13 is definitely great. The exposition about the origin of colossus names and the fate of their navigators is bittersweet. Illumina science council seems like a lair of amoral a-holes though. 14 is okay. It's obviously for setting up things to come, so it's fine enough; not too stellar, not too plain. Combat-wise, the bosses like jormugandr has some interesting new gimmicks. They might felt plain in lieu of the story battlefield being vanilla but in challenge fields with assorted mechanics, i can see them posing much tougher challenge


Currently can’t beat the boss for 13-14, but so far I’m enjoying the story for 13. Give it a solid 8.5/10 so far as I like the lore being given and insight with other Celestites.


I used Frostfire, Uriel, Charon, Carleen and Maggie. I went mostly melee for the fight and used Frostfire and Carleen skills to deal with the small guys that heal ne. Ended up defeating the boss with 71 stacks of poison on me.


Dang, frostfire is the only old seal character I don’t have yet. Thanks for the advice!


You can replace her for another fire sniper, or anyone with a ranged chain.


I have some ideas on who to use but thanks again for the help.


I also had trouble for that fight. For 13-14, I ended up using a full team of Fire Snipers (Tohru, Joker, Frostfire, and Nails) alongside Eicy (sniper CC and some healing). Snipers hit the core twice, so it becomes much easier to take down its defenses and deal damage. Just stay away from the boss and you should be fine for the most part. I think the things it summons also heals you when you defeat them.


I know I’m supposed to use snipers just need to find the right combo, but thanks for the advice. (Have Joker but no Tohru, also you are correct that the flowers heal you)


Not a story guy, but out of the 4 bosses, the only one I'll probably forget is the first boss of 14 (all rocks one). Other than that, the other 3 at least interested me in some way.


I really liked episode 13, but we should say our aurorians, that they never should gift our celeastite a poem, if he asks for it. I only have to complain that the story is so dark sometimes, I play arknights as well and I just want more happy story's.


I actually skip the story. It isn't for me. In particular, it's how it's written rather than what's actually happening. I haven't gotten around to doing either yet but I'm sad that they don't seem too new or difficult.


Definitely easier than ep. 11 and 12.