Most people used Aloy in Abyss as a particle generator for their Cryo DPS or a Burst Bot

Most people used Aloy in Abyss as a particle generator for their Cryo DPS or a Burst Bot


Most people aren't even close to done building her, and she's technically only out for PS now. We'll see her a lot more in 2.2.


Yeah I'm still fiddling with her build. I want her as a burst/particle generator for Ayaka and I'm torn between putting her on 4NO or 4EOSF. Her CD on Q is *perfect* for 4NO, but I feel that EOSF could squeeze a bit more power out of her. At high ER however, her Q is *always* filled up and so it's so satisfying to just use her. My only problem is that using Aloy means I'm replacing Diona which means no healer. Now I'm not adverse to go healless in the Abyss but I'm also considering building Jean. However replacing my C6, 600+EM, TTOTD Sucrose with Jean *is* a significant DPS loss no matter how I consider it


Cool!! Its great to see our girl in abyss stats this early


I think that she's so vastly underrated. There are so many hate videos about her and I don't understand why. I watched some YouTubers basically say that she's trash, worse than Amber, etc. She's not broken but she's very reliable and she's one of the only female characters who isn't sexualized in terms of design.


I've been bringing her to domains with randoms and got compliments from them, saying she is "strong" and stuff like that. I'm happy that I piqued their interests and got them excited in building her too. Let's all do our best to do Aloy justice and show them how solid she is 😁


It’s because a lot of Genshin players just wants the easy way out, not using some strategies to fully maximize a character’s potential. They keep forgetting that this game not only consists of 1 character, so the weakness of one character can be covered by another character. Put these people in a Soulsborne game and they’ll definitely rage quit asap.


What’s the sites name or can someone post the link


you can try searching “genshin interactive map”. the one with the spiral abyss content




Wow, that’s me on page 2! I ran the Childe Raiden + Ayaka Aloy team. I loved it so much, she’s awesome with Kazuha. Her abilities do so much damage and she’s such a blast to use.