Normally you'd switch Aurorians up depending on the stage but most team comps will always be Detonator / Converter / Converter / Flex Slot / Detonator or Sniper ( Flex slot would usually be a support though like a healer or 2x chain or another converter ) I can't really speak for Uriel and Jona since I never used them but I have cleared molten spire and I can definitely say that Sinsa, Charon and Eicy are best investment Aurorians. I did have a BT3 Gram but during the last few floors Charon replaced Gram because of the def pierce.


That's already a good working fire team. Any change you could make depend on the stage you're trying to clear. Gram gives you mobility, Charon gives you a pull/push while also a bit of conversion, Jona is raw damage, Uriel is a mix. Faust, Maggie and Istvan are also a must to have for the fire element.


I know I’m in the minority but I find Gram way more useful than Charon, damage is similar as well. That frequent teleport comes in really handy. I’ve had gram longer than Charon so maybe it’s a matter of what I’m used to.


Replace Uriel.