I remember my 4th day, there was something simple I didn't know because no one had taught me yet, and some dude busted out laughing because I didn't know it yet. I was so mad. I felt like, dude, c'mon. I just got here, nobody's psychic, we all have to be taught stuff. My mood that whole night was ruined. But you know, I'm still here, and that guy doesn't work there anymore. So there's that. You got this. Don't let one asshole mess up your plan.


The audacity of some blue badges acting like gods lmfaoooo I’d tell her right then and there, they gave blue badges like halloween candy so spare me the high horse. Some of you needs to be reminded where you started LOL probably stowing. Regardless who it was, I woulda brought that bitch to her superior. But also, you’ve got to grow some thick skin. Everyone cries at the parking lot 💅🏻


Hehe I get paid $.50 more than you, kneel to your master Oh shit it’s a pa run


Shit I’m a blue badge and I still feel so fucking lost half the time. I could never be mean to anyone when I feel like a total noob.


>they gave blue badges like halloween candy so spare me the high horse My cat is very pissed... he was sleeping on my desk and my screaming laughter scared him awake. I got a scowling cat for my trouble. lol


He's laughing because he is a professional 5-year Amazon slave worker who is somehow "better" than you.


If your coworkers are treating you like garbage. Escalate it with management or hr. That person needs to chill.




Yes 😂🤦


Get her name and take it to hr. Nobody should be treated like that no matter how long you worked their.


Bro just because she had a blue badge doesn’t mean shit, wtf lol. I’ve been at amazon for almost 2 years now and I started as blue badge and so did the crew I joined on with. Sometimes they hire people on as permanent full time employees/blue badge, it doesn’t really mean much. She could be a shitty worker herself, you’re just new and/or she’s probably a tier 1 too and had no right to talk to you like that, forget her bro. The way Amazon is, they usually just throw you in there and you just learn by working, sometimes the ambassadors or the managers will come up and help you/show you some tips or you can ask around but you’ll most likely learn by yourself. You’ll get it down if you want to. I mean that’s how it is at my FC atleast lol. Don’t let those people talk to you like that, especially if they’re just another tier 1. You’re still very new to the job, of course it’s gonna take a while for you to get it down, tf. Sounds like she’s just a bitchy lady Just because she had a blue badge doesn’t mean she’s in anyway in a higher position than you, don’t let it get it to u


My FC usually hires full time blue badges in my 2 years experience


Whenever you're new at a job it sucks especially if there are people that 'prey' on you because they're insecure and want to assert some semblance of power over someone for once instead of the other way around. She was way out of line to treat you that way, sorry it happened!


Should’ve told her to go fuck herself lmao


Now that would be the Amazon way.


Shit that’s what I said when some coworker mouthed off to me


report it, go through the chain of command, i promise you an OM would love to take care of it.


Lmao some people take it way too serious honestly no one cares


This is honestly the key to surviving at amazon. There are a large number of associates that just take things there too seriously. Its literally like no one cares and no one's dying. If you just do the best you can and stay safe and do it right the first time don't worry about the small stuff.


If you know her name or login, take it to HR. You can also report anonymously. They can get fired over a comment like that or at the very least a write up.


Tell that stupid bitch to act her wage.


Jesus. I’d say I’m not a nice person and I would never do that. Try not to let it ruin any more days. I would tell you AM or HR though.


I agree with previous statements. One, you’re new. I doubt this lady knows how to build a proper pallet either. The crap I’ve seen make it into the trucks makes me truly wonder if anybody in the building knows how to build a pallet. Tell the PA and if he/she doesn’t listen, talk to the AM. If you still can’t get any traction go to the OM. They’ll listen. Ask them to do an ADAPT. They have a quota for them anyway.


What is an ADAPT


It’s basically a documented coaching. They can be negative or positive. AAs call them write ups because they are usually negative. Few managers go out of their to give positive write ups. Although that should be norm and negative write ups should be the exception.


If she knows how to build a pallet, she’s been here too long lol


Please report that comment, don’t let people talk to you like that and also don’t be an asshole and talk to other people like that, my God.


Just remember that they hire anyone without vetting them for much of anything. There are a ton of undiagnosed mental health issues all over the FC. Some of these people have serious anger issues and interpersonal dysfunction and couldn’t work anywhere else if they wanted to. It appears you may have run into someone with a mental health concern. If it were me, I’d introduce myself since everyone is freakin nameless and then I’d help you out...ya know a relatively standard normal approach to a simple situation.


Should have tossed her ass on the pallet you would have been done with the pallet


trash goes in the gaylord


Just got told during my shift today that I’m not very good at driving my PIT! Actually had to excuse myself and cry in the bathroom. People are assholes.


It was my 3rd day on the job being a picker and some asshole was like you must be the new guy freaking glared at me.


Don’t worry about it. We have people who have been here over three months and still can’t build pallets or walls in trailers but this doesn’t stop with tier 1’s. Most PAs on my dock know how to only perform one core task and several managers only know how to write up bridge reports. You easily end up being more crucial than all of your management pretty quickly. They just don’t want you to realize it.


Don’t worry about it, sounds like a typical burned out T1 blue badge who’s been there over five years and likes to cause trouble because they know they’re basically unfirable. Got a lot of those at my FC, I try to just stay outta their way


go to your manager, and complain. She had no right to talk to you like that.


Tf report her to HR don’t let ppl step all over you.


No get get her name from the stand up doard and report that bitch


I’ve been working at Amazon for just over 18 months and the entire business model seems very “as you need to know basis”. You will only learn by fucking up or if someone takes it upon themselves to teach you. It’s not your fault whatsoever. Hopefully you find an experienced tier 1 or a PA/manager who is a decent human being.


Remember! Just because someone is a blue badge that doesn’t mean SHITTTT a lot of warehouses will hire people immediately with a blue badge during certain seasons But don’t let that bitch talk to you like that Unless they’re leadership Thennnnnnnn take it But anyone with a normal vest Tell them to go kill themselves


Take it outside, let’s see if this person is gonna use a good language or not 🥊


Sounds like a " i dOnT nEed a mAn !" / " mEn aRe aLL tRaSH" type of female lol! Don't take it personal, clearly she has issues, some people here are not mentally stable...


Honestly I’ve been with the company for like 10 months, and I’m transferring to a new location and I think I’m more nervous than my first day with the company. It’s very normal, and shows that you’re actually a good person.


I would have told her to do some deep knee bends on a fire hydrant.


Some people are just rude. I’ve been at amazon for nearly 2 years (started as a blue badge btw) and that was unnecessary of the chick to say that. I’ve never encountered that in my FC, most will help you or tell you what to do.