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NTA- NO this is on THEM. They've been told by management to not abuse the dog. thats what they are doing. Good people dont abuse animals, why even get the dog if its outside barking all the time? AT least give the poor thing a dog house to sleep in and food and water.


NTA - it's animal abuse. You didn't know it was going to get them evicted.


They have been warned, so they are continuing to abuse the dog and violate their lease agreement knowing full well they could be evicted. It is their choice. NTA


Idk, seems like you’ve pursued many options before taking this step. At the same time, this doesn’t resolve the animal abuse so I wonder if there was something else you could do. NTAH


I'm open to suggestions. Animal Control doesn't come. We've called them multiple times. Even after telling them the dog tried biting me, my kid, and my dog, they did nothing. When they were still civil with us (banging on their door at 3am so they'll get their dog out of my yard pisses them off, apparently) we offered to contact the rescue that took their first dog if they felt like they couldn't keep up with this second one and they refused. Unless they surrender the dog, or Animal Control takes it, I don't know what to do for it.


>as management said they had issued a final warning earlier in the day bc of last night They were already being evicted prior to you doing anything. Your call to management played no role in their eviction. You can let go of your guilt, because not only was what you did justifiable, it had no impact on how this shook out. NTA


NTA, I mean jesus christ it went so bad with the first dog. then they try with a 2nd dog and it's another shitshow as you called it. ​ I wouldn't feel bad myself, pets have to treated properly. if they can do that to a dog. what would they do with their own children?


NTA. Being a shitty owner means they are bad people


NTA. The owners of the dog couldn\`t look after the dog and abused another


No you’re NTA. You can only give so many chances before something’s gotta give. They aren’t just bothering you but your neighbours, consistently, with total, willing disrespect and disregard to the other neighbours. It would have happened eventually anyway


what does their documentation status have to do with them being crappy dog owners?


yeah. I've yet to understand that part.


Their documentation status leaves them with very little in the way of options if they lose their home. My call potentially made them homeless.


No, them continuing to violate their lease, despite multiple complaints and several warnings, is going to potentially make them homeless.


No, not your call, as others have called, too.


NTA. But this, "they are not bad people". I disagree. They are bad people. They neglect and abuse animals and are teaching their children that it is ok to do so also.


NTA - you aren't the only one reporting them. You aren't getting them evicted, THEY are.


NTA--they are showing their kids how to treat animals.


NTA they did this to themselves.


NTA Surprise surprise, ofc their life is a mess, irresponsible people tend to mess their lives in more ways than one.


NTA, they where going to get evicted eventually with or without all the complaints, they shouldn't have gotten a second dog and Animal Coltrol should have taken it away too so it gets the home is deserves


NTA. They did this to themselves. But I disagree on one point - you said they're not bad people, just shit dog owners. Shit dog owners ARE shit people. One and the same. If you get a dog you know your child is allergic to and neglect it practically to death, then you are a shit person. I used to be in a very similar situation with neighbors who left their dog outside to bark at all hours, in all temperatures, with no food, water, or shelter, and multiple calls to animal control did nothing. The dog jumped the fence and ran away, twice. The second time it didn't come back. I've always hoped someone took it in and gave it a good life. Your neighbors have had multiple chances to not be terrible people, and they didn't take them. If shitty things happen to shitty people, then you can almost be certain they brought it on themselves.


I guess they are shitty, yeah. With the first dog, they swore up and down they were feeding it and it just wasn't eating, and they showed us a few different types of food they said they tried. I don't know what the deal was with the dog eating or not eating, but he definitely should have gotten help before I had to step in. The kids are innocent in it, though, so I still feel like shit.


NTA honestly if the dog is bringing the problems (even if they don’t realise they are terrible owners) give the dog to a charity or something, anything!!


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NTA. As you stated, others have complained. They know this is against the lease and do it anyway, talking to them has not helped. This is on them.


You offered the rescue organization, they refused. Do you think their language skills are good enough to comprehend what last warning means? NTA, you tried. I've got a similar situation in the neighborhood except they own the house. 3am dog is not going well.


The manager is fluent in Spanish and English, so she's able to communicate things between our families pretty well, they just don't care. I wish you luck with yours. This shit gets old quickly.


Well then, choices are choices. What's the famous reddit line? Play stupid games; win stupid prizes? They are on track to win the stupid prize.


NTA. These people are cruel, and irresponsible dog owners. They are in violation of their lease. If they didn’t want to be evicted, they shouldn’t have continued to violate their lease. It absolutely would not be you or anyone else’s fault who complained, if this family ends up homeless. They were warned so many times. It will be 100% their fault.


NTA - I think you’re confusing “they are not bad people” with “undocumented people are not bad people.” Because only one of those two statements is true. Your neighbors are bad, bad people if they’re willing to treat multiple animals that way, and also if they’re willing to put their son at risk because last time I checked kids don’t usually outgrow a canine allergy in a few years. You’re not obligated to protect them from everything just because of their immigration status. They could have either been responsible pet owners, or really just not abusive, and none of this would have happened.