AITA For Blocking in an Uber Delivery Driver?

AITA For Blocking in an Uber Delivery Driver?


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NTA- But....Y T A for not recording it. You've denied us the entertainment of watching some asshole fuming in your driveway because he was being a dick. Good on you though! Screw that guy. Edit: to stop the bot


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Omg tea, well damn about the ham.


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Post this everywhere, please. I’m also in the bay and parking here is incredibly high.


My partner lives in the bay, some Uber/Door Dash/etc drivers are out of fucking pocket. Regularly, drivers will call her and say they don't know how to get up to her apartment (it's a buzz-in system, like every other fucking apartment building, and normal delivery drivers have never had a problem with it), asking can she please come down to pick it up from them? Like, no?? You are a delivery driver. This is your job. Deliver. What the fuck, man.


In my city there is a crazy taxi company.. I tried calling them 3 times, every time they asked me to walk +10 min. to get to the taxi. I was like no way in hell, I'm calling a taxi cause I don't want to walk. And they were offended... Also, these times was raining hard, I was crazy tired from work and it was the early morning hours. I never called them again and I left a very bad review.


Wait, wait, wait! You have to PAY to park in your own driveway?!?!??


Not in SF but in two cities I lived in driveway/garage spots are typically rented separately from an apartment. It's a way for landlords to make more money. Right now I can't even rent the a spot my my garage cause neither of the spots have changed over since I moved in.


This comment makes zero logical sense to me


Yeah.... I'm very confused. "I like peanut butter, do you swim?"


Wow, deviled eggs, the book was better.


Exactly, “I tend to drive fast, you want to run away to another country and sky dive into the ocean.” It’s the feeling and vibes of the words rather than the logic. But it makes total sense if you imagine the vibes


And how much Marijuana have you smoked this evening? (I know I'm baked....)


It didn’t need to make sense it was more of the expressive it gave than the logic kinda like: “the watermelon rings had damned us for all eternity.” Makes no sense but would be a great reply to something in some context.


Nice, first time I've seen a Steve Hofstetter reference in the wild. :)


People from the bay are just like that.


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That would have been a beauty to see. "Hello, police? Yeah there's this lady blocking me in in her driveway and she won't leave because it's her driveway"


I really fucking wish i knew how they they worded it to even convinc the cops to show up at all😂


I used to be a teacher. A parent once called the cops on me because her daughter wasn't eligible for a field trip based on her grades. They showed up and told her to leave.


Sounds about white


And these parents wonder why their kids are SPOILED ROTTEN BRATS? ☹️


Oh, they never wonder that. They just wonder why no one sees that clearly their child is wonderful, special, and the rules don’t apply to them.


I don't see why anybody would want to be a teacher? Don't get me wrong, I REALLY, DEEPLY ADMIRE those who choose that profession! I'm just not a martyr personally, so I look in awe of those who are.


OP is the hero sf needs. You can park in driveways to deliver food, but get out the second you're asked.


Yes! I mean, wouldn't want to see the entitled AH have his life ruined for a mid-level AH offense, but Im sure it was funny. ......The audacity and entitlement. What did he think you were going to do? Just drive around until he was done with his deliveries?


I would have loved to see this


God Op, denying us the video you know we would’ve LOVED. YTA.


Lol "YTA for not recording it." U funny. OP - totally NTA. U fuckin rock! :)


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That guy is gonna come back and slash your tires.


Hopefully OP sets up a driveway camera so we can all watch when the guy returns to key his car


Agreed I would have loved to watch that dick head have a meltdown


NTA > didn’t want to find street parking Don't play by the rules, suffer the consequences.


Or my favorite, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


Don't start no shit, won't be no shit


Don’t start none, won’t be none


The only way to say it lol


I just learned this phrase yesterday and I’m definitely keeping it in mind from now on 😂


Works for strangers, family, co-workers all!


“Chat shit, get banged” - Oscar Wilde


My favorite is...he fucked around and found out.


Burn your butt, sit on the blisters, as we say in the Netherlands.


This American's gonna be using that one from now one. That is an A+ idiom!


The Romans had a great proverb. "He who fucks the fire burns his dick"


How could you use the phrase yet not link the subreddit? /s r/WinStupidPrizes


NTA , but the dude knows where you live and park your car now. You might want to set up security cameras if you're able to in case a brick comes flying through your window.


We have a lot of camera on the property and he shouldn’t even dare to attack the building since it’s considered historic. He would get in trouble with the city more than my landlord.


I’d like to remind you of the existence of masks and hats. Your car is definitely gonna get a baseball bat taken to it.


It’s SF, it’s totally city culture to get your car broken into or damaged. Tbh.


I love that you feel if your car gets damaged, it might be some random crackhead just as much as this Uber dude.


If you haven't replaced at least 3 car windows in SF, you've barely experienced the city.


I lived in the mission for 8 years. Never got my car broken into. It’s like I didn’t even go there.




you just have to keep them rolled down.


Keeping the doors unlocked also works most of the time in SF.


Same rule with a convertible. Never put up the soft top. Costs more to replace it than anything inside the car should be worth. Learned that the hard way….


Some street trash *shit* in my car. After breaking a window to an unlocked door. When people are like "Why do you pay $600/month to park your car in a garage"... it's because it's worth it.


at that point just leave the windows down


Went to SF to visit family, I have never seen so many smashed car windows. Talk about culture shock.


I've only been to SF once in my life, we went into a restaurant, came out and our window was broken, several items stolen... Including the catalytic converter. So god damned brazen, middle of the day broad daylight in a fairly crowded parking lot they uninstalled our catalytic converter, smashed our window, and robbed us.


That's why I just BART into the city.


I remember the time I was on my way to work on Powell and someone was smoking something very chemical smelling on my traincar. Being a little late was worth the show when I texted the police.


That reminded me of an experience we had living in San Francisco. We had a manual jeep and we had the TRANSMISSION fall out of the car in the city. It was horrific


I’ve had a smash and grab in SF twice. Both on busy intersections during the day. Both because I forgot a bag of bird seed in the backseat.


I love how you said its part of the culture as Happy Harrys is abandoning ship Edit: Walgreens. Sorry I still like happy Harry’s better sue me


LOL…I saw the camera comment and thought “he lives in SF…so many people there have cameras to keep an eye on their property.” It’s part and parcel of living there to have your car broken into at some point.


NTA. He's too lazy to move? Suffer the consequences. Also, the people at r/pettyrevenge might enjoy this...


And r/MaliciousCompliance too. You insist on parking in my space? Fine, then I have to park in the only other spot available which is right outside my driveway.


That’s not malicious compliance in the slightest.


Sure it is! Just gotta phrase it right. “Don’t want me to park in my driveway? Fine! I won’t”


In this story, the Uber driver maliciously compliant himself. Driver: "Move your car or I will call the police!" OP: "Nope" Driver called the police and got himself a ticket.




I can't imagine anyone working as a delivery driver in SF. I've literally driven around for an hour trying to find a spot in OP's neighborhood.


can't they just use a bike?


SF is not that small. Biking across town could take an hour


Not to mention hilly.


I meant a motorcycle if i wasn't clear


Most people don’t happen to have a spare motorcycle lying around, and Uber doesn’t pay enough to afford to buy one.


You still... have to park motorcycles?


Lots of delivery guys in SF use bikes. I was one for a year.


e-bike or scooter is the way to go. I get that UberEats is crappy to drivers, but really, you gotta find another side gig if you don't have a workable solution. Last time I got doordash visiting a friend in SF, delivery chick was definitely on a scooter.


Or, what if they had two people in the car? One person drives around the block, and the second runs out and drops off food on people's front step?


A friend of mine and her husband do this - she's the Uber "driver", but he actually drives and she picks up and drops off. They make some $$, get to spend the evening together, and seem to think it's worth it. Idk, they seem to have fun.


We have massive hills so no. I’ve had to specify that DoorDash not sent people on bike or foot because of the hills - they arrive mad and sweaty and my food is cold AF.


My calves are crying just thinking about those hills.


I lived on Fell Street in HV for 14 years and can also confirm that parking there is brutal!


I’ve heard stories of people getting shot over parking in SF.


That's a regular evening in South Philly


NTA as your actions were justified and I am here for this level of petty.


NTA. I live on a street that has a super popular restaurant. No joke, there have been days that I've had to have 3 cars towed from completely blocking my driveway so they can "just run in" which normally takes 30-45 minutes. I'm stunned by the attitude of some people who get angry that you won't let them inconvenience you so they don't have to be inconvenienced.


PS forgot to mention. I used to live at the corner of Hayes and Buchanan. Love that neighborhood!!


It’s such a cute neighborhood, I love it. The hills do kill me though.


maybe I'm just being dumb and I'm from the UK and have never been to SF but isn't ALL of it hills???


Some are a little more intense than others.


It’s all hills, but some of the hills are basically a 45-degree sharp incline where even when you reach the top of the hill, you can’t see who’s in the intersection until you’ve pulled up about a quarter way into the intersection…


I was at a pretty popular restaurant that offer delivery through the big delivery apps a couple weeks ago. They are 3 doors down from a dead-end alley, and actually have a chalkboard right out on the curb that instructs delivery drivers to pull around back, since they have a couple parking spaces. As I was standing out front, a driver pulled up on the tracks of the streetcar that runs in front of the place, got out, and stood a few feet away from the door, apparently waiting for the food ready notification. As soon as he headed inside, the police showed up and started writing him a ticket...he came back out and tried to argue with the cop, but the officer handed him the ticket (it's $250) and gestured at the sign at the curb. Guy looks over, and I shrugged and pointed at the sign, too...he had a 100% legal option to park and pick up the order, but ignored it and did a very illegal parking job for...no apparently good reason. If he had pulled up out back, it would have only been maybe 10 feet more walking to grab the order and go! ETA: sorry, the mention of the alley was because he could have pulled into the alley, blocked no one, and probably wouldn't have gotten ticketed in the time it took to grab an order. It's just a service alley for deliveries and trash pickup for 2 businesses, and both of those uses are most likely done by evening on a Friday.


Holy shit the audacity to block a fucking streetcar bc your time is apparently more important than the dozens of people who fit on one of those things…


I feel your pain. I realized my new neighbors were dealers because of the sudden shocking amount of cars who park in front of my driveway for about 5-30 minutes. That, and the loud smell of weed coming from their house.


Loud smell?


from the contact high.


NTA It's your driveway and you needed to use it. You let him know and not only did he refuse to move, he doubled down and said he'd leave his car there for a different delivery. Got what he deserved. Unless it's a SF thing, not sure why he didn't just drop the food off, take a picture, send it to the person and get out of there.


> Unless it's a SF thing, not sure why he didn't just drop the food off, take a picture, send it to the person and get out of there. I might be able to help with this, I've only taken a few deliveries to the city and now it's pretty much 100% decline. Sometimes people will say things like "bring it to my apartment door or no tip." (this one in particular is only a problem on UE) well, you can't see that note until after you've already accepted the job, and without the tip the cost of the trip might not even make financial sense. Also don't get me started on the rating system. If you fall below 4.2 stars on Doordash you're probably getting deactivated and just lost your income. It's 85% approval on UE. Some irate asshole can just go "Didn't deliver to my apartment door, 2 stars." Bam, you're fired. These two reasons are why I 100% decline anything into San Francisco now.


That's interesting, currently where I live it has to be leave at door due to covid-19


Bringing it to the apartment door is how the service is billed by the apps, and how it’s delivered by 99% of drivers. I think you just had incorrect expectations.


Normally I don't mind delivering to the apartment door. But when it's like a turbo complex that has a security gate or a security desk that I have to check in at that's going to waste my time then it starts to get a little annoying. I've had one where they were on the 23rd floor and had a security desk in an extremely high crime area. Also an annoying thing about it is, the offer that you as the driver sees is with the tip included. When they have a note like that where it's "deliver it to my door or I remove the tip." he's essentially blackmailing me into doing it because otherwise the trip was a colossal waste of time/money. In that case it already was a waste of time because UE lied about how long the delivery would take, so essentially I did 2 hours of work for $25. Or getting an apartment delivery to an actual slum, nothing like a pitchblack stairwell in the middle of the day because no one can be bothered to replace the lights and none of the rooms are numbered.


I'm an Uber Delivery Driver and I would have NEVER parked in your driveway to leave my car there and especially if you asked me to leave! You aren't my customer but it's your parking space. You're in the right and he shouldn't be a driver imo.


It’s too bad OP can’t rate them. Maybe they can contact Uber and report them? That’s what I would do.


I would’ve but I think he learned his lesson. I don’t need him losing his job over this incident.


That’s very kind of you. Really.


the 4 hours of missed deliveries might have done this anyway.


On Uber, there isn’t a set time. You can end at any time or orders. And if he was delivering for two orders, he can’t accept a new one yet. So he has the option to end after the next one and to not accept any future orders now.


Same here. Although I am on a motorbike so that makes it easier for me lol. I don’t even like blocking access to the customers driveways as I nip up to the door (to many have come home during the time I drop it off lol) and I certainly wouldn’t actually park on the drive of the customers or anyone else’s.


lol 95% if drivers shouldnt be drivers. the amount of them that think it's completely ok and legal to block traffic as long as you have your hazards on or whatever are ridiculous. got hit by a car the other day bc some jackass parked on the other side of the street from the parking spaces and a huge van tried to squeeze between us


No judgement other than, Bravo, my friend, Bravo indeed. Added NTA


Sounds like he won a stupid prize for that stupid game he was playing. NTA


NTA. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. He shouldn’t have parked in your driveway. Him calling the cops will do nothing because they will ask why he was parked in your driveway in the first place…..soooo good luck to him in that lol


NTA. I'm a DoorDash driver, that guy was way out of line and you responded appropriately. I've never delivered in a big city, I'm sure "questionable parking" is often necessary, but if you're on someone else's property and you're asked to move, tough shit. Unless people in San Fran tip extremely well, his dumb move probably cost him the whole day's pay.


NTA so what happened when he called the police


They probably laughed at him.


It's sf. Useless doesn't even begin to describe the cops here. You can steal shit from stores *on news casts* and maybe you'll get arrested in a couple weeks. But only because you embarrassed the city. https://abc7news.com/san-francisco-walgreens-theft-caught-on-camera-hayes-valley/10791347/


Dude I literally watched two guys steal a bike on Valencia, using a CHAINSAW to break through the lock and the cops drove by like nothing happened even when people tried to flag them down. It's f-ing lawless.


OP edited that in, come back and enjoy the result!


Likely nothing because he is parked in OP’s driveway and refused to move


Actually I rather love that you did this. You are NTA and the Uber driver is! I wish I had the wherewithal to do exactly as you did. You’re kinda my hero rn! Edit spelling


NTA. As a San Franciscan, I salute you. I need this in my veins!!!!


You pay 900 to park in your own driveway?


I live with other people and we have only one parking spot for all of us so yes I do pay 900$ on top of my rent. Paying for parking in that neighborhood is a must. I literally left for a trip for 6 months in my car and my neighbor offered to pay more than 900$ because it’s impossible to find parking. The problem is that I lived right next to the Painted Ladies (the houses in Full House) therefore there’s a lot of tourist here at all time.


I could immediately picture those houses as soon as you said that. That is pretty much all I know about SF (that and I now know a parking space costs as much as my mortgage).


Where do you live where the mortgage is that low damn.


My mortgage payment is $968.00 for a 3 bedroom , 2 full baths with a half bath a large den/ playroom and a 2 car garage in the basement . I'm in the middle of Alabama.


$900 for a parking spot is criminal, even for SF. You should find a new place :(


I agree but the neighborhood is too nice. Everything else is great on the property, that’s the only bad thing.


damn i never understood the SF appeal. i’m in berkeley and visit my bf all the time in SF and he’s tried to explain to me how great the neighborhood is and how it’s worth the rent and nightmarish parking and i’m just dumbfounded 😂 at least there’s lots to do!


I originally lived in Berkely but honestly it’s the best decision I made to move. There’s just so much more happening there if you’re really into going out and such scenes (obvious not during Covid lol)


Giving him the chance to move his car before blocking him in was all the due diligence that was needed, NTA. He chose to be blocked in.


NTA, and let us know what ends up happening! Haha!


NTA. I deal with similar on a almost daily basis. I own a commercial property on a main road in Australia. Next door we have 3 take away shops and user drivers continually park across my driveway stopping my staff moving vehicles in and out along with clients coming and going and delivery drivers delivering parts for us. They always get upset when they are told to move because they are too lazy to walk an extra 5-10 meters


Nta. That also happened to me a lot when I lived alone 6 years ago We had specific spaces and ah would park in, our spot to go shopping. There was a big sign in front of each parking, saying it was reserved I parked like 1mm from them. I left my number -hi, you need to come move your car so I can get out -Yeah, I'm in bed for now, I was going to take a nap. I should be up in 2 or 3 hours. I'll call you back -you need to come now, I have places to be. -Yeah I was supposed to have my spot. That's not my problem -I wasn't there for long, I just got an errand -I fail to see how it's my problem. There's a sign saying it's reserved -I didn't see it -it's bigger and higher than a child. You're just saying you would run over a child if there was one in front of you -you still need to come move your car -no I don't So I hang up and watch them move their truck mm by mm to get it out. Even had to remove the hauling ball Took 45.min


I was ready to call you TA based on the title, but after reading your post, definitely NTA.


NTA. I also live in San Francisco and I think you showed remarkable restraint.


NTA at all. SF resident here and parking is impossible. That is a rude dude. If he didn’t want consequences, he shouldn’t have been so entitled. Absolute NTA


NTA Good for you.


Nta. Who does this person think they are?? He can call the police if he wants, but it sounds like he'll be only making things worse for himself.


NTA. SF native, that street is ass to deliver to/park on but that isn’t your problem. It’s one of the busiest streets around that time so blocking any of those lanes is guaranteed to piss people off. Pull into the driveway of the person getting the food like a sane human being. What a dumbass.


NTA, I would have blocked him in and then got shit faced drunk so I couldn’t legally move the car later. He would have been stuck for days. In other news, I’ve done this and ended up getting beat up by the delivery driver. He was HUGE. I’d do it again.


NTA. It was your driveway. He's lucky the police even showed up; in Seattle they don't show up anymore unless a weapon is involved.


NTA. But if you’re female presenting, I’m worried about your safety. I hope you have an alarm system and some sort of self defense on your person. Is there any way you can gate or otherwise easily obstruct your driveway so this doesn’t happen again?


Non-Binary here lol but I guess male presenting. I guess I looked very gay, had colorful eye shadow and all black look with platform boots. Nothing to block the driveway sadly.


NTA - It's your driveway. You asked him to move. He didn't and decided to be an ass about it, and he had to suffer the consequences.


NTA. He made his choice; he lives with it.


NTA. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes


NTA serves him right


Fuck 'em. We deal with the same shitty ass SF drivers who have moved to Sacramento.


Lol I grew up in Sacramento, I did the opposite. I fucking moved to an expensive ass city, but honestly worth it. But yeah the drivers here are insane, you get used to it. I just recently visited Sacramento and it’s not the calm driving place it once was.


Crosspost this to r/pettyrevenge.


Just reposted!


NTA! And pretty stupid move of him to call the police lol that just made it worse for him not for you..


NTA. Having a crappy job driving is a city with bad parking is not a valid reason to take your driveway. If the person he was delivering to was taking too long, then he should have driven around the block or done the other delivery while he was waiting.


So NTA. I'm and Uber driver, and while I do it on my bike, I would never dream of doing something like that. Quite frankly, making sure your driver is able to deliver your food without holding people up is the customer's responsibility. That is, the customer shouldn't have even kept him waiting like that. The driver is still the TA tho, part of our job is working around issues like this. He could've just moved his car so you could get in, then come back in behind you, basically swapping the positions of the cars, but he clearly didn't even consider that and was acting entitled.


NTA From the title I kind of thought is was going to be an E S H, but it's not even close. You sound reasonable enough that you might even have let him block your driveway after you parked until he did what he needed to get done. Not saying that was necessary, but you seem like you might have worked with him. Even if you wouldn't have, he decided to play stupid games.


NTA he fucked around and found out


I applaud you!!! My hero!!! Lol


NTA, as soon as you asked him to move out of YOUR driveway, he lost any sympathy and mercy.


NTA. I’m so tired of people blocking our drive because they can’t or won’t find a spot. We pay a huge amount for the privilege of having a garage in this city. I try not to tow because it’s like $700 but even if I just ticket them, they come to the house to confront me. When I show them photos, they argue I could have gotten out by maneuvering my car on the sidewalk. Sorry, pal. Not risking damaging my car for your convenience. The entitlement is huge. Also, I used to live in your area and didn’t have parking. I hated trying to park there but didn’t have a choice. Added another 40 min to my commute.


Dude,.the struggle is real. I lived over in the Mission, and we tried everything to get people to stop blocking our driveway. It got the the point where I just gave up and put the towing SFMTA tow hotline in my phone memory. Many, many tickets were issued, and quite a few people came to knock on my door and bitch at me. I would pull up the footage of them parking halfway into the cutout for my driveway, and point out the red painted sides of the driveway, and ask them why it was reasonable for them to stop me from being able to leave. 10000000000% NTA


NTA! My favorite pasttime is blocking in drivers (Uber, Lyft, Doordash, taxi, UPS, Fedex, etc.) who pull into cycle tracks. They *always* pull in so that they're right up against the curb in front (they'd need to reverse a foot or two to pull out), which is my opportunity to put my bike tire 2" from their back bumper, call the police, and wait for them to get ticketed. They always scream at me about how I don't have anything better to do, and my answer is "I got all the time in the world to just sit here." I play a few games on my phone to rub it in. If they were to back up anyway while I'm there, I got their plate, and they just caused a collision with a cyclist, which is a $500 ticket for a private car and $1000 for a commercial driver. And if they leave the scene, that's felony hit and run. Edit: grammar


This fills my cold heart with glee haha Laughs in Californian


NTA. As someone who drives for DD, UE and GH in the Bay Area this is why I absolutely refuse to make any delivery to the city. Parking is atrocious and a lot of times the customers are dicks that have outrageous demands. One time a dude asked me to illegally park at Market & Polk and take it up to his apartment on the 23rd floor or no tip. Yeah dude, your tip totally wasn't worth the hour and a half round trip.


NTA. He should be glad all he’s got to deal with is a $128 ticket instead of a $500+ tow bill. You were way nicer than I would’ve been. But I’m a petty bitch.


NTA. I live nearby and have had cars use my driveway, but I have never had one refuse to move. I don’t care if they are willing to move.




NTA. I bet he doesn't do that again.


Anyone who thinks YTA hasn't lived in San Francisco or someplace comparable. The audacity of that driver is hard to fathom.


"Help police I trespassed on someone's property, refused to leave when asked, and now I'm facing the consequences of my actions!!!" NTA


NTA. This guy could have swallowed his pride and apologized at any point during this exchange. Instead, he doubled down at every opportunity. Could you have been the bigger person in this situation? Sure. But a little petty revenge to put someone in their place doesn’t hurt anyone. Except assholes, of course.


NTA As a homeowner, get out of my damned driveway.


Had an asshole park in my driveway blocking both garage doors on Xmas. We had returned from a family dinner and found that. Claimed it was just for a minute while my wife pointed out the hood was cold. She then said it was too hard to walk 5min from a parking spot to the Xmas party across the street. The fucking audacity.


NTA. Lmao, he called the cops on himself. The minute you asked him to move from your spot that you paid for, he should have moved. This is entirely on him. I have some sympathy for Uber Delivery drivers, but this one was way out of line.


Nta but you should have taken pictures of his license plate/vehicle and reported him to uber. Or just tell him that's what you are doing. Probably not the first or only time he has pulled this type of move and his attitude would have sealed it for me.


NTA- if he had just done a quick drop-off and went “oh sorry it was opened and I’m just dropping a quick thing off, be out of your hair in a sec” I could probably brush it off. But the fact that he felt entitled to stay there while KNOWING he was in your spot to walk over to another place?!?! Karma is only a bitch because she is right


NTA but this guy will probably take his anger out on your tires or windows at another date so I would install cameras


NTA play stupid games, win stupid prizes


NTA He will call it a learning experience.


NTA and I applaud your level of petty!! Expertly done 👏👏👏


NTA I'm living for this