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NTA, maybe he'll think twice about fucking with you now lol


Thank you...That's the answer. You can't prank soneone over and over again and then get pissed when they get even. He gave her a live spider when she is afraid...Tit for tat. I get he was attacked, but he crossed the line with the birthday stunt Edit...Now for the petty fun part. Next time he pulls a prank on you..Take a recording of a dog and play it behind him or make your own noises. He'll get it eventuality


I'd straight up mess my friend/brother up if they put a spider in a box for me. I also have a sand phobia and one of my friends joked about putting sand in my bed as a joke and my reaction to that "joke" wasn't fun, he then stopped laughing about it and never brought it up again cause he knew what would happen if he DID that


Exactly. I fucking hate pranks. They're usually mean spirited and not funny, much like this one.


Agreed. Playing on someones phobias to me is not a prank it's just cruel


Most of what passes for pranks these days is nothing but cruelty.


A real prank is putting googly eyes on all the condiments in the house. That’s funny. Harms no one.


My dad and I did a good prank on my mom when I was little: our last name is also the name of an animal that, while native to where we live, isn’t really seen much, so one of us would go out to the front yard, and the other would go get her and say “there’s an (insert animal here) in the front yard!”. It was really fun. We did it a couple years for April Fool’s Day, and traded who did what each time.


My husband and his brother did a fine one as little kids. They always wanted to play instead of getting ready for school (like I said, little kids) so one April 1st they got dressed *very quietly - giggle* then got back into their bathrobes and lay on the rug reading comic books. When dad came in and started grumping at them - surprise! We're ready for school! Fooled you! Everyone's happy.


^^this. Just the word "prank" sets my hackles up. At best they're juvenile. Too often they're bullying, heading towards abusive.


Most “pranks” are really just bullying as described by bullies. Like op’s brother here.


Only had one prank pulled on me. My friend put a sticker over the sensor of my mouse. I was getting so frustrated and then I saw the sticker. I groaned and might have given him a swat - light hearted. No harm, no foul. Only other prank I was involved in was wrapping everything we could in our supervisors cubicle. His chair, a little snack, computer monitor, etc. He was pretty cool, he had actually given is the heads up. Glitter was forbidden, but everything else was up for grabs


Read that more than once to make sure I read "sand phobia" right. Is there a story with that or is it just a thing? Not poking fun at you at all, it's just a real surprise of a phobia. I'm over-the-top afraid of spiders (and if my brother gave me a spider in a box I might never talk to him again, not exaggerating) so literally anyone's phobia is legit to me, don't care what it is. I'm just curious about your thing, if you want to share.


Ever since i was a baby, and i grew up on a tropical island until i was like 5 before going to the UK, my mother says i would cry my eyes out whenever she put me on the beach. Even as an adult i am repulsed by the thought of touching sand. It really freaks me out to the point i lost a job because of it. (The job was teaching kids but they did beach trips and i always had to back out). Sand to me is like spiders crawling all over my feet to an acracnaphobe


Oh man the psychology of this is fascinating to me. I've always wondered why I'm afraid of spiders but I know it grew over time, because I've been told as a child it wasn't a problem. To have a such an inate reaction to anything as a fear is just interesting. It's awful for you and I'm sorry it's something that's so common and literally messes with your whole life. That really sucks!! I can't imagine spiders being that pervasive in life and how I'd deal with that. (Hope my oddly academic interest in this isn't off-putting, sorry.)


It sucks more because my girlfriend loves the beach so I have to sit at a bar overlooking the beach when she goes out to sunbathe. I would need a full hazmat suit to go onto the sand


Oh no, that definitely does suck! Brains are so dumb. Why can't they be reasonable?


Is there someone else in your life who is also afraid of spiders? I wasn't afraid of them as a child (according to my dad), but my grandma was terrified of them and apparently I picked up on that and learned to be afraid of them.


I have finally found another human that shares this with me! Sand freaks me out and grossed me out. My worst combination is sand and wind ugh lol I can’t


I can't even walk on it with boots lol it freaks me the hell out. Worst thing about it, theres no name for this phobia!


I know right!! Any footwear is godawful I agree haha I find is so gross no one understands why I don’t get excited or go on the beach trips often


I call it the devil's ashes lol


You know… most phobias are just the Latin or Greek word for something, or a corruption of it, and phobia. You could make it up yourself if you wanted.


Well arena is latin for sand. So i have Arenaphobia. Sounds pretty cool actually


There’s also apparently sabulo, so sabulophobia? Maybe.


I once worked with a guy with a phobia of glitter. I didn't think he was serious until he had a piece of glitter on his cheek one day and he reacted quite urgently when I told him.


Are you afraid of sand or do you find touching it unpleasant? I really don't like touching powdery substances like sand, flour, and chalk. They feel almost unbearably dry to me. (I also have that reaction to some fabrics and to cotton balls.) I wonder if I'm unique or not.


I'm afraid of it touching me. If i get wet sand on me I end up showering for 2 hours at a time for the next few weeks. And then having spasms at the thought of it on my skin. I hate it.


SAME. I *hate* that dry powdery feeling. I suck it up to bake, but even then I wash my hands off a bunch of times when the flour gets unbearable. Even thinking about velour and microsuede is getting the hairs on my arms up right now.




maybe he learned his lesson. if not, rinse and repeat…happy weekend


Get pissed, literally and figuratively




Or get a cheap Bluetooth speaker and hide it in his room...


Fucketh around and thee shall discover the consequences (NTA, OP… sounds like he’s trying to be one of those TickyTocky influencers or whatever it is the youths are into these days)


Frankly, being scared and pissing yourself one good time in your own home is better than keeping this fuck around attitude in the real world where people will cut you off with no explanation or straight up hurt you.


Never dish what you can't take, not everyone is gonna lie down and take his antics


He is bullying people and OP. Just calling it pranks doesn't make it better. This "dog prank" is like OP sees all the spider pranks. For him it is the hell. Just because he doesn't have a bad experience doesn't make his fear and reaction harmless. The brother at least must bear it just on time and hasn't his moment of fear send to several people. He actually deserved it, to experience what OP feel and that being on the other side of a "prank" isn't funny. NTA If he want revenge, i would put a little plush dog on his bed.


I have to disagree purely because it could have gone south quickly for the dog. Poor dog shouldnt have been put in that situation


Haha no he won't. But it's a good excuse for the dog move.


NTA while you miscalculated his response he is not a prankster, he is a bully. Your parents are not properly handling his harassment so you took it into your own hands


NTA, and let me add... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. That's FUNNY, and while I am long past my teenage years, I STILL think it would be a massive payback to send that video out to your friends to really embarrass him (don't, bad idea). You're absolutely right. Your fear of spiders is just as valid as his fear of dogs. He thought your fear was funny, why wouldn't you think his fear was a joke too? You're the only one that has pushed back, so maybe he'll leave you alone. Otherwise you can always suggest that the video of him pissing himself might make it out... or you can just tell the story around the table about how he pissed himself. You can bring it up as a retort - if he says "oh come on, that was a joke!", you can reply, "IT WASN'T FUNNY! Unlike that time you pissed yourself from a puppy".


Not just her friends but all his friends he sent his video to.


NTA but your parents are--your brother is going to seriously hurt someone with "pranks" and your parents are going to have to laugh their way to paying for the person he paralyzes by pushing into a pool. They discount your fear of spiders, but AH boy can run loose? "However the last thing he did crossed the line since he literally gave me a box with an actual living spider in it on my birthday. He recorded my reaction to it and sent it out to his friends." So they let him spread this video around? This needs to stop, like yesterday.


I feel like it might be a sexist response by the parents, too. Like they see his behavior as "boys being boys" but expect the daughter to be better behaved...pure speculation, of course, but I still think very probable. Still, NTA, OP, cuz it's on the parents to discipline him as well as you. They can't just address your behavior and ignore his without making them the A Hs. Your retaliation may have been juvenile but that's literally what you are and you only did something because your parents didn't so I think you get a pass on this. Just, in the future, knowing your bro is scared of dogs, please don't use a live dog. You don't know how he could've reacted out of fear and could've hurt your friend's dog if he instinctively kicked or punched at the dog to keep him away. And it could've escalated if the dog also decided to defend itself from such aggression and actually attacked your brother in defense... I'm glad it sounds like it didn't end up that way but just think ahead when plotting vengeance that no innocent parties are at risk of blowback.


Facts. I went thru a “prank” phase in elementary school. I tried to push my big brother into the deep end of a pool after a swim meet. Didn’t realize he was holding my little brother who was dropped and hit his head and started to drown. 11 staples in the head later and a lot of bloody towels quickly made me realize that any prank that required causing someone physical or emotional distress was just being an AH. I’m conflicted in my ruling. Brother needed some harsh reality but I also think there could have been another method that didn’t involve innocent animals or phobias. Makes me lean towards ESH but I’m biased 🤷‍♀️


OP even though you did t record it, he doesn't know that. Warn him you aren't done yet and are happy to send the video to his friends since they like pranks so much IF he ever pulls a prank on anyone again. He started it, but you are more than happy to finish it. I had to do the something similar to my older sister to stop her bullying me and my cousins.


NTA, Normally I'd say ESH, but your parents didn't do their job to teach him how his pranks aren't amusing. Someone needs to tell him when his pranks go to far and your parents don't feel like acting like proper parents. You taking the matter into your own hands is as you said giving him a taste of his own medicine. You didn't go too far as I suppose the dog is trained and never attacked anyone. He learned it the hard way and while I agree the prank went a little far, if you didn't do anything at all then he would probably go even further in his prank.


I think the point was to teach him a lesson though. I don't think she would have intentionally put him harms way just to teach him a lesson because in that case any dog off the street would do. Probably wouldn't know how the dog would react. That's not the case though. She used her friend's dog with her friend involved in the prank as well so they would know how the dog behaves. Point is to teach him a lesson not send him to the E.R.


ESH… but your parents are the biggest AHs out of the bunch for minimizing your phobia. PS Maybe I’m an AH because I snickered when I read that your brother peed himself. 😝


If that's a-hole material for laughing at what OPs brother did... Everyone who read this post is an AH


NTA. I’m a mom to a 12m. If he pushed me into water while on the phone, God help him. The fact that your brother has been allowed to continue this behavior is ridiculous. While putting a real dog in his room might be a bit too far, he needs to learn a lesson.


I don't understand how that wasn't addressed then! That's so dangerous...I would've put the fear of God into him.


Don't you mean the fear of Dog?


he's already got that one


I'm a mom of two teenagers ( girls though) and that stuff would not fly in my house at all. The parents are huge AHs and they are doing neither child any favours for their golden child scapegoat dynamic. I do know a few mother's of boys though that literally said to me that YOU CAN'T DISCIPLINE BOYS when I commented on their lack of doing anything to stop their sons bad behaviour. They came crying to me about it, then I commented on how I would act with my kids in that situation, they got offended and told me I have no understanding of boys. A friend's son sexualy harassed my daughter and still got no consequences from anyone.


ESH but only because you put the dog in potential harms way. your brother coulda easily lashed out and hit or kicked the dog. i fully agree with pranking the prankster tho. just need to make sure you're not endangering an animal to do so. [maybe stick a stuffed animal dog in his room? start wearing shirts with realistic dog faces on it? become a full-blown furry and chase him around the house? all better than using a real dog.]


My first thought too. Brother deserved what he got, but what if he hurt the pup?!


Totally agree. Prankster suck, maybe he needed a taste of his own medicine, but using an innocent dog crossed a line. Thank God nothing happened


NTA! for the reason that he did it knowing your fear but a little if he deserved it and your parents are also the bad ones for supporting your brother for making all those "jokes" towards you and not paying attention to you


I think he needed to see first hand how awful pranks taken too far can feel. I do worry that exploiting his trauma might’ve been a bit much… maybe a fake dog or a fake dog bark or growl might have been something your parents wouldn’t have been as upset about. Ultimately no one got hurt and it does sound like he’s being coddled. I get where you’re coming from, I think you taught him an important lesson, I think your parents will get over it and hopefully your brother will reign his pranks in a bit. The mentality of a ‘prankster’ is just an asshole but funny smh 😒 a live spider was too far and that should have been acknowledged as well.


Why would she give him a fake dog when he gave her a real spider?


ESH - y’all need family therapy


ESH. I just feel bad for the dog. I worry that you put the pup in a situation where it may have been kicked at or hurt and could have become reactive or something as a result. Your parents and brother are the real AHs though


NTA, but I would have changed my ring tone to a dog noise and seen him freak out. Petty yes, but he's not an angel by any means.


ESH. Pranksters are the worst.


I agree. Plus they put that poor dog in a potentially dangerous situation.


NTAH time for him to knock off the stupid pranks. He can’t take the heat so he needs to stay his ass out of the kitchen!! I’m glad you called him out and glad you called your parents out too! Hopefully this helps him see pranks aren’t funny when you’re the only one laughing.


NTA. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Your brother pissed his way into the stupid prize.


NTA- he shouldn’t give it if he can’t take it. Hopefully, he leaned a lesson. You can be the better person though and apologize since you technically won the war!


ESH Also, revenge stories aren't allowed here.


NTA He pushed your mom in the pool with her phone and is still pulling pranks on people. That tells me all I need to know about how your parents favor your brother. Totally justified to take matters in your own hands if they refuse to do so


Forget prank, I'd have beat my brother into the floor if he tried to take advantage of my fear of spiders. Consequences be damned. NTA He's lucky that's the worst he got.


NTA. You're right and your parents are wrong. Let him know he's going to be meeting a lot of dogs if he doesn't knock it off.


"He's gonna be meeting a lot of dogs" 🤣


INFO How is this not #A REVENGE STORY?


At least you didn’t record It and post It around for clout. He got off easy. NTA. Obviously you tried less extreme routes abs nothing worked.


ESH - Your brother sucks for obvious reasons. You suck, because you put the dog at risk by using it to scare him. Sometimes peoples’ fear response tends more towards fight than flight.




NTA Prankster = asshole pretty much 100% of the time. You both have a fear and a phobia; he gave you a live spider and recorded your fear. You let a dog jump on him, he pissed his pants and ran away screaming. Seems like a draw to me.


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NTA Did you mom or dad punish your brother at all after pushing his own mother into the pool while talking on the phone? Because that happening last month shows they care more about your brother being scared this one time over him constantly "Pranking" everyone.


Yeah he got grounded for it as well as for the spider stunt but the punishments they give don’t do much to stop him from from continuing his pranks.


NTA - If your parents won't stop him, you found a way to stop him. If he pranks you again, have a dog barking on your phone.


INFO: On a scale from 1 to 10 how high would you rate your fear of spiders. 1 being not afraid at all and 10 being panic attacks/fainting/etc.


About a 5 or 6. I don’t have panic attacks but I can’t be on the room with them.


NTA. If he “pranks” you again tell him you’ll dog prank him again too


NTA and hopefully he thinks twice before he tries to terrorise people for his entertainment. Btw these aren’t pranks. It’s bullying. Also your parents are playing favourites


Well your brother is def an asshole, but this seems just a little too far imo. It is justified to an extent, he definitely deserved some push back. Your parents are major assholes here cause they should at bare minimum get your brother to cut the crap. I'll have to say ESH, Parents >> Brother >> Yourself. Everybody should apologize.


Ngl, ESH here because you compare your fear of spiders with his rather "traumatic" fear of dogs. I still smiled, he had to learn the lesson sooner or later. Hoping he learns it and doesn't try to get even greater revenge, starting a neverending cycle of pranking each other half to death...


You went too far. However he also deserved it for being a huge A




NTA your parents should be fair! But now Everytime he will act like a du** Wouaf him to make him remember to not fu** with you!


NTA. He's not a prankster. He's a bully. He recorded your reaction to embarrass you in front of all his friends. He did that to hurt you and because he's desperate for attention. And your parents are assholes for letting him get away with it. One day he'll get in serious trouble at school or the workplace (or both). Your parents can't blame the victims then.


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Lmfao NTA he got what he deserved. I have a feeling because he pissed himself that "crossed the line". It seems like his pranks are him being a bully and your parents are enabling his bad behavior.


NTA. Your parents won’t teach him so you did. ETA. Did you film and put his fear online like he did to you? Was it also his birthday? Seems like maybe you didn’t go nearly as far as he did


NTA this whole "prank" thing is out of control stupid. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes...


NTA- you didn’t start the war but definitely finished it!




Since JA -Justifiable AH - still isn't an option, it's a NTA here. You asked him to stop and he not only escalated, he shared it so now it's on the internet. Your parents weren't doing anything to stop him, so you did what you needed to do. I'm so sick of people doing obnoxious shit and then crying victim when someone returns it to them. It's all fun and games until someone does it to them. Boofuckinghoo.


An asshole deserves an asshole, becoming one was the only option. Also, if he can't take it, he shouldn't dish it


NTA. Theres two things people say like all the time. “Treat others the way you want to be treated” and “If you cant take it, dont give it” If he wants to play on others fears for his own amusement, then he should be able to handle others doing the exact same. Like, he didnt like it very much did he? He didnt like feeling fear just so someone else could laugh. Maybe he should think about that and make better choices.


You might be a dick but NTA


NTA. I had friends in college who started a massive prank war. I politely asked to be left out, because I do not like those sorts of games. I don't like jump scares and surprises like that. They then asked if that was a challenge, and I asked how much they enjoyed glitter in everything they owned. One guy still decided it was a challenge, and two years later at graduation was still finding pink glitter in his cloths. Funny enough, he also pretended to throw a spider at me and I freaked out and fell out of a hammock and started crying. Some people don't know how to leave well enough alone until given a proper deterrent.


NTA Your should have recorded him pissing himself and sent it to all his friends too


I see a lot of projecting from people in these comments. Saying your parents are sexist and comparing fears. Here's the reality kid evey single teenage boy around his age needs to be humbled to learn their behavior isn't acceptable. Your prank wasnt too far just don't do it again, let it be a lesson and move on. If anyone brings it up don't apologize just say "it was just a prank". Other than that don't talk any it and certainly don't threaten him. If there is a video delete it.


ESH You and your friend are only because you put an animal in harms way. I wouldnt care if your brother suffers from a heart attack and dies from it. But he could've harmed the pup. Your brother is for obvious reasons. Your parents are for not disciplining him.


NTA Speaking as an abject arachnophobia: Your parents are creating a monster.


ESH he is a dick and your parents need to teach him that his pranks are not okay. But panic attacks are no joke, you shouldn’t have done that. Embarrassing him in front of his friends or sth like that would have been better. You all could seriously benefit from family therapy.




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NTA. Your parents suck. Tell your brother that if he ever pranks you again, the dog will return and scare him when and where he least expects it.


NTA. He made fun of you and your fear, you got revenge. He had it coming imho..and I think he got what he deserved.


ESH Your parents are right in that you don’t get literal panic attacks from spiders. On the other hand, he’s been going too far for too long and they e been coddling him


NTA Your parents are hypocrites. They are creating a monster in your brother. I would start pinging your parents and saying it’s just a prank, it’s no big deal right, you don’t mind when Brother does it… Do you hate me? And keep guilting them


NTA- maybe he will see pranks are just stupid now he knows how it feels…




NTA, if he can dish it out, he better be able to take it.


NTA. I am scared of both spiders and dogs, and you scaring him with a dog is roughly as bad as him scaring you with a spider, and as he started it, you're not TA.


NTA. He got what he deserves and you shouldn't feel bad. In fact, you should be ready to go further.


Everytime he pranks you put the dog in his room until he stops “pranking” Edit:NTA


Nta don't dish it out of you can't take it.


NTA. Sorry but he needs to stop and maybe this will make him.


NTA - Your brother got what he deserved. Your parents are AH's for letting him mess with you for so long unpunished.


NTA. If he pranks you again, do the same thing to him again. He’ll get the message eventually.


NTA. He cannot expect to push and push and not expect pushback. Your parents should have stopped him long before this point instead of being negligent. The only asshole move is hurting the dog’s feelings.


NTA- Actually I think it was a fantastic lesson for him.


NTA. You have him a life lesson. He is NOT the biggest fish in the pond Maybe he'll learn some compassion for others or maybe some empathy


NTA, it wasn't the kindest thing to do, but it was hilarious, and it hopefully teaches him a lesson


NTA I just feel bad for the dog. And the spider. Your brother sounds like one of those tik-tok idiots who annoy people for likes, not understanding that not all attention is positive attention.


It was a … move but your NTA. Maybe this will teach him a lesson 😊


NTA I'm sorry you've got a golden boy brother. Work hard and move out as soon as you can.


NTA, OP! For once, your brother is on the receiving end of a "prank" and doesn't like it, eh? Well, he can stop pulling those "pranks" on you if he doesn't want more of the same! Oh, and did you and/or your friend film HIS reaction to the dog and then post it on social media? Frankly, it would serve him right if you did that, too.


NTA. if your parents would discipline him appropriately, you wouldn't have to come up with your own solutions.


NTA, yeah I doubt the police, prosecutor, judge, and jury will accept “it’s just a prank bro” as an excuse when your brother finally seriously hurts someone with his “pranks”.


NTA. Can't take it; don't dish it out. Your parents have not dealt with his crap, so you did. I can tell you if my son had pushed his mother into the pool when he was 14 years old, he would have been grounded until he got out of college. I hope you recorded the whole dog incident.


NTA Keep using the dog to scare him and what do you know, you'll notice his pranks will stop against you :)


The best way to deal with a bully is to become a bigger bully, you did the right thing, you are NTA but your parents and brother are TA.


ESH- You and your friend are at least self-aware enough to know that about yourselves; your parents and brother are in denial though. They clearly suck way more. Hopefully he'll at least have learned not to mess with you. Good luck, and probably start planning your move-out strategy sooner rather than later. And when you do, get a dog to keep your brother in check.


NTA. 14 is old enough to learn that if you dish it out, you better be prepared to take it. Your parents are assholes too by letting it get this far without punishing him for his asshole behavior. Frankly, if they had done their job, it wouldn't have reached the point where you felt like you had to retaliate to teach him a lesson. Personally, I'd make it clear to him that every time he pranks you there is good chance he will have a close encounter with a dog.


Nta he used your fear against you but can't handle the same


NTA. Just because you don't react to spiders as intensely as he does to dogs, doesn't make your spider-phobia any less real than his dog-phobia... Hope he learnt his lesson (for the sake of everybody's peace of mind and sanity). Just wish you had followed in his footsteps and recorded his episode (not to go viral, just so that in future you can remind him if pulls this kind of shit again).


NTA. Letting him get away with this kinda stuff now will make him even more of an AH like some of the other posts you see on this thread.


I'm afraid of frogs. If someone ever did that to me as a "prank" I'm getting whatever their afriad of and locking (s)he in a room with multiple of those things


NTA, it was extreme but he's continually doing things to you. You went big once. As for your parents I have found a demonstrated willingness to cut off communication beyond the bare necessities is a great tool. If they can't be fair in parenting then don't give them anything that you don't have to.


You know what. Tell your brother what's your parents worst fears. Let's see how they handle it


Might’ve been a little much, but frankly, I hate “pranksters”. NTA


NTA your parents are the biggest AHs for letting him get away with this shit. Keep it up and he’ll turn into an obnoxious adult. I can’t even imagine why he didn’t get punished for the pool incident. Her phone must have been ruined.


NTA, why do people still not understand the difference of being a prank, and just being **mean** Prank - Something someone does to another person that makes both people laugh. Example: Hiding behind a piece of furniture jumping out and startling a friend. Scaring them momentarily, then laughing because they realize it's just a friend being goofy Being mean - Doing something mean. Like seriously just because, then only one person finding it funny. Example: Someone pushes someone's head into a birthday cake. *This is mean, not funny, when the person who got "pranked" is not laughing IT'S NOT A 'PRANK'*


Your brother is a bully and honestly considering his pranks are things like pushing people into a pool or things dealing with live bugs he is becoming dangrous. [Seriously pushing people into a pool can have serious consequences like in this linked story or even kill someone ](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3567610/amp/Paralyzed-bride-reveals-hasn-t-spoken-best-friend-pushed-pool-YEAR-severing-ties-woman-used-defend.html) [Even things like smashing someone face into a cake could have consequences (this like has medical gore so beware of that)](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.timesnownews.com/amp/the-buzz/article/woman-narrowly-escapes-losing-eyesight-after-friends-smash-her-face-into-birthday-cake/792162) Also involving live bugs is not ok either and can be rather cruel. They still are living beings bugs or not. He is a teenager and will become a man who can easily hurt or kill someone if this behavior isn't changed or stopped. A good rule of thumb for pranks is this: If EVERYONE isn't laughing (including the person being pranked) then your just being a asshole and bully. Simple as that. What you did was equally as bad. But honestly he needed to understand and I doubt he would any other way beyond getting a taste of his own pranks and just how 'funny' they are. Plus ultimately the prank was harmless. The dog wouldn't hurt him and just at most got excited to see a kid. He didn't get hurt while on the otherhand his spider prank could have hurt you had you been bitten or pinched. NTA. Your parents suck though and need to actually parent your bratty brother before he hurts or kills someone when he goes to far accidentally.


ESH. While your brother definitely needed to stop with the pranks, there's a big, big difference between not liking spiders and a fear of dogs from an actual attack. Have any spiders attacked you in your entire life? No? The biggest assholes here, though, are your parents. They should have put a stop to your brother's pranks a long time ago, and more importantly they should have him in therapy to deal with his trauma from the dog attack.


NTA, he is spoiled, your parents let him too much and he will be a jerk, unmature adult. They should have stopped him long ago.


NTA Your parents are missing the point- he dishes it out but he can't take it when someone does the same thing to him. If he can't take it, then he can no longer dish it out. In your shoes I'd tell my parents that as long as he stops pranking ME, then I won't prank him. He can shove your mom in the pool, that's between him and her. Just let them know you won't tolerate it anymore.


NTA First, your parents should have shut this shit down with your brother. They let him continue to be an asshole, so they're assholes too. You had no other way to stop him.


You went too far. You know you did because you did the same type of prank as your brother and you know he went too far with his pranks. Your parents are unfair. You deserve to be protected from your brother, and they refuse to do so. I have no respect for them or for your brother. You wanted to “teach him a lesson”, along with your parents. You found it doesn’t work. Assholes are gonna ass. Biased parents are gonna bias. All you accomplished was stooping to your brother’s level. I understand why you wanted to get back at your brother. But what you did was cruel, just like what he did to you. And in the face of his trauma, you found it hilarious. I feel like you hate him, and that hatred is likely deserved. I feel sorry for you, and I hope you can soon escape from these people. But I’m going with ESH - especially your parents who enable this situation.


NTA he likes to play on people's fears?maybe he should experience what it means to have your fear played with like its nothing like he does to others. Your parents a playing clear favourites and if you show them this post it'll probably show that they're being bad parents for it


Mild ESH, but not because of what you did to your brother. There's a very real possibility that his fight instinct might have kicked in and that dog could have gotten hurt by a freaked out teen adrenal rushing out on it. Your parents and him still suck for his continued behaviour and their tolerance of it.


ESH--your brother is an obvious asshole and so are your parents. But you put an innocent dog in a room with someone with a severe dog phobia. What if he freaked out and injured the dog? What if the dog injured him defending itself, and your AH parents got involved and sued your friend's parents? You used a living animal as part of a prank put it in danger.


NTA - haha that's just great! Kelso would be proud!


ESH. Easiest ever


ESH but you’re not the AH because of brother. He got what he deserved. You risked the life and health of the dog when you did that. Some people respond to sudden fear with violence and he could have instinctively kicked or otherwise hurt the dog when it ran up to him. Same as when a prankster gets a punch to the face when they jump out to scare someone.


You know what im gonna say nta. HE FUCKING PUSHED YOUR MOM TO THE POOL! And he’s the one who uses your fear of spiders to torment you. What is the difference in you doing the same? He better learn from this before he messes with the wrong person.


NTA Your fear is as real as his. Parents need to stop the favoritism. P.S. I hope you sent a video to all his friends.


NTA You can promise him no more dog pranks if he agrees to stop pranking you otherwise all bets are off. You didn’t go too far at all. You didn’t go far enough.


You’re the only one parenting your brother. NTA


Paybacks are a b 1 t c h, sometimes. And, sometimes, you have to go straight for the carotid artery. Good on ya! NTA


NTA, except maybe for not filming him as well.


NTA The only assholes here are your parents for not putting a stop to your brother's antics before you had to take matters into your own hands because he wouldn't stop without their intervention.


NTA. Don't dish it if you cant take it. Everyone has their own fears, and his "pranks" aren't pranks, its just him being an AH. Pranks should be something harmless where EVERYONE, including the target, would find it funny.


NTA accept that he might have hurt the dog. Dogs are awesome and I don't want any of them to get hurt. But yeah your family is messed up.




NTA. As soon as I read you're not THE prankster it was an automatic NTA. People that call themselves pranksters are AHs looking for an excuse for their behavior.


NTA little shit needs to learn that if he wants to bring it, he might just get it. Had you put him in there with an angry pitbull that might have been different!


NTA. As they say, fuck around and find out.


NTA I have a fear of spiders where I will have panic attacks and cry, one time someone “pranked” me luckily not with a real spider and I went into shock my fear is so bad it’s not funny it’s bullying what he did and now he knows what your capable of and I hope he never tries it again


NTA. When he's alone, tell him it wasn't a prank - it was a warning.


NTA Serves the little prankster right


NTA Your parents have to stop the pranks. If he had pushed me into the pool, he'd be grounded for a month.


NTA your female and females are held to higher standards than boys. 'Boys will be boys.' Hence why he gets away with it and you don't. Double standards and golden child. If you were a boy your parents might have forgiven you.


ESH. I do think there is a difference between being scared of something and being so scared that it is causing panic attacks. For sure I think a taste of his own medicine is warranted but maybe the dog was a bit much.




Pranks should make *everyone involved* laugh. If not everyone is laughing, it’s bullying.


NTA. He got what he deserved. Add to it by barking when he doesn't know you are there.


ESH with a dose of NTA Pranks are nothing more than socially accepted bullying and it's not right. I don't agree with pranking unless both sides find it funny. I think playing a recording of dogs would've been more akin to a prank (still not great) when you know he goes into full flight mode with a real dog.. Lad peed his pants due to trauma.. And that shit ain't funny.. So yeah . He's a Wally for winding you up so much ya snapped.. but the dog thing for a phobic person was also a step too far


NTA, I would have filmed it and sent it to his friends.


NTA Play with fire, expect to get burned. Plus, you went with a dog you know. The owner was there. It was pretty certain he wasn’t going to get hurt. Your parents are the AH for not reigning in his ‘pranks’ when it was obvious they were escalating.


NTA. When people read about the Golden Rule, they think it’s always about not doing wrong to others so they won’t do anything to you. But if that holds true, then giving back to others the same behavior they present to you should be acceptable as well. He attacked you with you phobia of spiders, you returned a reflection of his behavior with his fear of dogs. It’s all in perfect balance, just as it should be, as Thanos would say.




NTA! I would have GLADLY loaned you my 150+lb king shepherd for that prank (provided I get a reaction video)


He deserved it. Your parents and brother are AHs.


NTA. It is the good old youngest child getting more defended than the elder