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When it scrapes are there providers still remaining when it quits? If so try bumping the timeout value in settings to 60. Also make sure preemptive termination is off


I have the exact same problem.


Disconnect from your vpn and try again


Tried it and completely rebooted Kodi and still nothing


Have you tried to re-install the add on then add Trakt RD and stop don't change anything else try running it that way? That way, you will know if it was perhaps a setting you had wrong. I just ran Venom, got 50 links for Hogan's Heros, clicked on one link and it found one of the 50 and started playing.


No I completely reinstalled Kodi and and then added Venom from the repository again, reauthorized RD. Tried pulling up an episode of Always Sunny and it scraped found over 100 sources got rid of the duplicates left about 40 and "No Stream Available"


Hummm... Well I'm in Idaho, I just tried again Star Trek Voyager 4:10 got 196 links, I clicked one and it started right up. So it is working. Perhaps location? Wish ya luck. Is it the same on your other Devices you might have?


Looks like it's back to working again for now. I just wish I knew what the cause was but thanks for the help.


Not a problem. Main thing, it's working.


Venom not working for me at the moment. Does anyone know a fix please?