Dude. Same.


Seriously, outer/back side of dominant forearm is the best place for me. It feels right and calms me the fuck down like no other body part. Like, I can scratch shallowly in that area and it does it for me, whereas I somehow need to go deeper on other areas. I can't explain why. But I can't do it, because regardless of weather I have to be bare below elbows for my healthcare job.


Ugh same. Healthcare worker here too. I also am in a bloodier than most field so even if I did long sleeves I’m apprehensive about anywhere close to my hands


I've been waiting impatiently for long-sleeve weather just so I can get my forearm. It's almost here but ugggghhhhhhhh I know how you feel.


Me too, I know I'm gonna crack soon and just do it. It's always cold at work anyways.


I wish it was cold here, I got "scratched by a cat" just so I could do a little bit on my arm, that just made it worse though cause now I need more.


100%. It’s almost fall. Almost time for long sleeves again. Just a little bit longer…