My AirPods Pro have been by far the most comfortable earphones/headphones I have ever worn. They come with 3 different sizes of ear tips, so you are bound to find ones that fit you comfortably. Sound quality is absolutely great, sounds very clear and has impressive bass considering how tiny they are. Spatial audio is really really good for watching movies, and some songs sound quite good with it. All in all AirPods Pro have probably been one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time.


I had 2nd generation also, and they were terrific. I have the AirPods Pro now (2nd gen I think), and what prompted me to go for the Pro instead of 3rd gen AirPods was the sweat/water resistance feature, and the removable rubber in-ear buds; I figured they would be much easier to clean and keep clean. I've found that to be the case, and I also don't think about it for even a minute when I wear them in the rain. AirPods Pro are not without problems. If you look online, you'll see there are plenty of people complaining that they fall out easily. In my experience, that doesn't happen when they're new, but it can start to happen after a few months. Ears can be dirty/oily/gross even on otherwise clean people, and I've found that AirPods Pro do slip out and/or need to be re-adjusted in the ear (before they fall out) from time to time. There may be more to it, but my half-assed way of dealing with this occasional problem has been to clean them well--they're always better after cleaning--and I also ordered replacement tips from Apple (four pairs of the large size). I clean/rotate the buds/tips when they get dirty. Overall, I'm still a fan of the AirPods Pro.


Comfortable or not is specific to one’s ears. If you can fit these in ear earbuds then they’re comfortable. The Pro has ANC while the 3 doesn’t because it doesn’t have a seal.


AirPods Pro if they fit you 100%