1: Anniversaries are always big in gachas (unless ofc it's genshin or some other outlier) 2: Reinhart is a known character that most people want and hasn't been released yet, so people speculate it may come on anniversary


>unless ofc it's genshin We're still mad about that? I didn't even cared of I got any rewards back then.


No idea if anyone/who still cares about that, it's just an understatement that gacha anniversaries are almost always big, but not in genshin


Iirc aside from probably a new limited unit, Bethlehem will also probably return which is good news for those who want her / need BT3


Novio's is already one of the most broken units in the game so I'd say unless you REALLY desperately want Azure, you might as well save up for either the next event or anniversary if your going for the Grand Marshall


Yeah I went for her anyways but ty for the advice.


When is the anniversary?


Mid June


In 2 months


That’s when they will bring back Bethlehem. People also believe that Reinhart will release who is the leader of the illumina federation.


It is given that people will be hype for the upcoming anniversary. I mean, this is the biggest event for a game (specially for gachas). Also, this is the 1st anniversary of AS so TD should go all in for it lol. Also, a lot expected for another limited character to come. Reinhardt who is the grand marshal of Illumina Federation (leader of Hiiro, Sharona, Wrath) was always been hyped up by TD by randomly appearing on their official comics/fanarts and sometimes in limited time events. So she might come soon (as soon as Anniversary perhaps). Bethlehem will also have a rerun on the anniversary (first limited character)


Thanks for the replies yall I guess I'll probably save for it too then