AITA for “getting real” with my step sister in turn causing her to cut off part of my family till I apologise

AITA for “getting real” with my step sister in turn causing her to cut off part of my family till I apologise


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NTA The trash took itself out. Close the door and change the locks.


Yep. Stupid games and stupid prizes. Kate can pound sand and/or kick rocks.


OP's reply was perfect in every way - sadly, the only thing that works against bullies is very firm boundaries and **very harsh consequences** for breaking them. Or being a bigger, scarier bully. Kate is still trying to get her way so still hasn't learnt. Hopefully everybody keep standing firmly.


Also kate is 30, 30 that is nuts to keep behaving like a toddler


Zero means nothing right? So maybe she is 3 or just add a dot inbetween 3.0


No no clearly she's 30. 30 months old, not years.


No, at 30 months I don’t know if she could talk. Although that might be a good thing


Kids should have a few dozen words by then and certainly Kate's "no, mine!" attitude fits perfectly with the language abilities of a 2.5 year old.


If no one has ever corrected her, why would she bother changing? People need pushback, for their own good as much as everyone elses.


I know, but it is still nuts


I own a cafe and I shared a recycling bin with the shop next door. I was on vacation and my manager called in tears. The shop manager lost her shit on my employee when my manager reminded her to break down the boxes because the in is full. A 50 year old woman yelled at a 20 year old. I called the owners and told them of the event. The owner is the managers mom. She said "Everyone knows Christy is like this. It's not a big deal". I calmly explained how she was going to need to apologize to my manager within the hour. If not, I will introduce them to mountain AOT. I explained that she has only see professional me and she has never met the real me from the mountain of Virginia. My great great grandmother was mountain mean and I learned from her. She laughed and asked what that means. I explained how mountain me was going to type several reviews during my Thanksgiving drive home. I explained that son was going to get every staff member (all six of them) who Christy has yelled at over boxes to post their interactions. I explained that I never publicly told anyone in our community about the time Christy knowing got a bird into my kitchen from her shop. I think a good letter to the editor would cover this. The girl Christy yelled at was an artist. I will commission her to decorate the front window as a way to deal with her bullying. I asked if these examples were enough. The mom owner said yes and that Christy will apologize within the next ten minutes. Bitch me asked if she understood I'm professional not a pushover. She told me that she didn't think anyone could scare her enough to get Christy to apologize. Until she met Mountain me. Christy never bullied my staff and she actually started being a pleasant customer. Go figure! :/


That was one satisfying read! I'd love me some mountain AOT too lol. You're a really good writer, you should post this on r/entitledpeople, it'd be a hit!


Thanks for the compliment.


I recently came across the phrase “kick rocks in flip flops.”


That’s a great one. I’ll remember it.


I prefer "stick toothpicks under your toenails and go kick a wall."


My entire body curled in on itself a little when I read that. Was very difficult not to instinctively downvote out of primal terror.


that made me shudder! OOOF


Or pound sand into rocks and then kick them.


Or kick rocks into sand and make a sand castle!


If she pounds the sand enough, she can make her own rocks to kick!


OP... what, exactly, good does Kate bring to your life? Can you think of anything? If, after some reflection, you can't, strongly consider texting everyone who is blackmailing you to grovel to Kate something like, "Don't threaten me with a good time."


I'm amazed ops dad is still married to kates mom, cause it doesn't sound like either if them are people you'd want to be around for prolongs periods of time


I'm not. Probably a quarter of the posts in this sub are kids who get mistreated because a parent found a new bed partner and then checked out of parenting. It's disgusting. Edit-typo


To be fair: looks like the dad is on the Op's side, from that last paragraph. And Im not going thru it all again right now but... I dont think it says definitively that the dad is *still* married to Kate's mom. Just puttin that out there...


"Don't threaten me with a good time" - priceless!


I got the same sentence from a Panic! at the disco song. It is amazing!


"Don't threaten me with a good time.", de-memed should be something like "But you know she treats people so bad that re-establishing contact with her will reduce my quality of life. And on top of that she wants me to make some grand public gesture, it's really just not worth it."


Exacltly this op. You dont have to have her in your life. Your not stuck in the same house anymore, you can just remove her from your life. I get if your worried about putting your dad in a bad spot but I think in the end it would probably cause less drama. You dont have to make a big thing of it just dont answer messages or calls, avoid any talk of her and dont go to same events.


Nta. She really doesn't need Kate in her life. Kate brings nothing but drama and that's something OP should stay away from. Kate will only continue to bring stress to her life. You really don't need any stress right now. It might be time to officially cut Kate out and go NC. I know I wouldn't want my kid around someone like her. OP you don't owe her an apology. She did this to her self. She literally went out of her way to have people harass you. Your stepmom is an asshole for always enabling Kate on her behavior. Kate is the asshole here not you. Kate needs to apologize to you for her awful behavior.


THIS The sound you hear is clapping. Well done! Years late but better late than never. Don’t apologize. NTA


Divorcing family is a thing. And man is it a HUUUUGE weight off your shoulders when you do! Edit - speech to text put wrong form of weight/wait in ... and I didn't proof read well or at all apparently. I blame ... Not paying enough attention to my comment. Thank you ransuru for pointing that mistake out. And ... NTA - I totally forgot to say NTA. I blame ... Not paying enough attention to my comment. Kids don't reddit when half asleep and think you will make sense. You won't.


Weight :) NTA


Edited to fix mistake. Thank you.


This. This right here.


NTA - Totally agree. I'd even add you have several assholes in the family for being enablers of her awful behavior.


So much this. Screw her. NTA, and congratulations on your pregnancy! 💕


⬆️There are no better words than this!!!! NTA


I always find it amusing how people like her think cutting people out of her life is a punishment lol


Sounds like y'all finally got some peace. Why mess with that? NTA, don't apologize.


>her mom is demanding I apologise to make peace and Kate has been punished enough Yeah exactly op, She punished you enough, she hasn't been punished even to 1/3 of what you have. Tell her mommy she did a bad job raising a kid, she should've kept the peace by disciplining her.


Considering her fertility issues, adding MORE stress to her life will be bad for babies.


NTA Your step-mom needs to remember who she is talking to when she wants to make demands. You're not the one living in her house and mooching off her money. She doesn't get to boss you around just because she's sleeping with your dad. If step-mom wants to demand an apology, she should start with the 30 year old child starting fights who she actually has some power over, not the 29 year old adult who has her life together.


This needs to be higher up


It's because she wants to use you as a meat-shield. Kate is kicking off and step mom just wants it to stop. Easiest for her is getting op to apologize.


This is the absolute perfect reply to Step-mom. She raised and enabled a brat. She doesn't get to demand anything.


NTA at all. ‘Kate’ sounds like a whole lot of negativity you don’t need in your life. Especially because you’re carrying twins, which by nature is high risk. You don’t need that stress in your life at all. And ‘Kate’ needs to grow the heck up. Congrats on your babies to be!




Her cutting you off looks like a blessing lol


Yes! Congratulations!! And banish all unnecessary negativity from your life. It is about having a safe and healthy pregnancy right now.


NTA. Ask your stepmother why it’s ok for Kate to go off on you and send people to harass you but not ok for you to defend yourself.


I’d love to hear what Step-Mom comes up with as a response to that.


100% certain she has pages and pages of bullshit excuses she's been using for years. Do they make any logical sense? Are they good parenting strategies? Nope and nope, but does that stop her? Again nope. Some people will make excuses for the inexcusable time and again, and I bet stepmom is a *pro* at it.


She made a little mistake/she's been punished enough/ she's really amazing/she was just emotional/she didn't mean it THAT way/she actually amazing/YOU were being rude/etc. ​ /s


You forgot “it wasn’t that big of a deal” , “ you went overboard with your comments”, “she thought you were joking since it was April fools day”, “you took it too far”, but.....family”


Plus the fact that Kate posted about OPs private medical issues, if I'm understanding correctly. Why would that ever be okay??


Doesn't matter what she says really - OP should just reply 'don't start nothin' won't be nothin' and cut the lot of them out of her life. What a bunch of drama llamas.


Bahaha!!! Even if you were the A H here, you would get an NTA from me bc I am here for the petty. The ONLY person who needs to apologise is Kate.


Pretty sure stepmom needs to apologize as well. Not only did she enable Kate to bully OP and the rest of her family for 14 years, but her terrible parenting led to what should have been one of the happiest days of OP's life being turned into a dramafest on social media after stepmom's 30 year old child decided to sick an e-mob on her.


Fair point.


> enable Kate to bully OP and the rest of her family for 14 years, Yeah, this deserves a lot more attention as well. It's not like this is a one-off.


NTA. Well « Op is amazingly honest » and she is « family » to use stepmom’s words. Being honest doesn’t mean you’ve got to be a bullying bi\*\*h like Kate. Honesty doesn’t mean you don‘t need to be respectful to others. Honesty doesn’t mean you’ve got to deal with being bullied. Kate used a public platform to send haters/bullies to OP. OP decided to be honest on the same platform. Stepmom is using double standards when it comes to behavior.


The double standards have always been there with Kate growing up the person I pity the most is her sister we at least got to escape Kate and had my mom but her sister who’s a nice person was always pushed aside for the golden child


Your stepmom enabled her behavior and that’s why she still can get away with being such a vile person. I say you all stick to not just shutting her out but the stepmom as well the last thing you need to be told is to apologize and be made to feel guilty. I would just lay it on the line say “due to my high risk pregnancy I need to stop contact with you for now and the near future. I will not be harassed and bullied by you or your daughter any longer so if I do decide to eventually open the lines up for communication again I will not be tolerating this behavior.”


That sounds awful. Do you guys have good contact with Kate’s sister? Seems like the two of you could have good chats about Kate’s horrid behaviour.


NTA! also I bet everything is a lot more peaceful without Kate weighing in. You can comfort your stepmother with the reality that no one but her is likely to put up with Kate long-term, especially given stepmother pays her an allowance, so their relationship won't change much.


NTA. She sounds like a brat. She’s an adult and can act like one. Her tantrum is in part because she knows you’re right about everything. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I wish you a safe and happy one! 👏🏻


NTA Congratulations on the babies :)




Nta sometimes you gotta be honest


NTA. You just pointed out that Kate's a shitty entitled 30 yo woman. She needs to grow up.


NTA She got what she deserved, especially for putting your medical info out there. Sounds like you may get some peace with her blocking you. Tell her mom you were just valuing her amazing honesty by being honest with her yourself.


NTA. Not apologizing sounds like it will offend them so much that they will never unblock you. Win?


Okay, NTA but in this specific case I can see where she's coming from - you posted a pregnancy announcement on April Fools' Day. She's still totally the asshole for all of the rest of it, though.


i had a few friends messaging asking me privately was it an April fools day joke it kinda clicked than that I picked the worse day to announce a pregnancy


I’m sorry but only an AH would make that kind of post with a history of infertility. I mean ‘after midnight’ is technically April Fools but given the hour - come on! NTA!! Congratulations!!!


Thank you so much


Take care and I wish you all of the best!


There's nothing wrong in announce it at 1 April. I mean some people are into pranks and some are not. The one who aren't would not make connections at all. So if people think your announcement is April Fools jokes, maybe they the one who often too invested creating April Fools joke themselves. Congratulations!


My husband was born 3/31- when my in laws called the family it was 4/1 no one believed them. No one saw the baby until 4/4, when they realized it wasn’t a joke. But you were rightly excited those that cared checked in. Congratulations enjoy your time.


Tbh I don't know many adults who even register that it is April fools day, it wouldn't have occurred to me when I was dealing with something so monumental.


NTA. Even if it's a joke (not very funny), I cant comprehend how you need to go in social media and asking random people to lashing out (even, bullying) against the person. Twitter melts brains.


I...no. Kate's a big girl who threw a temper tantrum on social media like a child. She can deal with the consequences of trying to yet again bully you for something she doesn't have. NTA


NTA, coincidentally my sister announced both of her pregnancies on social media on April Fools Day two years apart. The first time her boyfriend wanted to wait until he told his parents (they were both in high school) and she posted about it after her ultrasound with a picture that was on April first. The second time everyone was commenting on her post about it being a prank, she said she didn’t even realize the day was April 1st because she was at home with my nephew and didn’t have anywhere to be to pay attention to the date. Both of her kids were born in October two years and two days apart.


NTA >Well Kate as ever you have to make everything about you I’m actually pregnant instead of blocking me you should have maybe messaged me but as ever your vile sorry real self you took to the internet to throw a tantrum you’re a 30 year old woman Kate who lives with her mother and has an allowance from mommy to not to mention you can’t keep a relationship/friendship because dear old real Kate can’t stay faithful or out of drama for too long hope you wont get too offend Kate as I’m just being real” > >Long story short Kate got a lot of backlash and deleted her s/m she’s cut off me, This seriously sounds oh so satisfying too.


NTA. Congratulations!! As a twin mom to another please please contact your doctor/midwife for any little concern!! And drink tons of water!! I was constantly drinking water but still dehydrated in the end. Ignore those two for the rest of your pregnancy and do the best you can to stay stress free. They are not worth your time. Wishing you two happy healthy bundles of joy!!


NTA - job done shes gone NC.


NTA do not apologize, she needs to be dragged through the mud until and unless she realizes this behavior is not acceptable.




NTA. Well done! You gave Kate a taste of her own medicine and she couldn't handle it. Pay no attention to her mom's demands for an apology unless Kate agrees to apologize first for all the nasty things she's said to you for years. After all, you were just being as real as she is.


Language barriers or not I can't handle the run on sentences in this post.


NTA Congratulations. Info: Let me get this straight your dad an her mom are married right? So your dad has allowed all this time this kind of behavior from her and her wife. Kate still lives at the same house where the man who she has "cut off" lives. Does her sister lives there too?


NTA Good! What a horrible step-sister. Block her and don't engage in any conversations with her or about her. Congratulations with your twins! Your job now is to be happy. Do it.


People who live in glass houses... Best wishes with your future littles! I hope your pregnancy is easy and successful! NTA


NTA, but for the love of Shakespeare, please start using punctuation.


Nta. Don't you dare apologize


NTA I’d tell Kate’s mom that you were just being amazingly honest, following *her precious child’s* example. And damn, it felt good!


NTA Wow, no. Don't apologize. Don't apologize ever. As you said she's a 30 year old woman who lives vicariously through shitting on people and never facing real consequences. She can always rely on mommy dearest to make a preachy speech about family or brow beat them into it. I recommend just straight up digging your heels in here, because like all the past apologies to her she'll take it as submission and continue on at situation normal. Her cutting you off sounds frankly like she was doing you a favour, because she's the sort who will just stress you out the entire pregnancy long out of spite on her part.


Definitely NTA. You gave her a taste of her own medicine. And she absolutely should have talked to you first, PRIVATELY, instead of lighting a fire. I think you did absolutely nothing wrong. And I'm glad it sounds like your family is behind you. But now you let her go. She's not your friend and she's barely family. And no one has to keep toxic family around. Just cut her off completely and let this be the last time you ever engage with her.


NTA. Please learn some punctuation tho, it was a battle to read your post.


^^^^AUTOMOD ***The following is a copy of the above post. This comment is a record of the above post as it was originally written, in case the post is deleted or edited. Read [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/wiki/faq#wiki_post_deletion) before [contacting the mod team](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%2Fr%2FAmItheAsshole)*** I’m on mobile,throwaway and English isn’t my first language So I (f29) have a step sister (f30) from my dads marriage I’ll call her Kate a bit of context on Kate we meet 16 years ago when our parents started dating Kate is and always has been a judgemental entitled bully for example when our parents got married she had to have a white puffy dress, she had to have the biggest room and the best things growing up and if god forbid any of us got anything from our mom or grandparents she’d have to get better or our stuff would disappear if she doesnt like something she’ll say it triggers her throws a toddler Style tantrum on social media till she gets her way but what really makes her bad is the constant shaming she does Off the top of my head I can think of the times She’s shamed me from being too thin, my brother for wanting to be a police man, us for being religious even her own sister for having a planned c section When called on it she does the same thing says she’s just telling it how it is than blaming everyone for picking on her, her mom usually makes a scene about “family” and “Kate’s amazing honest” which apparently is something that needs to be valued This all came to a head today I went to the hospital yesterday (31/03) and Shockley found out I was 3 months pregnant with twins I’m not going into details about my medical history but me getting pregnant is noting short of a miracle I honestly never thought with my issues I’d ever be able to carry a child Me and my fiancé cried happy tears for hours than excitedly posted it on Facebook the fact that it was after midnight and April fools didn’t even cross our mind After a few calls from family we both turned off our phones and went to bed. I woke up this morning to what I thought would be congratulations but Kate first blocked me than sent her followers to all my s/m to give me shit apparently Kate called me out to her followers for being an inconsiderate bitch for making pregnancy jokes when I should know about fertility issues (naming my private issues) and “dragged me” me with a lot more stupid crap This is were i might be the asshole instead of calling Kate and talking to her I blew up I posted my scan pic saying “Well Kate as ever you have to make everything about you I’m actually pregnant instead of blocking me you should have maybe messaged me but as ever your vile sorry real self you took to the internet to throw a tantrum you’re a 30 year old woman Kate who lives with her mother and has an allowance from mommy to not to mention you can’t keep a relationship/friendship because dear old real Kate can’t stay faithful or out of drama for too long hope you wont get too offend Kate as I’m just being real” Long story short Kate got a lot of backlash and deleted her s/m she’s cut off me,my dad,brother and her sister till she’s gets a public apology from us all (they call her on it too) her mom is demanding I apologise to make peace and Kate has been punished enough So AITA? *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/AmItheAsshole) if you have any questions or concerns.*


NTA. Congratulations OP for your pregnancy and getting rid of toxicity! Both are life changing. 🌼


NTA. She sounds like a narcissistic person with many many issues. Better to not have that kinda energy on your life or your babies life. Congrats on expanding your family


NTA. She is being crazy. Count your blessings that she cut you off.


NTA, She went public and so did you.


First congrats! Second, nta- based on your description I cannot see how the rest of your family is in a hurry to have Kate in a relationship position to be talking with them. Frankly I feel bad for your other stepsister for having such a mother and sister...


NTA. She shouldn’t threaten you with a good time. It sounds like Kate brings nothing positive to your life, so her staying out of your life is an absolute win. Go NC with her completely and let her be her mom’s problem. You have better things to focus on. Congratulations on the pregnancy and good luck!


Heeeelllll, No! I'm glad you finally put the bully in her place! You and your family members have nothing to apologize for....Maybe now that she embarrassed herself, she'll think twice before running her mouth on social media! Congratulations on your pregnancy and Good Luck!!


NTA. don't apologize she was dead wrong. Besides, if you apologize she will come back.


NTA but omg congrats on the pregnancy!


NTA. Seems to me you got rid of an abusive and draining person AND her enabler. Congratulations. Remember your stepmom that Kate is not going to be an aunt to your kids and if she keeps enabling Kate she won't be in your kid's lives either.


First off, congratulations. 🎉🎉 And NTA. The trash took itself out. Be happy and enjoy your pregnancy.


Question: does she have actual reasons behind all of her constant criticisms, or is it just criticisms for criticism’s sake? If she had provided reasons, would you be willing to share the ones for the criticisms provided in this post? (i.e. her criticizing your brother for wanting to be a cop, the c-section, religion, etc.)


Lol at Stepmother. She’s demanding the wrong people apologise. She should be telling Kate to apologise. Publicly. To everyone. I suspect her mother’s favouritism has helped Kate become an entitled a-hole. I notice Kate hasn’t apologised, but expects everyone else to apologise to her. I also note - that like most abusers and bullies - that she can dish it out but she can’t take it. “Rules for thee, not for me.” Good riddance. I’d dump Kate. Step-mom needs to mind her own business. NTA OP and CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s wonderful news about the twins!


Just tell her mom "I'm being amazing honest, isn't that something to be valued?" Goodness, if she was gonna make it public, she could've easily asked if it was real. Also, please don't stress yourself out too much. She's not worth the stress. Congratulations on the twins! NTA.


NTA sounds like she deserves it


You mean she won't have contact with you all?!? I think this is what we call a "win"... NTA


NTA, Don’t you dare apologise


NTA. Double Win : She get a public backlash and you're free from her. Everything happens is deserved, it's just bad for her, and good for you.


NTA people on this subreddit are constantly asked to 'apologise to keep the peace' and 99% of times it's bullshit because there was no peace in the first place


NTA Kate hasn’t been “punished” for 16 years. She certainly isn’t being punished now. You just finally decided to get down to her level. It isn’t your fault if her hoard of monkeys saw your post and then called her out on it too. You’re likely better off with this outcome. You certainly don’t need her bullshit as you navigate being pregnant and then raising a pair of twins.




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NTA. Congratulations btw


NTA Good bye and good riddance! Also, congratulations on your wonderful surprise!


NTA. Do you really want your beautiful baby’s to see her treat you like crap and have that as a aunt?. If she says you can coMe back if you crawl tell her you e got bad knees and can’t say your sorry except your sorry that you met her. Congratulations girl, stand tall for those babies.




So nta, don’t you dare apologize! And congratulations on your twins!!


Kate is an idiot, the best they can do is cut off contact with such a toxic person, in the end she will be the one who asks to come back because no one else will put up with such a spoiled adult, and NTA


lmao good riddance. enjoy life with 2 kids and no kate.


NTA She did you a favour by blocking you all out. Enjoy the silence and your pregnancy. Fingers crossed that all goes well for you and that babies make a safe, uneventful arrival.


NTA and don't apologize for anything, she had it coming. And her cutting off all of you is just icing on the cake because why in the world would you want to have anything to do with someone like her!


NTA- she sis you a favor by removing herself from your life. Do not apologize. Congratulations on the babies.


NTA Nope nope nope on that apology BS. Kate was shitty. Kate got called out. That's freaking life. Her mother is a HUGE AH because she enabled the girl's terrible behavior and facilitated her becoming an adult that can't adult.


NTA If you apologise you're rewarding the tantrums. It sounds like this woman has learned she gets her way and mum is her enabler. She'll likely keep you cut off unless you apologise but will likely relent on other family members.


NTA. Sounds like she finally had someone that her the easy she treats everyone and she didn't like it. Bye Kate. You don't need that negativity, especially with sweet babies on the way!


NTA, and getting cut off from Kate and her mother is a triple blessing on top of your twins. Congratulations.


Nta- I mean, this is a win for you.


NTA. I would relish the quite for a while.❤️ and congratulations on the babies.


NTA. Don’t you dare apologize! She’s been allowed to be a self-centered and a bully for far too long. Besides, you’re growing what will be two decent human beings, so she can just go sulk in her room with her “feeelings”. NC with her and her mom until she can truly apologize and change (don’t hold your breath).


NTA! Congratulations on your miracleS! Enjoy the calm before the storm and I highly suggest throwing up boundaries with these 2 family members for a peaceful and enjoyable experience. She sounds like a drama queen with am enabling mother.


NTA, that was fucking AWESOME!! Fully deserved and delivered perfectly. Don't even think about apologizing!


NTA. You don't need her toxicity in your life. Apologising to "keep the peace" just condones her behaviour and puts you at her mercy again and again.


NTA. You handled it perfectly. Be sure and handle your step-monster as well when he posts about you on HER social media. Oh, don't take any parenting tips from her, either. She CLEARLY failed as a parent. The only apology you owe is to yourself for not doing this sooner.


NTA - She’s threatening you with a good time, take her up on it!


NTA. Bye, Kate.


I mean of course you should apologise! Something like dear Kate, I’m sooo sorry. I’m sorry you showed everyone that you are indeed the toddler tantrum chucker child you are. Im sorry you can’t be faithful. I’m sorry you don’t have friends. I’m sorry that at 30yrs old you have to have mommy give you an allowance and a home as you are incapable. But most of all, I’m sorry you’re you.


NTA- GOOD RIDDANCE! Like someone else said the trash took itself out. You don’t need her or your stepmoms negativity in your life. Congrats on your pregnancy!


“her mom is demanding I apologize“ Is her mom demanding she apologize to you for what she did? She owes you an apology! Not the other way around! NTA.


Screw Kate. NTA.




NTA That was a long time coming.


NTA. You don’t need to waste your time or energy on her.


NTA. Why would anyone apologise because she cut them all off? Sounds like she did them all a favor. Her and her mother can die mad about it


NTA, Kate did this to herself, don't feel bad about it. Also; congratulations!


Hahahahah. I honestly don’t see a downside to this situation. NTA if it aint obvious


Someone had yo finally say something to her! Good for you . and congrats on the babies NTA




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NTA - time for the rest of you siblings to tell Kate you've all had a gutsful and no longer can be bothered with her. Stepmom is welcome as long as Kate isn't metioned, if she can't handle that then she's free to stay away too. Create your own holidays with the rest of you, there's enough of you and two more on the way!


Nope. NTA at all.


NTA she got what she deserved. Don’t apologise and enjoy the peace without her.


NTA you had been holding anger for a while so after them saying that your pregnancy was a joke and especially after not dealing with it by talking to you like mature adults blocking you and sending ppl to dm you its imature and not how a 30 year old should deal with situations


NTA and congrats on the babies ! Kate is never going to change, I'm glad she blocked herself! If her mom says anything, just tell her you were being amazingly honest for a change.


Nah, no apology needed. As they say when you assume, right? Congratulation on the news of your twins, and NTA.


NTA Enjoy being happy and pregnant without Kate's awfulness around to ruin in. >her mom is demanding I apologize Don't apologize all that will do is cause Kate to talk to you again and it sounds like her not talking to you is a win for you.


NTA - throw an even bigger strop lord knows you’ve earned it! Tell her mother you will never speak to her again unless Kate apologises to you for accusing you of lying. Hell would have to freeze over before I’d apologise to someone like that.


Idgaf abt Kate, she sounds horrible. But congratulations on the coming twins!


NTA. Kate sucks.


First off, NTA at all. Don't apologize. More importantly: Congratulations!!! I hope you have a smooth pregnancy and all of you come out healthy as can be.


nta Oh no how could you ever be happy without your step sister there to body shame you, and constantly bring drama in your life and the lives of your future kids...


NTA. Kate had this a long time coming. You owe her and her mom absolutely nothing. Kate doesn't want an apology as much as to see everyone publicly humiliate themselves for her ego. If peace is so important to her mom, ask her what's it worth to her just for her response. Then counter with something as outlandish if not moreso than what they want you to do.


NTA and congrats on the babies. Dont apologize trash took herself out.


Nta. Don’t apologise. Better for you when LOs arrive and she doesn’t push to be involved.


NTA I’m surprised the people she has cut off haven’t sent you thank you gifts for finally not having to put up with her crap anymore. If I were you I would troll the shit out of her more to make sure it permanent.


When fortune allows you to the chance to catch a break, take it. NTA


NTA. She finally got what she deserved after all those years of being in your parents spotlight. Congrats on your three miracles, your two babies and justice. Protect yourself and your children by never talking to her again


NTA I feel sorry for golden children as they either mooch off a parent or need a partner to parent them. Congratulations on the pregnancy.


NTA, and April fools day is fucking stupid.


NTA. You were being honest and real - just how Kate likes it. She should be pleased you're following her great example! Congratulations! I hope your pregnancy is easy and your babies are happy and healthy. ♥


NTA. She's doing everyone a favour.


She gets an apology when she licks your boots on Facebook live. NtA.


Nta. Great that you stood up for yourself. Maybe going no or low contact with Kate would be a good option? Congratulations on your pregnancy! Stay safe I wish you the best.


Wait, so you got to give her a piece of your mind, long overdue, AND she won't talk to you? I see this as an absolute win!


So being honest is valuable on her but when OP does it it’s rude? Weird


NTA. congrats for the twins!


NTA I’d say the trash took itself out... I will say you be silly to apologise and not invite this drama back into your life .... her mum needs a reality check too ...


NTA. Do not apologize to her either. She's an entire asshole and much more than that. Congrats on your pregnancy!


Just state “I thought Kate would appreciate my amazing honesty!! I didn’t realise it was a one way street”


NTA sounds perfect, cut out the toxics especially while you got a pregnancy to focus on. Wish you happiness and health with your babies


NTA obviously, and congratulations for your pregnancy!


NTA. At all. Good for you. Congrats on the twins!!! I’m also a twin mom, and I’ll warn you that you’ll be getting a lot of attention, something Kate clearly craves, and I’d be wary of her trying to sabotage you somehow simply because people will be more interested in you and your family than in her whiny ass. Best of luck OP!!! Twins are hard and so so so worth it.


NTA. Stand your ground - I’m sure quite a few members of your family will be thanking you that she’s not talking to them. Don’t back down - your stepmom will soon be creeping around as the babies get closer to arriving and she realises she’ll be missing out if she’s not talking to you. Congrats on the babies!


NTA, do not apologize under any circumstances. You are not wrong, she is. And massive congrats on the pregnancy. Best of luck for you OP.


My girl and I are expecting twins she’s 6 months in right now. Congratulations 🥳. Fuck Kate and those who excuse her nonsense. please take care of your self and distance yourself from the negativity. NTA


This is very clearly a Kate (and her mom) problem and not a you problem. She can wait till she's blue in the face (and so can her mom) for that "apology" . 🤣 I honestly can't believe she's delusional enough to think she'll get one. You are very much NTA and you have no reason to give her delusions any space in your life. Also congratulations on the pregnancy.