Pease stop opening with Screwdriver.

It’s happened enough that I have to say this. Great intro on the first experience. Please give us a new experience. That is all.


It’s what happens when you see an act multiple times or follow them across their tour.


Well yeah that would be an asinine complaint, but this is over different years and stand-alone events like NYE 2022/3.


Above & Beyond, reusing bits of their set for extended periods of time?? Who could’ve seen this one coming! Having said that, I actually quite like Jono’s Screwdriver as an opener. Fun song. Hoping for something fresh for the Weekender though!


For years, they'd make a new set for the milestone shows, then for the rest of that year, recycle that setlist at every other show. Feels more like a big mainstream band like Tool or Rolling Stones than most DJs on tour.


I love the song. It’s a sick opening song and very memorable. That also makes it a little disappointing the third time in a row. Maybe my luck was bad, idk. I love A&B and will defend them but also say “you can do better” when I know they can.


Something to keep in mind, you’ve maybe seen them three times in the last year/ or livestreams etc. and so, have seen a more repetitive track list/production. But to many they might only get to see them once a year or once every several years, or it might be their first time altogether so it’s all fresh. If you (and by you I mean fans in general) have the luxury to see your favorite artists multiple times a year that’s amazing I sure would if I could, but don’t be too disappointed when they don’t revamp their track list too much for the year. That’s my experience anyway. Could they play a different opener and add screwdriver somewhere else? Sure, but as others have said it’s a banger of an opener so why fix what isn’t broken 🤷‍♂️


This. I went to my first A&B show @ Weekender 2022 and I would watch the GT250 and GT450 every day to get pumped hoping it would be as good and hoping it would be similar to those shows. So, can say from experience that if they hadn’t played Screwdriver I would have died a slow death.


It’s been over multiple years. I definitely go see them when they come, but don’t care for livestreams or video, so it’s just been live. And local. It’s a great opener, but don’t do it for Glow in DC and when you return on NYE. But it’s a banger nonetheless and can be thrown into a set to pivot vibes from melodic progressive into a more techo side of things like the Were All in This Together - Genix, et al. A&B Respray (AMAZING track). If they want. Just spitballing random idea right now after getting home from Charlotte de Witt, which went until like 3:30 when they turned the lights on and swept us out. I remember Sunny Lax coming back on after Above & Beyond + encore, because his set got cut short. He played until they damn near dragged him out with us, and it was fire. He hasn’t been back since :’(


I love that opener so much and wish I could see it live but I could understand after the 3rd you want to see something different lol


remember when they opened their ASOT900 set with Mama Africa, now that was good.


Also, a lovely track.


ASOT 900 was one of their best sets of the last 5 years


Yup, I’d say in their top 3 sets of the last 5 years too. Track list from start to finish was great.


I go back to it every few months. So fucking good.


Need to open with Dirty Vegas Tonight more often


Now that's a throwback! I remember listening to that, what, 15 years ago? I love that remix!


This is my favorite opener I’ve ever seen of theirs. I think it was at Stanford last year or the year before.


Saw this opener during one of their first welcome back post-pandemic tour. Fucking blew my mind. I definitely agree


That's such a beautiful track.


They do! Look at their sets on tracklist 1001 it's a very common opener


They opened with it in printworks last month. Amazing vibes throughout


Tbh I agree. Hopefully by weekender they’ll do something new since there’s no milestone this year.


Yeah I agree tbh. like the abgt 500 mix satellite intro that they did at print works


Thank you for sharing your honest opinion. I’ve been where you are before. I flew to Red Rocks thinking I’d get something new and the set they gave us that night was pretty standard. I learned my lesson and now I try not to set my expectations too high — even by not expecting the opening track to be different. There’s always a chance they’ll switch things up a lot (The Oasis in Miami 10/2/2021) or play a unicorn set (Dreamstate in 2019) but the chances are slim. I think your best shot at a new set and experience will be the Weekender. Just keep in mind people like you and me are in the minority and they have the best shot at pleasing people by playing their most recently curated set with little to no deviation.


It doesn’t scream opener to me. Not sure of their choice with this one and this is from someone who usually loves a&b’s intro choices


Not sure why but it’s been the opener the last three times I’ve seen them - and I’m not traveling to see them. That was just their choice for when they came through + two standalone events like NYE (which was a… weird remix of it, idk if anyone else who was there sees this but am interested in their thoughts)


It's interesting because they definitely mix it up if you look at their sets.


I love it personally




‘Just Listen’ would be an opener we all deserve


Here’s hoping they pull out something special for electric forest this year.


This how I felt at the last weekender. I was ready for more fresh vibes and got about what I was expecting. Which is fine but from the previous shows from seeing them it was better and sometimes experimental. There was a good like 20 mins where my mind was blown though. Thats why I wouldnt go to another weekender personally.


Ahhhh I remember being young seeing A&B as many times a year as I could.


Honestly it would be amazing if they combined it with the original mix


At the EDC Week Pool party, they played both (original mix, much later)


Oh nice I mean like mix in the original mix w the new version


Agreed. LINE intro!


They mix it up more often then it seems https://www.1001tracklists.com/dj/aboveandbeyond/index.html


Yeah they should open with Floorlifter like the good ole days!


they can do whatever they want


Yes. And I can have whatever opinion I want.


sure thing! as long as you remember that they can do whatever they want :) cheers