As we enter the live music season, you know what really grinds my gears?

As we enter the live music season, you know what really grinds my gears?


Prices are going to skyrocket to make up for the time away from live events.


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You heard it here first, wallet chains are back in style. Gonna go play some Reel Big Fish and celebrate.


Yep, we're about to perpetuate this awfulness and, in turn, help substantiate it for Ticketmaster


I've been seriously considering taking this upcoming season off for exactly that reason. It's going to be a shit show when concerts start going full capacity again.


Facts. I remember paying 68 something for Gen ad/ standing ticket. Now they're like 200 and some change.


Vivid seats used to email you a 10% off email if you left tickets in your cart or whatever. I’ve gotten no such emails this year. Just “your tickets are still available!”


Probably true. But as for me I ate in a restaurant for the first time in 15 months this week. My takeaway? Going to restaurants isn’t all that great actually.


Oh just wait until sales are slow for some of these. There are still a lot of folks trying to recover from lost income and concerts aren't on the budget. And then you have oversaturation which is totally going to happen.


Fuck, even airline tickets. $600 round trip Denver to Las Vegas the week of Thanksgiving. Last year and 2019, under $250. December 1, $72 each way.


Same thing is already happening in restaurants. I work in a tourist destination that is already back to BC19 numbers and then some, and everyone is jacking up prices. Fuck the local crowd I guess.


Carted two lawn seats for James Taylor this morning. Each ticket was $39.50. After fees, total was $116. Ticketmaster/LiveNation are the worst of my first-world problems.


The worst was that class action. I got something like 90 dollars (in $2.50 increments) and 10 free tickets. They offered some ridiculously small number of concerts that the free tickets could be used for, and of course they were all a thousand miles away. Great. Oh and guess what? The site always rejected the tiny vouchers due to technical issues. When they did work you could use a maximum of 5 per purchase. I will check how much stuff I have left but I wouldn't be surprised if they just said "Oops it all expired tee hee" and are clearly gouging us again because they faced no consequences. Fuck Ticketmaster and fuck scalpers.


I had a shit ton of those vouchers and they are 100% no longer valid. Get this shit... I tried to use one and it wouldn't work, so i contacted their customer service team who told me they expired. And not due to an arbitrary timeframe, but because they "had met their quota" for essentially paying off what they were told to. I gave away more of those tickets than I used. Every time they made that list of shows that were eligible, I just posted the link and told all my friends that if they wanted free tix to one of these shows. Actually gave away a dozen or so. Felt good making sure that some were used.


That's why I really don't go to concerts. It's not that I don't enjoy them, it's just that the ticket buying experience feels so dirty that I'd rather just buy a video game. At least I know how much I'm paying.


Def check your local scene/small venues. lots of great new/underrated artists for like 10bux a ticket, a pretty small crowd, access to more drinks/food and seating!


Have you seen Vrbo or AirBnb? $75/night for a 3 night say is $700 half the time.


Ticket Master is the original fee for nothing company. Uber, Door Dash and Airbnb have just taken the “service fee” concept further into the absurd.


You could argue the same thing happened with restaurants. When I was a kid tips were based on service. Now you set tip amounts before even getting the product. Ever tip 25% for meal delivery (direct to the restaurant not to an app) and then get a cold and wrong order 2 hours later? That tip ain't coming back. And other businesses take it to the absurd as well, why the fuck is every business now using tablets to charge us with a screen that automatically asks how much I want to tip while the cashier stares at my choice. I can't buy a stick of gum without being guilted into tipping and then that same fucking screen asks if I want to donate to some charity.


At least AirBnB itemize a lot of those fees. Concert tickets just have a blanket fee with little to no explanation.


This. People rave about how VRBO and Air BNB are so much cheaper than hotels- I look every time I travel and have never found it to be less expensive- only more hassle.


The benefit is using it when you're staying somewhere longer term. Hotels are great for a weekend. With AirBnB you pay the same $50 cleaning fee whether you're there for a night or two weeks - once you're dividing it by 14 days instead of 2 days it doesn't sound so bad. Similarly, having access to a kitchen is much more valuable on that two week business trip.




Ain't nothin holy about that deal, pal.


So you bought 3 tickets: two for you and one for "fees".


How is it even legal


5 dollar college football tickets 30 dollar shipping fee nice


Was about to book two nfl tickets...decided to splurge cause I've never been...2 lower deck near end zone several rows up...$250 each...then saw $85 service fee....couldn't stomach and just backed out. $700 is price of a vacation honestly.


Tickets from just $5!* ... *Total with convenience fee, e-ticket secure delivery, platform fee and tax is $32.15


What the fudge is a "convenience fee"? Sounds like robbing me with extra steps?


If life was fair, it would be a fee for ticketmaster to cover overhead so that you could biy the ticket from the convenience of your own home at the time you choose instead of going down to the venue to buy it at the ticket window at a time that there is not an event. However, in this reality, they force the venue to charge the convenience fee even if you buy directly from the venue and with so many tickets disappearing from the main site to "resellers", there is nothing convenient about it.


Like when you pay for Amazon free shipping and they still just put shipping into the price


Aye, nothing is ever truly free :\\


Anecdotal, but Amazon has the lowest price on the vast majority of the stuff I buy. Your statement doesn't really describe my experience.


“Oh, and do you want to use the ticket?” Another $40 fee. Ticketmaster is just legalized racketeering.


Would you like to print the ticket at home, at your own expense and using your own materials? Thatll be another $7


With no other option, of course


I paid a fucking fee for digital tickets. Tickets sent to my phone, cost me extra. Not that any option for ticket delivery was free but JFC.


Then there's the side hustle where they reserve blocks of tickets at face value plus fees for resellers (scalpers) to then collect even higher fees when the reseller sells the tickets at double face value or more. It's been a while since I tried but don't they also charge to transfer a ticket direct through email?


At one point they were charging a convenience fee for printing at home while simultaneously refusing to send out physical tickets for some events. Ticket Master is as crooked as they come


How does ticket master get around anti-trust laws?


You'd be very upset to learn how very little money it takes to bribe a politician.


All they have to do is not care and they get a couple thousand. It's a win win for everyone... except for the person buying the ticket.


> while simultaneously refusing to send out physical tickets for some events. Which sucks because I collect my tickets as souvenirs.


Sometimes they are also the scalper.


It’s just where the money goes. Margins gets pushed on everything so companies keep adding fees to grow revenue. Customers sees the fees and push margins further down, and the company adds more fees. Definitely ripe for someone to come charge a lower fee, but there’s quite a bit of upfront investments necessary to become a player, and without a recognizable name it’s difficult to make it work. I’m sure dozens of startups trying to compete with Ticketmaster go belly up every year.


Yes but when they do it largely because they are run out of town by the big guns like Ticketmaster, not die to their own inherent failings.


They should just say the ticket is free and charge for their service! Wait! They should charge a monthly subscription that offers to pay for 1 ticket every month. Wait...


The SeatGeek app has a persistent toggle for "all-in pricing" so every number you see is the actual price you pay. You're still going to be mad about the fees but at least it doesn't feel deceptive.


And if you want to refund it, they only refund the 5 instead of the total as those are service fees. Same scam happens with ebay a lot. Items costs 0.1, shipping cost 100, if you refund you get 0.1 back.


Thanks to Ticketek, I now know that an email and a SMS are extremely expensive. Especially auto generated ones with no human input. Big thank you to all the corporations that give us free email services, I had no idea the burden you carried, giving us this service. /s.. In case


It's why I haven't taken my boys to monster jam. 3 tickets at $40 each turns into almost $200 after fees.


Some state in the US needs to pass a law that the final out the door price of anything can not be more than 10% of the advertised priced. Fuck Ticketmaster and there 50% markups. Even my local movie theatre does this. They charge a $3 online fee for a $10 ticket.


They’d never do it but I wish Nevada would be first on the list, hotels in Vegas do the same thing and it is tiring.


The EU makes it be 100% of the price, tax included.


Canada does this for airline tickets as well.


This drives me crazy when I visit Vegas. They offer rooms for $10 first night then buy 2 get one free. I think okay cool with the resort fee it will probably be like 35 a night so 80 bucks for 3 nights isn't bad. Until you see the resort fee, water fee, breathing our air fee, stripper fee, clean bed fee, bathroom usage fee, sleeping fee, time you weren't in your room and we watched your stuff fee. Its beyond ridiculous the fees these places can charge. My biggest issue is I can't argue them because I signed a TOS when I arrived. It's like the hotels don't care about repeat business either. So they will never fix the issue. It should be illegal to charge fees like this.


Yeah, fuck "resort fees" too. You can add whatever fee you want but include it in the price you post.


I remember the resort fee advertising that it included the phone line in my room. Like I wanna pay $40USD / night to use their phone.


A website is way cheaper than hundreds of people across the nation working ticket counters. Total price gouging.


Why 10%? What about 0%?


Yes. Only Allowed extra should be sales tax, as it varies by location.


IMO I don't care if it varies. Publish the actual price. The biggest offenders of this shit aren't Walmart and other businesses with tons of locations - it's car dealerships and hotels, which are in one place. If Dick Dumbfuck's Ford is in Dumbfuck, LA, then they have to advertise the price including all applicable taxes in Dumbfuck, LA. I feel like in 2021, we can solve for this problem, but we just choose not to.


Pizza places do it too. Papa John’s charges a $3.95 delivery fee. After I tip the driver $5 (which is also bullshit but dont get me started!) my pizza price has often more than doubled. A large one topping is like $8 + tax when i pick it up but if I do delivery its like $17.xx after taxes, fees, and tip.


I have never gotten food delivered because it just seems so expensive.


That's exactly why I don't use delivery services, when to the door price doubles the cost of the food I'll just freakin drive to the shop.


our delivery people get paid 15-20 euro's per hour. meals are priced accordingly.. you can feed a family of 2 adults and 2 kids for like 30 euro's on takeaway being home delivered. The delivery fee is not more than €1,50. we don't tip our delivery people because they have a decent minimum wage, except when paying cash and rounding up to the nearest bill denomination.. but paying cash is rare. Anyway, junkfood/ordered food is too expensive and bad for health compared to home cooked meals, that's why we mostly cook meals ourselves, 29/30 times.


Ticketmaster is the absolute worst


Stickitmaster. *Fucking you up the ass with ticket prices for over 30 years* I remember how they loopholed the "settlement" with refunding money/ free tickets to customers several years ago.




Okay. In 2003, there was a [class action lawsuit against Stickitmaster for charging unfair fees.](https://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2016/05/ticketmaster-settlement-called-new-scam-on-top-of-old-one.html#:~:text=Ticketmaster%20is%20preparing%20to%20make%20good%20on%20the,items%20such%20as%20order%20processing%20and%20shipping%20costs.) They gave affected ticket buyers special codes for either money off tickets to another event, or iirc, free tickets. YAY, right? Wrong. What they didn't tell anybody was it was only discounts to certain events *they* picked (in other words, sucky shows). I remember Beyonce had just gone solo and had a really big concert coming up around then. Everyone was like, COOL, I'll use my discount/ free ticket for this show! Nope, no can do. Hey, there's a great traveling Broadway show coming to town that I always wanted to see! Nope. Wash rinse repeat. So *technically* they complied with the ruling, but *actually* they didn't. Now it looks like there's [ANOTHER class action lawsuit](https://www.dolmanlaw.com/ticketmaster-refund-lawsuit/#:~:text=This%20class-action%20lawsuit%20aims%20to%20provide%20people%20who,the%20damages%20that%20these%20policies%20have%20caused%20them.) for the poor bastards who bought tickets for events that were cancelled because of Covid.


Who is writing up the terms for these settlements that they're so easy to circumvent?


Ticketmaster lawyers


Don’t forget they work and encourage scalping.


I used to work for them. I agree. They’ll tell you “oh it’s the venue causing us to put this in to lump it in the service fee” Guess who owns the venue? Live nation/Ticketmaster.


My favorite is the fucking convience fee for printinf your own ticket. You're literally saving them materials and labor and paying them for the privilege


It's like when I pay my taxes on line. If I mail them a check it costs me a stamp. If I charge to a credit card there is an $18 convenience fee.


Realistically costs vary based on pricing model. CC processing companies either charge a % of sale or a flat fee per transanction. For large.transactional.companies like the tax depts, I imagine They have a flat fee charge.


If you live/work/travel regularly near the venue, buy your tickets from the physical box office. No convenience fees!


Now we can talk about scalpers who use multiple accounts and bots to buy all of the best tickets and then resell them on 3rd party sites. Now to get the ticket you actually want you pay the scalper, the 3rd party site, ticketmaster, the venue, and then finally the band. I doubt I'll ever go to another make show again. It makes me too angry. I'll stick to the little shows in five bars that no one cares enough to scalp. At least then I know MOST of my money is going to artists or venues that support artists.


Because that's quite the opposite of convenient!


Not always an option. Bought tickets to RATM two summers ago in Detroit, and Ticketmaster was the only way. No in person purchase option.


Heard this for years so I went to the venue for the tickets because I work downtown near the venue. It was the same price, but I didn't have the ability the internet provides af being able to look at the seats and pick my seats. Had to rely on the clerk behind the counter to tell me what sections were available. YMMV


I feel the same about digital games or movies. Price should be nowhere near physical. You're using my bandwith and I'm paying the isp.


They are paying hosting and bandwidth costs. But no, those costs are not as much as the cost of manufacturing and distributing the physical media in all likelihood


Production costs are only one factor of retail price, but ultimately games are gonna cost what people are willing to pay. People (the general populace) are willing to pay the same price for digital as they are physical, so that's what they cost. (also, some people-- myself included-- prefer digital because of the convenience, which makes the retail price go up relative to what it might have been)


Ah but you’re paying for the convenience of not having to store hard copies. /s This used to irritate me so much until I had kids and the convenience of streaming outweighed my annoyance with paying more than I technically should since I’m not receiving a hard copy.


The fact that Live Nation owns Ticketmaster AND the venues where the events happen is concerning.


> They’ll tell you “oh it’s the venue causing us to put this in to lump it in the service fee” This used to be true like a decade ago. Venues or artists would want more money but wouldn't want to seem like the bad guys wringing their fans for cash, so they'd pair with ticketmaster to inflate the cost, call it a "service fee" and split it because ticketmaster didn't give a shit if people got mad at them, they had to use them anyway then everyone found out and got mad at the artists so they stopped doing that. I'm pretty sure, as you said, they just keep the fees themselves now and give some runaround story on why they have to charge it


That was like my previous employer, the insurance company is raising their rates... They owned the insurance company.


neat. #*stop giving them your fucking money*


Agree, only way to make it change. Luckily I mostly see smaller bands and local venues so I avoid TM.... Just makes it stand out even more when I need to buy a ticket through them.


So what are we finna do about it?


I mean, honestly, there would have to be a massive boycott, and people just won’t do it. If the last 30 years have shown Ticketmaster anything, it’s that people fucking *love* paying those fees. Because they won’t stop doing it. They just won’t.


Also, if the last 18 months showed us anything, it's they can survive a year and a half boycott and the only one's we'd hurt are the venues and entertainment acts.


Axs is worse


Ticketmaster, aka the bands/acts/sports teams scapegoat.


Actually the convenience fee doesn't go to the band/performance/whatever. It's purely the venue (owned by Ticketmaster or not) to shave some money off the top. Ticketmaster is the scapegoat for the venue itself. For example, if the artist's contract says they get 85% of ticket sales, that means $25.50 of each $30 ticket. The venue then collects the other 15%, but tacks on their chosen convenience fee, in this case $20, which the artist has no contractual right to. Source: used to work in music production


This is the thing I'm always telling the missus and my friends when bands come thru. Don't tell me "tickets are only $_!" because that's what the listing says prior to the ass fucking you receive from Ticketmaster, bands in town, or whoever. That's never the final cost. Luckily I have seen some great shows over the years and now that I'm older and grumpier I'm okay with saying "fuck that!" at $50-$60 listings that end up being $80-$90 after fees.


Now that I'm older I've stopped giving a shit about concerts. Like, I love live music, don't get me wrong, but I'd rather drop $100-$500 on a a few festivals that's up my alley and just call it vacation than even bother with the BS of a regular concert. I get days of music vs three hours max and I don't have to worry about the outrageous cost of an uber +concert beer. I just drive home Monday morning when I'm sober.


Now that I am older the phrase I use, which sounds similar but has a very different outcome is: "fuck it!" what's the difference between $50 and $80 at my age? Might as well enjoy the show!


It's only money. I'll probably make more of it.


Protip: drive to the venue and buy the tickets there. You won’t pay the fees and the ticket will be the advertised price.


I get that, but I've been to a lot of sold out shows. Maybe it's where I live and the venues available/venues that book the shit I like, but almost every show has sold out that I can recall in the last 20 years, easy.


I always just click the "show tickets with fees" button because I don't care that you say its 40 dollars if its really 70. I also hate checking 10 sites for the best price


If there is such an option, it should be legally required to be selected as default. This is just false advertisement. Same thing with Airbnb cleaning fees.


Right? My 500sqft cabin in the fuckin woods is going to cost $300 to clean when I leave?


Wouldn't it be less frustrating if the tickets were just priced at "$50, no fees" and they can hide whatever bullshit fees they want in there? Better yet, only do box office sales, no fees, and you have to get tickets in person (maybe max of 4 per person) so you don't have to buy them from resellers?


It probably would be, except that when you do a search you’ll try to find the cheapest tickets and you’ll get halfway through the process before you see all those fees. You’ll look around and find someone who is selling them for $50 but it’s the same cost and you’re already halfway through the other one so you buy there, especially because the tickets are selling fast. It’s intentionally confusing so they can compete for the lowest price and by the time you want to do anything about it, it’s too late.


True. It's all shenanigans. This is why I didn't go to many shows anymore: too expensive, too hard to get tickets.


The box office sales only thing would be awful for anyone who doesn’t live in the town the show is playing in though.


I was reading something a while back about someone in a similar industry where the competitors all had hidden fees at the end. He took away his fees and raised his normal price to compensate. Turns out sales went down and customers hated it. Sorry, don't remember the source.


JC Penney did the same thing a while ago, nixing the perpetual 'sales' and going to a this-is-the-price-no-really model. Sales plummeted. People were paying less but didn't feel like they were getting a good deal, so they didn't buy. They ended up going back to the old model. TL;DR: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it. Edit: [explained here in the context of video games.](https://youtu.be/QxfkWZPAUg4)


That's called a high-low model, and leaving it for a blended model can fail because customers are paying less or the same overall, but each item will never be as low as it would have been in a high-low environment. The lack of draw of those deals means less people picking up one or two regular priced things, and especially less people buying a lot of things that are on sale that week, thus less sales. All that to say, items will never be as cheap in a blended model, and thrifty folks will be spending more on average.


The website Tickpick does this. It's still not always the cheapest, but it's nice to see the exact price right away.


Lotta box offices don't even sell tickets any more, they only use AXS or something. Then they only sell day-of and it's 99% sold out by then.


It actually means that we have a predatory seller monopoly. The artists doesn't see shit from the fee above the tickets. The seller/promoters like LN or Ticketmaster have all the power. More than even the largest artists. Not even Pearl Jam or Springsteen can take them on very well. At best they can limit secondary market.


I am waiting for someone to make a new site and just change blank fee of $5 extra to a ticket. Just no idea how to get the tickets first. How does Ticketmaster get the rights to sell tickets?


Own the venues or negotiate an exclusive deal with them


Damn forgot about the venues everybody needs to get paid.


That's part of the TICKET PRICE


I doubt it's even possible. Ticketmaster probably has contracts with all the major venues to be the exclusive vendor.


Damn COVID would have been the chance to jump on that market. While Ticketmaster sales were down.


In the US, Ticketmaster/Live Nation own a majority of venues. AXS/Goldenvoice own a bunch more. So you're left with (usually small) independent venues with their own ticketing system


Have a department that talks to the bands... and bullies bands to only work with them


>It actually means that we have a predatory seller monopoly. There literally *can not be competition* in ticket sales to the end-buyer (you and me). Two different ticket companies *can't sell tickets for the same seat/space*. Do you want to show up with a Ticketmaster ticket for seat 2J only to find out TicketPro *also* sold a ticket for seat 2J? The competition in the Event Ticketing business is between different ticket companies trying to attract performers and venue contracts. Artists and venues generally choose the ticketers that will earn them the most money. In order for NewTicketsCo to outcompete Ticketmaster, they would have to *pay the artist/venue more than Ticketmaster*, and you want them to accomplish this by *charging less for tickets*? The reality is this: Ticketmaster can only charge as much as people are willing to pay. Ticket prices are obscene because people keep paying those prices. The inverse is true as well: tickets *must* be worth what Ticketmaster is charging, because people are 110% willing to pay that much.


There’s a ticketing company in Europe called GUTS that successfully prevents scalping by controlling the secondary market. It seems to be working extremely well and I hope it catches on.


I bought tickets in January 2020 for a Miranda Lambert concert in April 2020 and since the concert has a TBD date, I can't get a refund. Fuck ticket companies, man.


I just want to make a distinction between two *different* issues (that are often conflated): - Tickets are too expensive today. - Tickets are dishonestly priced/advertised. I would like to discuss the *second* issue in isolation: When you walk into your local corner store and buy that gallon drum of personal lubricant you aren't seeing "$155" but are then charged a $10 store convenience fee, $5 credit card processing fee, $5 store delivery fee, and so on making it *really* a $175 drum. Instead, the price on the shelf has all these costs rolled up into one price. While I suspect people *are* disappointed about the [high] cost of tickets today, a lot of additional anger comes from these dishonest business practices (and lack of competition to shop around for someone more honest). Airlines used to do this same crap (e.g. fuel surge, airport fee, etc), ultimately it took The Transportation Department to issue rules *and* threats of congressional action for airline trade-groups to agree to improvements (it isn't perfect, just *better*). People should pressure artists and event organizers to in turn pressure TicketMaster to provide an inclusive price so the *only* additional fee consumers can expect is localized sales taxes. If they want to provide how your total costs get shared between artist/venue/payment provider/TicketMaster, great, but that should be *secondary* information, since none of it is optional. If they refuse to reform themselves then congress should look into honest pricing laws (and do cable TV too while you're at it).


I think the law is the way to go. When I buy tickets in my country, I pay what is advertised.




Convience fee for ordering online, $20 Convience fee for picking it up at the stadium, $20.


Sorry, Ticketmaster. Didn’t know I was supposed to pay in advance with cash (?!).


bought a 150 USD NFL ticket, had a 50 USD fee. How does that even maker sense. just say that the ticket is 200 USD, unless there is a way I can avoid paying the fee.


The whole concept of a convenience fee is bullshit. They're already making more money by reducing their costs in retail space and employees. Adding a "convenience" fee on top of that should be illegal.


"Tell me what inconvenience I need to go through to not be charged this fee?"


Yet another reason to support small independent music venues (if any are still open after covid). Your favorite band might not be headlining there, but it's a great way to discover new music while supporting local artists. Plus it's usually like ten bucks at the door.


I get that this is totally annoying. It’s also by design. Artists don’t make money from the tickets, primarily. They make money from appearance fees. They charge a local promoter a fee to do the show. If it’s a big show, it could easily be high 6 or 7 figures. Bear in mind the entire cost of the tour is paid with that. In addition to the fee, some artists will also get a % of the ‘net gate’. (This is ticket revenue, minus all the local promoter expenses like: artist fee, venue fee, local labor, security, marketing, etc…) The local promoter will then partner with the ticket bastards and set the pricing. A lot of that ticketing fee is kicked back to the promoter to help pay for the show, but it hides some revenue from the artists (promoters don’t like paying a % since they already paid for the show) This makes ticketbastard seem like the bad guy. This is intentional. Better that we all hate them and not the artist with the million dollar tour. Is this a good way to do it? No. But change is hard because to do that you need buy-in from venues, promoters, labels, artists, and the ticket sellers and they all have different and not necessarily aligned interests.


This is pretty spot on. Add on (legal) Resale, and those artists get another income stream from each exchange. It's another reason (there are many) to keep prices low resulting in massive secondary market inflation.


Good point, that'll be $70 please!


Same with traffic/parking tickets, then they have the audacity to charge a credit card fee


And now Ticketmaster has this “verified fan” bullshit where half the good seats are gone before you can even buy tickets.


Online prices are just so insane I would rather sit in the dark and drink alone then pay those damn extras


If fees are per ticket, then they should be added to the ticket price. I have the same issue with hotels. They charge a per day resort fee. It's bullshit.


Hence why we quit going to concerts! Too much money to spend when you total it all up. Concerts used to be cheap and were a way to sell the album to their fans. The focus was on the music. Now it has to be a huge show with a lot of fireworks!


I was a big concert goer. Been to enough shows, I have forgotten some shows I’ve been too. My last show was the smashing pumpkins. It most likely will be my last show. Ticketmaster has absolutely sucks the joy out of going to live shows. Even if you get a chance to get a ticket, the extra fees are insulting. They destroyed it.


You should have listened to The Simpsons in 1989. Mr. Burns: [chuckles] And to think, Smithers: you laughed when I bought TicketMaster. "Nobody's going to pay a 100% service charge." Waylon Smithers: Well, it's a policy that ensures a healthy mix of the rich and the ignorant, sir.


Especially when you can’t go to the box office to buy one. When you are the only option for buying tickets, it’s not a convenience fee.


Convenient to fkn Who?


That’s actually a large part of TicketMaster (Live Nation’s) business model. And they don’t take all of the fees they actually pass it to the artist or promoter. They were able to kill the competition by letting artists appease fans by offering “$20 tickets” that came out to $40. In that example Ticketmaster may pocket $10 and give the artist the extra $10




And if that same "convenience" fee goes up in price as the ticket value does, it's absolute horseshit!


I once bought a ticket at the window at Madison Square Garden for some event and I had to pay a fee in addition to the ticket price.


It's very convenient for Ticketmaster


But then they can't say tickets at low as $30! The monster truck rally commercials would do that. TICKETS AT LOW AS $10, then when you finally checkout they are 50


Ticketmaster now allows you to browse including fees, which I find helpful. You can still usually order without the fees by going directly to the box office, but sometimes that just isn't feasible if the show is going to sell out in 5 minutes.


I paid a $15 fee on a free ticket. Thanks Ticketbastard.


In my experience it would be a $30 fee on a $20 ticket


Yes and no, and this is what pisses me off on behalf of musicians: If a musician is getting paid a percentage of gate/ticket sales, it’s based on the $30 ticket price. Venues, bookers, ticket sellers will 100% take advantage of that and fuck the artists over.


Don't forget the $9 water and $16 beer!


Your $30 ticket with a $20 convenience fee was $100 because you had to buy it from a scalper.


I fought so hard for us to change this at Red Rocks and advertise our tickets as $60 each so when you get to the check out and it's $57.88 or whatever, you're not feeling like you just got bait and switched. They did not listen to me.


I do love the convenience fee when the only option is the buy it online.


All of this BS needs to stop: Hotel: $100 per night (+ 35 resort fee + $20 parking + all the strange taxes + sales tax) = $170 per night Cable: $129 + fcc fee + franchise fee + broadcast charge + sales tax = $180 Car: 24,999 + $799 dealer fee + $699 transportation fee + document fee + tax + tag + title + undercoat + x,y, z = $32,000


Got Thursday tickets today. Each ticket was slapped with a $11 “convenience” fee. I’m not even getting these mailed to me. They’re on my phone.


Convenience fees should burn in hell. If anything I should be getting paid for buying ahead of time online.


If there's no alternative, more difficult route to purchase the ticket - then it's not a 'convenience fee', it's extortion.


It’s a $20 ticket, with $10 venue fee, and $20 for the online monopoly fee


How about we call it an "inconvenience fee"? [Insert canned laughs]


Drip feed pricing should be banned by governments world wide.


My $72 speeding ticket had a $76 court processing fee, even when paying online.


Sometimes they hit you with the “Okay can I buy a physical ticket at the box office to avoid this bogus fee?” “No. Our tickets are only sold online.”


That damn convenience fee. I would love to buy drive over and buy a physical ticket from the venue itself, but hardly anybody lets me do that anymore. It's online tickets or nothing. Wow thanks for the convenience everybody!!


[And to think Smithers, you laughed when I bought Ticketmaster. "Nobody's going to be a 100% service charge"](https://frinkiac.com/img/S07E24/1098680.jpg)


I don’t understand how the music industry has allowed these dogshit companies to leach off of them. It’s legitimately a deterrent to seeing live music.


I just bought 5 tickets for Rebulution and paid $75 in convenience fees. The irony is the website wouldn't work in Chrome so I had to redo my purchase in edge, which was inconvenient.


Only if there's not another legitimate way to get the ticket for $30.


Fucking same. And my dumbass is shocked every time when I check out 🤓


Always buy in person from the box office if you can!!!


Got tix for penn and teller in Vegas. $75 for a ticket, not bad right? Total $105 after 4 different fees.


That's the fee for using the website instead of just showing up and hoping, and for wanting to use a credit card, also they don't take cash because of covid.


This shit frustrates me with Airbnb too. You can only search by the price per night before all the fees. So the $100 a night place for the weekend ends up like 300-400 instead of $200. It’s infuriating. Also, remember when Airbnb’s were actually affordable and a better option than hotels?


It's a racket, most of those ticket companies are owned by the very music conglomerates that own the music label. Fees are their way of boosting the artists image with low ticket prices. meanwhile they still collect the money from the fees when selling the tickets, and a bonus it lowers the money they have to split with the artist since they get a cut of ticket sales, but not the fees collected by the ticket distributors.


I think pearl jam had a point


I'm sure these idiots have learned their lesson. Oh wait nope.. they still want to pay top dollar for a concert that is being ticketed for a fraction of the TM/LN price. Wake up dumb-asses, the brokers are scalpers and no one gives a shit about you, just how much you are willing to spend. The record labels are in on it, the artists are in, the promoters... you're a fucking sucker and they will keep scamming you.


Per ticket charge and then a per order fee on top of that. Really bad when your order is only one ticket


I got a $7 service fee added to my $35 tickets the other day and they were Will Call. What’s the service here?


Holding into it so you don’t lose it. 😂


Simple, don't go to shows that are presented by live Nation or ticketmaster. Maybe support some local or smaller bands for a change.


In PA you pay a $30ish dollar fee on traffic tickets to help Johnstown recover from a flood... that happened 45 years ago....


I just don’t go to shows. I don’t like fucking with companies that scam to that level.