Above & Beyond - Tranquility Base Vol. 1

This is my favorite A&B release in a long time. Spin Off is the closest thing to what “peak” A&B was for me - 2005-2010. Wasp is my second favorite and gives me Formula Rossa / Buzz era vibes. Wasn’t in love with VLEKNO at first, but it’s definitely a grower. 500 is also a winner for me.

The only weak spot is Angry JP8 - it just sounds like a subpar Bayer club track in my opinion.


This is my favorite A&B release in a long time. Spin Off is the closest thing to what “peak” A&B was for me - 2005-2010. Wasp is my second favorite and gives me Formula Rossa / Buzz era vibes. Wasn’t in love with VLEKNO at first, but it’s definitely a grower. 500 is also a winner for me. The only weak spot is Angry JP8 - it just sounds like a subpar Bayer club track in my opinion.


Spin Off is the best song they've released in years. I've never purchased an extended mix so quickly. Edit: Been listening to Spin Off on repeat all morning and wanted to write a few more thoughts. I feel like A&B paid homage to their earlier sounds by masterfully blended their modern production techniques with their classic sounds we all know. The track evokes a range of emotions in me that I've missed from most modern A&B productions - melancholic melodies, uplifting energy and TRANCE. It's a track that's true to their roots in the genre, and encapsulates the reason why I fell I love with their music in the first place.


Totally agree! This is the best for me since Anjunafamily and those tracks back in 2019. Awesome stuff - they havent lost their melodic touch. Sure sounded like that for a while


The WAAWN and Common Ground era was not it for me, aside from a few hits here and there. Feels like they're back in top form now!


Is it already known if the extended mixes are coming to streaming? Still not released where I live, so there isn't much I can say for now, but I can see some possible future favorites right here. From the previews: Love 500 and Spin Off seem equally good. Wasp doesn't come too far either. VLEKNO (whatever the hell this means) is probably my least favorite of the bunch along Angry Jp8. I guess a fair rank would be: 1. 500 2. Wasp 3. Spin Off 4. VLEKNO 5. Angry JP8 Curious to see how well this opinion will age. And I'm not sure if I should be worried, I'm afraid of how A&B will keep up with new releases from now on, as there are pretty much only two vocal tunes (Heart of Stone and Crazy Love) available to be released on what's over a more than a year span until ABGT 600. We may still see some unreleased stuff that wasn't roadtested/not featured on a milestone.


Wasp is hands down the star of this EP personally. That bridge with the piano leading to the crescendo of the track's melody & saws. Perfection. Pure eutrophic perfection. I like 500 as well, it's a close second. But man, Wasp really nails a special atmosphere. I remember vibing to it hard during their 500 set live. As was everyone else actually there. It was amazing lol


How were you able to listen to these besides jp8 and 500 already? It won’t listen me listen to the other songs


[Beatport](https://www.beatport.com/release/tranquility-base-vol-1/4117585) gives you a 1-minute preview for every track (released or upcoming). In fact, it's been available since the EP was announced.


I am the only one who cannot wait for a new album + TOUR!?! It’s been nearly 6 years. But hey I’ll take these 3 minutes tracks while waiting


Felt like I was rolling listening to VLEKNO, just know that one’s gonna HIT if they play it at the gorge


Avoiding the radio edits until the extended mixes release on streaming services. Or, please provide better radio edits that don’t cut out all the crucial parts of each song. It’s not hard to just remove the intro and outro and leave the rest intact.


>Avoiding the radio edits until the extended mixes release on streaming services. I did the same for Duality. Boy am I disappointed.


At least Duality has decent enough edits of the extended versions. They’re not horrible to listen to. And Midnight is freaking 9 minutes, basically 60% of this EP.


Wow that Spin Off edit is MESSY. Completely cuts out the breakdown! Just bought the full things from the Anjuna store. Much better❤️ As a release, I love this. Spin Off is absolutely one of the best tracks they’ve ever made. It’s the most Tri-State era tune we’ve gotten since that actual era. When I first heard this on the dance floor at 500, it immediately reminded me of Can’t Sleep. It’s incredibly dancey while also being super trancey as well. When I was first getting deep into A&B and fell in love with their classics, stuff like this and Crazy Love is the kind of music I wished they were still making. VLEKNO is a very nice take from the boys on the modern tech sound. Was not at all expecting this to be a track from them when I first heard it at 500, so nice to see them spice it up a bit. Wasp feels like a proper Tranquility Base song to me. Intro groove reminds me a lot of a Genix bassline, while there breakdown piano gives me Oceanic vibes. Proper trancer here. 500 and Angry JP8 both feel much more similar to modern A&B tunes. Love Angry JP8 up to the drop, then it kinda just loses me. Cool idea, maybe it’ll grow on me. 500 is a nice blend between newer and older A&B. Thicker, chunkier groove, with a lighter, floatier drop. Overall, a great release from the boys. Their Tranquility Base alias always had some of my favorite classic tracks from them, so this feels like a nice nod to their roots. I always felt some Tranquility Base vibes in their instrumentals throughout the years, Mariana Heaven and Out Of Time + the club mix especially. This is definitely a “new” A&B and I hope we’ll see a second volume at some point.


Spin Off & Wasp are two of the best instrumentals A&B have ever written, in my opinion. Spin Off is my favourite, but I can’t look past that lovely feeling of nostalgia Wasp gives me. Love the others too, only one I’m not too fussed about is 500 but I defo don’t hate it.


>Completely cuts out the breakdown! The best part of the track :l Shameful cut. Remember when A&B used to make near 8 minute songs in the 2000s? I really despise how Streaming made music so cookie cutter :l (I know CDs are at fault but the 2000s were the decade for CDs and we still had masterpieces with a decent length)


Angry JP8 sounds like a collab with GVN


Fun fact: VLEKNO is with Proff and Wasp and Spin-off are not with Bayer


I don’t hear any resemblance to GVN. Sounds like a standard A&B/Bayer track to me. There’s a little breaks in the beginning, but not even close to the style GVN does.


This. Nothing about is GVN other than the semi-break intro (which still doesn’t sound like the breaks sound of GVN)


Nah these ain't it chief Give me the Extendeds


5 Hatchet Edits on streaming platforms, a damn shame


Criminal these are only 2-3 minutes long. Why aren’t the extended mixes just put out along with the edits? Come on boys.


Why are Anjuna getting so bad at editing? They butchered Deeper Tales with their shoddy editing too.


please just give us the extended mixes UGH


Extendeds will come to streaming in a few weeks.


Ah so right now we get the preview EP while we wait for the real release later. 👍 Great job on this one HQ.


How long? Will it be a month similar to how Armada/ASOT does it?


Yep if I had to guess it’d be a month, but I don’t know for sure


already jamming to extended mixes on Youtube Music 😎 E: and they're gone, and now I'm sad


How do you know this? I’m dying to have the extended versions on streaming :)


Anjunabeats replied to me on Instagram when I commented on one of their posts.


Spin Off (the extended version) is the best A&B instrumental since Distorted Truth


Spin Off! That's some old A&B magic right there


Extendeds in a mixed fashion are available now on YouTube at least! https://youtu.be/qVix6NN0wU4


Spin Off! Absolutely bossed it. I’ve been after these melodic drops to return for absolutely years!


Made a quick little wallpaper for my phone and wanted to share https://preview.redd.it/mpv00bg2v12b1.png?width=519&format=png&auto=webp&s=6c42f716b7ca4e1d2a52f1f236c4b98b089f8511


the Spin Off edit is criminally bad at the 1 minute mark. The mastering on the extended mix could be a little punchier too


All fantastic tracks. I’ll take experimental A&B any day. I will say the butchered radio mixes doesn’t have that same impact as the abgt 500 mixes My ranking: 1.Angry JP8 2.Wasp 3.500 4.Spin-off 5.VLEKNO


Wasp has such a weird mix. The ride cymbal throughout the song is way too harsh imo and I feel like the drop doesn’t really have that much sub or impact. Sounds kinda rushed honestly. Other tracks are great though


Stunning EP! Getting weird nostalgic vibes from Spin Off. It's like Out of Time and Can't Sleep collided.


My favourite on this and from ABGT500 is still VLEKNO!!! I don't think this track gets enough love, this is by far the best A&B instrumental in a long time for me. Although the title of the track is interesting, someone said PROFF was behind this... (No wonder I love it) his name is ***Vl***adimir... it's T***echno***... so they called it **VLEKNO**? Is that why? lol I don't know... Either way, this track brings a really unique sound, especially to a genre they don't normally do. It's quite unexpected from them, but I feel people who don't do a genre normally can bring more interesting ideas to it and this is a perfect example of that!!! I would be happy as Larry if A&B just purely made techno from now on honestly!!! Angry JP8 comes in second place in my books, very on par with the experimentation they are doing in both tracks, would love more of these kinds of tracks from them!!


i hate feeling this way but A&B and anjunabeats feel like the magic is lost. i just miss the magic A&B had. it took toooo long to get these songs, and when they are here a lot of us do not like this new edit styles of VERY choppy short songs. and when anjuna releases songs they are not beats, they are intense anjuadeeps. trance lovers like long angelic buildups that are not complicated, would love to have a summer of fresh music like this. but always and forever A&B, they made me who i am today 10000%


What would be great if someone knew where these were along 500 on YouTube


They updated the timestamps on the video with the updated track names


I remember hearing Spin Off at 500 on the dance floor and it made me feel incredibly emotional - a magical tune and great ode to tri-state era with some new sound influences. Thank you A&B - what an amazing tune.




Wasp is very similar to Protoculture's remix of Godless by Robert Nickson, just sayin' :D Great track nevertheless


Extended mixes on iTunes or Apple Music. 😭😭😭


I’ve been waiting since 500 for them to ID and release Spin Off!! I fell in love with that song and the visual of the woman dancing in the doorway…so happy 🫶🏻💃🏼


For those wanting the extended mixes. They're [Beatport exclusive](https://www.beatport.com/release/tranquility-base-vol-1/4117585) for a while. Their socials have been relaying that. It sucks. But this EP is worth buying. All 5 tracks are phenomenal and it's only $7 after tax for all 5 extended mixes. Though I'm sure some folks will be uploading them to YT. Here's [Wasp](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1g9MJAGyvY), and here's [Spin Off.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj_yI_BKRzU) But truly, just buy them.


Will this see a vinyl release?


I will remember that for a long time. )