Woman tries to stop a wedding

Woman tries to stop a wedding

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Did she say "after you got it in my eye" lmfao.


I heard that too 🤣


I thought she said gouged out




I think she said “After you dotted my eye”


Nutted in my eye


YEEES, “after you got it in my eye “


How fucking rude. Everyone knows you’re supposed to wait till they ask if anyone has any objections.


do they really ask if there are objections? lol


They used to. Not sure anymore. "If anyone knows of any reason this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace" Or something like that


The officiant can say whatever they want at a wedding, and some of them absolutely still do say this. I’ve heard it at two weddings this year, and the officiant of my own wedding included it in some of the templates she sent us.


Yes, you are right. We had the option to tailor the officiant’s lines. We kept this part in our wedding.


Im curious why you chose to keep that part in? Were you expecting Anthony's girlfriend to show up? Or do you just like the tradition?


Maybe the couple was genuinely curious if anyone else had any problems with them being married but were afraid to ask.


We kept ours because I thought making that pause would be funny. I thought it was, hahaha.


Kind of a cowardly move to not give the others a chance to at least say something


I'm planning on asking the officiant to skip this bit, there's technically no requirement for them to say it, but if someone objects essentially the officiant then has to stop the ceremony. Not risking my big day for one of my mates to think they're being funny.


No they really don't. It is a contract between two people, not their families and friends. Unless someone has a valid legal reason why it can't happen, it's just a formality/tradition. What the bride and groom do with the information is up to them, but they can't just cancel your wedding because someone sneezed, a friend trolled or the demented granny started talking nonsense again. There's just way too much money involved to cancel the whole thing for some joke.


Iirc, it started to stop polygamy and those that were helping the person commit marital fraud, or the fraudsters themselves were given an out. It's as archaic as the "do you promise to obey" vow, which I noticed was kept in this wedding.


More bigamy than polygamy.


I don't know the history of that line so I'm talking out of my ass. But I always took it to mean that after wedding was a done deal, the chance to bitch about the fact these two people are getting married is lost. So otherwise, forever shut your trap if you disagree because this thing is forever.


It’s there to both stop bigamy, but also to protect someone who may be coerced. There are still some religions that will stop a ceremony even if the “I object” person goes “wait no it was all a joke, I was only kidding!” In older days if a preacher heard an objection, they’d stop the wedding, and insist on figuring out why someone objected - whether one of the parties was already married, or wasn’t coming to the altar under honest intentions.


Makes sense.


😂 That's hilarious. I'm leaving it because I refuse to change up the tradition. I would simply holster a pistol to my hip and when we reach that part of the ceremony I'm unbuckling the strap and holding the safety. I bet you won't hear a peep from anyone.


Great plan lmao, however unfortunately I'm in the UK so that method might be more trouble than it's worth, might just ask a couple of my more well built friends to make sure everyone stays sat though lol


😂 That will work too.


Why would you invite whom you do not trust to your wedding?


They still do in Catholic weddings. They are required too. It is not so much of an issue now, but back in the day it was more common then you think. Many people would go to the near by towns to get married to a new wife since divorce is against the church. The church is still required to publish a public notice of your wedding three weeks prior to the services.


> The church is still required to publish a public notice of your wedding three weeks prior to the services. This part I never knew.


could you imagine some dude plans to interrupt the wedding and tell the bride how much he loves her and is just waiting for the objection bit.......but it never happens and he's just sitting there shellshocked


Aaaaaany second now. Come on, say it. Come on. Wait, what the fuck???


Now you just get divorced the next day if you ain’t feelin it


In Aus they do say "Legally I have to ask if anyone has any objections to this marriage" (this language verbatim is obviously from a more informal Celebrant versus a priest) But think of it more from a legal standpoint: It's in the context of whether anyone knows if one of the parties is breaking the law by already being married to someone else or still not yet formally divorced etc etc. Hollywood has changed us to think it's an opportunity for some long lost love to interrupt and profess their love


We never had it at our wedding, it's not a requirement as far as I know. I might be mis-remembering though, she said some stuff, but I don't recall the details.


Australian here. There is no legal obligation in Australia to ask if anyone has objections.


Nah it's not, was at a wedding last week that if this had been said there absolutely would have been objections but alas, nah.


You can now do whatever you want during the ceremony. You want to get married by a man in a furry costume, go for it. Want a murderer clown to officiate, you can do that too. All of the preacher and church stuff doesn't make you legally married. You just have to sign a piece of paper and get it submitted to the government. That's it. The ceremony doesn't actually make you legally married.


Wellll it's not *quite* that simple. It depends on the state, first of all. But in most places in order to sign the paper and have it be legally binding, you have to have an officiant do some form of oath or attestation to certify the marriage, he/she then also signs the marriage license (unless you just go to the court/county clerk to get married directly). Officiants function much the same as notaries, but with a bit more ceremony.


Lol why (more importantly, how) do you have a political compass meme tag here? Asking for a friend.


I don’t remember lmao I think it was one of the flair options


Go to sub’s home page and select flair.


Right, we had a good friend go down and register as an officiant for our wedding. He is also a notary.


In the UK they ask if 'anyone knows of any *legal* reason these two should not be married' or similar... they want to know if they are already married to someone else or related, rather than giving the opportunity for any spurned lovers to ruin the day


Good question. I remember they used to. Went to a wedding last year and I don’t even recall.


I officiate weddings in the USA and I've never asked the congregation if there are objections. Someone would be pretty sick in the head to show up at a wedding just to object to the thing happening and I would hope that the couple had the good sense not to invite any psychos to the event. I offer to do "traditional" elements and usually the couple wants some but that bit never happens. That said, part of my services is to defend the couple from crazy be that the MiL losing her shit or a guest gone off their meds. Amazing the calming influence of a big guy in a black suit holding a Bible brings to a situation. I'm always pissed at the officiants in these videos that don't immediately go into mama bear mode. Even in the least religious ceremonies I officiate, everyone just assumes I am some sort of spiritual powerhouse with lightning at my fingertips. A room full of atheists gives me respect. The officiant needs to exercise that authority. The bridal party and ushers should be set like linebackers waiting for the officiant to give the "go" signal. Like a flight attendant measuring up the passengers on the way onto the plane, I've already picked out long before the service starts who I'm going to ask to "solve" any problems.


It was used in case the bride and groom were close relations and unaware of it or one or the other was married already


It's such a ridiculous custom Like you're just creating an opportunity for someone to disrupt the wedding where their doesn't need to be one It's not like their going to call the wedding off because some ex boyfriend/girlfriend starts screaming lmao so what is the point? A mid-wedding venting session for pissed off exes?


Right!! Rookies!!


I object!


Had me in the first half


Nobody has any patience nowadays


It's wild that she had a once in a lifetime opportunity to do the Hollywood movie objection routine irl and she blew it harder than the dude blew his beans in her box.


If only we could lock your comment at !777!


What if they didn't ask that?


Then you can’t say anything at all. That’s the law. /s


Some top tier sad cringe.


This is /r/ImTheMainCharacter level of cringe


After scrolling that sub for a minute I just straight up feel drunk off cringe. It's like downing everclear with no chaser.


What did she think was going to happen? A round of applause and then Anthony would leave with her?


There’s no logic or reason… the only goal is to inflict their misery onto others


Pure evil hatred.


I think she got exactly what she wanted.


Her ass kicked by Precious?


“Blah blah blah my momma wedding” she said. That’s Precious!


Chaos at her rivals wedding.


Oh I get it, because she’s black and a woman. Very clever my friend


Check what sub you’re in


Apparently, according to my achievements I’m an all time top 500 poster here, so I think I’m quite familiar with this sub


I’m just saying that racist jokes like that are common here, so don’t even bother calling them out because the knuckleheads love it


If she were white, I would've gone with that fat trash thumb-head woman from the Honey Boo Boo shit show. She *happens* to not be


Repeat of [The Graduate](https://youtu.be/ahFARm2j38c?t=111)'s ending


Huh, don't think I've ever seen that movie. Seems like I should have. I'll have to check it out, thanks! EDIT: Also, it's crazy how young Dustin Hoffman looks while still looking exactly like old Dustin Hoffman. I mean of course they're the same person but it's like, I don't know, uncanny?


Is that not what end's up happening?


Probably as simple as hoping to ruin their moment out of spite


"You better get out of my mamas wedding" That is the sweetest fucking thing ever. Goddamn. I hope she landed a good couple of smacks on that bitch. Love is love, no ones ever gonna love this bitch again.


Yeah, I actually felt really bad for the brides daughter. She’s clearly sharing a special moment, watching her mother get married, and this troglodyte of a woman shows up (from the girls reaction I’d wager that the baby momma has been disturbing their lives for some time). I’d flip out at her too.


The fact that the people getting married carried on looking forward hints to that as well. Seems like a crazy bitch of an ex.


Bitter BMs are the worst. I would have enjoyed watching this beat down.


Sorry, but I work in healthcare so I read that as Bowel Movement, gave me a giggle


Some people just live such deeply, profoundly pathetic lives that they have absolutely NO SHAME left. None, zero. They do and say pretty much whatever they want, consequences be damned. Here’s a nice group of people enjoying a beautiful wedding, and this vile person can’t help but make it about them. Truly sad


See, where she went wrong was not waiting outside of view until they said "does anyone object..." and THEN rushing in to interrupt.


Timing is everything.


...who invited her?




Probably 14 that's why its not there.


I'd guess no one invited her, she just found out where the wedding was going to be and showed up.


Dude, people are crazy. I just had an ex fwb reach out yesterday to see if I’d be the photographer for her wedding. That means I’d have been shooting the engagements, bridal photos, and wedding. Lots of moments alone. Usually dinner after the shoots to review the photos. I feel like there’s an unspoken “no guests that have been inside you” rule. I declined.


Directed by Tyler Perry


Starring Tyler Perry as "You get out of my mamas weddin" girl.




We demand more


Anthony done fucked up good this time


I need a full video🤣


Terrible videographer. Always follow the angry woman running at the crazy one.


That priest is a real trooper and bro.


he's probably not paid hourly


This is why I’m scared to get married. You can be in love with someone and they can have a whole other life


What lol


My old boss had an entire family in the DR that nobody knew about he went down there like once a week every other month because of random reasons or would say he’s up in Atlanta at one of his restaurants, they only found out when the government indicted him on unrelated charges.


Oh wow


[I feel like this comment kinda sums it up](https://www.reddit.com/r/ActualPublicFreakouts/comments/qazqj5/woman_tries_to_stop_a_wedding/hh6l228?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


I thought that too but this seems like it's more the disturber was a nutjob. Notice how the bride and groom don't turn around and continue to ignore her. Then the daughter snaps at her. Seems like they're used to it and she found out where they're getting married.


Only if you are in a TV show or marry someone you have known a week. Not getting married is going to stop that anyway.


There's like a whole other type of life being lived out there. It's so surreal to think about.


you mean IRL?


Ahh Hollywood, never stop being a bad influence.


Ratchet wedding confirmed..


I'm googling it and not getting great results. What's a ratchet wedding?




Haa Haa and she's still going to marry him. She must have used the app Low Expectations.


Damn. An old school Mad TV reference. I love it.


Ooh, when I wrote it, the didie started playing in my head but I didn't know where I remembered it from.


Kids reaction was perfect


Good on the daughter for sticking up for her mom


So she's upset that the cheating dude, isn't her cheating dude? All of sudden he's going to be a great and moral man for her? She should be smiling knowing that he is someone else's problem, not trying to get attention and ruin their wedding.


He may not have cheated. Could be a bitter ex.


Is it me or does the women causing the scene sound like the Meeseeks from Rick and Morty?


Where the rest of it?


Who invited her? lmao We got rid of everyone who is a suspect for drama at our wedding.


Where’s part 3 tho?


Anthony seems to have stuck his dick in a bit of crazy.


Maury Povich time!


Does this woman need a job? I want to pay her to do this at peoples weddings just to upload the footage to youtube. I'd subscribe to that.


So classy!


Reverand don’t give a shit, he keeps on going


It’s not quite “The Graduate” but good effort


I second wanting "part 2". This ain't enough!


Video ended too soon. I wanna see the smack down.


Did she say "are you hear me"?


And then........


I've played in a band at countless weddings and I haven't seen anything like this yet. I hope I don't ever have to, this shits sad


anthony sound triflin


Not to normal people


Flower artillery followed by the infantry assault from the high ground. Classic strategy for all wedding engagements. Napoleon would be proud.


It's sad that lady is getting married to such a piece of waste. Wonder why nobody's mentioning that.


Black weddings be crazy yall


When she threw the flowers I thought she tryna beat up the bride lol until she she spoke


Okay but does anyone have part 2??


She forgot to take her psych meds today.


Part 2 please.




Wow her whole plan was to get a big reaction and have people like “yeah Anthony!” But reality was some dumb jizztrap just embarrassed herself and her kid. Most everyone who was part of the wedding stayed way more composed then I woulda been.


Ohhhhwww hell naweeooo


Tyler Perry Presents: Bitch What is Wrong Witchu?


Fake. They stopped filming...


Anyone remember South Beach Tow?


I would pay to go to weddings if this happened at them i love watching confrontation


Aunt Jemima called, she wants her syrup back


Anthony got some explaining to do!


I can't make out a word she says but it doesn't matter, doing this at a wedding makes you a piece of shit. If she had something to say she should have brought it up before. She has embarrassed the bride and all the family that are there for something that was probably nothing to do with them. Just completely selfish and over the top. Should just remove that whole part from the wedding, its only ever someone with bad blood who says anything, not someone with an actual reason.


Stay classy, Yonkers.


"You better get out of my mamas wedding" That is the sweetest fucking thing ever. Goddamn. I hope she landed a good couple of smacks on that bitch. Love is love, no ones ever gonna love this bitch again.




What a clever unbreakable code.


o thanks


No one commenting on the "obey him" part the pastor is reciting? Love and honor but obey seems a little over the top to me.


Maybe the pastor is reading from some backwards 1950s wedding rites?


just avoid getting married. avoid it at all costs unless you wont get in the estate otherwise. then make it a whistle stop at the court house before going out yachting on a ship with “no good place for his oxygen canisters, I did my best officer i swear”.