Which weapon for electro Traveler

Which weapon for electro Traveler


i haven’t looked at the stats for the new craftable weapon but i think lion’s roar might be a pretty solid option. i’ve been referencing a lot of keqing builds for aether and i’ve seen ppl use the r5 on her sooo


Whats the alt if you dont have lions roar. I mean, im running aether with aquila favonia.


aquila favonia is one of if not the best sword in the game. keep it on him


electro as you can see is very different build from geo As the ellemental mastery buff you see electro charge, overload and superconduct get boost if you actually build electro traveler you need to build an elemental mastery team with like let say electro traveler using his ulti then xingqiu or kaeya and xiangling ( anyone that can deal damage without being on the screen consistently) and a anemo user who should be sucrose or venti since they swirl a lot. not kazuha since he is a support instead of swirl power. Also if you build electro travelr you can't use your noelles since they had no relation in element and not gonna make the fight easier except you fight the geo hypotasis. the new craftable sword is alright maybe prefer hmm harbinger of dawn since electro traveler is clearly a support not hybrid like Anemo or Geo.


Looking at the trailer/announcement, Electro traveler seems to be using the new craftable weapon. I always look for some kind of 'canon' look on Aether so that's what I'm going for :)


I think the Alley Flash would be pretty good, Iron Sting, the 3 star Black Iron Sword would be pretty good. Festering Desire is probs the only good Energy Recharge sword. For a more DPS focused character, I'd say Black Sword, Flute, Project Rancour and Lion Roar.


I’m going to be trying to get the new 5 star sword that’s coming out.


Sac Sword. C1 + C4 (not available on 2.0) + A4 + LV 7 E + Sacrificial proc: * (4 energy * 2 * (2 + 1)) + (4 energy * 2 * 1) + 4 energy * (1 + 1) = 40/80 energy. * (4 energy * 2 * (2 + 1)) + (4 energy * (2 + 1)) = 36/60 energy. * (4 energy * 2 * 2) + (4 energy * (1 + 2 + 1)) = 32/40 energy. All of that is before his Q (which gives up to 24 energy), and E's ER boost.


Festering Desire From what I understand, is that Electro Traveler can spam his/her skill, and FD gives damage to it while also giving ER


Anyone knows here if Lion's Roar works off-field with traveler's electro burst!?