Shark tank is how capitalism is supposed to work but on a large scale. Certain people have more money (happens in every system) but instead of just being content they help other people get to a higher level than they were by wise and helpful use of their money.


Yeah investors bring the funding while motivated innovators and entrepreneurs use capital investment to bring new goods and services to fill a market need. This is the way it should work. The profits are shared along the agreed upon division of equity in the company owned by both parties. It’s a good way for the investors to grow their value and a good way for entrepreneurs to grow theirs. Win win. A fair deal leads to better chances at long term sustainability of the business. An unfair deal can lead to acrimony and things can go south on the basis of the relationship‘s poor structure rather than the marketability of the product.


You don’t hate capitalism, you dislike the corruption. No system is free of corruption.


I still despise O’leary.


He's a rotten piece of shit. He single handedly ruined all of the early 90's PC software/game companies when he bought them all up, fired all of the employees and then packaged all of the IP up to Mattel. It almost killed Mattel, too, thinking they were buying studios full of passionate software devs, only to find out they had paid a fortune for little more than a pile of old floppies.


The Learning Company.


If you like Shark Tank, you should check out Dragon’s Den. It’s the United Kingdom version. I personally like it significantly better.


Dragons den has a Canadian version where Robert and Kevin were in certain seasons


Peter is such a likable dude.


If you think you'd enjoy a show that dives into the actual businesses deeper where you get to see if they succeed or fail, check out The Profit.


I think there about 50 of those businesses suing Marcus at the moment. I think that show may be done. That said, he does some good explanations and stuff. Long as you can remind yourself he's not helping the businesses as much as himself, it's ok to watch.


No doubt it's not charity. He's taking on the risk by putting money into failed businesses and he wants to see a big return from those that succeed to make up for the losses from those that don't. After the show, I could see the businesses that succeed being salty about the large percent he gets when he likely plays a very minor role moving forward and also the ones that fail being upset that he didn't save them. I'm interested to see how the lawsuit shakes out. I would've thought the deals were under a pretty substantial contract that keeps him safe. Guess not.


I hate the system that allows me to post stupid shit.


Thanks daddy capitalism for allowing me to use the internet which is owned by no one.


Yeah, and that phone and computer in a climate controlled house with indoor plumbing.




Yeah, cuz Reddit, 1k iphones all came from what?


And all the technology comes from taxpayer funded research and technology


Communist China


You don’t get free speech as a concept in any other. Heck you only get the the level it’s at in America in America.




Oh when they said system they didn’t mean system oops my bad see when I saw system I thought they meant system


I really enjoy the episode where they call out that kid for being a con artist https://youtube.com/shorts/LBDjnPNYqYw?feature=share


NGL I actually love the episode where they all shit on the 19-year-old kid that had an idea for an app that was basically just "fancy airport map". IIRC it didn't even have any kind of online order capability... but even if it did, there's still nothing special or patentable there. There's nothing bad with his app or his idea. It just wasn't a good business model since there was nothing stopping the existing Airport Business monopolies/duopolies in the US from building the same app on their own. I felt for the kid, but I don't blame the "sharks" for how harsh they were... I blame the producers of the show for actually putting the kid in that position in the first place. If his idea had that little potential investment merit to it, then why humiliate him on national television?


American Shark Tank: "4% equity, we got a deal" Australian Shark Tank: "40% equity for less money than you asked for"


You realize that’s bad for the Australian business owners right


You realize I didn't write the show right


It's fine to like a TV show and hate the extremely oppressive, classist, and racist system that is capitalism. They Tv show is promoting wage theft, anti-unionism, or worker oppression. It's just bringing peoples ideas and finding a televised way to fund them. And if they don't get funding they get exposure. And then you get the really dumb ones that shouldn't exist. And it's just funny to watch.


I saw a video where one of the judges told someone that their idea was so warped that they were surprised they weren’t incarcerated.


You're really trying to fit all the buzzwords in there aren't you.


They missed homophobic


And antisemitic


And neurodivergent


Wage theft, anti-unionism and worker oppression aren't inherent to capitalism. Free-market capitalism opposes those ideas, in fact.


Tell me you’re a college freshman without telling me you’re a college freshman.


I hate communism but I love Good Will Edit: it’s hilarious this comment went negative. Reddit cracks me up.


I hate fascism but love American Idol


You don’t hate capitalism. You’re just upset you have to go to work


Hating capitalism is like hating school. It’s still good for you and those of us smarter are going to make you go for your own good


Maybe a little off topic, but does anyone miss Simon from American idol just telling everyone they're crap?


I'm sure capitalism works great for those with capital (like the sharks on Shark Tank). However, I'm just an exploited laborer with nothing but precious time to bargain with. One day before I know it, that time will be gone. Wasted away along with my youth and my strength. Waiting for my next paycheck to arrive so I can pass it along to those who don't really need it and wouldn't miss it if it were gone. Also, I never really liked that show anyway.


You'd be exploited under socialism too, but at least there wouldn't be anything better to hope for. Changing the system doesn't make as much difference as moving your existing system to a healthy state


It depends on what you mean by exploitation. Exploitation can be pretty accurately defined as "extracting more value than a resource costs". For example, if a worker makes $10 of value, but they only make $5, they are exploited. Depending on your definition, socialism helps to remedy this. Thus you would not be exploited under socialism.


In that you are wrong. No viable system can remove your definition of exploitation because it doesn't make economic sense. If a company makes widgets with a materials-cost of say $2 and you as the factory worker use those materials to build a widget that sells for $10, (simplifying by ignoring transportation and other laborers involved in selling the widget) you could claim you produced an additional $8 worth of value. However being paid the $8 per widget made isn't viable because not only is there overhead costs in general to running a factory, marketing the widgets, doing the accounting and payroll, etc but also even if the business only took just enough profit to only cover the current overhead costs it would also mean the business can never expand because they don't have any extra money to invest in scaling the business or making new products. That doesn't mean that there aren't many businesses exploiting workers with unfair wages, but using the definition of any profit for the business is exploitation makes no sense.


I hear where you are coming from. But I think you've ignored the true part that makes it exploitative. Let's take all your widget calculations and say that after calculating in administrative overhead, rent, legal fees, everyone in the companies' salaries, distribution costs, support costs, etc. the total widget cost comes to $10. Then there is $0 profit. But remember the rent or mortgage is paid, and so is the business owner's salary, al debts are slowly being made whole, so the business owner isn't hurting and everyone is paid exactly what they are worth. 0 profit means the business is break even. Now say everyone works together and brings the total cost of the product down to $8 and it still sells at $10. There is $2 profit. If the workers vote and say "the owner gets 100% of the profit", then this is not an exploitative system. But if the owner says "I get 100% of the profit" it is exploitative. That is the claim I am making. The decision about how the profit gets allocated is what determines the exploitation. Why? Because if everyone gets to decide democratically, then the fruits of ones labor are of their own free volition. If not, then someone else controls the fruits of ones labor.


Saturday morning shark tank is the best! It is the perfect level of bad, I can watch multiple episodes in a row while drinking my coffee.


You could say it classifies as a guilty pleasure 😅


I love the episodes where Mark Cuban calls out those fake health gimmicks.


You all know just because the hosts say they're investing in the presenters doesn't mean they are, right?