The person (29M) I’ve (27F) been dating for a couple of months doesn’t want to kiss but says they are really attracted to me. Is this normal? Do I wait it out?

For some context, I met a great guy and we connect on all levels and he is everything I want in a partner and he feels the same. The only problem we’ve had is that we don’t kiss as he’s uncomfortable kissing so early on. This makes me feel undesired and like I’m just his friend. He says he will eventually get there and that he is really attracted to me. Our dates are fun but we don’t touch each other much at all. How long do you think I should wait? Is he being honest? Does he actually like me that way?


He told you his truth, set his boundaries and you're asking if you should believe him. That's rather crappy, in my opinion. He has given you no reason to doubt his sincerity, has he? All you can do is decide if giving him that time is something you can do and then either do it, or end it.