AITA for not wanting to split Popeyes evenly with my friends after his girlfriend ate the majority of the chicken skin?

AITA for not wanting to split Popeyes evenly with my friends after his girlfriend ate the majority of the chicken skin?


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NTA. I'll admit to having ordered fried chicken and not having eaten any of the actual chicken before, but it was *my* order. Megan knows darn well the rest of you wanted your fair share of the crispy stuff, or you'd just have ordered rotisserie from somewhere else. And if she's struggling with impulse control, this incident should be a sign to her that she needs to be working on that with a pro, not an excuse for being inconsiderate. Tom needs to accept that she basically stole the meals you'd intended to eat and eat the cost.


yep! its one thing if you order pizza - and are like "hey i like the crust" and ASK everyone for their crusts bc its not a common part to really like...but liking the skin the best is kinda a given? its equivalent to picking and eating the cheese off an entire pizza (except possibly grosser than that)


To me, it's the equivalent of licking the icing off of a cupcake, and leaving the cake part of other people.


Its the equivalent of just eating the muffin tops off of muffins and leaving the bottoms. The muffin tops are the entire reason to eat the muffins.


I went with "licking icing" because of the invasiveness of the image. The skin picker got her dirty fingers all over other people's food. She likely licked her fingers, and went back for more. And that is a big old nope from me.


That’s fair I was going from a desirability angle. And subtly referencing Seinfeld haha


I applaud the Seinfeld reference. There are so many ways in which picking the skin off of fried chicken without permission and the serving it your friends is wrong.


That was what grossed me out. Who wants chicken someone else’s grubby fingers have been all over. You don’t even know if she washed her hands first. Yuk!


And literally had the audacity to just sit there like nothing happened until they asked her like WTF YOU PSYCHO


"All I'm hearing is, 'where's the top!? Who ate the rest of this muffin!?'"


I like the cake most tho


You monster. Jk me too


exactly. Just gross.


Right? My dad used to just throw his pizza crusts away, but me and my grandparents both loooove pizza crust so we started asking him to cut the crust off before he eats. Everyone is perfectly happy in our scenario. Sometimes he actually wants the crust and that’s cool too. If somebody ate the skin off my fried chicken? Hell no, they’d be paying me back for my meal and my immediate reaction would’ve been much, much more confrontational than OP’s was because WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?


They made an episode of South Park where Cartman eats all the skin of their KFC order and the rest of the gang are PISSED. I've gotta say, I think Megan did it knowing full well that she was eating the most desirable part of the chicken. I think she believed she'd get away with it because her BF ordered it though.


I’m not sure whose behavior is actually worse tbh. What Megan did was disgusting and it boggles the mind that she was so casual over it/not even remotely embarrassed or feeling guilty for what she did. But Tom trying to act like Megan did everyone a favor by eating the unhealthy part is pretty delusional too. Like... come on, dude. No one orders fried chicken because they’re trying to be healthy. Your girlfriend pawing all over everyone’s food is not doing anyone a damn favor.


I came to comments specifically to say the same thing lol, id call her Cartman every time I see her moving forward after this incident and wouldn’t care less how he or she feels after her bf had the audacity to ask anyone for money


Nope. Totally just as gross. Still somebody repeatedly digging their grubby little meathooks into my food. Probably licking their fingers in between grabs, the savages. P.S. The crust is totally the best part of the pizza. P.P.S. Pineapple on pizza is delicious, fight me.


Let's fight with pineapples on our pizza. Don't forget the BBQ sauce


The crust is my favorite part too, especially if I have ranch to dip it in lol


This actually happened to my family one time while visiting my cousins. One of the cousins literally only ate the pepperonis off of 2 whole large pepperoni pizzas and his mom (my aunt) expected the rest of us to eat nasty child-fingered cheese pizza and be ok with splitting the cost. My dad said hell no, shamed the aunt for allowing her child to do this, refused to split cost, and ordered new pizza for us. This was 20 years ago and I am still disgusted by it.


"The skin is my favorite part" Its fried chicken, the skin is everyone's favorite part


Speaking as someone who also suffered an eating disorder -- an ED is no excuse for her behavior. While an ED is a horrible illness to live with, when your behaviors affect other people (not just yourself), you become the asshole. As Jake Peralta says in B99 -- "Cool motive. Still murder." (Yes, I know the comparison is not 100% accurate)


I like the comparison 😆


I'll ride this wagon with you


This might be the best saying I've ever heard in regards to "I agree with you"... haha! I'm using this from now on. Thank you.


Upvote due to the Jake Peralta reference. Cool cool cool cool cool cool 😎


I will upvote any 99 reference on principle.


No doubt, no doubt.


She murdered joy.


Yeah it's okay to be like: 'i have an ED, i'm going to go outside while y'all eat since i can't handle it right now'. I've done this with Anxiety/Migraines and no one has gotten mad since i'm inconveniencing myself. It's something you learn to work around, it's not an excuse to be a dick.




Even if I ordered rotisserie chicken, I'd still want the skin and be upset if someone took. That has a lot of the flavor. The issue isn't even if Megan can control herself or not. Everyone already showed empathy for eating disorder situation by not making a huge deal of her stealing and contaminating everyone's meal. This was very inconsiderate of her, and everyone was nice enough (too nice?) not to call her out. Whether or not her behavior is caused by a mental health issue, whether or not she can control herself, Tom didn't serve his guests things they were willing to eat, and as such he can't expect them to pay him for the food. It is not Tom's friend's jobs to pay Tom money for him to use to treat his girlfriend, which is basically what he is asking for. NTA.


Honestly, if I was looking for a reason to judge her as not TA it wouldn’t be her supposed eating disorder, because people with Ed don’t do it in public and expect others to be cool with it - that’s not how the disorder typically works. Impulse control on the other hand fits nicely. However that doesn’t mean that once the impulsive situation is over (no more skin left) that she is free if consequences or that others should pay for it - she touched all the food, made it unappealing to anyone else who might’ve wanted it, and expects to not pay for the food she ruined. That’s entitled AH behavior that’s NOT being impulsive, even if her eating was impulsive.


That surprised me too. In my experience, people with eating disorders try very hard not to draw attention to it. By eating all the skin off all the chicken, she flashed a neon sign that says “ask me about my eating habits!”




If Tom wants to be reimbursed then he can ask his girlfriend to pay him back. She touched and spread her filthy germs especially in this social climate with the whole pandemic. What a Nasty Nash! Plus the skin is like the best part to a lot of people.


When you find yourself doing [something Eric Cartman](https://youtu.be/s5jm-xuSWhw) would do, you need to re-examine your life.


I definitely came here to say this lmao. This is a cartman move 100%. It’s happened. I just didn’t expect someone to be gross enough to actually do it irl.


It's only ever acceptable between significant others. And then only if it's agreed upon.


My friend did this to her kids. lol only like a few but still.


ummmm shes worse than Kyle's mom WHA WHA WHAAAAAT


My exact first thought.


I only clicked on this thread to see how far down I'd have to scroll to see this reference.


Exactly what came to mind!!! I need to see this chicken skin, can’t help-herself, eating disorder chick....... Is it shitty to hope she resembles Cartman?


"Could we share a rowboat? Could.. could a rowboat support her?"


That was my first thought as well.


God yes! This it it exactly. Megan pulled an Eric Cartman. And Tom actually asked to get reimbursed?!!! NTA. All are NTA except Megan and Tom.


If someone hadn't already said this, I was going to! Hahahaha!!! Happy Cake Day as well!!!


I would just send Tom and his gf this video.


*Insert Kenny sobbing*


Literally my first though!


I was just thinking about how there was an entire episode around that! Even more so if you find yourself DATING somebody that does what Eric Cartman would do.


RIP Heidi


TOM and his gf are assholes for asking money and spreading germs while covid19 is going on


There's a pale, wild-eyed part of me in the back of my head who just never stops screaming *there is a pandemic there is a pandemic THERE IS A GOD DAMNED PANDEMIC ON WHAT ARE YOU THINKING*


My internal monologue since last march


It’s not nasty because there’s a pandemic, it’s nasty because it’s nasty. Especially when she didn’t ask if others are okay with it


We share this same part it seems.


Yeah i hope for your friend's sake that you dont suddenly go back to what you were like prior to the pandemic, cause i would never have dreamt of doing this even before ...


I saw people doing the two cheek kissy greeting earlier and had a mini emotional breakdown.


I'll hopefully be seeing friends--the first time I've visited anyone outside my household in fifteen months--mid-June, for their five-year-old's birthday. I make her cakes, you see. So I'm planning it out (strawberry, please, with pink frosting, and a unicorn horn!) and suddenly realized that the thought of blowing out birthday candles is *horrific* to me now. Like, just, breathe on food you intend to *share?* Breathe really hard on it? No, thanks.


Agreed! For our last birthday celebration we put the candles on the birthday boy's slice after it was cut and distributed. He still got to blow out his candles without germing all over the cake.




Some of 'em! I'm very lucky to be fully vaccinated myself at this point. But breakthrough infections are a thing, and failed vaccine uptake is a thing too.


Some, not all, unfortunately. And people are out there buying fake vaccination cards—to the point we aren’t allowed to have the blank cards at our stations anymore because people were stealing the cards as we (the RN’s) were giving the shots. I can give about 300-400 shots in a shift, so that’s a lot of opportunity to steal cards, especially at this one clinic where we do the vaccines outside. NTA OP. Eating disorder or not, you should not be responsible for feeding Megan. What she did was beyond gross. And let me guess, next time they’ll invite you for pizza, and Megan will eat all the cheese off the top. She can’t be trusted, y’all.


Omg. This is me about literally everything all of the time since March!


Honestly that means you're one of the sane ones.


The skin is everyone's favorite part! That's the main point of fried chicken, the delicious skin. Plus it's so gross she touched all the food. Makes me think of the south park episode where Cartman does the same and the kids all ignore him and he thinks he's a ghost.


Right! What’s the point of fried chicken without the skin? That’s the part that’s got the fried-ness.


If it is not perfectly crispy, or if there is too much fat underneath, I pick off the skin. The texture of fatty, flabby skin makes me gag. Please note the part *where I pick the skin off of my serving myself.* I will offer it to anyone that wants it. I would 100% be horrified to see that someone picked it off for me. It's like licking the icing off of a cupcake.


Someone ate the frosting off my cupcake once. The way they casually suggested I just eat it and there was nothing wrong with it afterwards was unnerving. Sue me, I'm not gonna eat your saliva.


Your comment made me gag.


Skin is absolutely the best part. The last Christmas we visited my parents, I was so sad because I made turkey and somehow the skin "shrunk" to a square of like 3 inches. My mom is kind of a health nut and has a vendetta against turkey/chicken skin so I'm 99% sure, she just threw a lot of the skin out as I have never had that issue when making chicken or turkey before.


3.00 inches is 0.43 bananas long I am a bot and this action was performed automatically


I used to work at a KFC with a buffet and we could eat for free. I would just eat the extra crispy chicken skin dipped in ranch for lunch. Horribly wasteful, but I was a teen and gave no thought to that aspect (also i didn't expect anyone to pay for the privilege of eating the portions I discarded)


Is she freaking Cartman from South Park!!!?


I thought the same damn thing. She’s Cartman from South Park and his addiction with KFC.


Yeah ewwwww she touched all the food. I wouldn't want to eat it either. NTA


Right!!! It is super gross for someone to use their fingers to grab at everyone's food.


Fingers that went in her mouth as she was eating the skins most likely. I seriously doubt she put all the skins on a plate and waited to eat them after.


This just reminded me of Eric Cartman and the KFC episode. I had hoped these people didnt exist lol.








NTA. She really ate just the skin off EVERY piece of chicken? As for not paying, you only ate the sandwich. Why should you have to pay for what you didn’t eat.


Not every piece the drum sticks were somewhat okay but the chicken thighs and breasts completely removed. I just felt gross touching the chicken too after her hands been all over it.


Literally something cartman does in an episode of South Park. If someone does something cartman does, there can be no question they are the asshole. So that’s a NTA for you. What a wild situation bro.


Cartman was exactly who came to mind reading this. Megan and Tom are both the AHs, seriously fuck them both but especially Tom.


Hell fuck both even with an ED you should know better to not do that


I'll admit the only thing that got to me about OP is how they said that she's 25 and needs to grow up in regard to her ED. As someone who is 7 months into anorexia recovery, at 26 years old, an ED isn't something that can just end with age. THAT BEING SAID: EW EW HOW DISGUSTING, AND IN THE MIDDLE OF COVID NTA this girl needs *professional help and possibly an intervention* . I know I did, and I didnt ever binge by doing something so selfish and unsanitary. she really does need to do something or else alienate herself from everyone.


1. I’m proud of you for getting help and wish the best for you 2. I agree OP is NTA overall but they definitely are ta because of how they described an ED


Absolutely this, couldn't agree more


I’m pissed because frankly I feel like she’s abusing the Ed card and not understanding how stigmatizing that is to people with Ed’s. Ed’s don’t make you an asshole. They might make you act out, but this? This well-after-the-fact refusal to understand that she ruined the food for everyone else? That’s not Ed behavior. That’s just entitled AH.


Very true


Came here to say exactly this. Megan and Tom are the assholes, no question


It’s crazy that Megan went and molested all the chicken and Tom thinks he can make people pay for it


chicken molester lol


Almost makes me wonder if she also drank all of the gravy... but then I remember that Popeyes gravy is trash so no worries there 😜


Is it in that episode where everyone ignores him except butters and he thinks he died?


This is so gross. Chicken is also fingerfood. So she mostly put her fingers in her mouth to lick them off before she touched the next chicken part.


OMG you're right! 🤮


"What are you talking about? The pizza is totally just as good without the cheese on top. I was doing you a favor by eating the unhealthiest part."


Mmm, wet bread is my favourite


[Roma pizza](https://www.thespec.com/business/2020/05/29/the-iconic-slab-pizza-returns-roma-bakery-is-back-june-2.html) (yup, that's only baked crust and sauce) is a local well-loved product, but some really don't care for it. But yeah, I'd be ... nonplussed if someone ate all the cheese/toppings and left only sauce+crust. Roma is not normal pizza. (Eating all of the cheese and picking out the toppings to put back on the pizza might be mildly worse)


Hey, same for the garlic bread. I licked all the garlic butter off the top and saved you a gazillion calories. You should thank me, you unappreciative buffoon.


That’s really gross. It’d be one thing if she asked once you guys had served yourselves, but just going about peeling the skin off of all of the thighs and breast is so gross. She’s not a toddler.


But if she asked then everyone would say "fuck no!" and she wouldn't get to steal their food.


Going with NTA. Honestly I would of bit her head off. The thigh skin is the best


She's nasty. Also, it's not an eating disorder if it only happens "from time to time." That's her excuse...for being NASTY.


That's not true. This is relayed information from a second hand source. She can have times where it gets more severe and she is unable to control it/relapses and still function normally on the outside the rest of the time. This is still nasty af. If she knew she was in a bad episode she shouldve ordered her own or avoided it all together.


Since his argument was that the chicken 'was fine', next time he complains just say something like "so next time I'll just take the buns from everyone's sandwiches, they're my favorite and like you said the rest of it is still fine to eat so it's no big deal, right?".


Once she touched the piece and ate some of it, it is now her piece. No one else is going to eat that piece now it has been handled and partially eaten by someone else. It's like if she scraped the icing off of a cake because it's her favourite part. No one is going to want to eat the rest.


We assume just her hands. She could have pulled all the skin off with her teeth


Gross hygiene aside (though it's a hard thing to set aside), you paid for what you ate so it's nta.


What if she eaten all the cheese off a pizza? Would your friend think that was ok? You don’t eat part of people’s food and then expect them to still pay for it. Plus super gross.


NTA - they should be apologizing for ruining the dinner, not trying to get you to pay for it!




NTA. You paid for what you ate. The girlfriend decided to be greedy and frankly gross. I don't buy the eating disorder bit. Let him deal with the monetary consequences of his girlfriends inconsideration.


Right? I see AITA post all the time and a common excuse is an ED. As someone who has a formally diagnosed and has been clinically treated for an ED, I just have to confirm that it’s no excuse to be an inconsiderate asshole.


I know many peo with ED and none of them do shit like this. You can have ED and still be a selfish asshole, and she doesn't get to blame it on her ED and make excuses, sorry not sorry


My ED (cycles from harshly restricting to binging) has actually led me once to binging my roommates jar of peanut butter (at least 3/4ths full) in one night. Did I lie that my dog got a hold of it and that's why I threw the jar away? Of course I did. But did I also buy her a brand new jar of the exact same size and brand before she even returned to our place? Of course!! Like you said, EDs are no excuse for assholery.


Exactly, people excusing the behaviour of people with EDs infantilises us. We can make our own choices! One of the binge eating criteria is feeling guilty and shameful afterwards. I would have paid for the entire order if I binge ate the skin off the chicken.


Also, often many of these gluttonous and/or childish people have self-diagnosed ED.


Yeah, I'm extremely curious to know exactly what sort of eating disorder causes you to eat your favorite part of everyone else's food. Last I checked, being a selfish prick wasn't an eating disorder.


Eating disorder, no. Impulse control, maybe, but not likely considering the situation. I'm on the 'she's a self centered asshole' bandwagon.


INFO: is your friend Cartman?


[For anyone that wants the reference](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5jm-xuSWhw)


I like how Kenny cries at the end.. this would've made me cry too.. those greasy chicken skins are the best part!


I currently have in my fridge a leftover piece of Popeye's chicken from which I pulled off and ate the skin. I'm 85% sure I'm not going to bother eating the rest.


I wanted to say this but in my heart I knew it had been said


Fun little fact. Stone and Parker had already written and animated most of the "Cartman has gone too far" scene before they even thought of what it was that Cartman had done. It was after that, when they were eating KFC, someone mentioned that the skins were the main reason people got KFC. That's when they decided that that's what Cartman's crime was. Source: Director's commentary for that episode.


Sadly KFC skin hasn't been crispy for years, just a soggy greasy mess. Popeye is good, but expensive af. Gotta give it to my local Kennedy's ftw.


A literal Cartman, I had no idea they actually existed.


I was thinking Joey from Friends. “Well I think we all learned something about who’s disgusting and who’s not. Now I’m going back to my bucket. I’m only eating the skin so the chicken’s up for grabs.”


If he'd pulled all the skins off with clean hands before eating any of it then Monica could've totally made something dope with that chicken. Any Joey didn't do anything wrong. He had his own bucket of chicken skins. He can eat what he wants.


That’s the first thing I thought of!!!!


NTA, that girl, and your friend, need to learn what's acceptable social behavior and grow up already.


Some people just refuse to grow up and that’s when it’s time to drop them. What is she? Eric Cartman?


NTA straight outta South Park, that’s hilarious and crazy. Who the freak would want to eat chicken someone pulled the skin off and ate.... I just- no.


Maybe she bit / nibbled the skin off with her teeth! NTA


NTA WHOOOO tf does that?!? Pay for the sandwich only. The girlfriend needs to learn some manners. You don’t go eat off food other people is going to eat.


Cartman. Cartman from south park is who does that.


This would be nasty in normal times. In the middle of a global pandemic its just totally fowl


NTA. Eating disorders don't make you into an asshole and that's a big ahole move eating the skin off everyone's chicken. Imagine what would happen if she worked in a restaurant herself. "It's not ok if I get a taste of each customer's order before I give it to them? But it's my favorite!" No Megan. Just no.


This. Mental illness does not excuse AH behavior. This is one of the grossest things ever. Did anyone eat the skinned chicken?????? NTA


NTA. As someone with an eating disorder, it's on me to control myself, and to work with a therapist to do so. I have weird eating habits, but I'm not an asshole about it, and I certainly don't mess with food that other people are going to eat. It's not an excuse at all, and you shouldn't have to pay for someone else's rude behavior.


People with eating disorders are very secretive. I don't believe the 'ED' excuse. People who have 'ED' wouldn't show this kind of behavior in public and especially not in a close friend group/circle.


This. I am fairly certain I have Binge Eating Disorder but I would never do something like that in front of other people.


Even if you buy the eating disorder made her eat all the skin, that doesn't mean other people have to pay for the stuff she ruined.


NTA. That’s weird and gross. Why do people get so engrossed into their relationship they defend such terrible behaviour?


seriously like how do these people find each other


I don’t know but I feel if my wife did something like this I’d have no problem not defending such poor behaviour.


I've just consulted with my wife and we both agreed we'd give each other so much shit for this gross behaviour! We both love chicken but this takes the piss


NTA, man am I tired of people using mental disorders to justify them being assholes.


Me too 😡😡😡 I just read another post where a guy blamed his mooching off everyone, refusing to work, refusing to clean up or to stop eating people's food on his BPD 😡😡😡 Like, no, dude... that's just you being a lazy, messy, mooching, food thief... it has ZERO to do with mental disorders.




Yeah that is like... the whole point of fried chicken. Nobody is deep frying chicken without breading wtf.


Battering, you heathen. :P


NTA; you paid for the sandwich, which is what you ate.


lmao what did I even just read Anyways, NTA and megan is gross.


LOL, Megan is gross, but moreover, she's an AH


NTA. Megan really should be careful - a little boy in Colorado did the same thing about 15 years back and he died.


LOL was thinking the same thing as soon as I started reading this.


NTA Serving you food that's been picked over by his girlfriend is gross. Charging you for it is disgusting. Explain that while she may be working through some challenges in disordered eating, this does not obligate you to pay for food she's picked off without asking. You ordered fried chicken, not peeled chicken. You can communicate empathy for her ED while also calmly explaining that eating your food is still a boundary issue. How she eats her own food is her business. But expecting you and your friends to be chill with her eating your food is weird.


NTA, even if Megan has some disorder which lead to this, it should be common sense that you don't have to pay for the food that was ruined by her behaviour.


NTA I would not eat food someone tore apart already. That’s gross


NTA. I would send Tom and Megan a link to this post. Let them both see how completely unacceptable total strangers feel her behavior was. Her touching everyone’s food like that is gross. She is 25? I know most 5-year olds know better than to do that. Let her pay for the meal. That is just nasty and entitled (the skin is her favorite part? What a coincidence!! It’s EVERYONE’S favorite too 🙄)and has nothing to do with an eating disorder.


NTA Send your friend the episode from south park where Cartman eats the chicken skins


Hahahaha, first place my head went too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5jm-xuSWhw


NTA- what kind of person thinks this is acceptable behavior? Not only is it bizarre but it’s also gross. I wouldn’t give him a dime towards it.


NTA Thats NASSSSSSTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Who even does that!!??!?!?!


"The Death of Eric Cartman" is the sixth episode in the ninth season of the American animated television series South Park. The 131st episode overall, it originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on April 13, 2005. PlotEdit Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny wait at Stan's house for Stan's mom to come home with Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. When she arrives, the boys help her unload her groceries, but Cartman remains behind, eats all the chicken skins, and goes home to sit on the toilet and read comic books. Enraged, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny decide Cartman has finally crossed the line and start to ignore him. The other kids in their class go along. Cartman’s mother has a new toilet installed after Cartman destroys it with his chicken skin defecations. Cartman mistakenly believes that the toilet is his body. Cartman, unable to conceive that anyone would ignore him, thinks he has died and become a ghost. He goes home and hears his mother cry, and believes that she is crying over his death. However, she is actually having sex with the plumber. Butters, however, is not privy to the plan and greets Cartman as he passes by in a state of despair. Cartman convinces Butters that he is a ghost, terrifying him. Cartman threatens to haunt Butters unless he helps his soul achieve peace. Cartman first has Butters apologize to everyone on his behalf, which fails to impress his ex-friends but gets his mother crying. Cartman makes emotional goodbyes to Butters, believing that he will now be permitted to go to Heaven. When this fails, Butters suggests he might need to atone for all the terrible things he has done. Cartman draws up a long list and delivers gift baskets to all his victims, including Sally Struthers, Scott Tenorman, and Kyle's synagogue. When this, too, fails, Cartman destroys Butters' room with a baseball bat and leaves Butter's house before his parents turn up. A doctor is called and decides that Butters might suffer from a deep trauma. To make sure, Butters is taken to a mental institution and subjected to a series of tests (one of which includes an anal probing). Now genuinely traumatized, Butters accepts that he has been imagining Cartman's visits, but Cartman breaks into the asylum to get his help again. The two consult a psychic, who suggests that God has kept Cartman on Earth to help with a crisis. She runs screaming when Butters points to Cartman as the ghost. When they hear of a hostage situation at a Red Cross Center, Cartman and Butters set off; and Cartman stops the criminals by moving things around in the style of a poltergeist. The robbers are merely befuddled, which provides a distraction for Butters to release the hostages and the police to subdue the criminals. The two are credited with saving the day. Cartman and Butters exchange protestations of friendship once again; but the other boys turn up and praise Cartman's heroic behavior, thinking he has truly changed. Cartman now realizes that he was merely being ignored and again goes berserk, blaming Butters for his own misunderstanding and threatening retaliation. Butters's parents arrive with the doctor with the probe, and Butters realizes he is going back to the asylum.


NTA, give her the cartman treatment


NTA, that is so effing gross and disrespectful of Megan! She should definitely pay for that because I also would not eat it after someone touched it and ate the skin. You should only pay for what you ate.


For most people, the crispy part is their favorite. Make sure this is shared with Megan. IMO she should be paying for the chicken or should have ordered you replacement.


Cool story... nice South Park episode


NTA girl doesn't get to eat off everyone else's food. That is gross and unsanitary. She can have her pieces and do what she wants to hers only.


NTA ~ eewww..... who the hell wants to eat the chicken after some nut case peels the skin off it


NTA. she put her hands all over the food, you didn’t have any because of this and now he wants you to pay for it?? LOL


“I know you wanted a pepperoni pizza but I only like pepperoni and hate cheese, so I left you guys all the cheese. You’re welcome” cmon NTA wtf


NTA. What in the Cartman...


Info: Is he dating Eric Cartman?


NTA. Meghan has an eating disorder, and I hope she's working on her way to recovery. But that doesn't excuse her ruining the food for everyone else.


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NTA. If you have an eating disorder then you should still pay for the food you ate. Eating the skin off of chicken = eating the whole chicken.


This is literally a scene from south park


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Nta. Why is your friends girlfriend eric cartman?


That’s disgusting. She absolutely knows better. NTA. And another point, what’s the point of eating fried chicken without the delicious, crispy skin? What an A H.


NTA. Once someone else eats off of the food, you should not be expected to pay for their portion. The fact that she ate the skin and expected you to eat the rest is ridiculous, and her eating disorder is not even relevant here.


NTA, the chick is for eating everyones food. She eats it she pays for it


NTA. I wouldn't want to eat food that someone else has picked at and had their hands all over. It's one thing if it's your kids or something but just some random person. No I wouldn't eat it and I certainly wouldn't pay for it. Wtf.


this is a joke right?


NTA Not only is it gross to pick off of food that is for other people to eat but the skin is the best part of fried chicken! I wouldn't have eaten it either.


NTA - The girlfriend is the AH here and unsanitary as well.