad to hear it because I hated her and I was so glad she ended up getting the consequences she deserved.


Forgot all about her.


Agreed I hated her


Honestly hating Ursula in Double Feature more


I know everyone loves to hate Alma (I do too) but she’s a kid and her shitty dad is enabling her. Ivy is a grown ass woman doing this shit! I truly don’t think I’ve savored any characters death more than hers.