My teacher said I have “had more chocolate than Willy Wonka” because all of my girlfriends have been black and now the school is a war-zone.

My teacher said I have “had more chocolate than Willy Wonka” because all of my girlfriends have been black and now the school is a war-zone.


Reddit, please don’t take the bait. This is what we call a Shitpost.


Kinda dickish move to make a shitpost on an advice subreddit since you know there's gonna be people that take it seriously and waste their time coming up with real advice...


Yeah man I hate seeing that- people spend time writing detailed paragraphs with both advice and sympathy on a post that’s unfortunately clearly fake


How can we tell it's fake?


I'm kind of out of the loop with this stuff. What's OP's motivation for this post and what is really a shitpost


I’d say a shitpost is a fake post meant to get easy upvotes or easy downvotes


I wouldn’t say that’s what a shitpost is. I think a shitpost is a low quality post, intentional or or not.


There really is little motivation to making the post other than highlighting a point of contention & being the catalyst for a shitshow of conflicting opinions. The one thing OP probably didn’t lie about is being in high school


This is ripe copypasta material




Yeah my thoughts exactly


Bummer, I just noticed that too.


I mean if it’s real it’s kinda insane that OP is so causal about it but also that a teacher of all things would say that and not a student?


All the positive comments seem to be getting downvoted. Hmmm,. - Casual when the school is ready to implode over it...no explanation of how everyone knew what the teacher said and no comments about parents. This doesn’t seem real. Plus the OP has one post. Username has “chad” in it. Edit: new account as of a few minutes before post.


yeah he just made his account today lol


maybe it was a throwaway


bruh his name is "chadextra".


Can't believe so many others are taking it seriously lol


His name is ChadExtra as well. Definitely taking a piss.


Hear hear


"I am white but my preference for black girls has become well known at my school." that is an...interesting sentence


People will get defensive, but for real now. Dating multiple girls to the point you're calling them your "Black girls" as if they're a collective, and they all happen to be one race? What do we call this?


To be honest , and i am sorry if i offend anyone but... I don't really see how it is racist to say "black girls"... I wouldn't interpret it as "some sort of collective".. It just tells me they have darker skin than white girls amd there is nothing wrong with that...treating the topic like like that, for me at least, just looks like it's dividing races even more (wich is not the goal.. The goal is for racism to cease to exist) .. I can understand if it would have been the n word but what is wrong with stating skin color? People can habe different skin colors. .. so it shouldn't matter if someone says "black girl/s" or "white girl/s" etc. ... Sorry if that sounds confusing..it's very late and I'm just trying to understand why its such an extremly huge deal even now Please educate me if you wish and i apologize again for accidently offending someone (i know that this is a very sensetive topic from what i gathered) If i misunderstood anything please tell me and i'll apologize for that too.


I think it was the line > I would die for my black girls


Ouh... I can see how one might interpret it as racist. But my question still stands, i think. Thanks for showing me


What is wrong with stating skin color? Nothing. I think that was your question, right? Further, do I think OP is racist? No. Do I think he has a fetish? Possibly. Do I think there is a difference? Slightly. A fetish, or "preference", can still have negative implications and can still be very harmful and obectifying and dehumanizing even though it comes from "a place of desire".


I still don’t really understand why it’s *racist* in particular. Sure, it’s a weird ass and maybe wrong thing to say but still confused. Is it because he’s kind belittling and generalizing a group?


>Is it because he’s kind belittling and generalizing a group? But he's not though, sounds more like he's fetishizing, which isn't necessarily racist. It's either he's a dumbass, or this is 100% fake. Nobody really talks like this y'know?


Someone else brought to my attention that comparing a group of people to food is a bit degrading, and that really put it into perspective for me! I would agree with you that it’s probably fake BUT a high school teacher in a relatively-close district to me told a student to lick her where she farts... so... it’s certainly not impossible.


> it’s probably fake BUT a high school teacher in a relatively-close district to me told a student to lick her where she farts... so... it’s certainly not impossible. God damn. I guess, shit.


There isn't anything racist about saying "black girls" or "black" or stating any skin tone or having a racial preference in romance/sex. However seeing as this *seems* like a shitpost that "Chad" just wants to brag about how many girlfriends they have, that they wrote "*my* black girls," that he seems to be subtly implying that black people are rioting and being violent towards the whole school because of the comment by the teacher and that racial fetishism is a real thing... Things are looking a little iffy. OP, I don't understand what advice you are looking for?


It wasn't the "black girls" part they were talking about but how you put "my" before it


No I agree, and even though the concept of race is stupid sometimes, society made it so It's kinda necessary to use those words. You were fine. When OP says "my black girls" it treats them as a possession. Especially since women face a lot of oppression from scenerios like this, the wording on OP's side wasn't great


I don't understand either. It's normal way to tell about the preference. I'd never date anyone except for my lovely yellow boys (preferably Japanese), for example. And some yellow men have an avid love for darker/ dark skin. It's just what your DNA telling you to fuck so this isn't really racial. Maybe ppl are overreacting since this is about blacks and whites, and this could sound like slavery owning if they're a sensitive soul. 🤔


We call it racism, but the acceptable kind. If you want to date or have sex with a narrow range of people, that's OK because sexual preference trumps everything else. If OP was preferentially choosing colleagues at work because he liked their skin color better, that would be Bad racism. But doing it with girlfriends is Acceptable racism.


In other words, a fetish?


You like thin girls you fucking thin fetishizer?! See you can do that about anything. Everything's a thing. Not just what someone thinks is weird.


Yes, there is a thin fetish. There is a fetish for everything. There was an episode of *my 600 pound life* where a wife and mother was trying to lose weight so she could stay alive. Her life expectancy was like 5 years, she was almost immobile, she was in great pain and suffering and above all else this was something she desperately wanted and was passionate about. Her husband obviously had a fat fetish and so he was angry at her for trying to lose weight, he tried sabotaging her and they ended up having to divorce. There is nothing wrong with preferences, the problem comes about when you objective people and only see them as your preference. In the case above he just saw his wife as fat. When she was trying not to be he no longer had interest in his wife and mother of his child. But she was and is more than what she weighs.


I just like it when they smell nice, is that a fetish?




I just really like a soft and nice smelling partner but that's literally my only requirement. All races are welcome, and I think it's fun to date outside of mine. Doesn't happen super often, but I'm pretty old compared to most people here.


there is nothing wrong with preference. it is weird to say, “i like my black girls” like it’s a fetish. don’t fetishize skin. that’s weird, nothing wrong with PREFERENCE, to be clear.


That has nothing to do with racism, it is just people's preference.


If I choose to work with people of only one particular skin color, is that then just my preference also? How about when choosing housemates?


friends and colleague are different, you don’t need to love them for the rest of your life. It will be racism if he doesn’t want to work with certain color. OP Prefer to date black girls, just like how some want to date people that are tall, he doesn’t say he hates other race, is just his preference is black first. If you think that is a type of racism than everyone that married is racist because they pick one color over other. No it’s not it’s just his preference STOP putting racism in every situation, doesn’t matter if is good or bad racism, nothing to do with racism at all


OK, I think maybe I hear you saying that racial preferences are racism when institutionalized (applied by a group or organization), and on an individual level if a person is causing harm to someone based on race, and if a person has a benefit (a job, service or product) they withhold from another person because of race. But that choosing whom to marry or have sex with or spend time with, on the basis of race, is not racism but a personal preference. I could go along with that. I suspect there are many who wouldn't, though.


Okay, idk what type of life OP lives, but there are definitely different types of fetishists. Let me give examples 1) "Dates" Black women (ie, has casual relationships with many Black women that tend to last less than six months). Talks about how much they love Black women and make a b-line when he sees her at a party. Ends up only being in committed, long term relationships with non-Black women despite the large dating pool. This fetishist likes Black women sexually but doesn't see them as actual partners. Not the women he's with- Black women as a group. 2) This guy thinks Black women are hot, sexy, confident, strong, ethereal. He has an idea of what Black women are like and the ones who aren't like that are rachet hoes. He holds Black women to an impossible standard and expects that from "all" his women 3) This guy likes Black women. Until they start talking about race. He wants to marry a Black woman so long as she isn't so vocal about race all the time. It doesn't matter to him, so why should he have to hear about it? He likes his Black women "uncomplicated." 4) This guy is down for the cause. He goes to marches, supports BLM, etc. He thinks the struggle of the Black woman is inspiring and fascinating and adds to her sexiness. He gets to see discrimination through her eyes and it's opened up a world he's never seen before. He gets to experience oppression by proxy and bang someone with so much history of anger and injustice. It's hot. And he gets pats on the back for being an ally too, which is such a boost. He finds a Black woman's struggle to be part of her sex appeal. There are many other examples and you can gender swap too, of course


the way it was worded was a lil racist tho. we can all agree. saying “i like my black girls” is weird as shit 0-0


A fetish.


A fetish is a borderline mental health issue, meaning it can fall under paraphilic disorder. If he has a fetish, that means he can only be sexually gratified by his fetish, in this case, women of color. It’s just a preference if he can be sexually gratified by women of different races.


That’s… not what a fetish is at all, please go read about it or something.


"I'd die for my black girls" As in he loves black girls. As a collective. Are you stupid




As in everyone of my girlfriends has been black.


My little brother is the same and only dates POC. Everyone has a type or a preference. It’s not a fetish.


well it definitely can be a fetish. dating someone because they are X is much different than dating someone who happens to be black.


Anything can be a fetish if you sexualize it.


I’ve asked... As per his words, he finds women of color to be attractive/more attractive than white women. He also said if he met the right woman and she happened to be white, that it would be ok. So no, not a fetish.


no judgement here dude.


It’s a fetish lol. You’re not on the receiving end, but its a fetish.


It’s definitely a fetish


It would only be a fetish if he said "Ebony"


That's the only requirement?


I wouldn't know. I don't fetishize POC lmao


You can understand how fetishization works without being the perpetrator. It's actually for the best so that you can spot problematic behavior


wats POC


It means person/people of color.




I'm a white girl who has only really dated white guys... Is that fetishizing white guys? I think putting a negative connotation on someone only when they have a preference for dating outside their race could get slippery... Yes, sometimes it can be a creepy/fetish thing, but I don't think there's anything that OP has said to raise alarm bells. Having a preference for black girls is similar to a lot of men having preference for women with a healthy weight. In a perfect world looks wouldn't matter, but the world isn't perfect and there's nothing wrong with finding black ladies attractive.


Welcome to 2021, whatever you say is an insult or offense…


Hey, that's offensive


Hey woah! Simmer down there buddy.


Hey, you getting offended offense me!


Everyone has their preferences, nothing wrong with that. This is not a fetish.


Agreed. Likewise, I fetishize people that I enjoy being around and share my values. I'm a real kinky bastard.


You that’s nasssstyyy


Kinda like someone only liking blondes w/blue eyes or liking a guy w/height? It’s ridiculous to say it’s a fetish - it’s not out of normal/healthy behavior (your thinking kinda is).


No it’s not.


Kinda sounds like his fucking preference.


You don’t know what a fetish is if you see it that way.


As a black guy about 7 years out of high school I find this premise absolutely hilarious . Why’d your teacher think that was okay😂 then again, my school wasn’t much better I. That regard, it just never resulted in a war zone. I think the BLM sticker is cool and all but more of a publicity stunt. I also would be careful when explaining your dating history/preference as some can see this as a fetishized intrigue rather than genuine appreciation. I don’t take it that way but it can be easy for others to. As for how to proceed, just stick with your girl and explain it wasn’t you who made the comment, maybe brush up on some history and culture show your support beyond wanting to be with a black person. Also how have you been affected by this? I mean the teacher and others who were not even involved have been confronted in some way or another but what about you and your girlfriend? Has anything happened like that to you two like your car being vandalized or has anyone even confronted you directly since then? School is also just about out around this time yeah? Could also be people giving less fucks because of that too.


Yeah, I’m half black and half white, and I find this fucking hilarious. Teacher definitely needs a day-or-two of diversity training, but he shouldn’t lose his job.


I mean what diversity training? Why would someone even comment on their students dating history or even make an inappropriate comment like that?


Well, for one, diversity training will teach you not to call your Black students ‘chocolate.’


Sad someone needs diversity training to know that. Sucks even to read further in comments that people do not even see the problem.


Guys your responding as if this shit is real 🤣 It’s so dumb with the undertones of, “People are overreacting racism these days!!” in their fake ass story.


I think wearing BLM armands will only make things worse; if people are being attacked to and from school, the armbands might make you and your gf a target. Also, it’ll just provoke people to pester you about it


Its a troll.


I hope so


I got to the end and read the arm band thing. That’s what gave it away for me.


I mean, I know people who would do it


There is something to the way a post like this is written where the chain of events is so absurd/does not make sense you can call it out. "and then everybody clapped" type of vibe


Totally agree


I mean they do only have one post so probably


The arm band part was a dead giveaway to me. Also a teacher would never say that unless they literally give no shits about their job


If this were real, it would be on the news and in the newspapers.


>I would die for my black girls. I get what you're trying to do, but that phrasing is weird tbh


It’s almost as bad as calling them all Willy Wonka’s chocolate. Ick


Yep! They're not your collection of girls.


it's just a fucking joke. cmon y'all, lighten up a bit.


Maybe when talking about race the phrase "lighten up" isnt the best word choice 😂


I for sure though this was a copypasta.


That’s an inappropriate joke for a teacher to make and should face consequences


Someone wanna explain why this isn't the top comment? It's been a few days since I went "the fuck?" audibly


>Someone wanna explain why this isn't the top comment? Because the post is most likely a troll. If this story was real, you'd probably hear about it from the news and not from a reddit account younger than X Æ A-12


Ya...it's...bizarre. A grown adult man has made a comment on a teenager's sexual history. Yikes. Even if you want to take it really easy on this teacher, it's at least a suspendin'


Dating doesn't necessarily involve sex. Why would you call this "sexual history"? The more accurate name would be "history of attraction" or "dating preferences".


The “had more” clinches it for me


Couldn’t “had more” refer to the amount of girlfriends or something?? Not necessarily sexual encounters, at least that’s how I see it


Imagine believing this story. Lmao.


It's pretty funny


Not really, that’s a creepy and weird thing to say to a teenager


As a teacher, maybe it's creepy. I'll give you that; The comment itself is funny, IMO.


It's maybe a 4/10 joke. A solid 4/10 but still a 4/10.


It’s not really funny for the girl, especially if she’s got some self respect. It’s degrading to say that. I’m def thinking you’re not all that good with the ladies.....


I mean maybe if that was the teachers personal friend but to a student? Really?


Yeah no. Its racist and sexualizing teenagers.


I don’t understand why it’s racist, can you elaborate? I’m not being facetious, genuinely trying to understand. I see why it’s incredible inappropriate and degrading, but why racist?


Because you are reducing black girls to a food- and that ties into the whole "consumption of black women" trope that is really common in how society discusses black women. It also has some symbolic ties to dominance and slavery (eating another being dominance in nature and chocolate being tied to slavery, and the phrasing usually being sexual) Also theres like an entire thing in literature about how much black women hate being described as food for that reason and others- and idk about you but my rule is "if a marginalized group tells me something bothers them I will avoid it," so to me describing black women thay way is racist- especially in the context of implying a teen girl is another teens sexual conquest. This post about it was my starting point on the subject and explains it better than i can. https://writingwithcolor.tumblr.com/post/95955707903/skin-writing-with-color-has-received-several


Wow I didn’t know a lot of that. Thanks for this info!!


Great fanfic, op.


Oof. You almost had a friend until the "I would die for my black girls" Here's some advice, never say that again.




Find something better to do with your time instead of trying to bait people just so you can feel relevant. You can critique people all you want, but you're the loser making a stupid fake post to stir up something people are ultimately going to forget about anyway.


"my black girls" yikes.


It’s bullshit. Dude is trolling. His account is barely a day old.




Dude’s account is less then 1 day old and named “ChadExtra”. Yeah, I’d say he’s trolling right now.


This is the fakest thing in a while


"I love my black girls" Cringe.


Than you slayed the dragon and freed the kingdom


Fake shitpost is fake, more at 7.


Very inappropriate comment from a teacher but why are other teachers getting vandalized? If the school took the appropriate measure I’m not understanding what the other teachers have to do with it? I do t really see a problem with wearing BLM armbands, but I don’t understand how that would stop whatever is going on.


It's part of group think. If you're part of the same group as the offender, you're the enemy. I mean students are being attacked too. I can only guess the attacks are based of their race or them not "standing" with the BLM stuff


Fake as hell, and if it wasn’t theres so many disgusting things wrong with OP and other things


Shitpost for sure. But also if this is legit, you’re fetishizing black women


Your teacher is based


I might get shredded (and views on racism are probably very different on my contry) , but why is that comment in particular seen as so inappropriate? Is it because it objectifies girls by comparing them to chocolate or is it because teachers shouldn't comment on a student's relationship in the first place? Genuinely asking.


A shitpost copypasta. I'm learning more about Reddit everyday




Lmao. Definitely as 100% true story. How many have died in the war so far?


“ChadExtra”, new account. Shitpost much?


Why are all these people so sure it's fake? I don't understand lol. I'm fairly new on here so enlighten me please


Why do u have a preference for black girls


Ah cringe inappropriate joke vs Violent vandalising property. Somebody needs to chill down and learn to take a joke.


I agree it was cringe inappropriate more so than malicious. Teacher shouldn’t get off saying things like that scott free bc he/she should know better but this backlash against people not even involved is ridiculous.


the problem is some ppl use jokes to hurt ppl.


The problem is some use Violence to physically hurt people. Which version is more harmful and dangerous?


yep, native Americans were almost wiped out back then due to racism.




Also small pox


"strongest" lol


"I wasn’t offended, cause it is true, I would die for my black girls." Unintentional, but the phrasing just made me laugh out loud. ​ Yeah the teacher should be in trouble.


If your teacher thinks making jokes like that is appropriate, he should probably change careers because his judgement and common sense sucks balls. I wouldn’t want him around my kids.


I don't understand, why are you considering wearing armbands? Are you two somehow being blamed for this? Also who is attacking who and for what reason?


this is definitely not real, your teacher would have been instantly fired


Can't wait for the Netflix version of this


I'm not black nor white so I can't really judge, but honestly I didn't feel it's racist? like, chocolate is a sweet thing that everybody loves isn't it? My friend tells me that her brother calls her nutella because she has a dark skin which is cute imo..


Don't wearan armband for any reason ever to express politics, especially because an adult made an in appropriate joke. It's his issue to deal with it. You're a kid. Enjoy your life


YOU do not need to do anything. The teacher made a very inappropriate and unprofessional comment, and is facing consequences for it. YOU did not cause this. The teacher did. You didn't ask for this. This is a result of the teacher's actions and theirs alone. The actions of other students are also their own responsibility. Not yours. You did not ask for those things to happen either. You do not need to do anything to fix this because this was never your fault in the first place. It is on your school's administration now to deal with any other behavior concerns. All you need to do is continue living your life. I recommend laying low, just focus on your school stuff. If you want to support BLM, you can. I don't think it will necessarily do anything about this situation. But its up to you. Just know that there's nothing that you NEED to do about it.


A teacher commenting on a students lovelife is incredibly inappropriate, not to mention the racial theme.


You would die for your black girls?? I can't get past that to even respond LOL. Im not saying it's laughable to die for another person or a black person but wtf dude? Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill either. It is something to take a stance against 100%, wear the armbands! But...the chocolate comment is comical. Don't give unneed energy to this. The reason I say that is bc, those that are racist know they will get backlash. They WANT that reaction from you! They love the fight. Fight it in a way that cuts off their energy source. That's what shuts down trolls and bigots.


“My black girls” cringe lmao


⠀⠀⠀⠀⣠⠖⠒⠒⢒⠒⠖⠒⠒⠶⠒⠒⠒⠲⠤⠤⣀⡀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⡴⠁⠀⢐⢈⠢⠈⠐⠒⢂⠀⠉⠀⠤⠉⠁⠌⠀⠙⢢⠀⠀ ⠀⢀⣼⠁⠀⠀⠁⣡⢴⣶⡖⠦⣄⠀⠀⠀⢀⣀⡤⣄⠁⠀⠘⢆⠀ ⡰⡛⢡⠖⠒⠦⣄⣉⣩⠝⠉⠑⠚⠁⠀⠘⡟⠉⠉⠉⣀⣀⣀⠄⣳ ⡇⠇⡇⠤⣞⠲⢤⣀⠀⠠⠤⢠⢖⣀⠀⠀⠙⣦⡀⠉⠁⣆⠀⢄⣻ ⠙⣔⡈⠀⠘⣶⢤⣯⡉⠓⠲⡬⢬⣀⣀⣒⣚⣁⣀⡤⣞⣿⠀⢰⠃ ⠀⠈⢣⠀⠀⠈⢦⡏⠙⠻⢾⣦⣤⣤⣧⣤⣽⣥⣬⣧⣾⣾⠀⢸⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠳⣄⢀⠀⠙⠢⣄⡏⠀⠈⢹⠙⠛⡟⠛⡟⡻⢻⡽⠀⢸⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠓⢤⣀⠄⠂⠍⡉⠒⠚⠒⠒⠓⠚⠒⠋⢉⠀⠀⢸⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠙⠲⢬⣀⠘⠃⠀⠠⠤⠀⠀⠈⠠⠀⠁⣸⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠉⠓⠒⠦⠤⢄⣀⣀⣀⠤⠖⠁⠀


why would anyone think that comment was OK?


I think its fine. As he says, its well known he has been dating only black girls and depending on the dynamic between him and the teacher its not too crazy to say it. Wonder what the conversation before that was - doubt the teacher just said it out of nowhere. The reaction is disproportionate to what actually happened.


This is kinda my reaction too. It doesn’t sound malicious to me, and definetly not racist. More of a slightly edgy comment that a fun teacher would make to a popular student - underlining the fact that OP is famous for dating lots of black girls. I get that teenagers (I assume) are emotional, but what in this could possibly be a justifiable reason to riot?


>depending on the dynamic between him and the teacher This should never be the dynamic between teacher and student. Ever.




He probably shouldn’t due to being in high school, along because all it’s going todo is cause more drama then there already is


This is jokes man, props to your teacher he's got a sense of humour!!


Korean here no that won't help wearing BLM propaganda bands will only incite more anger and violence


Whom you date is none of anyone’s business, let alone your teacher.


And how does one teacher's comment lead to other teachers and students being attacked? Lol what


it is just hilarious. i wouldn't consider that to be an insult or inappropriate or racist since you would *die* for black women. how did it even explode? tell your girl to calm down, this isn't even an issue.


School principal. He would be gone from my school. Never coming back.


Teacher fucked up yes he said a joke he should’ve not said but vandalism on random ppl thats too far


The OPs account is only 7 hours old. FYI!!!!


Lmfao that's golden. Rude, but golden.


My teacher said this to me once too,but he was referring to a different type of chocolate Anyhow, I think you should just stay chill about the whole thing now as you are already. People like to take things to far sometimes. I'm don't think you should show support for this bc the teacher isn't racist. Hopefully it will blow over soon. I can say I find it super annoying when teachers say that shit though ;)


To everyone commenting on him saying "I'd die for my black girls" or the willy Wonka comment who gives a fuck? Honestly. Dude likes the way black chicks look, are we so "woke" now that we can't acknowledge what turns us on and what doesn't. I mean it's a pretty inappropriate thing for a teacher to say but to turn the school into a war zone seems outlandish.


Your teacher sounds hilarious. Why can't people just lighten up?


I mean maybe if OP was the teachers personal friend or acquaintance. But to students who’s a minor not very appropriate.


Inappropriate joke definitely but I wouldn't go wearing armbands that support a terrorist organization. Just be honest during the investigation and hopefully the teacher faces disciplinary action. Edit: so supporting disciplinary action against someone being openly racist but condemning a group that has caused billions in damages to cities across america including hundreds of black owned businesses isnt ok. This is why I hate reddit.


ok there Pizzagate


They've robbed packages, burnt houses, held violent riots & trashed stores. I'd say that qualifies as terrorism when it's an ideology that puts fear in those who don't allign with their views...


[https://time.com/5886348/report-peaceful-protests/](https://time.com/5886348/report-peaceful-protests/) 90% plus of BLM have been peaceful. If BLM is a terrorist organization then by that logic, police are terrorists too.


No one is denying we need police reform in this country but you dont see the police rioting, looting, burning the country down.


You’re moving the goalposts. Fact is, the vast majority of BLM are peaceful


The vast majority of cops are good people and havent killed anyone


Ya, and the vast majority of BLM hasn’t caused any damage. Hence the news story that 93% have been peaceful. Come on man, get on the trolly


Cops have the highest percentage of domestic violence in professions. Most cops are ego driven dicks that have had little to no training.


Its because most cops are ex football players and jocks. They were Chads who were given authority. I think the training should be more military based, beat the ego out of them.


BLM set a city on fire last year, avoid that mess. Tell whoever is in charge that it's true, you prefer black girls, thought her joke was silly, but harmless. None of this was offensive and people getting so butthurt about words is only a bad sign.


On one hand the teacher should have known better on the other hand the vandalism is out of line and kind of a ridiculous response


Also I chuckled a little when I heard the joke...


That would be a hilarious joke for a friend to say to you in private but it's completely inappropriate for a teacher to say that to a student. My advice is for you to let the teacher learn his lesson here.


The joke itself is funny.. but 100% inappropriate for a teacher to say to a student. That’s more something you joke about with your good friends. He definitely needs diversity training and maybe a multicultural psych class to help him understand why jokes like that can backfire. Also, I’m a white female.. and I date primarily Asian men. My friends make jokes about it all the time but I’d be weirded out if someone I’m not close with thought it would be ok to joke about.


Race baiting topic in Advice? My advice to you is to **STOP RACE BAITING!**