Looks like a Russian Gulag

As someone who grew up in Eastern Europe in the 90’s this really reminds me of home!


As someone who grew up in Eastern Europe in the 90’s this really reminds me of home!


as someone who came here a few days ago from eastern europe, i can confirm!


If Australia built a bunch of these as commie blocks with affordable rent, with much bravery and strength I could make the sacrifice of living there. 🙏


There is absolutely no reason why affordable housing should be low quality housing.


I lived in a housing trust house for a few years with my dad- It was excellent. It had been repainted and new lino/carpet put down before we moved in. And one day there was a knock on the door - "Hi we're here to deliver a new oven/stovetop". (Probably helps it was built in the 80's back when housing construction still had building standards)


I bought an ex-Housing Trust house (renovated). It’s not glamorous but it’s sturdy, and still functional. Plus it’s double brick.


I lived in a double brick house for a year, those things are like fortified bunkers compared to the cardboard boxes built today.


Why does a house need to be like a fortified bunker?


Because I need the world’s biggest house and my own alfresco, patch of lawn to leave the designer dog out on when we don’t want it’s love & attention & butler pantry to feel above the lowly peasants. My personality is brand new like our less than ten yr old cars in the driveway because the double garage is full with single use plastic kids toys. Apartment? No I’m not living in a shoebox and mingling in community third spaces with everything I could possibly need at my doorstep. I’d rather drive everywhere and never talk to a soul in my community, I’m of course better than my society and I need to show them with lavish empty displays of wealth that stem the tide of my lonely existence in the dark hellish suburbs. Walk or ride somewhere? Haha your legs aren’t for endorphin raising exercise champ, I’m perfectly happy with my unhappiness and growing health issues.


This is the kind of service you should get from your landlord regardless of whether they're private or public. The way that people just default to think tenants/owners of affordable housing should just put up with living in unpleasant conditions is really bizarre.


Yep, I now rent out one house- And we repainted the walls when we got it, and got new carpets in between tenants. Their electric stove had died earlier in the year, and I had a new one installed by a sparkie that week. After living in a shitty rental then housing trust, I know what it's like on the receiving end. And there's no way in hell I'm copying those bastards (and dumbass agents)


Keeping in mind ‘ugly’ and ‘low quality’ are two different things— what about that development is communicating ‘low quality’?


Ugly is low quality. We know that, it's been shown that ugly environments result in negative mental health consequences.


10 of those commie blocks, or 8000 homeless people in Adelaide: which is uglier and more of a blight on mental health?


Yes, they are the only options.


Don't be stupid. Homeless people do t get to live in those, they're built for investors to rent to international students. There's also no reason to build them to look like shit, they can be built to a high standard.


Yeah, it’s like $500 a week for 20m² or some shit. Only if they had affordable rent, could it be with much bravery and strength that I would make the sacrifice of living there 🙏


Well it looks like soaked cardboard loosing its shape. Might as well be those failed Chinese develop buildings


The building looks fine on the inside. They just went bold with the exterior and ended up with something ugly.


This is actually a good point. I like many people want affordable housing.


You can build affordable housing without building shit


Commie blocks aren't really shit though


They're still standing to this day all over the former USSR. https://www.czechcenter.org/blog/the-czech-republics-communist-era-architecture Honestly, if they pump these out (same layout, modern buildings) in the CBD's of capital cities, in the same way as before with parks/playgrounds/shops at the ground level, walking paths leading to bus stops, it would do a lot of good.


The hugely popular Bowden development is functionally the same arrangement as a commie block


Yeah I haven't had a good look at the individual apartments, but the layout with an IGA with restaurants on the ground floor is bloody excellent. They even have a micro brewery! Copy that all around the CBD outside the parklands. Bowden, Fitzroy, Prospect, Gilberton, Thebarton, Parkside etc- a ring all around. Have a net of bike tracks pointing to the CBD, racks at bus stops on major arterials.


I'd move into one in a heartbeat if it was closer to my work, I nearly bought in when they were first being built. It's such a great space


I never understood the obsession with Bowden, it's ugly, hot and nasty. It's just miles of concrete.


too bad we're missing the vital ingredient *the internationale plays in the distance*




Please, no. They age terribly and become ghettos. They tried it in Sydney and Melbourne.


They are absolutely hideous. Who looks at [this](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5a18683b64b05f9f4adeb4c7/1615586190367-7EQSV14O2CTN38GZGGC9/Plattenbauten_02_Lobeda_West-2011.jpg?format=750w) and thinks "yeah, build some of that". You can build useful places to live without them being ugly or expensive.


Because they were never renovated or repainted. Go look at any house that hasn't been maintained for 30 years. If you want a nicer look, chuck some cladding on top, arched windows, furnishings on balconies, and gardens/verandas on the roof. Paint them vibrant colours or earthy/terra cotta tones. Re render and paint the walls, brand new wiring/lights and new modern lift. Bam. Even better than before.


> If you want a nicer look, chuck some cladding on top, arched windows, furnishings on balconies, and gardens/verandas on the roof. ...so not a commie block?


... The "commie block" is the building and apartment layout... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khrushchevka


We are talking about the design, not the layout of the apartments.


Hm, perhaps the homeless or those on the brink of homelessness.


They are garbage. An aesthetic society needs good architecture, I don't want to live in a brutalist and sterile wasteland. Take this shit back to the communist dystopias where they belong.


If you want an ‘aesthetic society’, no one is stopping you getting a BBL and moving to Surfers Paradise. I’d prefer to live in a society where people could be housed, but maybe that’s just me.


Classic strawman. People can be housed without housing looking like shit. You can have an aesthetic society and still house people lmao. It's not black and white.


At no point did I say homeless and ugly are the only two options, you are the one strawmanning my argument, which is *ugly housing is better than unnafforable housing and homeless people.* Why are we here talking? It’s because of the slanted-ass building. Why would I come here and say “how cool wood it b if we had different, more better buildings than this one 2 house the homeless”?


Then why even comment lol


> walking paths leading to bus stops, You mean footpaths


Fancy footpaths through parklands




You go straight to gulag




I admit to liking it. But, I do appreciate brutalist architecture and asymmetry. Everyone else I know disapproves of it


I like brutalist architecture and find it okay. Definitely not my fav (probably my fav is the Napier building) but much better than the tall glassy structure on the right.


I like it too. Work down the street from it


It's ugly but interesting. I like it.


I call this one Beruit '82


Do you know what a gulag is? It's not an apartment block.


Im a big fan. Too often Australia developers dont bother with trying different styles, this is solid, i like the little jink 2/3rd way up and the brutalism with the relatively small windows.


It may be ugly but at least it is interesting unlike a lot of modern buildings.


Yeah, atleast they are trying something even if its not to everyones taste, at least its not the standard style.


Have you been to the CBD? Every building is a different style.


Yet to go there, one day i hope to make it. I just a little intimidated by it, but I have a nice outlook of it from the family estate up in the hills.


Your….intimidated….by the city?? And have never been? Then the family estate bit holy shit 😅 rich people’s lives really do suck that much?!?


Yes, why is that so weird?? I just feel people down there are slow to pick up on stuff. I would be worried if i was to tell a joke to someone in the cbd, they may not realise its a joke and get worked up, then who knows they might attack me.


Lmao what


You sound like a fucking moron with mental issues, no one in the city gives a fuck about you or your trash ass jokes buddy. You have 0 right to talk considering you have never stepped foot in Adelaide city and look at it from your shitty little estate up in the hills, shut the fuck up and keep to your little shitty plot of land with your boring, dumb asf, pussy world view.


Relatively small windows make sense in our climate as well.


OP, what do you think a gulag is?


A gulag is a building I don't like


A gulag is what we’ll all be destined for some time soon.


A gulag is a prison camp. Usually wooden huts and barbed wire. This is not a gulag. It's not even close to Soviet era apartments. I think it's lovely and would be great to live in.


The term he's looking for is commieblock!


“I think it’s lovely and would be great to live in” You haven’t been inside have you?


Give us the goss then


Wdym I’ve been inside. It’s not a five star hotel but the interior is pre reasonable


I think he’s referring to Adelaide itself.


actually its an apartment block, seemingly from adelaide which based on a quick google maps check isn't in russia at all


Even as someone who quite enjoys brutalist architecture, I can't get behind this one. It's the asymmetry (something that it doesn't share with your typical Commie Block) that puts me off. It reminds me of the type of thing I would make from an old cardboard box with my daughter (but our box tower would definitely have a helipad and maybe a ramp to some upper level parking for the Matchbox Cars, which I imagine this building is lacking).


I don’t mind it but it really takes on a different look when it rains. Water drips down from different windows and creates very visible wet spots on the raw concrete


You mean it gets wet in the rain?


Nice, that's where the concrete cancer will begin! Outrageous strata levy waiting to be billed!




Gulags are Russian , you can just say gulag :^ D


Adds some interest, I reckon. Would I want to live in it? No Has it been designed for function vs form? No But I can still appreciate that someone was making an effort


It absolutely was designed for function, that's the whole point of that style of building


What function is that?


> Has it been designed for function vs form? No Do you mean has it been designed so that form follows function? Because that would be a yes.


What function do you think the knobbly bits follow?


Looks like a giant Lego man ate a bunch of raisins and took a giant shit. It's horrid.


Why does it feel like some magic eye thing. It looks like the building is moving while I stare at it.


Looks like that smaller pubg map before they added textures


I agree its ugly and u miss out on the best thing about highrise apartments. A full view with an open balcony! What a crappy cost saving design under the guise of architecture.


it's student accommodation, they're not going to be there for long.


How does that make this right...? Unless ur getting decently reduced rent from the market avg in student accomodation.


Balconies are likely an insurance liability for student accommodation. I've lived in a few student dorms overseas and none of them had balconies.


Did that translate to cheap rates compared to balcony apartments? I hope they blocked off rooftop access too for u danger to self students/children lol


Balconies basically only exist for smokers. They aren't that useful for anything else.


When i lived in an apartment i would eat bfast and hang with friends there frequently. No smoking needed. So clostrophobic being stuck suspended in a cubicle.


I will not allow such slander against Soviet Brutalism lol


Hey!! That's the tallest building in Adelaide!


There is no need to be mean to the Russians, at least their architects knew how to use rulers.


…Is that? That shouldn’t… is that safe?


In the running for worst building in Australia. Other notable entrants include the Crown casino in Sydney, and the Telstra building on North East road in Adelaide and the one in Kangaroo Point in Brisbane.


my finger is the same shape


what 3rd world country is this monstrosity from, and what does it have to do with Adelaide?


It's in the CBD.


Looks like a russian nose job.




I don’t mind it; but I don’t love the raw concrete look. I just envision it in 10 years time how filthy and old it will look much like concrete medium dividers on our roads. It’ll be a bitch to keep clean - but maybe that’s part of the design?


Looks like a building from long distance in pubg.


Straight out of downtown Bishkek


It’s not low quality just because something looks like a brick shit house if it’s got all the amenities and everything that needs inside he cares what it looks like as long as you got a place to live. Oh hang on wait you could live on the street and look at something pretty


Who the fuck approves these designs? That's the ugliest building I have ever seen.


It looks like a giant sat on the top and squashed it down


Ugliest building in the CBD


Looks like it’s about to fall


I hate this building with a passion. It makes me angry whenever I see it. And yet councils all over Adelaide veto the most sensible apartment blocks all the time


Commi block vibes - but actually looks worse


Bruh I used to live there