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I can only speak to the US version of Prime Music, but it's virtually useless here. Music Unlimited has 80 million tracks, Prime has 2 million, so you do the math. I read a review that said Prime Music is nothing more than an advertisement for Music Unlimited, and I agree. So, no, you're not doing anything wrong.


You have to filter on what you can listen to for free. Otherwise, you're meant to subscribe. Sounds like you're not filtering. HD is the attractive part about Amazon Music, of all the services, it is the cheaper to stream music in high definition.


There is no such filter on the android app though, i've looked through the app and the help sections multiple times but i cant see it.


I can't find a filter either on mobile or desktop.


Hey there, amazon prime music is a cut down version of amazon music unlimited and comes included with the amazon prime subscription in all countries.However, Amazon prime music is the only tier offered by Amazon in India (the is no Amazon music unlimited in India). The Indian version of Amazon prime music has 80 million tracks but does not offer Hi-Fi audio. Maybe try changing your region to India and access your favourite songs without any ads whatsoever.