What should I do after my bf drunkingly said another girl is a better fuck than me?

What should I do after my bf drunkingly said another girl is a better fuck than me?


Baby no skin pics are gonna put in you what you need. Neither is being this fuck boys best lay. What you are lacking here is some goddamned self respect. You are 25. You should not be dating a man who's friends are asking how good a fuck you are. That is some creepy shit. He also should not entertain that shit period and especially while he thinks you are sleeping in the same room. You are not an object. You are a person. Worthy of respect. Who's worth is NOT in her appearance or fuckability. For what it is worth I am sure you are gorgeous and fantastic at sex but it's a hill of beans if the man you are with can't see it/won't see it/undercut you when he thought you couldn't hear. So stop playing. Stop low blowing. Stop posting pics to make someone who has proven he ain't worth it jealous. Find yourself someone who makes you feel special.


Thank you this really helps. I’m practicing self love everyday now and going on runs and journaling which has been helping


Cool! You are a dynamite woman. Don't let anyone tear you down.


Sorry to say but thats a done deal. If he brought it up to his friend its something he thinks about from time to time. From a mans persoective i would expect you to be breaking up with me if u told me u heard that.


Fellow lady. I know some guys may say. Hey whatever let it go bro talk. But I understand that it may make you feel insecure and hurt, more than you know. I’m sure your bf would the same if you starting comparing him to someone else. However he’s def an ass for that. The whole bit about not remembering... his first mistake is not owning up and just apologizing. He could of at least apologized and said it was inappropriate to bring up or something. Anyways. I understand you feel insecure with yourself and that might of really hurt you. But reacting this way will not help. And it will end up hurting you more than him. Have a long conversation about how that makes you feel. Work it out. Don’t go this route. (Also your bf has no control over what you post. None of his business in my opinion that’s not what I’m saying here. But because you’re doing it to spite him it makes it unhealthy.) I think this is fixable. By communicating. Do not be downed by his drunken words. But also if it hurts you. Don’t just bury it. Address it.


Honestly he could have been acting cool because his friends were there. Alcohol messes with your head and makes you say cringe shit. I get drunk and talk out of my ass all the time. Why do u think people get drunk and sleep with ugly people and then regret it in the morning? I wouldnt worry about that at all. Dont let it hurt u girl. He loves you.


That’s what my therapist suggested. He hasn’t seen this friend in almost a year and maybe when he was drunk he was taken back to a time where they had locker room talk. I was honestly surprised with the amount of comments saying he does remember saying it. I really believe he doesn’t remember but still, why did his subconscious say her name and not mine. What makes it 1000x worse is that HE suggested her. The friend was trying to hype me up.


Yeah you have a good point. But honestly, sex doesnt really matter. It matters who he loves and how loyal he is. If that girl came around would he cheat on you? Thats when you know you need to dip. Just wait and see how loyal he is and judge it on that. Dont let his drunk talk get to your head and ruin your relationship.


I get that it hurts, but in time, I hope you realize that being “the best fuck” is hardly the badge of honor you think it is. A genuine and true love is much harder to come by and far more valuable. Being as young as you are, you may not fully realize that, and that’s understandable. My boyfriend is certainly not the best I’ve ever had and I know I’m not the best he’s ever had. It’s something we don’t discuss or admit to each other as it would be hurtful and unnecessary. What he said was hurtful and unnecessary for sure, but in the grand scheme of things, I will tell you how little it matters. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who gets, accepts, and loves you for who you are, someone who’s there through thick and thin, does it really matter? One day you’ll be old, wrinkled, and saggy, hardly fit for the sex you once had. All you’ll be left with is each other and your “glowing” personalities. I think you should forgive him and stop the pettiness you’re perpetuating in the relationship. He was insensitive as we all are at some times.


I'm just wondering to start with. Why is his mate in your hotel room asking if you're the best shag? Your boyfriend shouldn't have him in there and I know this is very difficult for many people but it's disrespectful to detail your sex life. I joke about sex and will discuss it but never my own sex life. He's completely blown your head on this, soon every time his phone gets a massage the muscles in your body will tighten and your heart rate and blood pressure will rise, then the headaches/migraines will kick in, I'm not trying to scare you I want to make you aware anything that gives you such mental anxiety can have physical consequences, this is giving you mental anxiety I would ask you to reach out to your Doctor please, please, please. Your relationship needs serious reexamination, personally, I would say there is a high probability he does remember, I was drunk is never a get-out clause for being an arsehole, take some time out (he can't do a Ross, We were on a break) it's not a license to go out and shag if you go back and forgive then it's got to be done you can't throw it in his face if you argue or ask him who's texting every time his phone goes off if you forgive you forgive, you won't forget and that's the issue you now need to balance, is the love enough to outweigh the pain??


Is he the best you've ever been with? There will always be plenty of best, plenty of worst, but frankly I'd just like someone that's good enough that I wanna see their mug again in the morning. Lifes too short, theres more to relationships than sexy time. Also have the rest of your life to get better at it who knows.


1st off some of these comments are a little harsh . I think what's bothering you is that they talked about you in an objectifying way . Now you're having to view yourself in that light compared to this mystery girl ... And when we have to use our imagination they tend to run wild. Go look in the mirror and remember who you are . I bet you are gorgeous and an absolute doll, who is sensitive and cares about being the best partner she can be in every way possible. Now try and build on that . 1st comes you and your feelings. Write them down , tell someone who can be understanding and also do something nice for yourself. 2nd slow down on the passive aggressive selfie posting, you are a bad bitch. 3rd do something nice for you and your partner and try to make amends. If you guys are right for eachother, it will work itself out with a little love and tenderness. As everyone has said ,"he chose you" Alyssa might be the succubus of his dreams but you guys obviously have something special too. Jealousy is going to happen, it's natural but not worth focusing on . She's in the past, keep her that way . Move forward. 💌


Dump his ass. Only fucking losers get drunk anyways. You can do a lot better.


Yikes. Bet you’re fun at parties


ignore it. He was drunk, could have been saying anything and mihgt have forgotten who he was with. also, even if that person was better than you, who cares? It changes nothing about how he feels about you.


I normally don’t resort to saying break up with him but yeah that’s what I’d do


You need some self respect honestly.


Get over it. There will always be someone better than you in bed. Could you honestly say your bf is the absolute best in bed? Does he make sure you get your nut all the time? I'm going to go out on a limb and answer for you. NO. Get over your potty party and get up on his dick and fuck it.


Honestly terrible advice. OP has every right to feel the way they do. It's hard to forget when someone you care about compares you to someone else, and can be a real blow to the self esteem.


Life is hard. Build a bridge, pull up your big girl panties and get over it. Quit being a little bitch. One person can not be the ball and end all. Op sounds like an immature twat waffle.


Wow you must really love the Internet because you are being so unnecessarily rude.


Block me if I am so offensive.


Nah, I’m not offended. The feeling is more pity. Why do you put up a facade with your charade of vulgarity and aggression? Hopefully you find the help and peace of mind that we all need in the real world.


Go back under your bridge if you're going to be a troll.


It's called being up front, no sugar coating. You want sugar coating? Go to a fucking bakery.


Lol. If I wanted to deal with assholes I would have become a proctologist. Have fun getting downvoted though!


See unlike you I don't base my worthiness on upvotes and likes. So don't go away mad. Just go away.


Sad that this got so many down votes, other than being slightly over the top, its pretty accurate. Might take a hit to the self esteem, but you gotta be realistic sometimes. OP can't seriously think she is the best lay in the world?