The Anjuna Lounge - Weekly Open Chat Thread

Welcome to another edition of the Anjuna Lounge. Please use this thread to get to know one another. Rules are relaxed for these threads and you are free to discuss whatever you'd like - be it sports, video games, or even just a good old fashioned shitpost.

With the creation of these weekly threads, we have slightly changed some of our rules around self promotional posts. What are some examples of a self promotional post, you ask?

  • A livestream that you or a friend are hosting
  • An event you are hosting
  • Your latest mix (yes, even those Anjuna related mixes)
  • A new track you finished

While self promotional rules are relaxed for these threads, ticket sales or solicitation of any kind is still strictly prohibited.


Could anyone here teach me how to submit a shout out for Group Therapy? I've been googling and am having a hard time figuring it out. I want to give a shout out to my wonderful fiance who is about to have a baby girl :)


I just replied on either their Facebook feed or twitter as soon as the GT for the following week was announced


I got back into making monthly mixes this year after not doing so for quite some time. I sorta lost track of everything that was coming out spread across the various genres. Sounds were edging closer and closer to each other, I felt. But I started doing deep dives once again this year. And thankfully, when I search just a little bit further past the big boy labels, there are so many gems to be discovered. So I rebranded my mixes 'Infinitive On Air' and started dropping them on YouTube again. I've been a follower of the Anjuna brand since around 2005 and that hadn't faded, hence my yearly 'Year Mixes', but these monthy editions are a blend of progressive, deep, techno and that 'old love of mine', uplifting trance; [https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLld0W1moORaI-mY0NTYv3Adx4-muyhRh](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLld0W1moORaI-mY0NTYv3Adx4-muyhRh) Shameless plug, but I know you guys appreciate good music, so I hope you enjoy some monthly mixes as well. And the occasional Anjuna-themed mix :D


I wonder what instigated the change, but I'm loving the shift in sound that Paul Thomas has taken with his UV label, towards a more organic sound, that's also reflected in his UV Radio show. I had a feeling that there was one too many labels outputting the same kind of sound where their owners are even connected in some way. That is, there was initially no way to tell the difference sonically between pre-rebrand UV, UV Noir (don't know if Paul himself is also managing this one though), Deep State (which has strangely gone dormant this year), Patterns (Dylhen's label) and Greenstone (Rolo Green's label that began signing tracks from other artists last year, also lying dormant in 2023). The change means that there's now nothing like it on the market, and it may have saved UV. I don't know how Lane 8 feels about having his plant/flower motifs being nicked though 😂


didn’t want to make a separate post so I figured I would post in here. on Cristoph’s latest podcast he played his remix of Eli and Fur’s Last Train and it is 🤌🏼🤌🏼