AITA for "kicking" my friend off our Youtube Premium Family Plan

AITA for "kicking" my friend off our Youtube Premium Family Plan


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Lolol, no, NTA. Your premium TV package, your call. Your friend is literally being selfish. He should be thankful you saved him a few bucks on TV for a while.


NTA because your account, your decision. Also, not a high-consequence thing. He's going to have to watch 5-15 seconds of ads per video now. It's not as if you're making him homeless, or denying him dialysis or anything. That said, your friend's probably feeling pretty vulnerable after the breakup, and I wouldn't hold his overreaction against him when he settles down.


> He's going to have to watch 5-15 seconds of ads per video now. Or install adblock Either way not a big deal


100% NTA- I’ll never understand why people act so entitled towards other peoples accounts like this.


It’s only yt premium tell him to stop being selfish


NTA. It's your account being paid for, not his.


NTA in any way... But I am however surprised that a real human actually has bought Youtube premium.


Lol, my thoughts exactly! Why pay for that when the biggest benefit can be had by using an ad-blocker?


I got it because it's included as part of YouTube Music (previously Google Play Music).


NTA. He should be thankful for getting a discount for the time he was on there. Instead, he complains which really shows his true nature.


nta but youtube vanced would solve this problem in one second


NTA. He's not entitled to a free account. Edit: read before coffee. Not entitled to a discount.


They split the cost; it's not free.


He paying his share tho


Then he can get his own account. He's not entitled the OPs discount with a family plan. There. That better?


Yes. That's much more accurate.


I read it before I had coffee. Lol. Whoops. It would make more sense for OP to have their own account and let the friend keep the spot since OP is pretty much paying the same price for a single.


It's ok. I'm also pretty sure that the friend is pissed that OP called him a couple days after the breakup just to ask him about the stupid account and that's why he called him selfish. If I was having a really hard time because my SO left me and my friend called me to talk about our YT account (when I already agreed with the switch) and his stupid Twitch I'd be pissed and called him an selfish asshole. If he started talking about YouTube's student plans I'd just loose it lol


NTA. This is a classic illusion of First world problem manifested in the mind of an entitled friend.


I'm undecided on this. If you were paying for ALL of it, different story but you're just the organiser and everyone pays their own way. I mean, on one hand, he's not your responsibility, on the other hand, he's been paying his way for a while now and you're kicking him out because you felt like having two accounts to yourself.


So long as friend kept access to the spot to the end of whatever time period his last payment for that spot was for and had been informed of date of the end of his access, then OP did nothing wrong. What could make the OP an asshole, though, is maybe how OP broached the subject about the account while friend was still recovering from a breakup. But that's a whole other subjective can of worms that can be judged in a myriad of ways.


NTA - sounds like your friend is just deflecting his pain and emotions onto you since he was seemingly ok with the switch beforehand? Tell him to grow up and pay for his own shit, you’re not selfish for ending the handout.






NTA for kicking your friend off the account. But you are the AH for calling your friend a couple days (or the same week) after he was dumped to ask him about the account. I'm pretty sure that's why he's calling you a selfish asshole, he probably doesn't give a shit about the account right now and that's why he told you to do the switch. Sounds like he's having a bad time and you're being a so so friend.


NTA - His reaction has nothing to do with the account, and everything to do with his breakup. Just remember that when dealing with him. Assuming he doesn't have a habit of behaving like this, cut him some slack now (even though he is being an AH) and your friendship will be better for it in the long run.


NTA. Ffs, this is youtube. You can block the ads with a browser addon for FREE. This is not a hill for your friend to want to die on, there has to be something else going on.


As noted by a few other comments, it could be the friend is calling OP an asshole for talking to him about the acct while friend is in the middle of recovering from a breakup. Thus why friend told OP to just make the switch, and then getting angrier that OP started talking about alternative youtube services because OP still wasn't getting the hint that friend is dealing with bigger issues than a youtube service.


Could be, but OP isn't a mindreader. If i have an issue and instead of articulating just start treating my friends like shit and picking fights over inconsequential matters, which would you call the arsehole: me, or the people i'm attacking?


I agree that OP was not wrong to initiate the talk about how to handle the acct switch given the circumstances, but once OP got the okay to do the switch OP really shouldn't have continued the talk by "trying to help" friend with an issue that only seemed important to OP but not the friend. Especially when friend has just said to do the switch and is obviously angry talking to OP at all by that point. Friend should've said actually why OP is being insensitive and it seems that he still hasn't realized that OP does not understand what friend was referring to, so maybe OP can take these comments as a possible opening to clarify with friend what OP got wrong and apologize (just do it!) to friend to smooth things over instead of let friend fume about how OP wronged him.


This also includes YouTube Music, which might be what OP's friend was using more than the ads removed from YouTube.


NTA, that said though you are definitely being a bit selfish. You guys had a mutually beneficial deal that you then decided to break because of selfish reasons.


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NTA is changing your password an option?


that’s not how it works, the family managers adds other people’s accounts which they can remove anytime they want to


Then just remove it?


NTA. He got the service for free for a while. He should be thankful you gave him an account in the first place. Why can’t he get his own subscription? If it’s not worth the $16 a month to him or he can’t afford it, he can watch ads like the 99% of other people do. You’re not selfish. Your friend feels entitled.


>I invited one of my University friends on. We split the cost evenly between all members. The friend was paying his fair share for the entire time he wasn't getting it for free.


I don't have youtube premium and I don't need it. you just have to watch like one ad which you can skip per video so I don't see why op's friend needs yt premium


YouTube premium is not a medical treatment, I'm positive he'll survive without it BTW He's not family. How does he feel entitled to be in your family plan? NTA


NTA but do you know about YouTube vanced its premium ie no ads, back ground play etc but you don't have to pay for it?


YTA. You conveniently added your friend to help split the costs more and then dump him when you suddenly have other needs. Also, if you're planning on streaming you don't need two accounts with premium. It's literally zero effort to open the youtube account with premium in a separate browser so that you can play the music. Like your "plan" doesn't even make sense. So you're kicking a person who's been paying, out, for a ridiculous plan.


He gave the person 30 days notice because they needed that extra spot. It doesn't matter why, it's OPs account and they don't have to keep their friend on it forever.


NTA. It's your account. You told him you needed the spot a month ago. With or without a GF he can find a way to get his own account.


Y-T-A for having YouTube premium, how can you enable Google to get away with that? /s For real tho, NTA, it does suck for your friend but as long you let him spend all the time he paid for, I think you did nothing wrong (you would have been if he had paid for his share of the plan and kicked him out long before it ran out tho)


He's not your friend. NTA.


NTA. in a technical definition, you are not being selfish. "*lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.*" You considered him by warning him ahead of time of the change. Although you do fit the bill on the concerned with your own personal gain. Even if you were being selfish, its not wrong to be selfish. That word has such a negative connotation. Being selfish is okay. You are paying for premium, so you should be selfish in your choice as to how the plan is distributed. If he wants premium, he can pay for it. It's the very reason i didnt add my brothers to my premium plan. i know they wont pay for it.


NTA. This person isn’t a friend, he a cheap user. Cut him loose and move on.


Repeat after me: Having a YouTube premium plan is NOT A LIFE NECESSITY AND IS A LUXURY. NTA. If he wants it, he should pay for it.


NTA you don't need whatever the hell kind of friend that clown is.


NTA ​ It is fine to pay for friends, but since you need the spot yourself, they have to find other options.


OP wasn't paying for the friend. The friend was paying his share of the account, not getting it for free. The point that OP gets to choose how to use friend's spot still stands, though, so long as friend gets to use that spot up to whatever end of billing period he paid for it.