First off, I would suggest that you reach out to the moderators of the writers sub and ask why you were banned. It's possible that you were banned for violating the sub's rules or policies, and if that's the case, understanding what you did wrong can help you avoid similar issues in the future. If you think the ban was unjustified (e.g. it was due to an honest mistake, or you were singled out for reasons unrelated to your behavior on the sub), then you can consider submitting an appeal. You can find out what the sub's process is for appealing a ban by looking at their rules or contacting the mods directly. It's also important to remember that as long as you follow the rules of the sub, you have the right to express your opinion in a respectful way. Don't be afraid to speak up if you feel something is unfair or unjust. Good luck!


Thank you very much, this has really helped. I think I might have to submit an appeal. The mod basically said my work was incoherent and after a series of comments banned me.


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