I bought a hat and I was prompted for a tip for the machine, absolutely bonkers


Saw one earlier today at a smoke shop, started with 20% and just point blank asked the girl who rang me up who even gets these tips also Wth? She said it goes to the owners and to hit no. So they are asking if I want to pay an extra 20% for no reason in a shady way thinking it goes to the employee. Yes, I'm aware it's illegal and pointed it out.


Lather, rinse, repeat on shampoo bottles The “repeat” was only there to sell more shampoo Most won’t do it, but enough will to matter


"Use x amount generously more than you need to so that you overuse the product and have to buy more sooner."


As someone with huge hair, the amount they recommend is actually too little lol




I always understood the "repeat" step to mean "the next time you shower". Are people out here really washing their hair *twice* in one shower?


Some might even be stuck in an infinite loop from the first time


Word is that if you listen hard enough, you'll hear the shower still running from a bloke just trying to do the right thing according to a capitalist marketing advertisement.


I do if it's been 2-3 days since my last shower, first time doesn't lather up if my hair is too dirty. It's an issue due to using the excess lather to wash my beard. I work from home and live alone, so don't judge me too harshly.


No it isn't. The point of it is that you get cleaner hair by using a small amount, rinsing and using a second small amount rather than using one large amount t.


I bought a cardigan and was asked to tip... on a website. Who would even get that tip? The person who wrote the checkout code? The person who packed the box? Am I supposed to be so exited to buy a $90 cardigan that I just want to pay a little extra for no reason?!?


I writing this response to your comment and asking for a modest tip. Let's start with $10 as a reasonable floor and hope that perhaps you're feeling even a bit more generous.


Or a tip for carryout fast-food pizza, ordered online (so no delivery and no table service)... The whole point of tipping is to reward an individual who delivered excellent personal service, without the house getting a cut..... Not to be a second markup on a retail transaction....


I tip if you deliver, I don’t tip if I pick up I always tip in a restaurant, and go 20%


Dominos gives you a "tip" of $3 if you pick up your pizza where I am. It's a coupon for the next time you pick up but it's an endless loop.


It's depends on the restaurant for me. Family restaurants I will always tip, restaurants with a server I will always tip unless the service was horrible. I don't tip if the restaurant is one where I order, and I go and pick up the food from a counter


Have to have a hat to tip your hat. Your decision makes sense






free hat free hat free hat free hat


He din do nuthin wrong! FREE HAT!


This is a part of why people are shopping online. No one wants to deal with more nonsense.


Some online shops are now adding a tip option. I even signed up for a charity run online recently and after asking for an additional donation, the website asked for an additional tip on checkout


I ordered a cake online, and they said I could add a tip, but at least they told me the tips go to the bakers. At least that makes sense and has some logic behind it, since if I was going the their physical location, I would be tipping the staff.


Capitalists are banding together to remind us that tipping works in their favor, not ours. It's time to end the silly game of tipping and pay people a fair wage.


Aren’t we (the US) like the only country that tips people? Or at least consider it the norm or customary


I see it creeping in in the UK and I hate it. Go out to grab a burger and chips in London and they've added a discretionary 12.5% service charge to your bill + £1 to charity. Wish I was joking, asked for it to be removed but felt like a scumbag for doing so


Just say you like to research the charities you donate too.


Yeah, fuck this enforced giving. I donate $5000 to charity every single year, with a rotating list that I like to support, that I've researched thoroughly and know are putting the money to good use. I'm not going to give extra to some unknown charity that for all I know spends 80% of donations on exec salaries.


I just politely say "no thankyou" now. I really don't feel bad either. I don't think the employees care either. The newer thing now (that got me once) is the "would you like to round up for said charity" and I usually would say yes (not paying attention, thinking it's like 20 or 30 cents) till one time I realized my order was like 5.03 or something like that which was basically another dollar and not a few pennies or nickels. So now I just say no thankyou to that as well.


you shouldn't feel like a scumbag. they didn't give you the option. if donations were mandatory, it would null the voluntary requirement in the definition of charity.


Don’t feel like a scumbag! I’m from the US, worked in restaurants for over a decade, and I wouldn’t bat an eye at not tipping for something like that. I also don’t tip at a place where the employee doesn’t do anything above and beyond their normal duties…


It's a thing in Germany and has been for as long as I can remember.


Perhaps they were prompting you to "tip your hat"


It’s just the default that the merchant service providers sell I doubt the companies who use them have any clue how to disable them nor do they care to


Domino's online order page used to list tip percentages in increasing order: 15%, 20%, 25%, and so on. When I went to buy pizza last week, I noticed something interesting. They decided to randomly reorder the tip options from biggest to smallest: 30%, 25%, 20%, and so on. It already felt stupid tipping for pizza that I'm going to pick up anyway (I've always viewed tips as being for the person delivering your pizza). But then after almost accidentally tipping 30% because they randomly changed their website? Yeah, bye bye tips for pickup orders.


That wasn't random. They did it on purpose. Many studies have shown that when people need to choose from options listed vertically, the vast majority, like more then 90 % choose the first option. They just choose the first option out of laziness. It happens big time in voting too


90 percent can't be right... especially not for voting. If it were, the first candidate on the ballot would always win. Hell, only around one percent of people click on Google Ads, even though they're above the organic results. I agree that it was intentional, but your assessment of the effectiveness is off.


I buy bread from a place in a farmers market, it asks if I want to leave a tip. NO, I grabed bread off the shelf you're offering and bought it, you did nothing.


Even places like “fast casual” restaurants where you walk through an assembly line to get your food and they encourage a small tip. I’m like..you just did what every fast food drive thru does, it’s just that it was visible to me. That’s not a tip. That’s bare minimum food industry standard


Or when you go to a stadium and all the person did for you was grab your beer from the fridge and crack it. Definitely not tipping for that but I know they still make a lot of money from tips on good nights


Drunk me tips $1 per beer minimum. Maybe more, depends how the games going. Drives me nuts,


I do that too. But at least that's a tipped worker and they're actually waiting on you.


Yeah thats more of a "dealing with drunk people tax". Also later on it could help you out if the bar is busy. They may take your order sooner. Or make your mixed drink(should you get one) a little stiffer.


I saw a tip jar in my local hemp store, lol. Like, really? You stand in one spot, I point to what I want and you check me out.


Smoke shops almost never deserve a tip imo…90% of the time the whole interaction is less than 5min you don’t need to be tipped for something that barely required you to move ha Now if I was there for like 20+min asking a billion questions than maybe yea.


This is where I start to feel guilty on not tipping. I’m old enough to remember that you didn’t tip at these places. I don’t feel like I should have to tip at these places. It seems like everywhere has tip jars out now and every register is set up for tips.


no, never do that. Do \*NOT\* normalize tipping where it's not historically been. Especially fast food. You will not be helping the employees, since if it's normal to just get tips, then the managers can slash their wages down. This benefits nobody.


Yeah my wife works at Starbucks and every tip they receive the management just take it for themselves, which is somehow legal here in the UK...


Why do we tip baristas then or bartenders? Tipping overall is perverted but drawing arbitrary lines around service is bullshit.


>..you just did what every fast food drive thru does Lemme preface by saying that I often don't tip in these situations, and no one should feel bad about choosing 'no tip' in these situations....but having worked in fast food, those MFers don't get paid enough to deal with "what very fast food drive thru does". The solution to that comes from legislation and regulation, not tips, but I also don't question why those workers would like to get in on the tip action. (It's a real shitty feeling being a McDonald's employee who's friends with 'traditional' service industry workers -- go out on Saturday/Sunday night and everyone else is gloating about their generous weekend tips, while you worked a fairly similar job at the same increased volume for the minimum-wage hourly you also get on a dead Monday.)


Not to sound callous but that seems like a lot of "not my problem". These places need to pay their workers a decent wage, and it shouldn't be on the customers to subsidize that.


If they can't afford to pay, shut them down. They whine and say they have to close. "Good" "We can't afford to stay open" Sounds like a shit business model then, try again.


Don't fucking work at a place if it isn't worth the pay. Quit helping the assholes by begging customers for more cash.


i sell products at markets. i can’t imagine asking customers for a tip! absolutely absurd!


I feel like pretty soon those self check out desks will start asking for tip. And the algorithm AI on YouTube


Some already do! At the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, they have self checkout sections for canned beer and quick grab snacks. It’s pretty great actually, cause it’s way faster than ordering and waiting for a cashier. The checkout has a tip screen with 15-20-25% buttons. I grab my beer, I scan it, I operate the POS and pay with my card… and it asks for a tip! 😂


Is that tip going to the customer checking out? It ought to if you're giving yourself great service!


I slack off too much during self check out to deserve a tip.


When the robots rise up they will spare those who tip at least 20%.


Narrator : They won’t.


I recently order from a website, and the confirmation page asked for a tip.


It's the app they're using and haven't set up properly. The default is to request a tip and people don't know better.


That or the owner wants people to tip and pockets whatever goes through the app for themselves.


And the sense of entitlement some people have is crazy! I will tip for great service or if they're being genuine and polite, but tipping young cashiers who literally do nothing but grumpily take your order that you have to pick up yourself in the call window is bonkers. They'll take your credit card, then spin the ipad device around to face you to sign, which has **3 tip** options: 15% | 18% | 20% And all you order is a drip coffee and maybe a muffin, which is like $5.36 but they want that extra $1.50+ out of you. Um, no.


Not to mention the tip is always calculated on the total AFTER tax on those machines...


Tips in those situations are typically divided among all the staff on shift. It's a way to boost wages on your dime, instead of the company's.


They could raise prices by 20% and give that 20% of sales to the employees. Would cost you the same in the end.


And then people don't go to your shop because "it's much more expensive for the same thing than (competitor)"


I went to a football game last weekend and decided to splurge and buy a couple of ridiculously overpriced beers. So I wait in line and make my order. When it's my turn, say what I want and the concession worker turns around, takes two beer bottles out of reach-in fridge behind him, opens them, places them in front of me and hits three buttons on a tablet. The entire process takes him less than ten seconds. My total was $28-- and the tip is set at 20% by default. $5.60 for *ten seconds* of work. That's 56 cents a second... *or $2,016 an hour.* Look, I get it-- I used to be a waiter. I'm full-well indoctrinated into the tipping culture. But defaulting it to some astronomical amount-- *especially after I've already paid an astronomical amount for the fucking beers*-- kills any spirit of gratuity I might have.


The stadium gets that. I've asked in multiple places and those concession stands workers never see any of the tips.


There's a phenomenon called tipping fatigue, where the newer POS systems that prompt a tip on every purchase are causing the frustration and outrage being expressed on this thread. A living wage for workers would solve that, but now we're getting all political


I was at an outdoor concert. This girl was selling $4 bottles of water. I gave her a $5. She hands me a bottle of water and moves on. I asked for my change. She scoffed at me and says, "You're not leaving a tip? Wow." It's bottled water...that you grabbed from a cooler that was outside my reach. I'm not tipping you for doing a 360 and extending your arm for something that's already 4x more expensive than it should be. Thanks.


Good for you. This shit is absolutely out of control. There was a thread the other day of someone asking if they need to tip the garbage guys. Like naw dude. If I see the electricians working on a light pole in my neighborhood I dont swing by a drop a 5er on them.


As a bartender I think people's expectations of gratuity have gotten a little out of control. If you walked up, asked me for a beer and a shot, I don't expect you to tip me $5 because your total was $20. If people sat and ate at my bar and talked to me for a long time, I got them multiple things, really gave them great service, then I might be a little salty with a bad tip. Sometimes I'm busy and I know I didn't get a chance to really give the best service, and I don't feel like I deserve a great tip. Also, if I made you one drink, whether the drink was $10 or $20, the effort made on my part was the same, so I'm not crunching percentages. It's greedy servers and bartenders who expect 20% just for showing up and clicking 2 buttons on a screen that give tipping culture a bad name.


Is it fair to do $1 per drink order at the bar? That’s usually what I do - slide a single across the top every time I ask for drinks. Sometimes $1 per drink.


I got yelled at as I left by a hotel bartender after tipping a dollar after she poured me a single beer from the tap.


Lmao go get that dollar back and leave with it




>Lmao go get that dollar back my grandma gave this lady at blueberry hill a dollar once and she called us from across the room and pushed it back into her hand and she said wow thanks!


you had a shitty bartender


That's when you start tipping with only quarters


$1/drink is pretty standard. The only place I'd steer clear of that is a proper cocktail bar. If they're back there banging out really intricate beverages, helping you make selections, etc. then I'd suggest shifting to a percentage at the end of the night when you're closing your tab.


If your drink was simple, liqour and mixer etc, of course. I would never bat an eye at that. If you order a super in-depth craft cocktail, maybe it's a little different, but still don't expect you doing in depth calculations to settle some dept for your drink, haha.


I’m usually just a beer guy and my wife tends to order Moscow mules.


Oh I am so having a Moscow mule now. Yum!


I usually do this unless it’s a friend bartender or they are making me a labor intensive drink, then I will up the tip.


I still think it’s kind of ridiculous that a $1 tip is expected when all they did it pop the top off of a $3 beer. That’s a 33% tip for something I can do in my sleep. I still tip because I don’t want the bartender to hate me, but it’s such a high percentage for such a simple thing.


Where are you buying $3 beer?


College towns. $1 beer on Wednesdays. $2 mixed drinks (with generous pours) on Tuesdays. It’s incredibly cheap to be an alcoholic in Midwest college towns.


I buy $2 16oz draft PBRs on the regular. Is it good not at all but cheap hell yeah. Live in Kentucky.


I remember when pbr was a buck. Stupid inflation.


$1 has been my go to for years. But all I drink is beer. And even I think $1 is too much to grab a bottle or quickly pour a pint but oh well


I went somewhere last night and their tip options started at 22%. Not only has the price inflated, but the proportion they think you should be tipping has inflated as well!


Yeah it's pretty crazy. I'm super thankful for the money I can make bartending, it is a lot of work and it's pretty physically and mentally demanding. Gratituty for a job well done should be viewed as something to be grateful for and not just expected. Honestly, so many people give such bad service and it's really awkward to feel obligated to tip over 20% as someone in the industry. I have many years of experience, and I try to offer just that, an experience. Many people over tip but they tell me they genuinely had a great time, and that is super important to me, not just tipping large because my place overcharged you for a steak and you owe me a percent of that..


> Honestly, so many people give such bad service and it's really awkward to feel obligated to tip over 20% as someone in the industry. Actively trying to break this habit. I've been in SI for a long time and in recent years I've been thinking about how much money I throw away at fellow SI employees through some false sense of camaraderie - often for just atrocious service. Being SI means that I'll be completely understanding if you get behind, pocket a ticket, whatever, are dealing with a big top on the patio, etc. That doesn't mean you don't have to actually give me at least halfway decent service, and still get a fat tip from me.


One restaurant I went to a couple months ago had tip suggestions of 18%, 20%, and **30%**. I was dumbfounded


Some of us remember when 15% was a *good* tip. It will continue to go up until people refuse. Then you start to ask why 15%, or 20%, or *any* % is even a thing instead of wages being a discussion between employees and management.


> Some of us remember when 15% was a good tip. It will continue to go up until people refuse. Yep. I remember the days when 10% was standard, and you might tip 15% if the service was *exceptionally good*. WTF is this bullshit of 20% being the *lowest* option? (On vastly more expensive food, too, which means the actual amount of the tip is already much higher, even if the percentage stayed the same.)


One time like 9 years ago, I tipped like 18% on a small quick meal and my bf at the time was embarrassed by my tip and he went and left the waiter more money. I thought 15% was standard and fair?? Now I'm aware you're a POS apparently if you dont tip 20%. This shit is why I stay inside and buy my own effing groceries. Even at the cheapest place around, burgers and salads are like $17-18 now. And you want me to give you another 20% of that? Yeah no. That's so much effing money now


The dumbest thing it's fast food restaurants. Why are they asking for a tip when I have to wait for my food at the counter and throw it away myself? What I paid for the meal should cover the cost of labor to make it.


> What I paid for the meal should cover the cost of labor to make it. That logic can very easily be extended to all of service industry.


Exactly, which is why tip culture in America is stupid. It is not my job to pay their top ups, I’d they deliver exceptional service I might tip 10% but it’s not obligatory


Or beer stores, or fast casual like a fancier Version of subway for other foods like burritos and say Panera bread


Honestly, tipping culture is what gave tipping culture a bad name. The way you hear some people talk you'd think that service in the US must be absolutely amazing compared to other countries, but it's just not true at all.


Because of tips, I ironically feel rushed whenever dining out at stereotypical restaurant in the US. My typical experience is that after the meal has been served, they will check on you once or twice and ask if you want desert. The check then arrives soon after, at which point service all but dries up and they disappear. Hint: time to leave as they would like their next tip. Whereas, in most developed countries I have visited or lived in, I can order a coffee and a cake and sit at a restaurant all day. They won't have an issue whatsoever and the service level will remain consistent.


Heck, I lived in several 3rd world countries (I'm from one of them), there are no issue with the service level even though there are no tipping culture. It's so peaceful.


I fucking hate these at restaurants where I walk up and order food, and you hand it to me and have the nerve to swivel that display around and ask me for a tip. For handing me food. Unbelievable. Delivery drivers? Yes I tip well. Wait staff at a sit down restaurant? Yes I tip well. Fuck off with this tipping a cashier at a fast food place.


Do not tip at fast food, I worked at a place for a year and a half and never saw a dime of it.


Wait, that's illegal


Yea so when I go to moes they do this. It annoys the hell out of me!


So many places have 20, 22, and 25% as the options now. I understand that we’re all dealing with inflation, but the food is also more expensive. Before I was paying 18% tip on a $12 sandwich at a sit down place, and now it’s expected to pay 25% on a $17 sandwich? I do agree with the idea that if you’re not willing to tip, you shouldn’t eat in places with table service. I’m just sad that I’m about to get priced out of most chain restaurants. I cannot make peace with paying $90 for my family to eat at a Chili’s.


It's also not even close to just table service. Counter service food, drinks, crap, I've had this at a number of just retail stores, what the hell is the tip for? There wasn't any service.


Or the food places with a kiosk that ask for a tip….for who???


I have stopped going to everything but occasional fast food because of this. My husband and I used to eat out at various casual self service restaurants at least once a week, but we had to cut them out. Many were adding mandatory gratuity, 18-20% mandatory tips without any forewarning when we paid up front. Others have their tips starting going from 18-20-25% even with inflated prices. I’m too jaded to even try new ones. I have been seeing more and more tip requests, and the employees quite literally going out of their way to shove the screen in your face. Coffee shops, ice cream shops, candy shops, boutique shops, farmer’s markets. I’m just not going to deal with it. We eat at home, and we don’t go out to shop in places that likely have those types of card readers. This whole fad is likely going to cause a partial collapse of these types of businesses - because now they’re not getting a certain volume of cashflow at all.


This is the most infuriating thing about it. Everyone increased the default tip amounts while they were already getting larger tips! That $100 meal at a restaurant ain’t shit anymore and they expect $20 just for bringing it to me? The servers are so aggressive here too in order to make more. Like I barely finished my food and they’re ripping my plate out of my hands. Bro let me eat.


Listen, I love the US, but... Get a grip USA. If service has been great, it's nice to give a few percent extra. But a tip isn't a tip if it's 1) large and 2) obligatory. That's just a hidden fee. It's not the customer's job to pay the salaries of the employees. That cost should be *included* in the price, like all the other costs of running the business (like rent, cost of goods etc.).


Somehow this is a no-brainer in Europe, but US employers are too greedy. They'll raise the food prices without raising wages.


Servers don't want the system changed from what I understand.


Depends on location and type of restaurant. A Michelin three star restaurant in New York, or a Los Vegas party bar, servers love tips as they are pulling in 100s if not 1000+ dollars in tips per shift. A diner or family sit down restaurant in the fly over states servers would love to have better pay and less reliance on tips as tips can vary wildly from night to night and week to week. A bad week can mean the difference between paying rent or not.


I worked at a middle of nowhere sports bar in South Jersey and even the lunchtime servers pulled in hundreds a night. Servers in the US want the stupid fucking tips. They want it to be busy. Meanwhile me, as the guy in the kitchen, curses every single one of them silently as I bust my ass for 12.50 an hour while they get 50 bucks from two drunk dudes at the bar.


>A Michelin three star restaurant in New York, or a Los Vegas party bar, servers love tips as they are pulling in 100s if not 1000+ dollars in tips per shift. I worked at an Outback in '99 and was easily making $250+ per night. It took nearly 20 years for me to start brining home that kind of cash with a "real job". The only wait staff who want it changed are either bad at it or work in a shitty diner with shitty management.


And you honestly couldn't overestimate how many shitty restaurants owners/managers there are. In my 8 years at various locations I had not one single manager worth respecting. And the owners either did it intentionally or didn't care, as long as the sign said open.


Bingo. Anyone working in a high volume, decent PPA spot fucking LOVES tipping culture. I've got a buddy who works 3 or 4 days a week at a very nice steakhouse and not only lives comfortably, but due to the flexibility of the industry, does a whole lot of international travel. Shifting SI to wage only would stop that for him immediately.


You’ve convinced me to cut way back on my tipping.


You over exaggerating the situation. As long as the restaurant isn't dead, servers love tipping culture. You don't need to work a high end restaurant to make money. For example, say a family of 4 goes to Chili's, orders one entree each, maybe sodas or one appetizer. $80 dinner. 20% tip is $16. The server generally is going to work several tables, say 4 and the average stay of guests being an hour. So that's like up to $64/hr peak. Obviously not all tables are 4 people, and it isn't always full, but with the current 15-20% tipping norm, dinner rush lasting several hours, servers clear $140 a night at most places. And to make the situation even more favorable to the server, most of them aren't reporting cash tips as income. And I'd argue their job is far easier than the back of the house, the cooks actually preparing the meals in the hot kitchen, getting fuck all pay, while being stressed out of their minds.


You're completely ignoring the slow shifts everyone also gets where you're lucky if you make $20 in 4 hours.


> Depends on location and type of restaurant. I spent twenty years in the industry (ending with COVID). Nope, it doesn't. Its universal, any career server would call anyone advocating for an hourly wage an idiot. Even in mom and pop diners they are making 3 times on tips than what they would on a set wage. This is universal everywhere in the US, it does not change based on the 'class' of the restaurant.


Even in the middle of nowhere in small town restaurants they are making $20+ an hour, my sister us to be a waitress where I live in rural Western PA and would complain on a slow night when she only made like $18-$20 an hour


I’d argue that servers who feel this way believe (correctly BTW) that business owners would screw them out of more than they are making in tips if they were given half a chance.


There would likely be some reduction at higher price restaurants but it seems like a natural consequence of the change. Under the tipping system, servers don't experience the same supply and demand effect on their wages because the person that effectively pays them is not the same person that hires them. Change to a system where the person doing the hiring is also doing the paying and of course the person doing the hiring is going to look for ways to minimize costs while still attracting good employees, just like any other job.


Even if they didn't want to screw them over, restaurants couldn't possibly pay the good servers even half of what they make now. My wife averages $50/hr. Even the top tier restaurants would never pay more than $20-$25.


I stopped serving last year and absolutely didn’t want it to change. I was making $45-$70/hr most nights.


Just out of curiosity what job did you switch to, because on your numbers at the low end $50 a hour you made over 100k a year. At 4 days a week on average for your numbers, $60 a hour, you were over $95k. So what job did you switch to where you could work 4 days a week and make 100k? Or are you just talking your hourly on good nights? I just see these numbers and had 15 years in hospitality and they’re reasonable on good days but that was NOT the average everyday. It was Good days which were not AVERAGE days.


I was serving for 20 years. I used to work a lot of restaurant openings so the restaurants were busy and expensive. At the end, I was usually working 3 days a week at a nice cocktail bar/restaurant and they were good shifts (Fri night, Saturday night, Sunday Brunch, and special events.) I also live in a state that pays minimum wage to servers regardless of tips. When Covid hit my husband (who was a chef) went back to school and now has a better paying job and I work as an event coordinator making significantly less than I used to, but work much better hours and enjoy the work.


And you both probably have affordable health insurance now.


If you want to change the system, don't shop at places that force their employees to live off tips. The boss couldn't care less if you tip as long as you pay him, and he's the one perpetuating this system.


Things are getting worse in Canada as well. I lose all my appreciation for good services every time I see tipping options starting at 18%~20%. It’s not my job to pay you to do your job. I am a customer not an employer.


Ya so many say that 20% is the new 15%. It’s BS. I’m not paying 25%-30% for above average service. Food prices follow closely with cost of living prices too so you don’t need to adjust tip % with inflation lol


Literally the whole fucking point of it being a percentage in the first place is that it naturally scales with cost. I would fucking **love** if my wage was automatically increased in exact sync with rising prices. I'm with you, this idea that we need to start paying servers 20-25-30% adders because the cost of food they're selling is went up is ridiculous.


Not only that, but the calculators on the tip screens use the total with tax as their base. It's outrageous! Tip on the bill with tax included? No! It should be a percentage of the pre-tax amount!


tips already rise with rising costs, I remember when you'd tip 12/15/18% depending on service. Food costs have more than doubled since so I don't see why tip % just keeps going up and up, its getting ridiculous


My issue is tip screens for things that don’t require service. I’m not tipping you for scooping up my ice cream…


If you provided service to me, waited on me, etc. You get a tip. Anyone else can get bent. It's not my obligation to pay someone's wages, and if more people acted this way the tip money would dry up and employers would have to pay more in wages, or face running their restaurants completely alone because no one wants to work for them. Tipping as an institution is the greatest obstacle to actual standardized fair pay for waiters and service workers, and further displaces any monatary obgliation from employer to employee, to customer to employee. Tipping is fucking stupid and hurts more people than it helps. We should abolish it completely, and replace with higher wages and mandatory service charges on all bills and be fucking done with it. Until we do, servers will be paid $2/hr with no incentive to raise the rate, told tough shit and to smile more, and other platitudes like "you're in control of how much money (tips) you get." Literally no industry has a signifcant portion of your salary and wages purely at the mercy of the customers who patronize the business. It's so backwards and stupid. Imagine if you worked in sales and consistently sold products to customers and then your boss said "well, in order to determine if you eat tonight we have to go see if the customer liked you and is willing to pay more than the cost of the goods you sold them, for you." Like WHAT?


Tipped workers love the tipping system. They’re not worried about “not making minimum wage”. If they were, they’d go work at McDonald’s. They know they can make waaay more than minimum wage bc of the expectation to tip. I don’t blame them. The system sucks


They are gambling their income with a 100% win rate. I dont blame them either


my managers at pizza hut would take waitressing hours because they needed the money. 80%+ of our business was takeout/delivery, probably more like 90% so I make $7/hr in the back making 30 pizzas an hour and people out front serving 2 tables an hour double that if they get tipped $5 made me really resentful of tipping culture for the rest of my life tbh


Pay chefs, cooks, waiters, bus boys, servers etc a decent livable wage. It's crazy how tipping has gotten out of hand post-covid.


I don’t tip outside of being served at a restaurant, then I’m an easy 20% +. I’m not tipping my subway sandwich artist. That’s on subway.


I absolutely hate tipping. I still do it, but fuck tipping culture and business owners pushing for this shit in order fo underpay their employees. Tipping fucking sucks.


And it’s always places where I stand in line to order at the counter. Nobody is doing anything there that warrants a 20% tip. That’s just poorly passing expenses on to the customer. Pay your people.


I was at a coffee shop yesterday and there was no zero tip option while I was paying.


"Custom tip" or "other" is the button you're looking for. They make it hard to not leave a tip on purpose.




Agree 1/5 of the bill is straight up stupid. A tip is supposed to be like a pat on the back, not like another person joined your meal.


Lmao I’m going to use that


I always hit 0% because I am sick and tired of people trying to leak American culture into *Australia*. Our minimum wage is $21.38 an hour. Get lost with your stupid tips. My tax rate is 45% to pay for your wage as it is. Get. Lost.


Stay strong mate


Top tax *bracket* in Australia is 45% for $180k+. At exactly $180k the effective tax rate is 28.7%. At $500k it would be 39%. Add 2% to include Medicare levy.


Hence the incentive to start a company because tax is flat at 30%. Business owners already rake in cash from all the expenses they *don’t* have to pay. And that’s by design, so they can pay their employees properly. That’s the way it should be. The government has stepped in to correct the miserable failings of free market capitalism, and that’s fine, but jamming tips down our throats is not welcome in a society that is already structured around fairness. Asking for tips in Australia is just greedy. Nothing more.


Raise fucking prices, pay your people and stop begging me for tips. I hate this new wave of PoS terminals with tip buttons. I will always choose a business that doesn't have that over one that does. And while we're at it, I want to stop being begged for donations as well. Safeway throws out enough food to feed an African nation, and has the audacity to ask for donations.


Don't see many people these days asking companies to raise prices, but here it is.


Idk how true this is but a small business near us said they didn’t want a tip button but their vendor for the card machine charged extra to not have it and the business didn’t want to pay the extra. Maybe it isn’t true, but given the processors make a percentage off the total transaction, I could see them being shady like that.


After a decade and a half in the merchant card business, that is a lie. Either from the business or the super shady scammer that works for a 3rd party pos sales company. Your small business owner needs to talk to their bank about a merchant account. Not slimy Joe.


They're super small, it's very possible they have a shady vendor. They have a sign that says "no tips please" or something to that effect, so I don't think they're trying to trick people into tips.


Tipping is a scam.


I stopped tipping for bubble tea. Drinks feel over priced as is.


Mr. Pink doesn’t tip. He doesn’t believe in it.


dude i'll look the person in the face and select none. I'll tip bartenders and waiters. anything else and I'm Mr Pink.


I hate when the computer asks forms tip before I've even gotten service. Your food is $23.50, please insert your card and answer the question below. Why am I tipping on a sandwich I haven't gotten yet? And when I do tip upfront they fuck the order up


Can we normalize this? If I’m sitting down for a meal and I receive service and have someone wait on me, I’ll of course tip. Am getting annoyed when I call a place to make a to go order, have to sit down and wait cause the food ain’t done when I get there, then try to pay for the food and the tip options are 20%, 23%, and 25%. I’d normally pay 10%-15% on a to go order to not be a dick, but 20% and up? I’m with OP 100%


It is the norm not to tip for carry out and retail. Any place with a tip jar means it is optional.


Why the fuck would you pay any tip on a to go order?


I work at chilis part time as a dishwasher, so I have a discount card. According to my manager, we can only use the discount card if we tip 20%. Kinda defeats the purpose.


Tipping is a cancer.


Tips, and being forced to work for tips, are bullshit. That being said… calculating 15-18% can be annoying. What i do is calculate 10%, which is much easier, then add half of the result i got to the initial 10%. EZ PZ 15%.


0% should be the default. Tipping is a choice, not a rule enforced by law.


I agree tips should be removed and replaced with a fair wage


If we just stop tipping en masse, companies will be forced to adapt and just pay their employees more. Include the cost of paying your employees in the price of the product for fucks sake.


Back in my day, the tip ranges maxed out at 18%. Where will it end? If I had to make a guess, I’d say it’ll top out at 33%. After that people will see just how insane these tip suggestions are.


I am responsible for paying the restaurants bill. The restaurant is responsible for paying the staff. I live in a civilised country with spiders, snakes, kangaroos and drop bears.


A Togos I went to had its No Tip option hidden behind the "Other" selection. It made me more willing to go the extra effort of trying to find it.


I just stop going to takeout spots that ask for a tip. There are ones that don't and that is where i go.


Unless I sit down and am served, I’m not tipping


In California, all servers are paid at least minimum wage regardless of tips. Even though people still expect tips, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t as they don’t make $1-2 an hour. Other states should adopt this


Any of these fucks that have gotten a point of sale system like this recently where it has tipping options,where it didn't before. 0 tip. Every time. Tell me "it's just gonna ask you a few questions" and turn it around on me. I'll hit 0 so fucking fast and turn it right back around.


I always guiltlessly hit "no tip" too. I'm not a pushover.


Local bar had 30, 40, and 50. Realized that day never get smashed there.


I automatically press no on tip because I live in a country where the stupid tipping culture isn't the norm. I'll give a tip if the service is exceptional, not because you're literally doing your job.


The correct answer is zero percent and paying your service staff living wages...


Am I the only one shocked by the fact that a tip is a percentage of the bill? So if I pay 1k dollars I should tip 200 dollars?


As it is currently the custom, yeah, in fact thats the point of upselling and padding up bills for some waiters; the higher the bill the higher the tip, with basically no exceptions


Are you talking about sit down restaurants or places like Starbucks, chipotle or really any fast casual place where tipping shouldn’t be expected in the first place because they aren’t getting paid a servers minimum wage?


J u s t P a y Y o u r W o r k e r s . . .


Tipping should not be a thing. The restaurant should provide a proper wage for all staff and it shouldn't be the customer's just to subsidize. A tip should be for over and above service and no other reason.


It used to be $1 in the little tip jar. Now you want 15%? For making a latte?