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Seatbelt would have helped a tiny bit


Yeah, would have helped more…but had he not done what he did just a couple seconds before with the belt, he would have flown into the windshield. Did you see how close that shiny head came to smacking onto the camera lense?? That little move he did just a second before easily saved his life.


What would have helped more is if he didn’t stop on the tracks while a train was coming with nothing in front of him. Take his license


This is the single biggest thing drilled into driver's heads while training. What time is train time? IT'S ALWAYS TRAIN TIME


Why did he stop there was nothing in front of him?


Stop sign


Yeah but he should have seen that train. I saw it through the shitty camera lens. I'd have stopped before the tracks.


Oh yes, for sure - even without a proper warning, this dude should have at least looked


He never looked right. I bet he will get paid though. My cousin's husband tried to beat a train on a rural road and got hit. Killed him, launched their baby from the truck and that gave him brain damage. My cousin was mostly unharmed beyond cuts and bruises. She sued because there were no barricade arm things that warned of a train coming by blocking the road. That woman got paid a few hundred thousand. All because the dumbass that died didn't want to wait.


He was watching the cop next to him that's why he put on his seat belt he saw a cop and watched to see if they would pull out to get him


Wow...so this moron stops for a stop sign...but ignores the train barreling in his direction?? Darwin Award Approved!!!


Common sense should have prevailed.




I’m about to be hit by a train but the sign said stop what do I do lol. I remember speaking to someone in a coffee shop in Amsterdam about a rule of common sense they have. If the lights are red and no one’s coming in any direction you can go.


I went on a rant in unpopular opinion that included how de humanizing it is to be told you're too bloody dumb to use common sense at a red light if nobody is coming... people shit on me for suggesting we don't need to sit there.


Yup. Also never shift gears on a railway track. Instant road test failure. He looks old enough to know better


He literally had a stop sign with on coming traffic lol


I gotta guess here that he was experiencing a brake malfunction. In the approach he appears to be down shifting in order to bring the truck to a stop. By the time the truck comes to a stop (most likely because of the the train tracks) it’s too late to get started again and clear the tracks. He clearly sees that this isn’t goin to end well as evidenced by the attempt to put his seatbelt on. There is clearly something amiss with the mechanical of the truck. In other words, he didn’t do that on purpose.


Truck driver here! He actually saw a cop off to the left and rushed to get his seat belt visible so he wouldn't get a ticket. The whole time he was looking at the cop, he never looked to the right while crossing the tracks so he never saw the train. He was trying to drive "properly" by slowing at an easy pace for the stop sign, probably in an effort to not shift the load.


It also looks like the railroad crossing signal wasn’t working. So a lot of shit went wrong all at once. I’m not saying he’s absolved of all responsibility, but there’s blame to go around.


Driver is 100% at fault. Rural America doesn't always have gates or even lights. These were working perfectly fine, he was just more worried about getting a ticket because he couldn't be bothered to wear a seatbelt. Also, we're professionals. If a crossing is empty, no lights, and obscured, you still approach slowly until you can identify an "all safe" scenario and can safely proceed through without blocking the tracks. Zero excuse.


I saw that too. My dad's a retired locomotive engineer and I don't think he's ever mentioned that happening before.


You do see him shout like fuck sake or something so maybe something in this. Nowt wrong with the accelerator tho. He should have stopped before the tracks knowing fine well he wouldn’t fit in the space after the tacks. Considering the guy don’t even wear his seat belt he probably only just started driving and had no air pressure to use the breaks. You kinda say him breaking anyway just before he’s hit by the train. Anyway am moving on. Stupid old man in a truck needs eyes tested. Disregard for his own safety by not wearing a seatbelt. Regardless of what you think you clearly see him break that wasn’t engine breaking he came to an abrupt stop. Left his arse on the tracks.


Pretty sure he doesn’t actually buckle it or else there’s no way he could have slipped through.


I think it was buckled but very loose


No he just pulls it across his body. Never actually buckled it


Then how is the corner(buckle) of the belt staying there with nothing holding it?


I have no idea


He was wearing it, but it looks like it didn’t lock. Edit: it was also less effective since it was being fed from so far away. A belt coming from the corner of the seat would have probably been much more effective.


New CDL training vid just dropped


I know you're joking, but it looks like the company did release a press statement after this went viral. Looks like they are putting all truckers through 1,000 hours of additional testing before anyone can drive again: https://youtu.be/QOmTtG3skHs?t=247 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


>putting all truckers through **1,000 hours** of additional testing ho lee fuck the train must've won the lawsuit


I’m sure several million, if not hundreds of millions dollars in cargo was fucked up for days because of this. So yeah.


>!You've gotten me 3 times today. You're getting a custom tag.


If only we can add 1000 to LEO's training across the USA !! An average of 500 hours doesn't seem like its enough.


_”When you notice your vehicle has come into the path of an oncoming vehicle that is unable to stop in time, utter a curse word and grab for your seatbelt. It should be the kind that has absolutely no spring tensioner. Toss the buckle across your lap so that the belt falls loosely across your body. Now you are ready to safely begin your collision.”_


Were the track warning lights on? Doesn’t look like it but maybe it’s the poor quality


They were blinking. You can see them better on the right hand side of the bottom video. At the 24-23 second mark.


They were not on


I didn't see any lights and some tard on the township commissioner board who Decided the stop sign placement so close to the tracks that you're truck won't even fully cross, great 👍 idea!


The real person at fault here is whoever designed that intersection. Stop sign right after a train crossing without the train crossing having lowering beams. Straight up have to stop with your trailer on the tracks to pass through that stop sign. Yikes.


Straight up criminal. What the hell


Holy shit I thought it was a failed suicide attempt. I didn’t see the stop sign cuz I was clenching.


You wouldn't believe how many crossings in America are setup like this. They teach you to stop behind the tracks at these intersections when getting your CDL which this guy didn't do. Then you proceed over the tracks and through the intersection if everything is clear. In a car or semi, you never, never stop on the tracks. You're also never supposed to take the semi out of gear when crossing in case you get hung up on the tracks. It's an instant fail on your drivers test if you do that.


He didn't even look both ways. The video is deceiving because the camera is facing him and the train is coming from his passenger side. He never even looks in that direction. To his credit, it does not appear as though the lights are flashing, which indicate a train is coming. Stupid location for a stop sign, too.


Also the track lights weren’t flashing and the gate didn’t drop? What’s up with this intersection??


I think it's just the potato quality video. If you look at the median, it looks like they are flashing.


A lot of rail road crossing don’t have gates especially in rural areas


14 seconds in, you can see both gates are up, buddy shoulda looked both ways, but still


You don't. You treat the stop sign as if it's on the other side of the tracks at that point. The only other possibility is that route is not for trucks.


This is why Japan requires every vehicle to stop at every crossing. Also, you’ll never find a stop sign just after train tracks there. That’s dumb af.


I love the way the doofus driving suddenly turns into Mr. Crash-Test Dummy.


Hit every wall of the cab twice in 2 seconds


Painful to watch & to even think about.


That seatbelt did absolutely nothing for him


Because he pulled it across his body but didn't latch it for some reason.


Probably the same reason he did it at a random point, rather than when he started driving. My guess is drugs.


Nah just stupid


I want whatever drugs he was on


*mmm mmm mmm mmm* *once there was this kiiiiiiid who....*


I hope I don’t ever meet you irl


Yeah i was super wondering about that. I can see that they have train crossing warning lights there but they dont look like they are on in this video. Which if its that close they should 100% be. Even in America most commercial vehicles have requirements to stop at every railroad crossing as well. From this video im honestly not sure who's in the wrong here. Did the semi truck driver ignore the warnings or were the warnings not properly employed? And also yeah, having a stop sign so close to after a railroad crossing is 100% asking for exactly this situation to happen.


From the looks of it he just doesn't see the train. Ngl it took me a second to realise the view in the cabin is reversed, so if you watch it he only looks out the side the train is approaching only once then proceeds forward. I say look but more just glances.


Yeah, he only looks to the right to look in the mirror in order to change lanes


It’s buses that have to stop right before the train tracks. Semis are just supposed to slow down and look both directions for a train.


Only Haz Mat is required to stop at rail crossings.


Don't forget passenger and school busses ( yes I know functionally they're are the same, but in the world of commercial driving they are different endorsements on your license)




America requires him to stop before the tracks or after but never on, and never take the truck out of gear or shift while over tracks. He should have stopped 20 feet before the tracks and waited for the train. Some of these drivers get so complacent and begin to cut corners to save time and eventually regret it. Also the Trains usually run a section through towns or cities directly adjacent to a road so it's inevitable that there are side streets intersecting and of course you need a light or sign to regulate that traffic.... The issue with having that tiny space right after the tracks but before the sign is typically due to the spacing that existed prior to the train tracks being built and not having enough funding to just rip it all out and start it the right way.


No, America does not require all semis to stop before railroad tracks. To my knowledge, school buses and vehicles placarded for hazardous materials are the only ones required to stop. (Source: I've been driving trucks for 13-years.)


You've misunderstood. In this case the stop sign has a long vehicle stopping on the tracks and that is illegal in America. It's already illegal to do what this driver did. He's not required to stop at every one unless it's hazmat or humans in the cargo but he's not allowed to take it out of gear on tracks or stop on tracks. Therfore he should have done a full stop prior to the tracks just as though he had hazmat prior to advancing to the actual stop sign. I've been a commercial driver since 2007 with zero accidents.


Even better, put barriers and big flashy red lights on every crossing. Whenever a train is coming, the barriers go down. It seems stupid to let the people decide if they can go or not.


I don’t fully understand why it’s better to stop before crossing in a vehicle that big. Seems like you’re killing all your momentum and making yourself cross slower, which intuitively seems bad. I guess that’s a worthy sacrifice when you consider that you have to stop to look both ways down the tracks?


You know what it's like to unexpectedly get stuck blocking an intersection? Stopping before entering the 'danger zone' forces you to take time to consider whether it is safe to proceed to the other side of the tracks. It also makes it more obvious whether traffic ahead of you is guaranteed to clear the crossing/intersection by the time you arrive in a place where you are not able to stop. This guy seems to have gotten fucked because he had to stop for the stop sign and/or traffic, OR he was waiting to make a left turn (?) I agree stop sign placement is kinda terrible here and this rule might not have saved the guy in this video, but that's the reason for why it exists.


You're absolutely right, also there was a "Left turn only" sign on the left before the crossing.


This is why in Germany, all train crossings have barriers that go down in additon to lights.


He is actually supposed to stop on the tracks where his front windows are and look both ways. He went beyond his windows, then looked and didn't see the train at first. Had he looked at the right place, then he could have gunned it and been okay.


He isn't racing it. He doesn't know it is there until too late. He also didn't put his seatbelt on. He just crossed it over his body, probably because of a cop on the other side of the road. He did look at the tracks briefly before crossing them, but he was just a tad too far back, with trees and stuff in the way, to see the train. He should have really stopped at the tracks since there was a stop sign on the other side and he didn't have room to clear the tracks while stopping at it.


Focusing on the cop cause he wasn’t wearing the seatbelt seems to be the culprit


I don’t think he ever truly looked to his right even once. Is there even a horn blast from the train as a warning?


Well, who knows if there was a train honk. Some idiot decided to put on a soundtrack so even if the original video had sound …


Where were the damn lights? There's several lights around the crossing and I didn't see any of them on the (potato quality) video.


The lights are definitely on. Look at the one in the median. You can just make it out. The problem is the lights are those crummy incandescent lamps and potato camera.


He was looking for the train on his left, then realized it was coming from the right side. “G-d Damn!”


Actually looks like he wanted to make a left hand turn (down a street?), but needed traffic to clear before going, that's why it seemed like he stopped on the tracks. This was still a ways before the stop sign. He was focused on looking to this left to get an large enough opening to make his left hand turn. Briefly glanced to his right, only to see a train barreling down on him. He really should have stopped before the tracks and checked both directions.


I noticed this also, he seems to be preoccupied with and maybe stopping for what is on the left. Others are saying he spied a cop though.


Lol you censored god but not damn?


Out of respect and also to eliminate any possibility of violating the commandment to not take the name of god in vain, lots of religious people won't even spell out the generic name.


You guys watch people die on this sub but saying “god damn” crosses the line? Wtf lol


G*d is a slur




Gad? TIL


"racing" as the dude cruises at like 2 mph


The worst part of this video is the stupid ass music. What was wrong with the original audio that has gear grinding and train on truck smashing?


Anything is better than the war crime 'oh no no no no no' official song of tiktok


bout to spit a verse


I hate shitty generic hip hop beats used for videos like this. Happens way too often.


That some seatbelt karma...who the fuck doesnt know the risk of driving unbuckeled??


Who the hell designed the crossin. has to be an villain.


Takes a special kind of driver to be totaled by something traveling 15mph.


I mean trains are pretty good a destroying even at 5 mph


But they are not good at being hard to notice, no matter if 15 or 5 mph. Point is you have (some) time to react, and it's kinda hard to not see/hear a massive train coming at you, even at that speed. At least you'd think so, then there's this video.


The lights don’t seem to have come on when he was approaching. He was basically clueless until it was on him or he could have hurried across. He was focused on traffic to his left though. Too bad he didn’t actually buckle the belt, that was a Hard hit.


The crossing lights are flashing, look really closely in the median. It's partly due to the potato camera and partly due to the incandescent lamps in the crossing signals.


What genius designed this intersection to have a stop sign just past the railroad crossing that has no gates?


Cmon Cletus!


In rural areas they don't have lights and gates. They just have Darwinism


They have stop signs (that nobody obeys).


Yeah. Hmm, I hear a train horn, there is a stop sign in front of a railroad crossing, is that where the train is?... can't be, I'll just pretend the stop sign doesn't exist.


What’s that seatbelt good for?


He didn't put it on, it was just across his lap lol What a jack off, poor old man


What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!


Huh! good god, y'all


I tend to look both ways, but in his defense - the warning lights were not flashing and the crossing arm thingy never came down.


Dude wasn't racing it. He was oblivious it was coming. Hopefully he's off the road now


Why this people are so stupid, they just canr respect the train and let it pass ??


That’s a really abrupt way to take a nap.


Not a great time to take a nap


Correct me if I’m wrong, but the crossing lights are not blinking, there is no lowering cross bar, he was looking to his left because for some fucking stupid reason they have a stop sign immediately after a train track. I’m curious if the train started beeping it’s horn before it even sees the truck. The driver is still responsible since he didn’t look both ways, but how many of us slow down and look before crossing the tracks if there is 0 indication of a train.


Lucky he put his seatbelt on 🙃




Gonna get charged with dumb. Made sure to complete stop at the stop sign too.


I've watched this several times. I don't think he was trying to beat the train. The lights at the railroad crossing do not flash. He slows down because there is a stop sign 30 feet past the railroad tracks. It is possible he couldn't see the train due to the trees blocking his field of view. When he looks left, he can't see the train. Maybe he was focused on the stop sign. The deal with his seat belt, that's simply his fault. I still don't understand why he didn't hear the train horn though. Look at 0:28. He looks totally surprised. Who knows?


Wtf was he thinking he had to see that shit coming, had the foresight to put his seatbelt on lol like that helped, and then just did… that? Whatever that was


Cop on the left. Truckers dont wanna get pulled over. Trees on the right plus stop sign onother side of tracks so he doesnt focus on that. Plus blocked sight om fight till youre on the track basically. Poor old man was focused on not getting a ticket or slowed down instead of the track that seemed dead. And the lights seem to turn on as hes on it


Dale Gribble?


Good thing we got cameras everywhere so we can see everyone’s terrible decisions


Found it: Ada, Oklahoma https://www.google.com/maps/@34.781959,-96.67003,3a,75y,196.59h,87.9t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1seUfIlB0TjGIlApQkpoBBdQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 There's no crossing gates across a six lane road.


There aren't any barriers to prevent people from crossing when a train is coming?


I don't think he saw the train which explains why he stops on the tracks at the stop sign. So that made me think does this dude half ass put his seat belt on at every intersection? You wear your set belt or you don't. Why would you want to constantly messing with it?


Lying the loose seat belt across his lap didn't do much. What a crazy place for a Stop Sign. He needed priority, not the side roads


He looks like he’s been driving for years. Why did he do this? Careless mistake


All new meaning to look both ways before you cross ta street…


Goddam fool.


Why don't they look, Ralph? Tell me, why don't they look? [Last Clear Chance](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Naix-f6KSIg)


I never understand why people are okay with breaking the train Xing signs but then pay attention to the signs right after it. Like either ignore all the signs or none of them smh.


I… I… I think he needs glasses…


Wouldn't say racing. He had plenty of opportunities to stop and to make it. Don't really understand wtf caused him to fuck it up.


Why is thrrr is a stop after the train track.. wtf


Why was he going so slow?


Why’d he do that? He saw the train coming


Dude head touched every single window.


At some point you have to believe that people aren't this stupid and they just do this shit on purpose.


I don't know what is dumber. The stop sign right after a train track.....or not running it as a train is about to smash you.


So, you see the train coming and decide not to stop before the crossing, but do decide to stop at the stop sign just after the crossing, leaving your trailer on the tracks. What a fucking meat head. Why?


The music ruined it


Stan Lee and his damn cameos. I love him


He didn't race the train he just stood in it's way


You too old to be that foolish sir


He probably would have been cool and made it if he would not have stopped half way….also on semi trucks isn’t there a button or a switch or something that when engaged it releases the trailer???? Or


What happened to his seatbelt?


Train wins everytime


The amount of idiots in the comments is staggering.


Former Trucker here. You’re taught that when you come to train tracks you have to come to a complete stop, rather if the lights are on or not. Ever notice School buses do this? Also, the civil engineer that designed this intersection and put a stop sign that close to the tracks needs his ass kicked.


I feel like the stop sign is what got him. If he had just ignored the stop sign and barrel down through as fast as he could


Probably not the first accident in that intersection. Whomever designed it should loose their jobb


> should loose their *lose *Learn the difference [here](https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/lose-vs-loose-usage#:~:text=%27Lose%27%20or%20%27Loose%27%3F&text=Lose%20typically%20functions%20only%20as,commonly%2C%20a%20noun%20or%20adverb).* *** ^(Greetings, I am a language corrector bot. To make me ignore further mistakes from you in the future, reply `!optout` to this comment.)


Lol absolutely tossed


The train shake him good like them pearls in a boba tea.


What in gods name was he doing lmfao


Starts panicking… sheesh he got tossed. Why are there no crossing arms? Looks like he couldn’t see it til he was across. Other cars were crossing too.


Lights flashing, not wearing a seat belt, not stopping at the track... that is a lot of failure.




Hold my beer


Wtf was he thinking he had to see that shit coming, had the foresight to put his seatbelt on lol like that helped, and then just did… that? Whatever that was


That seat belt didn't do much


Doesn't do much because didn't buckle it, just faked it for the cop on the other side of the crossing.


Maybe turn down the music and concentrate on the driving


I always lower my music to see better


Thank goodness he put his seat belt on


Fuckin boomer played roulette and he lost. Bahahaha


I like how he puts on his seat belt knowing he is being a dumb ass


Well none of that seemed on purpose at all.......


Good thing he threw that flimsy ass seat belt on last minute


What. The. Fuck. Did. He. Think. Was. Gonna. Happen?!


Didnt try to race it. Stop sign on other side of tracks. Lights not turning on. And a potential cop on the left so that gets truckers attention over anything


He looks both ways. The train is very visible. I'm aware trucks have tons of blind spots but I just feel like it should have been visible


Am I the only that gets the feeling that it might have been intentional like as in some weird insurance fraud….. Come on… hey “buckles up” after already driving around right before he cuts in front of the train and appears to stop on pause before impact. Look a little funny to me.


Old people should not have driving licenses.


Ah yes the USA: a third world country with unsecured train crossings in the middle of a city. How is there not a barrier there that closes to automatically before the teain actually crosses?


I have a better title: ‘Reposting a video on Reddit’


East bound and well....down.


Fencing response, concussion for sure.


Swift driver, doing “swift” thinking!


Nice t pose at the end...


I’m I also dumb. (Probably) but I didn’t see the lights go on


So that’s what it’s like to be hit by a train


TIL semis don’t have airbags


He sure did... and he came in 2nd place🏆


That seat belt didn't do shit.


I know that seat belt helped… but did it?


"LoL" \-seatbelt


Looks like he was trying to take the week off the way he put on his seatbelt conveniently 4 secs before impact


Reason to wear a seat belt.


#*Trains are moving much faster than you think they are. Do not try to beat a train.*