Above & Beyond: Vocal vs Instrumental

I personally think that A&B is at their absolute BEST when they release non-vocal tracks. 500, Formula Rossa, Walter White, Hello, etc.

What do you prefer?

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Can’t really pick. A&B are at their most innovative when they’re releasing instrumentals… However, their vocals are some of, if not the absolute best, in the dance music scene. I think the quality of their songwriting isn’t as strong as it was during the Tri-State/GT days, but still excellent. They excel at both, which is why they’re where they are.


I don't think I could have said it any better than you just did. Agree completely.




Those were the days :’)


Can't choose option would be appreciated. But it depends a lot on what they are promising. I love Above & Beyond and Justine Suissa (in and out of A&B/OceanLab) and even though Almost Home was my tune of 2021, one can't compare it with Satellite. Maaaybe I'd say vocal tunes until 2015, and instrumentals from then on. On one hand we literally have: * Satellite * No One On Earth * Alone Tonight * Good for Me * The entirety of the Sirens of the Sea album * Pretty much the entirety of Group Therapy * We're All We Need * Counting Down the Days * Blue Sky Action * Little Something * Northern Soul * Reverie And on the other: * Surrender * Buzz * Anjunabeach * Sun in Your Eyes * Prelude * The Entirety of Flow State * Distorted Truth * Waltz * Screwdriver * Always Do * 500 Eh, by a slight margin, I guess Vocals still win, but I can see instrumentals taking over in a matter of years.


Sun In Your Eyes does something to my body that I can’t describe.


Thats what sun in your eyes would do, makes you all jittery ( sorry couldn't resist) 🤪🤪


Satellite is their no1 track


I’m sorry their vocals and lyrics are amazing. I connect to the music so much through their lyrics that are just so meaningful and wholesome.


Vocal tracks tend to continue their melody throughout the track rather than the instrumentals that are just a decent breakdown into massive buildups into a kick and noise. For that reason; vocals > instrumentals every day of the week.


You can thank Andrew Bayer for steering em that way, cock crusher and all.


I agree.


There’s nothing that comes close to being surrounded by your best pals all screaming the lyrics out at the top of your lungs in perfect harmony and feeling every single emotion that comes with them. Absolutely nothing.


Non-vocal tracks go hard at clubs and festivals, but definitely vocal tracks for me. I never get tired of them.


It's not an all or none thing especially with A&B. Gonna have to sit this one out but I'll enjoy the commentary


Normally prefer instrumental tracks when it comes to trance BUT A&B knows how to make Zoe’s voice just add that little 🤌


Love their older instrumentals


Old A&B I would say vocal..New A&B instrumental


Their instrumentals stray too far from Trance imo so Vocal ones.


Damn nobody mentioned Oceanic??


One of their best.


Would have been more vocal tracks pre-WAAWN era, but definitely more Instrumentals for me nowadays unless it's with Justine Suissa. I like Justine's singing, and I think she gets the better instrumentals. To me, I think they try to put the more Oceanlab sound in them which is why I mostly like her vocals tracks also.