CPS wants to do a home assessment, should I keep resisting?

CPS wants to do a home assessment, should I keep resisting?


CPS will act regardless of your input - then you should not be concerned about your input. Just be truthful--otherwise you are enabling your father. Frankly - he is a piece of shit "horny" father.. That is beyond disgusting--and if anyone deserves being shunned - it is someone who acts like that. Why protect someone like that? Why would you protect that level of shit? - they are an adult--far old enough to make good decisions..not selfish irresponsible abusive ones. Your parents are NOT your fault or burden.. So - be truthful with CPS is my suggestion... Also - you may think you are 'over' all of that..but trust me you are not..you have only given yourself a temporary resolve to it. And don't make "we are asian so our culture sweeps this under the rug" as that is BULLSHIT EXCUSES For allowing universally bad and reprehensible behavior. a "Culture" that allows bad behavior stay hidden out of pride and shame - NEEDS to have those practices change so there is no "hiding". Hiding it or denying it only APPROVES it and allows it to continue--does nothing to fixing it or improving those situations. Taking reprehensible shit 'to your grave' does nothing to change the world or to making things better for others--and it does nothing to your own personal healing. You have a choice--one is positive to making things change, and the other allows things to never change or stop.


This is not your decision anymore. CPS has a job to do and they will do it with or without your cooperation. You should be honest with them. Whatever fallout occurs isn’t on you.....your father brought this on himself. You and your brother could still be at risk and CPS HAS to act because you made the claim. Just be honest and let the chips fall where they may