I highly recommend Southern Brakes 5/59-61 O'Sullivan Beach Rd, Lonsdale SA 5160 08 8384 5511


2nd. Honest and reliable. Won’t mess you around.


Not Just Brakes, Muller's Rd Greenacres if you are that side of town, good prices and good work.


Its amazing how easy changing brakes pads is. Tyre off 5 nuts, raise caliper lid 1 nut...old pads out, new pads in, push piston back (probably the hardest part)... Then reverse procedure But yes easy for experienced person.


I know. I replaced the last lot myself, with guidance, as it was the first time doing it. I remember it was relatively easy, but just a number of steps. I no longer have the ability to be able to do this myself, nor the guidance, and would like to find someone who can do the brakes and hopefully future repairs for me. I need engine mounts replaced, and a new clutch eventually.




If they're mandated, we should all have them and would have heard about them. Also, have you met mechanics? You think they're keeping secrets?


Mechanix on chief st, Bowden motors i think it is called, really good honest mechs. Dont go to big name joints.


Don’t cheap out when it comes to brakes.


If you are north, Gary’s mechanical in Salisbury plains. Honest guy and I have used him for years.


Taff's. He loves a hot hatch.


Don't let them bullshit you that your rotor is worn below standard and needs replacing crap


Errrrr, I hate to tell you, but rotors do have a minimum thickness specification and many modern cars, European ones especially, chew rotors out about as fast as they go through pads. But hey, by all means slap a new set of pads on a shagged out rotor with a 5mm lip and go until you get through to the ventilation.