Mom Spends a Day as 13yr-Old Middle Schooler (Link in Text)

Mom Spends a Day as 13yr-Old Middle Schooler (Link in Text)


“Hello, my fellow teenagers, does anyone want to see my MySpace page?”


“Spent all morning customizing my Friendster”


Finding myself back in highschool is LITERALLY in my nightmares. I would not want to do this ever.


40 years old and I still get nightmares that I find out I flunked a class and have to go back to school.


I kept having these recurring dreams that I had a head injury, thought I was in high school, and would dress up in my uniform and attend classes again. Only for me to realize half way through that I was in my 30s.


I'm definitely at my current age when I'm forced to go back to school... That's pretty awkward Billy Madisoning it up.


I always forget my locker combination, forget where my locker is, forget my schedule, get lost in the hallways, and realise I accidentally forgot to go to my math class all year. But THEN sometimes it ends with, hah! I already graduated, I was just doing this for fun, it doesn't count, see ya!


Holy fuck, this is too real! I forgot all about the not being able to find the locker. I'd always roam the upper floor because I knew it was up there but I'm not sure why. I feel like I find a locker and try to convince myself that it's my locker. And then realize I have no idea what the combination is. Another weird thing is I can't hardly walk in my dreams. It just feels like it requires an insane amount of effort. I swear I wake up and even feel tired from the struggle.


I have that exact dream too, but there are moments when it’s a little exciting because I’m going back to high school with the knowledge and perspective of an adult.


You just gave me an idea for an amazing romantic comedy.


Mom: Comes back home from school… Daughter: Hey honey how was school? Mom: I hate it! I’m never going back! Cindy Crawford stole my lunch money and Mrs Johnson gave me a C on your math test lmaoo


At least one of the teachers noticed. But I want to know where her daughter was the whole time.


And why her mom decided to use her as a pawn in her "social experiment"


So the mom is 30, which means she was 17 when the kid was born. My guess is that this is just some quarter-life crisis bullshit.


>just some quarter-life crisis bullshit. Casually implying this woman will live to be 120


Math is hard, that’s why they went back to the school


I needed this laugh.


When death comes knocking, she'll pretend to be her daughter again


Well she never died yet. There is no proof of her mortality. I say 160 easily


Quarter Life: Halfway to Destruction?


HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




She seems like an attention whore. She wore a hoodie and mask, plus she's not even 5 feet tall. Not really a gotcha moment in my opinion. I'm sure the daughter is embarrassed


Exactly. I don’t think there are a lot of 4 ft 11 inch females who are huge security threats to schools. Them not noticing her is not the same as them not noticing a potential shooter.


i thought to myself "i wonder if i could pull this off" but then remembered that my daughter is 4'7'' blonde hair and im 6'2 with long brown hair and a grey beard, maybe wouldnt go as well


Wear a hi-vis vest and a ladder. If this sub taught me anything it is that with those 2 items you get in everywhere.


Or a clipboard


you aint wrong


I delivered for UPS for 17 years. I got in *everywhere*


Don't worry, masks are mandatory, there is still hope!


Yo teach. Im tots a 10 year old girl


Mine is 30” and I’m 61”. Pretty sure no one will buy that I’m a toddler.


Plus keeping her hood up and mask on at all times greatly hides your head and face. Also guarantee that any "friend" she interacted with immediately noticed. Or her daughter has no friends at school which is its own sadness lol


I wondered about that! Even if her daughter is completely friendless surely you’d notice if the girl who sits next to you in math class got replaced by a completely different person. This is really weird.


Especially since students who go here can become security threats under certain tragic circumstances. Background checks matter when you're going to be the responsible party who is unsupervised by other authority figures. She was pretending to be the one being supervised, not the supervisor.


Back when I was in high school (I'm 21), random adults could sign up to be a debate tournament judge, no background check required. The nature of the activity meant that these adults had multiple witnesses in the room, and weren't one on one with high schoolers. By high school, you are generally considered mature enough to report people engaging in concerning behavior to security (or just shout for security until a student running the tournament hears and grabs them). Sure middle schoolers are a bit younger, but there were adults supervising her interactions throughout her experiment, to catch anything truly concerning.


Yeah cos no woman has ever had a grudge and you need to be at least 5'11" to hold a pistol or pipe bomb


Not noticing a potential shooter was her entire point lol


How many women have shot up schools?


Im not saying she had a good point. Im saying that was the reason she gave to authorities.




**You don't care much about the security of pawns, that's why they're pawns.** If anyone is treating the kids like pawns it's the school system with lax security. If the mother just told authorities she was concerned about school security, no one would listen. They would likely offer baseless reassurances. Going undercover and not getting caught until the very last class gives proof that her security concerns are valid. Would someone be able to just walk around the mayor or governor's office in a similar way? In the era of school shootings why do parents need to pull stunts like this to get government bureaucrats to take school security seriously?


But she didn't prove a security threat. She proved that a person without weapons, who isn't acting erratically, has reasonable familiarity with the environment and a mask and hoodie and child like figure can blend in for a while in a large crowd. If the administration has to waste time and money patching against contrived scenarios like this, that's only a distraction from more realistic, likely and severe threats.


Having an impostor in the building **is the security threat.** Do you need someone to be raped in a bathroom to prove that? The problem is they were relying solely on the individual knowing the correct security id number. They didn't ask to see their face. How much time and money would it take to institute a policy of looking at faces?


Having an imposter in the building isn't inherently a security threat. Arguably how little of a security threat she was was instrumental in her success. It could take a lot of time and money to "look at faces" since you have to now have a reference face for each person to compare to. While masks are still in force it can be logistically difficult to do so simply /cheaply and when they soon aren't are no longer she no longer would have the advantage that helped her pull this off in the first place. Further, once implemented, it solely adds protection against imposters who look and act like children but aren't a student. IMO, that's not a threat category worth of any time. Security by detecting threatening capabilities and behaviors is effective. Security by mere identification is not.


That must be why the Secret Service just lets anyone wander through the West Wing of the White House, because "having an imposter in the building isn't inherently a security threat." I'm done responding to you.


It doesn't reflect well on your stance when you need to resort to that level of exaggeration to make your complaint seem worthy rather than responding to the argument on its face and with the actual details/context of the situation. The secret service is a level of security most will never experience in their whole life, has resources most will never have and is dealing with elite organized adversaries. It's truly insane and irrational to suggeat it should be a model for how our schools run and kids live.


I really can't tell if this is a troll or a Karen you are responding to.


She only proved she could take the place of her daughter, a person ALREADY ENROLLED at the school, who was on the roll call list, not an extra person who DEFINITELY would have stood out in any of the classes she was in, had she not been there in place of a person she knew was not there. That's quite a reach for an unknown shooter and proves nothing. It would maybe, MAYBE if she'd brought a gun with her, but she didn't. Overall, this doesn't prove anything about safety or lack thereof on the school campus. Period.


Or the Capitol building?


skipping class the little truant!!


At her mom’s job.


As a heart surgeon , for the lolz


The daughter went to work in place of her mom.


I mean, this wouldn't have ever worked without the mask though. So how effective was the experiment in actuality? I get what she was trying to do, but these weren't normal circumstances.


The article I read a few days ago she stated teachers aren't paying attention to the kids in class they're so focused on their virtual students. And the fact that she got through five classes without a teacher noticing kind of proves her point.


In my experience with this whole ordeal, it is very commonly the opposite. If the mom looks close enough to the daughter I can see this happening, especially if she (the daughter and the mom) doesn't answer much questions.


My first thought was that the story was quite concerning, but the more I thought about it the more viable it became. I teach high school and I joked that there were several students I didn’t truly know what they looked like this year. One student in particular stands out — very quiet student, long curly hair that went down past his eyes pretty much, and usually wore a large mask with a lot of coverage. Had a brother or young father of this student come in with similar hair and dress, I honestly may not have noticed. Even if I did, I might think to myself that something seemed off about them that day, but it would be weird to stare and ask them to stand up so I could “inspect” them. Now, this is assuming it was a day of testing or direct instruction. If it was a discussion or activity day, I would notice the difference.


My guess is she’s trying to make some weird anti mask statement, but i can’t get the video to play and the article is very brief.


But aren't we all living with masks right now, and haven't we for a year? At the moment this is the norm, and schools are definitely vulnerable to this. Tbh the fact that she was able to go for so long is worrying.


> schools are definitely vulnerable to this To what. Moms posing as their daughters? Schools are not prisons. People can walk in. Are they supposed to have watchtowers and guards? This was a non-point. Are school shooters parents, or the children that legitimately go to the school? This is an attention-seeking mom that wants TikTok likes.


To strangers walking in, unknown to the staff, and being uncomfortably close to young students, including having access to the bathroom. I walked into my old high school and was approached 10 minutes later because they didn't know who I was. They are basically prisons, the children cannot leave without permission. And yes, people can walk in there, and they must be identified and their general location is known at all times. Anyone entering a school who isn't a student is almost always escorted everywhere they go. It's a security measure. Have you ever actually been to a school? They have cameras everywhere, and someone watching them 24/7, usually there's a cop there as well.


She is not a stranger and every kid who interacted with her knew that. Also her whole plan required that her daughter stayed home so that she would have a classroom to "belong" in. This wouldn't work otherwise.


You're making a lot of assumptions to prove an invalid point. *Someone* you don't want next to your daughter will see this and try, god forbid traffickers try. It's pretty clear it's not hard for them to get in this way


Go ahead and tell me what my assumptions are and what my invalid point is, then. I'm happy to hear it.


> Have you ever actually been to a school? Yes, quite a bit, all over north America. Have you ever been outside of your hometown? Or state? The school-to-prison pipeline that cop represents is considered abhorrent in the civilized parts of the world. Even the civilized parts of america.


I take it you have never been to a school in the hood, this is exactly what they do at the gate, sooooo, yeah, metal detectors and all, and a guard at ever gate to lock it up when its time


What's your point? Every school isn't a school in the hood, unless you're proposing they *should* be. Pretty sure the inability of Americans to have gun laws rather than start treating their schools like bunkers is not a model people should be looking to.


Hahaha 🤣, oh man, hahaha 🤣 Oh you are hilarious


If she wanted to make this point, she should've done it at the beginning of the school year. It's June. The school year is ending/over, and mask mandates are being lifted left and right. The likelihood of this being the norm in the next school year is almost nonexistent.


Oh absolutely, she shouldn't have done it like this, pretty fucking stupid to do so. But she had a point. Also I haven't heard of schools lifting the mandate (unless the kids are at recess or something), and people can still choose to wear a mask. No one is going to question a kid being cautious/having a cautious parent.


In the last few weeks, many states have lifted their mandates for those who are fully vaccinated. Some people are honest, some aren't. Point is, masks are gone. There's no way they're ever going to be able to enforce kids wearing masks in schools when nobody else has to wear them in public, especially after an entire summer of it no longer being required. It'll never stand. I wore a mask for the last year, and got vaccinated as soon as it became available. There's no way I'm ever putting one back on. Try to tell a parent their kid still has to. It will be much easier to spot someone in the coming year who shouldn't be there, mask or not.


My state no longer has a mask mandate, but every single school still does and, so far, every teacher I've talked to says they expect them to be required next year as well. I'm vaccinated as well as many of my friends, and we all still wear masks because we aren't looking to spread covid. You know you can still get sick? And even if you don't you can infect others? I don't think my step-mom currently going through chemo would appreciate that happening. It's not just about you, my guy. Covid is still here and people are still getting sick. Until it's damn-near non-existant on a pandemic scale, I'll take my mask off. Until then it's like seat belts and airbags, they both keep me safe.


At this point, anyone who wants to be vaccinated can be. If they're not, it is 100% on them if they get sick. They have an abundance of vaccines to the point that they are begging people to come get them. We live in a post-truth society, meaning people believe what they want regardless of the truth. If the vaccines don't work, then why take them? If they do, the mask isn't needed. They do, and they're safe, which is why states have lifted mandatory mandates. From here on, it ACTUALLY IS just about me, meaning I can only rely on myself to do what needs to be done for my personal health, as the options are now available to stay as healthy as I can. That applies to everyone. It is up to each individual to do the right thing and what's best for them. And what's best is for people to get vaccinated. That's the only way this gets beaten. That being said, in connection with my first point, it's going to be a very long time until we get anywhere near this not being an issue at large. We may never get there. If I chose to live like you, I would probably be wearing a mask for the foreseeable future, and beyond. And you're welcome to it, if it makes you feel comfortable. Nobody can tell you not to. But don't then, in turn, push your ideas on me. I'm comfortable knowing I did my part to flatten the curve and keep others safe while there was no cure. We are in the best case scenario now. Okay, they're only 80-90% effective? I like those odds a lot better than 0. And again, I can't be held responsible if someone chose not to get vaccinated. I'm not going to live my life worrying about every possible risk I may encounter. That's no life at all. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Doesn't mean I'm not going to cross the street, because the odds are extremely low it will happen. Same goes for the driver who might hit me; he shouldn't just stop driving because I might be there. Chances are, I won't be. Why? Because we both took the steps necessary to ensure the best possible outcome. Now that there is a vaccine, my health is my responsibility, nobody else's. The same applies to you and all other people. ALL OF THAT BEING SAID, I stand by my original point that no parent is going to stand by and allow their kids to be forced to wear masks in the coming school year if they just spent an entire summer in public without having to.


My kid will be wearing a mask in school next year. You have no idea what you are talking about.


You can make them wear one, you're the parent. But the schools, if they go that route, are going to have a tough time doing the same. I guarantee you, come the fall, after how this summer pans out, I will be proven right. It's inevitable, literally the only outcome that is possible. And I know plenty. I work with kids, and hear these conversations on a regular basis from their parents. You are in a minority my friend. 1 out of 20, and that's being generous. How could you possibly think, with the overwhelming amount of parents already ticked that their kids have been forced to wear a mask this past year, when there is no evidence supporting that it affects kids in any major way, that those same parents (the vast majority, mind you) are going to spend a summer, going out in public, taking vacations, eating in restaurants, etc. all unmasked, and then send their kids back next year and be okay with them having to wear them? Especially when some of these kids WILL have been vaccinated? Just watch.


“People don’t understand! It’s so easy to break the law if masks are mandatory! Allow me do demonstrate.”


How did her daughters friends not notice? No fucking way I would try a shenanigan like this. But then again, I am 46 year old guy, with gray, and no children so its probably wouldn't be well received.


Honestly, if I wanted to do this (and I definitely don’t) I think I could convince my kid’s friends to keep it quiet—her friends know me and I’m sure if I gave them a finger-to-the-lips “shh” gesture they would play along; they’re not worried I’m there to set fire to the school or whatever. People are acting like this exposes an easy pathway to any rando getting in the classroom. It really doesn’t.


Yeah, her friends would definitely have to be in on it, and it wouldn't be a hard sell to 13 year old's.


Security Officers would call this a "Penetration Test". Guess who failed


Penetration Tests were my least favorite part of Catholic school


Her daughter's friends are most likely banned from playing with her ever again after their parents saw this on the local news.


*Freaky Friday* for real...


When you mom is a Cybersecurity pro but also a attention whore


More like a stay at home mom who watched too many movies during covid


So... what were her findings?


Jail sucks


Oh shit. Ha thanks, actually can't read the article on this device


No idea if that's what the article says but it does say she was arrested and that's a pretty common post-jail sentiment


Surely this is illegal


she was arrested according to the article


I hope she is not trying to push for more guns in schools.


When I was 19, I was watching shows like The Burried Life and had the idea to show up as a Junior or Senior transfer student for the first week of a random high school to see how long I could blend in, how fast I could make friends, etc. Unfortunately, 20 approached and I was in College and could no longer do it for both time contraints and the statue of limitations on my age as a male, for what would blur the lines of funny and creepy


I'm not sure you know what "statute of limitations" means


Fine, it's a sculpture of limitations.


“Statue of The Temptations”


Yeah, I was using it abstractly


That's not a thing.


Ah ok, thanks


I knew what you meant.


statute of limitations would mean you couldn't be charged after a certain amount of time has passed. It would be trespassing regardless of your age just someone younger might get off because they're mostly just messing with ppl their same age if they do it. Also it's a lot easier to back up your story of your ID says you're high school age.


Juniors are 16-17, Seniors are 17-18, how wouldnt you blend in at 19?


I would have. I waited too long to where I was going on 21 in college


Huh, so you had an idea to do something and didn't. Cool story bro.




Ok the lady reviewing this voice is very hard to listen to


Very much


i love that she just obviously came up with this plan through being bored as fuck


I’d bone her, at the mom level


When I was 17, I missed the bus and hopped on the one for the middle school because it'd be a shorter walk that way. I felt super sketchy the whole time. I also went back to my old high school to visit for a day during Thanksgiving break when I was 18 (5 months after I graduated), just to catch up with friends and former teachers. This is some next level shit though.


This mom needs a hobby


Perfect time to do this lmaoo


Legit question, what exactly is illegal about it? Parents go to their kids school all the time right? Like what part made it a crime?


I think it could be because she did not have permission to be there, could have been dangerous, was around other people’s children who’s identity isn’t something other parents are entitled to. And other parents might try it, so they have to send a message.


Holy shit. That’s impressive


Wtf was this "article" a two sentance peice on this bullshit? Either im to dumb to click the hidden "read more" or there was litteraly nothing to this article. Fuck off