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I would double check if that means you can never come back to Amazon or any other affiliates. If you don’t care about Amazon I would take the money and start looking for another job.


Usually, when they pay you to leave you can never work for any amazon companies again.


That's what I'm trying to find out now if their is a chance I can return than I will just take the money and leave and reapply in the future.


That's severance. You're never working for Amazon again if you take it.


If I were in OP's position, then I'd contact an employment attorney. In cases like this they can negotiate higher amounts and to remove provisions like that. https://employmentlawvirginia.com/2018/03/01/hiring-a-severance-agreement-lawyer-in-virginia/


Not entirely sure this is valid. I have heard reports against this logic.


You cannot return if you accept a pivot, fail a pivot, or resign during a pivot.


It falls off after 5 years even tho in reality


Double it, give it to the next person


I'm the next person.


Then double that and give it to me


Only if you split it.






Lol you crazy!!


You're in Pivot my dude. You're being given a choice to take the money (should be about equivalent to about two months worth of pay) or you can keep working until you get fired. Amazon will pay you either way. I will say that 99% of people in your situation do not survive and I would say you're 100% gone either way because Amazon is laying off another 9000 people from AWS in the coming days. Now is a really bad time in the economy to underperform because you WILL lose your job as they're looking to get rid of people anyways. Good luck out there OP. Take the money and use the time to hunt for a job because your time at Amazon is limited.


I have time to improve my performance I might just stay and look for another job in the meantime than resign. I got about 6 weeks plus I live in Northern Virginia their are jobs everywhere.


If this is honestly what you're considering you might as well just take the payout and leave. More time and energy to focus on finding something better.


>I live in Northern Virginia their are jobs everywhere. I wish those jobs would hire candidates without a clearance. I live further down south and it's a nightmare with jobs. I thought NOVA would be better, but still same BS. About you're issue though I'd be really nervous about taking the money. However I agree with the other poster's either way sounds like the chopping block soon. Maybe since you have experience with Amazon data centers you should find employment easier.


What part of Virgina do you live in? Do you live near a city called Boydton?


I live in SEVA, I'm further east.


I have 6 weeks to improve my performance I can use those 6 weeks to find another job than once I have another job secured I can resign and that way it looks different.


Why not take the severance that covers 8 weeks and begin looking for a new job now?


I don't want to take the money and be blacklisted from the company. I might need this job again someday.


Hire a local employment lawyer to negotiate the severance.


Is this considered a severance though? Since their giving me a chance to improve.


Yes that’s what this is. They’re offering you a severance package to make letting you go a far less messy ordeal. A competent attorney should at least review the offer letter for $10k that they sent you. They could offer better insight and help negotiate out of bad aspects to it.


You won't be blacklisted, you just won't be able to apply for I believe 2 years.


Negative, anyone who takes “the offer” cannot work at AMZN again.


This isn’t “the offer” OP is on a pivot for under performing.


It is not the offer, the offer was only ever for tier 1s. This is a PIP, and the 10k is severance. Taking the severance, being fired, resigning during a PIP all have the same result in the system which is where you are blacklisted for 5 years but after that you are able to apply again.


They lied about that . They rehire some of those people that took the offer in the past .


Is this considered the offer though? This sounds more like a severance package.


If I knew how to drive I would work at the post office. They making up to $30 an hour.


Hopefully your plan works out for you, this economy sucks but like you stated NOVA is a bit better.


Yea you should stay, and at worst just let them get rid of you because if you take the buyout you can never work for Amazon again. Also you will build up your vacation, and pto plus a you may even make it to memorial day and get holiday pay. I'd spend this month getting my affairs in order seeing about how to transfer your 401k, your stock options, your health benefits to see how to keep those on cobra. In the mean time I'd go to the Dr. The dentist and use those benefits just incase.


I just helped my wife fight her pivot through appeals, she eventually won, but it took a lot of proving and evidence to show the bias against her from her manager. You might as well run the gamut as you'll have the opportunity to take the same severance in the end anyway . . . Good luck!


Payout is much less if you fail pivot


Who exactly did you make an appeal to and what type of evidence? Don't have to into detail, just curious.


PxT should be reaching out, that rep will be your main contact regarding your PIP and Appeal process. I would also recommend reaching out to a mentor to validate your performance to meet your specific job role. Evidence should be any feedback that's recorded or communications regarding your tasks and commitments. You'll have like two weeks to gather evidence anyway after your decision to appeal, so it's helpful to gather it on the way or risk losing it or sometime happening to it . . . (I.e. screen shot everything)


If you resign during a pivot you won't be rehireable, just like if you accept your pivot.


Wth. I would take the money then lol


You wont survive a PIP. They put you on that to fire you.


Don’t resign take the money


Your choice whether you want to stay and work or hang at home and get paid but you likely will not be employed by Amazon either way at the end of the day unless your performance really does a 180. Usually by the time you hit Pivot, it's too late. Good luck out there OP.


Are the projects they give you doable?


No, they want me to finish 15 tickets a week and they can't be easy tickets. Then they want me to build trust with my co-workers. I keep telling them you can't force me to be friends with people.


Thats what my ops thought, 5 year vet worked aces transferred to a ds, went through pivot and currently full time customer best of luck


I have 6 weeks to improve I can always look for another job in the meantime. Than resign.




Unemployment only pays if your left go through no fault of you own.


Getting fired for performance generally will make you eligible for UI benefits. By "fault" they usually mean things like gross misconduct and the employer usually has to prove it


Unemployment pays if you were terminated for reasons not connected to employee misconduct


Take the pay and leave; you can reapply in a year


They don't want to lay him off or fire him and he will collect unemployment


What’s AWS


Amazon Web Services


What positions is this used on? Ive not heard of this in FCs.


Take the severance. When you apply at other jobs and they ask about the gap in work history, explain there was downsizing and you received a severance. That's not a bad thing. If you haven't played the political game of at least being 'likable' by your peers, you aren't going to change anything in six weeks. Whatever view your peers and bosses have of you, it'll take a lot longer than six weeks to make a change.


Take the money, invest In yourself, get certified in some sort of labor field, or find a smaller local buisness to work with, but a fuck ton of people will be laid off soon and you got offered the best deal


I heard that managers that don’t take the buy out have to get ridiculous numbers in order to stay and they can’t get them so they are fired later with no buyout.


It's a PIP, performance improvement plan. Take the money and run as you will never be taken off of it and fired without severance. You will constantly be given ever increasing workload and unachievable goals. I've seen quite a few try and each one failed. This is an easy way for them to lay off without laying someone off.


Do you know of they blacklist people?


If you get fired yes, if you resign it depends on the circumstances.


Take the 10k before they go all out trying to get you fired for every mistake you make


If I chose to improve my performance that gives me 6 weeks. In those 6 weeks I can find another job than once another job is secured I can quit. That way it looks different.


It will be the same on your record if you quit while on a PIP with amazon.


You’re not going to make more than 10k in 6 weeks


Or. ​ You are fired after you show up with a chip on your shoulder and they call it "A bad attitude". You dont get it man. I takes LITIGATION to win this consistantly. Move the fuck on.


Hey OP, I’m an L7 tech manager with 6 years at Amazon… sounds like you were put in Focus and did not successfully graduate from it. This is why you are being placed in Pivot. I would say that the chances of graduating from Pivot are lower than passing Focus. You should really consider taking the $10K.


PIP? From my understanding you’ll have X amount of weeks (six I believe) to improve otherwise they will give you a second, much lower offer or the option to improve again. After that it’s no offer at all. I know a few people that have been through PIP, and they’ve stayed and become fantastic at what they do. Question is, do you think you can improve and do you want to? If you are willing to put in the work to improve; Do you know how and where you’re underperforming? If not, do you know who to speak to to find out? If you do, are these things that can be rectified? Along with making changes I’d advise documenting all efforts you’re making so that even if immediate improvement isn’t “visible” evidence of attempts exist. Speak with your manager and set realistic, attainable but challenging goals. Not only does this give you a clear target but also shows your willingness to self motivate and improve, but be honest. If you don’t think something is achievable in the allotted time say so but have a good reason. I’ve just woken up so I hope this makes some sense.


Take the money and run


I would take that 10k and start my own business 🏃‍♀️💨


Omg yaassss


You've been pivoted I'm guessing your l4+ take the money. You will be marked no rehire... but you can't get out of the plan. Amazon has increased performance firings as a way to lay people off without giving then warn act benefits so its going to be an incredible uphill battle likely for nothing. The rehire mark falls off after 5 years to current policy. its not really a lifetime ban. Fc hr may say its lifetime ban but L7 hr will tell the truth. Also, with how disorganized all of the pips and layoffs are being done, if amazon were to start hiring a lot again I suspect they will nullify a lot of the people exited during this time. Lots of people who are good performers are being marked no rehire on the way out because managers need to get their ura quota up. A lot of politics and unintended consequences are happening


“Trust building” seems like they ousted you. It happens. Idiots running Amazon, is there going theme.


Oh you got a pip, hmm? Usually the “improvement” bar is set to an unrealistic standard so that you will take the money.


Take the money. Save your energy. Find a better job.


People almost never survive being on a pivot plan, best bet is to just focus on looking for a new job while you continue to work at Amazon so you can say you’re currently employed in your industry on your resume. I’m not sure how long you have to accept the offer, but if you you can land an offer letter at your new place and also accept the 2 months salary leave at Amazon that would be dope. It’s ok if you get blacklisted from Amazon for accepting the payout, there’s essentially an infinite number of other companies you can work for


How long have you worked here ? I'd do it for 30k


3 years


Take THAT MONEY! You gone be LOADED fam! I could make 10k last a year! :D


Take the money and run


Use all your time then take the money 💰




It's called the pivot program I work in the Amazon data center so it's different here.


Sigh I wish there was a data center close to me. With an IT background I'd feel right at home. The FC is taking it's toll on my body.


Where do you live?


Not sure if anyone mentioned if it’s 10k before or after taxes. Maybe something to also consider. Not sure how much they take away from your paycheck where you are at.


I live in Northern Virgina.


I received a 10k paycheck in Michigan. It was $6200 after taxes. It was ass.


How I know I’m 6 weeks they let u go anyways then u don’t get no Moneh


They gave me paperwork with the terms I have to meet, and they said it's a 6-week program.


6 weeks is not a lot to show improvement in anything. If you’re in any kind of office role that isn’t operations those jobs are still being cut and I agree with a lot of other people and it’s probably best to get out even as sick as it may make you feel.


I'm talking with HR to make sure I'm not blacklisted.


I'm assuming this was for a salary position, not hourly?




Take the severance. Start looking for a new job now. How long were you employed with Amazon? What position? Are you trying to avoid having it on your job history?


I have been with Amazon for three years, and I kinda do want it on my job history cause it's the only job I had for 3 years.


I can get that. In the end you have to make the best choice for yourself


Damn, they're closing our site and relocating us to one that's 30 minutes away. If we can't afford to travel that far then we're left high and dry with no money for the site closing :((




Take it or work on your people skills. Amazon will pay for classes and therapy.


Thats sad paying people to leave...¿adonde?


Take the money. They will let you go at the end of your re-training period as performance not meet. At my site they just did this to 2 AM’s they put them on improvement plans and then let them go. They were also the 2 longest AM’s there and L5 the rest of the AM’s are L4. Take the money.


Ask for $20k, go back and forth and settle with $13k-$15k


Take that money honey


Bye see you later Amazon that what I would do. They put me on short term disability till I could use get accommodations for my mental disability. I just took an 2 month vacation, and got another job. I did resign from Amazon after starting the new job.


Lmk ya ways so I get this ten k n go


As most have said, you’re in Pivot. Note that before you even get into pivot it takes a minimum 4 Weeks in a program called Focus where they monitor you (without telling you) and if you don’t meet standards during the focus period you are given the Pivot choice. I can tell you, similar to what others are saying, if you’re going into pivot your managers and senior managers probably already want you gone and they’ll find reasons to axe you if you don’t take the package. My advice, take the money and use the time to get rested and find another job


Take the 10k, before they try to fire you and try to make ur job harder for you so you cant improve


Take the money then reapply


What they didnt say is that taking the money means they can never work for amazon again... its known as "the deal"


take the money and leave.


Plenty of other jobs my man , start fresh


10k? What do you do at Amazon? Gonna be hard to meet the bar and rebuild trust but it’s also not good to go to your next employer with “oh yeah I got let go because I didn’t improve trust and performance”…


I think he might be IT. Either way, it's a tough one because if he does take the 10k, it's more than likely he won't be able to come back...


I work in the amazon data center in Virginia. Thing is I'm here to work I'm not here to make friends.


I agree. Co-workers are not actual friends. They are just acquaintances. What if you create a work PERSONA that gives them what they want? That's how you play the game. The persona thing, that's what I do. It's a buffer to the real me. It's all a game out there.


Facts. After a certain income level you have to play the politics game. That’s just the way it is unfortunately.


Why post this in amazonfc sub? It's for warehouse subhumans like myself.


Op doesn’t want to make friends but posts in fc Reddit to make friends and talk about not making friends Eat the rich


Do it and you can never return to amazon or any of its partners. I personally will never accept that offer because amazon is an easy fall back job that hires people instantly.


If you’re a T1, at L4+ there’s interviews and it’s highly competitive.


This isn't the payout for T1s, It's a pivot plan for managers.


lol dude why even ask. they say take the money and run and you try to argue with them


I'd try to find and talk to a local severance attorney. They can look through and potentially help you negotiate better severance terms. Like allowing rehire later.


Already called one and left him a voicemail.


People are saying find an attorney but you guys need to remember an L4+ has a contract. If you had a contract, you should review it before contacting any lawyer. Sometimes the company protects themselves from things like that. PIP means you fell short on regular expectations, you should’ve been hearing about this in your 1:1s. As for the severance, yes it is that. I saw an AM get offered it mid peak and he was given two weeks after being spoken to before he left the company. However, I did not ask him if he was blacklisted. That is something you need to speak to a salary HR Partner about. But if you get a lawyer involved, it could get you fired if it violates the contract you signed.


I would say take the 10k and use it for bills while looking for another job. If you owe relocation and a bonus they also forgive that if you take it and leave, if you stay you have to pay them back.


Minus taxes


For real?




How long have you been working there so far?


3 years


Nice… over at my building they will just write you up for not meeting expectations. I want them to buy me out


Take the money and run


You decide to leave (resign)on a focus/pivot, you’ll rehire ineligible. Check in with your BP and if they tell you otherwise get it in writing.


Damn 10k is a nice little piece of change I wouldn't take it personally because if shit hits the fan and I need a side job again I'd like to come back to Amazon but I wouldn't blame you for taking the money especially if they're trying to get rid of you anyway


You are none rehireable in any form of the pip


Why would you not take the money and then look for a new and better opportunity??? The money sounds like a good take to me.


What if a better opportunity doesn't come?


Take the money and believe in yourself that you’ll never need to get rehired by them.


It is up to you


Take the money


Take the money


What position are you in? AM? OM? The obvious things to consider are: • How many weeks of your salary is that? • How manyRSUs do you have? • Who reasonably knows about your situation and how will that effect your treatment by peers and ability to actually improve? Depending on your financial situation, I’d lean towards taking it and regathering your self while looking for another job. I would also ask to be documented as anything other than a termination so when future employers ask, you are okay. From my understanding they will only verify your employment dates and final job title but nothing else. Either way, good luck!


I oo


always take the money, use it to cushion you for a few months and find something else.


Oh wow


I wish Amazon would offer me 10 gs to quit. I'd be outta here so fast 🫨


That means you work well enough that they can't just fire you. I would get the hell out of there. Plenty of jobs out there. Pay off some debt and get a new job.


I understand the not meeting the expectations part but not building trust with coworkers since when does amazon force you to be friends with coworkers thats ridiculous I mind my business and hardly talk to anyone that's just ridiculous


Prolly not just a part time worker but a manager position definitely has to get along with other managers lol


Definitely if I was a manger I try to earn everyone's trust


You have too , y’all are a team that is in charge of companies success . Don’t got to get all buddy buddy with eveybody but a professional relationship for sure .


10k😃omg that’s enough to last you months if you know how to spend-😭I only get paid 2500 a month, and am left with 11000 but my spending leaves me with 200🤣


It sounds like you’ve already decided what to do. Good luck :)


I will tell you what, soon as I got this notification I was like I need to see this. because I was like wtf


Take the severance, if you already want to leave Amazon. If you are serious with improving and exceeding expectations then take on the pivot. Do note that if you fail the next severance offer will be a lot lower.


Most AM's don't survive pivot so seriously consider it. Without knowing your situation, Amazon is in layoff mode so basically you will be required to hit 100% of everything they laid out for you, even though most AMs aren't hitting their numbers either. So take the $ and walk away. Usually they will offer you 25% if you fail pivot but not guaranteed. I've witnessed people on pivot get fired for stupid things


Just curious what tier/level are you?


Tier 2


What position? I didnt know FCs had T2s


I work in a data center.


How long have you been working


3 years




You have to be kidding. And I’d be willing to leave for free


Take the money and run. Amazons poorly managed top down and in for a loooooong reckoning from over expansion and poor business practices. Theirs better places to build a career through imo.


Sounds like they’re just pressuring you to leave to save on payroll


10K for 2 months? i wish i made that much. are you full time? and how much u get hourly


I am full-time and I make 23.08 an hour.


They could offer me a ham sandwich and I would consider the job just suck ass


Bye Felica! is what I'd say


You're on PIP. If you work 6 weeks then resign, you will be blacklisted for 5 years. If you take the money, you will be blacklisted for 5 years. Take the money and look for a job, working 6 weeks just to get fired and make less money isn't a smart move. Noone survives PIP, especially in this economy when they're looking to fire workers especially at AWS. You're gone. Just take the money


What is your position within Amazon?


Data Center Technician


User name probably didnt help things.




Are you a rehire eligible if take the money?


No. 100% no. The fine print on this deal is "you can never work for/at Amazon again".


I spoke to my career ambassador, and he said yes. I spoke to the HRBP lady, and she was very vague.


Get it in writing.


Take the money


Take it


Go on short term disability, see a mental health therapist and go on medical leave per your therapist recommendation of anxiety, depression, or whatever that’s affecting your work. Use that time to look for work, and then take the full severance


What kind of Amazon do you work at? For example, cret centers are cozy little cake jobs where you stand at a computer and scan items into boxes. Pick and stow is a lot of moving around, etc etc. maybe transfer to an easier site?


For 10k I'll work somewhere else and invest it in stocks and XRP


If you take the 10k make sure you change your tax withholdings to zero or you will get taxed a crapload.


Ok so how the hell do I get a pivot? Lol


It depends on the circumstances. Basically my friend got given the same thing because one time, he shared screen while talking to his manager and it showed the chat that he was bitching about his manager. A few weeks later, he was told that he was underperforming which is not true. He was asked either leave with the money or prove himself and do not get the money even if he failed. He left with 10k. Not taxed too (UK). Being fired may mean you can't be rehired. Depending the clause, he can be hired again after 5 years.


Take the 10k and apply to ups or FedEx


10,000 to leave…6500 in taxes


What department you in? Are you tier 1? And how does one get an offer like this?


What job do you do that needs you to improve your performance ?


Stay u will regret taking that money