Dump her. Did you know that people can actually die from sunburn? Yeah. It’s true. Anyways, it’s a fucked up thing to do to someone.


Since OP was feeling sick, he probably got heat stroke and was dehydrated. That shit can get serious.


Most likely sun poisoning, and increased his chances for skin cancer. Completely unacceptable!


I've had sun poisoning, and thank God i was on a family vacation with my Memaw who was a nurse for more years than I'd been alive.


Sunburn will make you sick all on its own. It's a burn over a large area of your body.


Not stroke, but definitely exhaustion. Should’ve gone to the ER


Or sun poisoning


Imagine if she inflicted pain on him in a more conventional way. There would be no question that it's abuse. Hit someone hard enough to leave a bruise? No question. Cause them to have a painful full-body burn that will take days or weeks to heal? "Well, maybe I'm overreacting..." Wack.


Swap out their medication for tictacs. Given them food they are allergic to. This is the same thing: messing with something you need and trust with your health is attempted murder.


Yep. I legit have an allergy to most sunscreen so I have to buy the natural one’s for babies at 25$ a bottle. A new partner of 6 months probably wouldn’t know that about me and would put me in even more danger.


And possible skin cancer


This is definitely something to break up over. She messed with your health and well-being as a joke


and then laughed about it


Whew the amber heard teas. Beyond abusive I would have called the cops


not to mention straight up ruined his vacation, that bitch is evil.


In my experience as someone who also deals with sunburns very often, it’s extremely possible she genuinely doesn’t know it’s dangerous, most people I’ve met aren’t knowledgeable about sunburn & how dangerous it is unless they get sunburnt easily. Hell an old friend of mine didn’t even believe me when I said I was sunburnt & I couldn’t come hang out, she thought I was just making something up to not hang out, I thought she was messing with me for a while before I insisted it’s a real thing & she looked it up and apologized. It’s unfortunately very common to not know sunburn is anything more than slightly red & slightly peeling skin in my experience


You're not wrong. But she knew that what she was doing would affect him, she may not have known how severely, but she knew he would be affected by what she did, it why she played this "prank"


Well from what I’ve been told by people I’ve met, a decent amount of people don’t get sunburns or at least ones that hurt to the point it’s noticeable unless they focus on it. Like for example another friend of mine that I talked about in another comment I made on this post, has never had a sunburn worse than just slightly red skin & pain so mild he almost doesn’t even feel it & he’s really athletic, & is almost always outside aside from when we hang out that is lol So she could’ve just thought that he’ll just have red skin that would cause no other health issues & would do nothing more than look red. It’s apparently very possible from how many people I’ve had to explain it to, that she’s just that ignorant to the fact that sunburn is serious or even more painful than someone slapping or pressing on your skin with their palm, only kind of hard. It’s still not okay to do but it’s surprisingly possible in my experience that people don’t know it’s serious or even painful, in the slightest


You're not wrong. The question remains to be answered from OP is this "did she show remorse from what she had done after finding out how significantly switching the factor 50 sun cream for the factor 20 affected OP, or did she stick to the it was just a joke story" because thats the determining factor


not just sunburn, heat stroke, heat exhaustion and rhabdomyolysis. Your muscles can literally die, and heat stroke can also lead to seizures. we're talking permanent damage and maybe cancer down the line.


There’s also just going into shock from the pain of the burn


100%. i had something similar happen me in tenerife, i didn't apply sunscreen properly to my legs after getting out the water. later in the evening i did pass out and was brought to a hospital. I was bedridden for the rest of the holiday barely able to move and it would take about 5-7 mins just to get up and use a restroom. When it was time to go home i still wasn't able to walk at all, so we'd to pay a taxi driver extra to help with bags, help me to the car and ask at the airport for a wheelchair/wheelchair assistance. I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy, and it was only on my legs. OP got lucky he didn't come away worse.


Rhabdomyolysis is no joke, and could affect your kidneys!


Seriously. Fuck that bitch.


Or better yet, don't.


My dad almost died from sunburn. Went to Mexico with his nephew. Told us he was in agony and we told him to go hospital in MX but he decided nah. Stepped off the plane purple as Thanos. Drove him straight to hospital. He had sun poisoning. Turned out he was allergic to the sun, as the doctor put it. He was a bastard anyway but the pain he was in made me pity him.


Skin cancer is no joke either.


I get serious heat stroke. Agree, dump her. She is not trustworthy and jealousy is no fun. I always make sure my partner has sunscreen if we are spending any time in the sun.


And for this reason I think he should actually seek legal advice!


That is actually criminal. You need to run from her.


I’ve had a sunburn like this before, the pain is unbearable. We were going to the beach and I couldnt find my sunscreen, I asked my friend if she has some and she said she did. We get there and she whips out a bottle of baby oil. I asked a stranger and all they had was spf 15 (why even bother but I was desperate!). Anyways ended up burning to a crisp front and back. You can’t move, you can’t sleep, you’re freezing cold for days, in my situation my friend was an idiot and being unprepared was my own fault. Switching SPF 50 for 2 was basically assault for a fair skinned person. OP, you’re gf is a terrible person. Break up. It’s only been 6 months and THIS is the level of crazy you got? YIKES


How did she think baby oil was even remotely close to sun screen? It’s the exact opposite!


Yah she was never super bright lol


I know a girl that was putting baby oil on her baby instead of sunscreen and was super confused why it wasn’t working. Some people are just that dumb.


Yea, I had a really bad sunburn like that when I was young and dumb. I had went tubing down a river in Arkansas with family and didn't put on sunscreen. It turned out about how you'd expect. I was as red as a lobster for days and after a few days, started getting blisters. I don't remember feeling sick but was definitely in a lot of pain. Now I'm covered in freckles everywhere that I had that sunburn and in recent years started going to the dermatologist to get checked for suspicious spots.


I would absolutely break up with her, that's super messed up. I take sun screen really seriously. Also, if she had any respect for you and your well being that would have never even crossed her mind to do.


No dont break up with her just yet first when you get home empty a bottle of her favourite shampoo and fill it up with immac hair removal cream and see if shes still laughing after that


Don't do this. It's best not to risk an assault charge. What she did was assault. Best not to complicate things further and assault her back.


How about mac and cheese powder? He can do the “it’s just a prank bro!” defense lol


​ ![gif](giphy|7969mrErFFwFG)


No don’t be an emotional idiot. Just dump her. Kick her out on the streets.


Her: Break up!? It's was just a prank bro! Srs tho, some Gen Z's these days (not to generalize) I tell ya, like damn I feel bad for OP, I hope he heals up soon and not have to visit a hospital there, who knows how that'll turn out. And uhh...yeh I'd start up my mating call again.


Oh like us millennials never did cruel pranks? Shave off eyebrows ring a bell? Swatting? Shit boomer ls will blow each other up as a prank.


Holy shit dude, a sunburn like that can turn into skin cancer somewhere down the line. Dump that woman immediately and tell her she should be thankful you didn’t report her to the police. That’s so crazy.


Yeah, one severe burn increases your chances significantly. This is a super fucked uo thing to do!


Dump the psycho


Yeah. I'm not quick to say dump them on reddit, but this is completely irresponsible. She physically harmed OP, might given him skin cancer later in life, put him in agony, ruined his vacation and she thinks its funny. What is her next prank going to be? Cut his brake lines when he's going to a concert with his mates?


Spot on.


and like its been 6 months, they still getting to know each other, so its hella easier to break it off compared to like the 10 yr old relationship and they had a son that was in here yesterday imo. Cut your losses


Agreed. That was cruel


A prank that is ultimately harmless is one thing. But once you inflict bodily harm to someone, that's crossing a line. Imagine if later in life she found it funny to swap his meds or something. I wouldn't bother taking that chance.


Sunburn is a type of radiation burn. Yeah, in the 1970's people thought of it as harmless, but the reality is far from that. I have no tolerance for girls who use feigned confusion as a screen for malice. Switch the story around and I'd not blame a girl for dumping a guy who did that to her.


Yes, that’s definitely break up worthy! I hope you’re healing up, that sounds terribly painful! But SIDE NOTE, are you cheating on her???You said you thought she was upset because you would be hooking up with other girls on the trip?? That sounds reasonable to be upset about.. doesn’t make what she did okay either way Also in your other post you mention having a wife…?


Borat... An Dis My Other Wyffffeee


Bad sunburns often lead to shock, severe pain, and sometimes infections.. she could have put you in the hospital!! Its time to dump that bitch.


Not to mention the increased risk of skin cancer. This was not a harmless prank in any way, shape or form.


Yeah- a harmless prank would have been including a heart shaped sticker on his shoulder when reapplying sunscreen so he would get a funny tan line- not literally risking his life.


Harmless pranks are what my wife did when I went on my last international business trip. She snuck a big ass dildo into my carry-on. This one is reckless, dangerous, and flat out abusive.


Please high-five your wife for me.


Instructions unclear, cock slapped her with the dildo. Sleeping on couch tonight :/


Ah well you tried.


Even if she just switched it with like 30 or something that would have been WAYYY better. Then he’d just have a regular sunburn, which is annoying but nothing to severe


Or another harmless prank switching it with a +100 protection maybe causing a funny discussion with his travel mates.


That would be even funnier, nothing like being in the Sun for 4+ hours and gained no coloring at all.


Yeah, sitting there wondering why the sunscreen is so thick


Still physucal harm, still not ok. Sunburns are not a joke.


I could be misremembering things but I’ve been hearing that the sun is soon to go into this weird phase where it’s emitting a lot of solar flares, however we’re starting to see it pick up now. Afaik, solar flares also increase the UV index. The sun is not something to mess with in general but if I’m right, the effects of the sun are actually more harmful than they were even last year. Even if I’m not right, the sun is not something you mess with and I really hope OP doesn’t get skin cancer. Even if he doesn’t, she should be facing legal consequences.


And not to mention ruining the vacation for the poor guy! How long were he and his friends planning it? How long did it take to save up for the trip? How long until he can take another vacation? Damn. That sucks.




Check op post history. His wife went on a date with her ex 5 months ago and now his gf of 6 months wants to kill him with skin cancer. Either he’s got terrible taste in women or he’s making shit up for fake internet points.


Yeah I am not really buying this.


Dont forget skin cancer


This isn't a joke. This was an assault. The only thing refer than your skin is the flags waving in you face. Run away from this sociopath now. Consider pressing charges.


I feel that this shit behavior will just be the beginning of more shittiness behavior. And in 6 more months “am I being abused?” Post will come out. This being one of the first red flags


And sue for damages because you spent your vacation in a hotel room, trying to survive. Cold hearted b.


Don't forget the permanent scarring!


And what exactly is the joke? It's not **"You didn't have the sunscreen you thought you did"** because that could be accomplished by hiding the bottle, filling it with mayonnaise, or anything that eliminates the sunscreen from being used at all. None of these are good jokes, but if the intent was "I messed with your stuff" then at least it was achieved. The joke seems to be **"Look at how much pain you are in"**. She wanted OP out in the sun, but to SUFFER for it. That's malicious. That's not funny. That's not a joke. That's intent to ruin a trip, the whole fucking trip. We work really fucking hard for our time off. People who screw with that time do not deserve sympathy or second chances. DUMP THE BITCH


She probably wanted to use sunscreen because using anything else would have been too obvious (the texture and smell, etc). I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt and wonder if maybe she was just EXTREMELY ignorant about what a severe sunburn is like and what the potential ramifications are... I don't think it's certain from what OP wrote that she specifically relished the pain she was causing; but it does seem that she enjoyed OP's obliviousness during the sun exposure (otherwise she would have done something like what you described, and OP would not have gone about business as normal because the "prank" would have been discovered immediately). If (and unless she lives under a rock in an underground colony of some sort, I highly doubt this is possible) her idea of the worst that could happen was some redness or mild discomfort or a trivial inconvenience, then the serious red flags here (imho) are: 1) Her ignorance. If she doesn't know about sunburns, what *else* doesn't she know about??? Does she know about carbon monoxide poisoning? What would she do if she encountered an oddly warm canister emitting a mysterious glow? Being around someone like this could be dangerous! 2) If OP made it a point to communicate how important the SPF50 is and how serious getting a bad sunburn is, and she *didn't* ask questions or proceed with caution, *even when that information was contrary to what she believed/knew about sunburn severity and the serious nature of sun protection*, then she shows a lack of caution and/or an inability to adapt and recognize when her knowledge could be incomplete or incorrect... which also has a huge potential to be dangerous. Of course, if she DID know how serious the sunscreen situation was and just didn't care or, even worse, actually *wanted* OP to get skin cancer or be in a potentially life-threatening situation, then that is a DEFINITE sign that she's not the kind of person that OP (or anyone else) should be close with, let alone dating. If she's just extremely ignorant, I'd say that's also not a good sign, but maybe not (depending on circumstances and her willingness to self-educate intensively) a reason in and of itself to break up with her unequivocally. If she's malicious and/or completely unconcerned with OP's well-being, then I don't see anything that could justify staying with her. In that case, I recommend breaking up (and *not* staying friends afterwards lol).


Yea she was playing with your life as a joke now you should dump her as a life joke as well. But on a serious note someone who did that and jokes about it they are more than capable of anything btw and are much dangerous than just changing out your sun screen hope you feel better man


That's something that can permanently damage you. I would absolutely leave.


Sun damage is irreversible and there's no chance his skin hasn't been damaged from this. It may result in nothing but it will still have been damaged


You're right. I got an awful burn on my shoulders in middle school and I immediately got a crap load of freckles on them. Gotta keep an eye on them.


We had a lady come into our workplace once with a special machine that showed sun damage on your skin that wasn't visible to the naked eye, it was quite shocking to see, I don't have many freckles on my face but my face looked heavily freckled under this light. I wouldn't be one to lay out tanning either and always wear factor 50 if I am out much on a sunny day, the sun is no joke!


holy fuck RED FLAG. you need to leave this psycho if she's willing to intentionally BURN YOU. this is fucked up on many levels. This is like someone who punches a person square in the face and then says "just kidding LOL why are you mad?" fuck that. leave her.


Instead of the ice bucket challenge I dumped gasoline and lite you up with a match >.< so funny right? She is either incredibly dumb or malicious. Her laughter at the fact you got burned leads me to think she knew exactly what she was doing to a degree and maybe didn't understand the severe risks of what she did.


She’s not dumb. She’s malicious


The two are, unfortunately, not mutually exclusive.


sure but theres 0 evidence of her being dumb..


even if she didn’t understand those risks, she knew it would at least cause him to be in pain to some extent which is rly fucked up


She put you in pain for a "joke"? You should leave her tbh.


Not just a "haha you got zapped by a handshake zapper" pain, but physical agony for many days in a row.


TBH many people would probably be looking into filling civil lawsuit over this. Sunburn is no joke and this unstable maniac intentionally tried to harm you. If you're actually considering not at least breaking up with her there's something wrong with you. Jealousy is the ugliest of emotions and no, not "a lot of girls" would ever take things to this level. This person is dangerous.


not even just the sunburn, this is increasing the risk of skin cancer from uv radiation. a sunburn usually goes away within a week or 2 but cancer doesn’t work like that. i’d be pissed if this happened to me, plus the vacation was wasted being stuck in his room alone and all she had to say was “😂” what a vile person


> no, not “a lot of girls” would ever take things to this level. Even if her jealousy was not at an extreme level, people should break up with anyone with an overbearing amount of jealousy for them. I know you was just talking about this situation but I wanted to get this message out there because the OP tried to justify girls being very jealous with the “all girls are jealous lol” excuse.


And I can almost guarantee she wouldn’t think twice about going behind OPs back for some servings from someone else. They’re usually jealous because they’re afraid of other girls just like them.


Or criminal assault charges.


Yeah that’s sadistic


Yep not funny. The reverse could have been funny (like if your plan was to get super tan and you ended up still super white), but what kind of psycho thinks it's ok to intentionally give their SO a bad sunburn? Dump her ass.


Weird, you had a wife 5 months ago.....


Op is also an anti-vaxxer, it's in their profile history


Ya op is a rlly questionable person, and why is no one talking about the last line of the post???


That's on par with messing with someone's medication. Run and don't look back.


DUMPPP HER!!!! What she did is insane. I can’t even imagine what else she is capable of and I don’t think you want to stick around to find out. Please. I hope you feel better soon


She could have landed you in the hospital besides the fact she ruined your vacation you put alot of effort into planning and paying for. Dump this B.


Break up with her. She intentionally hurt you.


That is evil not funny sadistic


Know u have increased chance of developing skin cancer and your vacations ruined


Break up. That is horrible. She literally caused you bodily injury. She literally increased your chances of getting skin cancer. She literally caused you irreversible sun damage. She is a horrible person. You can do better.


This is literally physical abuse. You could have life long skin issues from a burn this bad. I can't believe you didn't wind up in the hospital for shock. This is absolutely inexcusable behavior. I don't care what her reason is. Dump this crazy person, block her on EVERYTHING, and never look back. You deserve so much better than this. What a nightmare.


Yes, that’s definitely break up worthy! I hope you’re healing up, that sounds terribly painful! But SIDE NOTE, are you cheating on her???You said you thought she was upset because you would be hooking up with other girls on the trip?? That sounds reasonable to be upset about..


In your other post you mention having a wife…???


You are not overreacting. That is malicious behavior. She's willing to physically hurt you and ruin your vacation out of jealousy.


I mean at the very least i think she wouldn't be my gf any longer. THey are either unstabe and idiot or both


As someone who already had skin cancer at age 30 I can only advise you to dump her. That’s not funny at all.


Yeah no me as female I would never do that no matter how jealous I am.


I would break up. That's not a funny joke. She put your health at risk.


That's not the only thing she will sabotage you with. Get away quick before she finds something else to "joke" about


I'm sure that what she did constitutes a criminal offence. Sunburn is no joke. She basically caused you physical harm. Dump her. You're not overreacting at all


Ya she's crazy, dude. Time to check out.


A joke would be to replace it with stronger sunscreen so you don't tan, not giving someone first degree burns and exposing them to skin cancer...


I'm on team dump, that's terrible. Get away from that bitch.


My wife Anne I like to fuck with each other for fun. She's red green colorblind and I lie to her sometimes about what color things are for fun. But you know what I've never lied to her about? Never even considered once? Traffic lights. Or anything else that would affect her health and safety. Once you start doing that, the trust is gone for good. That's what your girlfriend did.


My bf and I get in fights bc I don’t think he wears enough sunscreen!! You want a woman; not a child as a partner.


*Haha horrible painful burns and heightened risk of skin cancer* Leave her.


She is way too immature for you and harmful. Maybe she did it bc she was jealous you were traveling and she wasn't. Either way, walk away from her.


I agree. OP should go back to the wife he was posting about just a few months ago....


She's a creature, you saved and planned for this holiday for ages, she's put you at risk of fucking soon cancer and ruined your best laid plans with your friends. Okay, fair, I can understand her laughing at the situation but she's actively laughed at the suffering it's caused too, it's beyond funny and this person doesn't respect you whatsoever. Where the fuck did she even get factor 2? Get rid, kind stranger, this woman is a danger to your future contentment


how is it understandable for her to be laughing at the situation?


SPF Factor 2 is readily available. It's as effective as SPF 30 but needs to be applied MORE FREQUENTLY, so people usually don't get it for that reason.


Wow i didn't know just replacing sunscreen can have this much of an effect. I guess it's similar to giving peanuts to person who has peanut allergy. ​ That was pretty serious OP, and you are suffering the consequences. Physical pain and prolonged suffering is an injury. she gave you an injury as a prank. I don't know how deep she thought into this. But the damage caused is way too much.


Best case she’s dumb as they come; move on from her


Omg! I’m so sorry OP that happened to you and that your vacation was also ruined. This is some psychotic stuff for sure. You need to rethink I guess.


So she did that knowing that you could get really bad sunburns, infection, and a higher risk of skin cancer. Your not overreacting, she clearly did it so you would not hook up with some other girl. Dump her and dont give her a second chance


Wtf, that is a bit psychopathic


That's a big NO from me dog, you don't have a girlfriend anymore


Break up with her. She just demonstrated that she doesn't care about your wishes or your wellbeing. She's prepared to put your safety (both long and short term) at risk for a "joke". She doesn't care about the money you spent or the time you arranged to get some time with your friends. Is this really someone you can imagine a future with? When you're home, get any stuff you've left at her place. Then, explain to her that her jealous and irresponsible behaviour has caused you to no longer see a future with her. If she can't see why her behaviour was so wrong then you can add immaturity to the list and move on with your head held high. Even if she apologises, you should move on with your head held high. An apology in that scenario is just a manipulation tactic to keep you where she wants you.


As a person with very pale skin as well: I am the 5% of people who get HELLS ITCH if you know what that is I’m VERY SORRY! It’s NO JOKE, thankfully I’ve only had it twice in my life… but I’ll never forget it. If my girlfriend said caused me such pain and agony on purpose, I would definitely be questioning her love for me, thankfully she is the complete opposite and buys my sunscreen for me and puts it on me (as an act of love language 😂) and I thank her x9000000 for that. So… I guess what I’m saying is, as a pale person, your ideal soul mate is.. *checks my books* someone who is willing to prevent your pain not cause it.


> She replied with the cry laugh emoji 😂 she said that she swapped out my factor 50 and replaced it with factor 2 for a joke. > I feel she did this as she was jealous I’d be hooking up with other girls whilst away from her. I'd be worried that if you broke up with her remotely while still on your vacation that she would then vandalize your car or something before you got home.


Yes! Absolutely a deal breaker in my humble opinion. How would she like chili sauce on her tampons? This is 5th grade bs. Also, not all girls are jealous, not the mature ones, anyways. She ruined your vacation, increased your risk for skin cancer, and you coul have ended up in the ER. That’s too careless and mean spirited for my liking. Find better. Good luck!


When my partner goes on a trip with his friends, I always make sure to remind him that he takes his lip balm. His lips get super dry, almost painful without it. Partners are supposed to care about each other, not cause intentional harm.


I know the fact it's sunscreen makes it feel like it's not big deal , but the fact that she was so calculated and even wanted to do that to you is a MASSIVE red flag , not much love and respect will come from her by the sounds of it , just dump her , that was a very weird uncalled for prank , that says a lot about her personality


She turned you into the red flag with her red flag behavior. That’s a horrible thing to do to anyone and signs of a cruel personality.


Mistake number 1.. being fared skin and laying in the sun for 6 hours. Do you think sun factor 50 would really help? Other than that, you should break up with her because that’s just mean.


Oh HELL NAW!!! TBH I would be pursuing criminal charges and so obviously she would be an EX. There’s not any plane of existence nor alternate dimensions that exists in which any sane human would consider this to be a “funny joke”. As a fellow pale person- what she did is increase your chance of skin cancer several times over, put you intentionally in a a situation in which severe and completely AVOIDABLE pain was inflicted upon you from head to toe, cost you thousands of dollars by ruining your trip and from sounds of your description of the symptoms you experienced, this went far beyond a sunburn and into sun POISONING territory. Fuckkkkk her. Dump her& absolutely have her arrested.


This is assault. Please don't stay with her.


If a significant other truly loves and cares for you, they would not be jeopardizing your health. 100% an absolute dealbreaker… why would seeing you in pain be funny by any means?


This sound like tampering with your sunscreen might be a criminal act. I would talk to the authorities. Sun poisoning is a real thing. Keep the text as proof.




That's cruel of her. Leaving her for this is certainly NOT an overreaction.


this is something worth breaking up after, like she went out of her way to do this and thought it was funny. i feel like people like this do stupid shit bc they think people think it’s funny but in reality we all kno they’re stupid. for example, honking ur car at a drive thru. mad disrespectful to the people working inside. or bumping into someone while they carry drinks or something just so they drop it.


That’s probably illegal. Definitely dump her. As a mom just knowing one bad sunburn increases your risk for skin cancer exponentially my LO always looks like the Michelin man at the pool/splash pads. And she’s mixed so I doubt she would burn easily.


Holy shit ur girlfriend is a fucking psycho. this is definitely a valid reason to break up


She deliberately hurt you and that is not okay. Dump her ass.


No. She intentionally gave you sunburn. You have every right to be mad


Dump and run, but not before she pays for your ruined vacation.


lol as a female that gets jealous, this is actually psychotic and you need to leave her wtf


She's a maniac, dump her and sue her. She's an awful person. Let that psycho go.


OP. I am hypersensitive to the sun, meaning I get rashes/faint if I'm in the sun for too long and I will mostly likely develop skin cancer. The sun is no joke and you should most definitely break up.


She needs to be gone. This was not a joke. You could have been hospitalized because of this. Also, depending on where you live, sunscreen at 110 is available.


That is so fucked up. Honestly I’d never think of doing HARM to a partner.


Fuck that, dump the bitch. That's not even funny in the slightest


Also, I know this isn't the most important thing, but it's important to reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours because its efficacy wears off. Anyway, with that shit she pulled, you have every right to get a restraining order let alone dump her!


Sunburns and sun sickness are NO JOKE. A small sunburn can easily make you sick. You sound like me, I burn very easily in the sun without 50spf lotion. Sunburns that bad can cause melanomas down the road. I find this "joke" to definitely be the end of my relationship if I were you. I hope you feel better soon. Stay hydrated!


Please ask her which part of this was supposed to be funny. Like, really play dumb. Ask - "I am just not getting it, can you explain again?" "Was it the ruined vacation or the pain and suffering that was meant to be funny?" Also, break up with her.


Not funny at all. She caused you serious pain and injury as a joke?


This girl is toxic and harmful to you. Leave her. She purposely hurt you. This is no longer a joke. This relationship is physically putting you in danger.


Being jealous and swapping out sun screen for something virtually useless in the sun are 2 different things. You can DIE from heat stroke and sun burn in NO joke. Break up with her shes crazy


This is not okay, a joke should never put your health and well-being in any risk. I am sorry this happened to you :(


You do know that basically she assaulted you by doing this?




To do so by spite and jealousy is messed up and absolutely dangerous. Skin cancer, insulations and sunburns are really no joke. This is malicious of her and you need to get out of this relationship.


> Not sure what to do, is this something to break up over or am I overreacting? you have recieved reddit veredict, now ask your body


That was really malicious of her and a mean and dangerous thing to do. But even with factor 50 you absolutely shouldn’t lie in the sun for such a long time, especially not right in the beginning of a sunny vacation and with a fair skin type.


“What’s the joke here?! That I get skin cancer? That my parents have to mourn my blistered corpse? Is that the joke? On my parents?” - Tim Robinson


She’s still your girlfriend? This person sounds like a horrible person and you sound like a sweetheart I’m a 29 yr old female and never in a million, billion, trillion years do that to my bf (if I had one lololl) That’s not funny, it’s sick and demented I very much hope you tell her off and never see that witch ever again You deserve soooo much more than that


She literally REVERSE POISONED you. She is CRAZY. Next time, it'll be boiling a bunny. Watch Fatal Attraction if you don't get the reference. You'll know what I mean. Just ghost her and move on. For your own safety!


Only 6 months? Dump the hoe pronto


Anyone who knows.. anything, should know that sunscreen is extremely important for preventing skin cancer, severe burns and scarring. Dump her. Find yourself a girl who won’t jeopardize your safety at all, *especially* for a “joke.” Find someone intelligent and sensitive enough to care about your well-being and look out for you.


I guess potentially giving someone skin cancer is a joke?


HUGE walking red flag! She endangered your health, she risked permanent skin damage and skin cancer risk! Dump her! Any person willing to do such a thing is just psycho, thinking it's funny 😡


You've been with your girlfriend for 6 months but your wife had dinner with her ex...4 months ago? I see you've deleted that post but it's not particularly hard to find. If this is even remotely true, what she (gf) did is fucked up and not just a harmless prank. It's definitely cause for concern. What's next swap out your meds if you have plans with friends that don't include her?


Dump that hoe, she’s for the streets.


Haha I just gave you a little skin cancer! Isn't that funny? 😂


She's a fucking psycho, next she'll swap your medication as a joke, then start adding heavy metals to your meals for shots and giggles. Dump her. What a cruel thing to do. She just didn't want you enjoying yourself, cuz what? She was jealous? Fucken dump her.


Haha I just gave you a little skin cancer! Isn't that funny? 😂


Dump your shitty, abusive girlfriend, jesus H


I personally wouldn't dump my gf for this. I understand it's irresponsible and extremely harmful and overall a terrible prank. I would dump or not dump her over her reaction to learning I was burnt badly. If she brushes it off or defends herself in the slightest then it's over. We all fuck up and are stupid from time to time.


there are more red flags in this post then there were during the russian revolution. Dump her asap!!


I would definitely break up with someone like that. Sounds like you got sun poisoning especially because you’re so fair skinned. Sun poisoning can kill people. That’s not a laughing matter. Have you talked to her and told her what happened to you? Did she show any remorse? If she was apologetic I might write it off if I felt she was worth staying with in some other areas. If not I would end it.


Sabotaging someone's PPE is a really REALLY weird thing to do. The "joke" depends on the fact you got burned. She hurt you for fun. I'd break up.


🚩 Run. First of all, her being jealous isn’t great. She’s telling you she doesn’t entirely trust you. And swapping the sunscreen? That’s seriously dangerous. That’s not a silly prank. She also admitted in text that she did something that caused you serious physical harm. Do with that last sentence what you will, but do _not_ give her a second chance to hurt you.


What a psychopath!! Break up with her. That is straight up abuse. I have a hard time believing she can be so stupid as to not know she was physically hurting you with that "prank." I'm in shock. Please leave her, holy shit. I have pale skin and red hair and if a man did this to me I would interpret it as a physical attack on my body because it is. I am so sorry


Skin cancer is no joke. I would dump her asap. Jokes and pranks are fine, a ruined 4day vacation and increased cancer risk is not a prank.


It was more than mean, it was abuse. End the relationship.


She is a Sadist


A real nice girl would find you factor 70. This is just cruel.