Hmmm how can we stop people resigning 🤔

Hmmm how can we stop people resigning 🤔


Ngl, I expected somebody to say pizza party...


After the past year of isolation I could go for a pizza party.


Saddest, yet most true statement I've heard in a while


All the people that I'd want to have a pizza party with left....


Same here. The last even our firm did was a virtual pizza party. We were allowed to get our food in the main conference room, but then had to sit and eat at our desks and chat via Zoom.


I’d settle for that at this point tbh. Just being around a bunch of people I kinda like for an hour or so would be nice. We’ve had to isolate pretty hardcore bc my partner has asthma and some other immune issues, and I’m very, very over it at this point.




This is why


Unlimited PTO! ^(but we'll work you so hard you don't have time to take it)


Also not a liability on the books if it’s “unlimited” and you don’t have to pay people out when they leave.


Lol if you think my ass isn’t hopping a plane on 10/16, you’re sorely mistaken. Now to just find a diplomatic way to phrase that to get it through the unlimited PTO filter, I’ll be all set.


Unless they fire you on 10/15* *I hope this does not happen to you but it will inevitably happen to many people


Lol if they fire me after 3 months, I probably deserve it.


Our office's current thing is doing virtual escape rooms.


Are those just the escape games that used to be places like [addictinggames.com](https://addictinggames.com) back in like 2006?


The double and tripled-up scheduling is why Im planning to put in my two weeks shortly. Juice ain’t worth the squeeze. Still working busy season hours in June, coupled with a garbage raise and bonus… yeah, I’m out.


God, I feel this. Had to assume a bunch of my *manager's* responsibilities on one client after he quit recently, and I'm just a goddamn associate. Just one example, it's happening to some extent on all clients. Going to stick around to see what my senior bump is in a month, and for sure brushing up the resume if it's underwhelming


Brush it up now and start applying in 2 weeks. That way when you're for sure upset about the raise, you've already got the ball rolling


This is the correct way to approach the situation. And on a plus side, if you like what you are doing now and the place you are doing it, you can always use any offers that you have received and try to leverage a better raise.


Fuck. Are you me? Literally, the same shit happened to me and it's making me want to blow my brains out


Happening to me too! Just had an interview with the IRS and really hope I get the job...can't do these hours year round.


I was on a meeting with leadership discussing this exact thing. One of the ideas was to "let people take the weekends off". Nearly shit myself laughing.


Good lord. Those people need to fuck off. Edit: I’ve never gotten a gold before 🥲


I’d laugh too if it wasn’t so damn depressing smh 🤦‍♂️


Lol, the end is perfect.


Im looking for an accounting job … zero experience. Average enthusiasm


> Average enthusiasm you're already overqualified


“Accounting job” is a very general statement. A lot of people are very happy in accounting roles. I work in audit and especially while qualifying it’s rough so it is good to have a laugh about all the problems. (Also all the happy people don’t generally post about how happy they are so your view based on this subreddit is probs very skewed) Once you’re qualified you can find a cushty job and enjoy life, it just depends on your priorities when looking for the next job. Just my 2 cents.


Serious question; why not just pay better? Clients are just as desperate for an auditor as our bosses are for new hires, so why not crack up the prices a bit more and give staff a competitive salary comparable to finance jobs that request similar commitments? A major reason to work in audit is because "it pays well", and I fully agree that it pays above average with a low chance of unemployment. But in order to make good money, you generally need to leave audit all together.


Because they have an endless supply of pushovers willing to work long hours for peanuts. The accounting shortage is overhyped. If there really was such a labor shortage, the pay and treatment would be a lot better than it is.


For associates, yes. But firms are in insane demand for seniors/managers.


Yup, it's culture. Its a combination of leaving when you can't accept the conditions and not selling college students the big4 Kool aid


Pay won't increase because supply per say, it may play a part but I don't see that happening super soon. It will increase because people are leaving before senior and people are less tolerant of the hours and where the expectations are headed... You really can't run a proper hierarchical structure without the meat of the sandwich. It's kind of like the mafia, you need to treat your soldiers well and I think PA firms kind of forgot that.... Imagine charge 2200+ hours then getting no bonus.... Being up till 2am... To get no bonus... Like firms run so bureaucratic and inflexible they lose important and valuable people FAST... Then it's just a dice roll how much tolerance the next person has... And COVID has made people REALLY intolerable.


>But in order to make good money, you generally need to leave audit all together. Or make partner and underpay the staff


because of money. I dont know if its a compiliation, review,examination, or an audit. But a client finally sent over his consolidated statement for his company and the partner just forwarded it to me. In the clients message he said, "here are the financials we finally got it back after a week we finally gave them all the information. Nit sure why you guys cant match their price of $10,000" The client wants us to do that engagement since we do his returns as well as his business returns.


But at a big 4 level, there isn't really much competition. Most companies have to fight to get an auditor because most audit firms lack the capacity due to staff shortage. Also, I would say in general that I am against the same firm doing an audit, as well as other services. I find this a conflict of interest. Also because some companies almost offer the Audit as a free bonus service if they provide the firm with other (more lucrative) consultancy services.


As someone who has sat in on client pursuits for B4 firms this simply isn't true. B4 firms are all competing on a race to the bottom for new work especially in audit where you are seen as more of a compliance function and they'll gladly go for the lowest cost. My current audit I'm working on is for $50K. We did $35M in revenue last year up from $10M the year before. It's a first year audit with a staff of \~8 for 8 weeks. They are absolutely losing money on this engagement. The amount of audits in the $50-100K range companies do for startups in the bay area to try and win future IPOs/long term clients is insane.


Yeah, I hear that more often indeed, that firms will just do audits in the hope to later get better paying work such as consultancy assignments. I am happy that this is for a large part forbidden in my country. I know that in my country, at least for the middle size, more complex clients, there is definitely a sellers market. They can simply decline jobs or only do them for insane fees. I know many small listed companies where unable to find a new auditor after several big firms announced they stopped serving listed companies all together (I was in one of the teams that served small and midcap listed firms). I think it's only in the bottom of the market here that companies just have an audit "because they have to" and indeed choose the cheapest option.


It's actually the opposite. If you audit a company you can't do any consultancy work. Audit always gets priority over advisory work for god knows why since it's lower margins and cheaper, but that is the way it works. What country are you in?


Audit is consistent and predictable revenue and most firms are gonna try to win tax work from the same client as well since that doesn't impair independence.


Are you being audited by big4? Like the engagement fee was blown through the first week then, rofl.


Yes I am. This particular B4 firm consistently out competes all the others for lowest fees in the market. It's truly incredible the amount of engagements they take for $100-200K/yr for tech startups. Just idiotic leadership (I used to work for the firm too).


LIES, The Partner would still throw him out the window, along with his laptop to complete his working papers.


True! You can still work from hospital too. Yet another perk of the job…. Flexibility to work anywhere 🤣


You've got 3 seconds. Hard deadline


I just left a company after 10 years that was consistently growing. The workload was just too much and even though adding additional accountants was always the answer, they just wouldn't do it. So now I'm working somewhere else and I hear something about interviewing in a team meeting. It turns out that they are growing too and once they reach a certain point it's custom that they add an additional accountant. These people have left no room for doubt or remorse at every turn in the few weeks that I've been with them. So there's hope guys! Make the switch and make sure that asking how they handle the workload is one of the most important questions you ask.


More mental health webinars!!!!


Company im at posted a staff associate level audit job i see on linked in... 170 applicants in 6 hours are you sure


This...feels like my current company.


Currently studying Financing rn. Its not much better is it?


Some people love it.


Less bullshit environment, more bullshit people, imo


See my response above to Iamshinichi.


So true




Niqqa said stick to a plan.


If y'all would provide all the data as and when requested...


If y'all learned how to budget and hire accordingly without draining the fuck out of your team and try sticking up to your senior managers you wouldn't have to redirect your bullshit on entry level staff. Real talk.


It's a pretty simple calculus that if you have more work than what your current staff is able to do without killing themselves, you need to A: Pay them more for more work done and/or B: Hire more people (which is easier when you more).


Now that you provided this sage advice, accounting firms just need to have employees to implement it.




Of course everything in the history of anything could be done better.. however, you can’t deny the best phasing(planning?) won’t mean shit if there isn’t anyone available to do the work when not only are PA jobs historically understaffed, but now PA jobs are critically understaffed.




I don’t know if you have been sleeping under a rock for the past year and a half or don’t actually work in PA, but’s it’s been nonstop busy season for 1.5 years at my firm - and we used to be a firm better staffed than the rest.


I’ve come to the realization that every single retailer currently fits this.


How about using programs actually made for accounting and not excel, maybe it will reduce the load a bit