This isn't the sub to sympathize with Charles. Your comments will be removed. Check out more about Charles here: https://www.reddit.com/r/AbolishTheMonarchy/comments/xad97a/get_to_know_king_charles_iii_megathread/ And this just happened today: >King Charles’s staff given redundancy notice during church service for Queen. >>Up to 100 employees at the King’s former official residence, including some who have worked there for decades, received notification that they could lose their jobs just as they were working round the clock to smooth his elevation to the throne. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/sep/13/king-charles-staff-given-redundancy-notice-during-church-service-for-queen


it's disturbing how entirely emotionally unstable and pathetic this grown man-child is. throwing a fit because you got dates wrong and some ink on your hands? clearly this man can't sign a document without showing his petulant side, yet he's entrusted with the powers of king over the nation?


ohh no my $10,000 pen is leaking. then use a ballpoint you fucking ninny.


I get that a lot of people didn't want to get rid of the queen because she was kind of a neat person and represented stability. But this guy was just her dumb-ass son. The monarchy needs to go, it's time.


You know what I’d love for a leaky pen to be the toughest thing I had to deal with all day


The pentruly is mightier than the nonce enabler.


To play devil's advocate, not many react well on the worst day of their lives


It's the best day of his vile life


If you had lived his life, and had fingers that size, you would understand that spilled ink is disastrous and the worst thing to ever happen to him


Just use a ballpoint. King CharLESS




Poor Charles , just pop down to Waitrose 🤣


Penus horribilus


"whaaaaaa my pen leaks whaaaaaaaa I want mommy whaaaaaa I hate this bloody thing", guy is 73 and acts like a toddler


Hate leaky pens


Nobody talks about how he basically was slowly killing queen Diana with his shitty vibes


Not my king. The bloke is a big spoiled brat. I fear what this country will be like now this prick is in charge.


Fortunately he is just a figurehead and doesn’t carry much weight. Your new PM though is pretty worrying …


pm meets king every weak for a reason to think they have no political influence is..


True. However its not just our new PM thats the problem. Our whole goverment is a bunch of self-serving arseholes. Wouldnt matter who got in. This country is screwed.


It’s almost like royal people are just like everyone else just… more incompetent and helpless


And with a lot more personal wealth...


Totally feckless


It’s not a week yet and he’s a never ending source of lol content 😆


Why the fuck would you still use a fountainpen in 2022? Im genuinely confused as to why fancy people like this shit i mean can’t you just gold plate a ballpoint pen and use that. just put the fancy casing on something that actually works or is that not chauvinistic enough?


I use a fountain pen in university. It writes a whole lot better than ballpoints and it’s not hard on your hands. You can write for hours just fine because you don’t need to put pressure for it to put down ink. It doesn’t even leak unless you improperly maintain it, don’t know how to use it or it’s a shit pen. I’m leaning towards not properly maintained in this case. Old pens need maintenance unlike the newer workhorses that can write even if you leave it for more than a year. He should have just gotten a newer pen.


Foutain pen works, you just need to know how to use them (unlike this guy)


Half surprised they don't have to use a quill to do it. Considering they have all the ridiculous nonsense where the laws have to be written on vellum and such


I think he would agree with you judging by this clip


I still use a fountain pen for special purposes and I’m only 43. My grandmother taught me how to use one and how to write with smooth legible penmanship.


If his massive fucking sausage fingers didn’t crush the pen maybe this wouldn’t happen. Cunt is a joke


It's not a ball point pen. It's a fountain pen. They do leak and some make a hell of a mess depending on the pen. This, I'm assuming, is a man who doesn't use fountain pens alot.


As an American based on the headline I was expecting a Bill O'Reilly level tantrum at first but then remembered how reserved Brits are compared to us (generally speaking of course).


These Brits get upset by the oddest things. Could you imagine if trump was only this ill-tempered


for real, this is would be called a mumble in the us


Guess he’s still busy being a tampon than actually growing up after dear mama has boarded HMRC Inferno 🙄


I'm gonna say it; if this is how he behaves in public, imagine what he is like at home .. and as a King 🙃




He can barely hold the thing


That’s what you get when men want to become queens, way too emotional when it comes to responsibilities or even writing! Thank god Camilla was there to take over!


The queen died and this is the trending news?


I think we all heard about her dying…


he is representing an imperial power, who lives a posh life without working a single day. In all to that adter 73 years without anything accomplished he just had to sign a paper and put a date. But it seems he cannot even do that


He had to ask for the date twice within the same breath. The struggle is real.


I hate this new guy


At least the queen knew how to pretend to be a decent person. He can't even do that.


The blokes a man-child, same sort of thing when there was too much on his desk, almost ushering it away with his hands. These are the people "running" our country, the poor will always remain poor so long as this sort of behaviour amongst our "top" people exists. How pathetic.


Oh dear! The travesty… I’ll lose sleep over this


Maybe for Brits this qualifies as a fit? As an American that’s like down right saintly haha. PS I have zero sympathy for the institution and any who justify or benefit from it. The post title is just surprising to me and i want to know if it’s just cultural or what.


😂😂😂, man so many people are brain washed when it comes to the royal family… I’ve gotten pissed off worst for less 😂, we’re human it will happen, should have never been news coverage over this bullshit


Yea im sorry op this just comes across meh, plenty of better reasons, stuff like this tbh just dilutes the message.


I agree, I was definitely being sarcastic… Can’t expect anything less from these entitled pricks… what I’m saying is fine he got pissed so what it happens, we’re all humans, but for this to make news and have coverage is crazy to me…


The clip suggests that HRM has a thinly-concealed bad temper which he probably does not control well. Id call it a “hissy fit “ more than a fit. It’s over basically nothing, something that can be very easily solved. Rehire someone he just fired to tell him the date then hand him a non-leaking pen. Or he could wear fancy gloves and use the fancy cartridge pens. Maybe a quill and feather. 🦆 Maybe he’s frustrated to realize he’s not the beloved king that he has imagined long he would be. He has a lot of public baggage, eg his brother and Klaus Schwab. Also, the competition with the memory of his gentle, calm first wife. She suffered privately... if we discount the public wasting away. What energizes this phenomenon and social system that worships celebrities? Our need to feel passion... about something. So we respond to glitter. Perhaps we need more engaging avocations or worthy goals to excite our own personal passions? I’ve been thinking about this lately. There’s also our human interest in storytelling. Who invented fairy tales, the people who wanted to lead their tribes? Clearly, we made these “royals” and celebrities too powerful in society. Leaders exist only with compliant followers. The Solution is self empowerment and individual sovereignty.


Basking in the reflected glory is the psychological phenomenon i think is most pertinent.


Seemed like a deflection to his mistake over the many documents dated incorrectly.


classic "it's my fault and i put it on whoever i want"


Y'all should make that bastard pay that 40% inheritance tax like everyone the fuck else!


A lot of bootlickers on this thread.


What a fucking asshole




He was probably waiting for her to die just as much as the rest of the UK was.


People are really exaggerating his reaction here, he gets slightly irritated by a leaking pen and walks off.


Watch again, where he has risen, moves from table, stands facing right, says stinking pen ... notice his extreme physical tension and release from torso, arms, hands, and the angry face. it reveals that he has a bad temper which he probably does not control well. I consider it a “hissy fit “ over basically nothing, something that can be very easily solved. Rehire someone he just fired to tell him the date and buy non-leaking pens. Or wear gloves and use the fancy cartridge pens.




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Me thinks, he views this position a little more than just ceremonial in nature.


Hes got one jobs and cant be bothered knowing the date?


why does England even keep their royal family around anyways


More like a celebrity thing now


but with taxpayers adding to your income unlike celebrities.


All the income from the Royal Estates is paid to the UK treasury. Members of the family receive a grant in return. The Sovereign Grant is much less than the revenue from the estate. However, far too many of the extended family are supported by the Grant. It should be Charles and William’s family only. The rest should take care of themselves. Surplus property should be transferred to the National Trust or sold commercially.


The Crown Estates are not the royal family's private property. The Queen is a position in the state that the UK owns the Crown Estates through, a position would be abolished in a republic, leading to the Crown Estates being directly owned by the republican state. The Crown Estates have always been public property and the revenue they raise is public revenue. When George III gave up his control over the Crown Estates in the 18th century, they were not his private property. The royals are not responsible for producing the profits, either. The Sovereign Grant is loosely tied to the Crown Estate profits and is still used for their expenses, like endless private jet and helicopter flights. The Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall that give Elizabeth and Charles their private income of approximately £25 millions/year (each) are also public property. https://www.republic.org.uk/the_true_cost_of_the_royals https://fullfact.org/economy/royal-family-what-are-costs-and-benefits/ https://www.thecrownestate.co.uk/en-gb/about-us/our-history/ *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/AbolishTheMonarchy) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Why are people down voting my comment and upvoting the Automoderator comment when they are conveying the same facts that the Monarch does not own their estates?


I may be incorrect, but I believe they still hold the ability to veto legislation. I can’t think of any other celebrities that can do that.


That’s a nope. The monarchy has no constitutional power of veto since the English Civil War.


He's used [Queen's consent](https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jun/28/prince-charles-pressured-ministers-change-law-queen-consent) to pressure the government into changing legislation to protect his estate, and there are over [160 laws](https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jul/14/queen-immunity-british-laws-private-property) that call out specific exceptions (from things like workers rights, animal welfare and police powers) to protect crown interests.


Actually while a full veto is unlikely to ever happen, they for sure fiddle with legislation at the edges to make sure they benefit. Some reporter uncovered a bunch of laws tweaked by the queen so she gets tax and whatnot advantages.


Source? Of course, there are some politicians who will pass laws to benefit Royalty. The Monarch cannot alter legislation, it’s firmly in legislation and practice. Simply a figurehead.




They don't pay inheritance tax


They could theoretically refuse to give a piece of legislation royal assent but not really


**When every single one of your needs are met, and you still need something to complain about...**




I made a game of thrones reference about fire and burning and it got reported 😖


Crystal generation be like:






You wait 70years to do a job and you fuck up the date with a leaky pen… I get it 😂😂🤦‍♂️




Yup, I work for mayors and they're exactly like this when they first get into office, whining every time they have to sign a document. Generally lasts around half a year before they get used to it.


It's not like he's new to being in this kind or role before. He's spent his entire adult life performing this kind of ceremonial frippery. If he's got this far and is this petulant, I can't imagine he'll be changing in the next 6 months.


They are literally meant to be public servants, the heck are they whining for? Heck I would be glad to be a mayor for a town and sign documents.


It's just generally annoying to do, just because they whine doesn't mean they won't do it, and after a while they just get used to it. Most people don't expect the amount of signing you do as a mayor, people believe it's only the policies.


If signing documents is the most annoying part of someone’s job - especially when they don’t have to check through them with a fine tooth comb - I’ve got no sympathy for them


The most annoying part would be talking nicely to people that only want to screw you over. But just because it's the most annoying doesn't mean it's the most difficult task.


Incoming hand cramps and knuckle cracking I suppose!


Has anyone told the royalty that they make better pens now?


Its a Montblanc Meisterstuck Solitaire, value approx. 1800 dollars. High quality pen. The leak probably came from poor handling during his several flights.


That's not how expensive they are. I looked it up and they use a $12 refill even.... Seems like a very overpriced case, for a cheap pen.


UK list price £1200, fact


Are you suggesting making the king use a ballpoint? Like a peasant?


Some pen expert pointed out the brand and it is a ballpoint, just a bad one.


Mygod dramatic as fuck its just a bit of ink why is his entire attitude immediately like his lifes falling appart🙃


"Babies cry for many reasons, including to tell you that they're tired, or hungry, or have a wet diaper. Sometimes your baby cries because they want to be held or played with – or, sometimes, they're simply overstimulated and need a little quiet time." Maybe he needs a little quiet time.


It's fucking insane isn't it.... That this is about as much inconvenience as he can possibly tolerate.... It blows my mind that we are still to this day paying to lavishly pamper these morons. To a degree, I don't blame Charles directly and I think it's caused by society placing them on this mental pedestal that they have over the years become so tone deaf and out of touch it unreal. It don't make it right but i suppose they know no different. To another degree, just look at that interview with Andrew a while back. Surrounded by people that just nod and yes sir to his bullshit lies constantly. He genuinely thought people would swallow his crap because he has never been taught / experienced otherwise. "I can't sweat" lol.... Like seriously dude !


How many pricks does it take to change a pen?


The leaky pen is the highest struggle this man will suffer in his career


Well it is a terrible hardship! Think of the stains, wont someone think of the stains!


He doesn’t need to think of the stains! He has a valet for that


Abolish the monarchy's pen too. It's as useless as they are. They both Cost a lot of money and neither work.


In wishful thinking fairness- he’s grieving (hopefully) but he and those around him should know by now that this junk is not a good look.


Absolutely, man has lost his mam but he looks like a complete arse hat


Someone needs to brief King Chuck on camera awareness. Barely a week in and we have video of him unable to clear a desk and getting real upset over a pen. A pen that’s style has been pretty common for centuries.




I’m not condemning him for being a pissy bitch boy. I’m condemning his lack of situational awareness. His entire job as a King is his public persona. It’s a sad look to defend the rich from public criticism.


Why moan when something goes wrong? Get ink on your hands? Wash them ..... or you could moan and whine about it while the stain just sits there ...... The attitude they display shows that they are a privileged, spoilt moron who never suffered a day in there lives.


Yeah….. time to close down Britain’s riches welfare king (and queen or whatever) 🤮🤮🤮🤮


He has what must be one of the easiest jobs in the world and he doesn't seem to be able to do it correctly


What a fucking child. I hate it too, but don’t need to have a fit


To anyone who is defending him here. Yeah he's maybe not on the floor screaming, but he's supposedly a leader who is showing anger at the tiniest of inconveniences and instead of asking for another pen and pointing the broken one out like a stable adult he's moaning as if this is a daily occurance and ruins the whole day or makes him late or something when any of us would have not had a near meltdown over it He's also one of the most well off people in the world who has an easy life with nothing to do until now and he's showing us what a truly entitled child he is and what we should expect from him as King. Not looking good


Not to mention a handful of people coming to his aid so quickly as if this is such a big deal. It's depressing to see people bow to others just because of who their parents are.


Yeah you'd think he's choking or something but no, broken pen. What an absolute embarrassment


Hehe, do we even know it's broken? Maybe he just sucks at using them if this is happening all the time? Or could have a motor problem, he is old...


It's likely the first time he's ever lifted a finger hahaha I hope that's what it is and he doesn't last too much longer now


Pathetic cunthales


This is abit cheap? He wasn't even angry haha


Aw, cut him some slack. He's only got about 3 real tasks to accomplish, and at least 2 of them are too ambitious.






Yeah, I mean fuck Charles and all but I certainly could have seen myself go "God fucking dammit." Also, being American I'm not tracking the Charles gate except for the "firing his staff" thing. British people: why do you hate him?


Because people on here LOVE to have a moan, check their comment history and all they do is piss and moan about something. Is Andrew a nonce and deserves stringing up? Fuck yes… Do we need to ‘abolish the monarchy’ no I don’t think so, England wouldn’t be anywhere near as attractive for tourists without the royal family and tbh we need the revenue. But you won’t get that view from these twats, most of them don’t even know why they don’t like the monarchy they just like to be controversial


There isn’t any prerequisite of wanting to be controversial to dislike them. Anyone properly disposed towards democracy, justice, and the future prosperity of the world have abundant reasons to not only dislike, but hate the crown.


Check out Republic's debunking of the myth that the royals bring in any amount of tourism revenue https://www.republic.org.uk/tourism In video form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNXZSB7W4gU *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/AbolishTheMonarchy) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Wow, that must be frustrating for him, suddenly get all this attention that nobody could have anticipated. Do you know what else is frustrating? Putting in a few weeks of ludicrous overtime to support the new chief-poodle's ascent, only to be unceremoniously sacked by him via letter. Who's to say who's having a worse time?






Gives you a glimpse of the real man.


This is the core of the issue, isn't it. No wonder had got the fuck out of there when he met someone nice.


cunt cant wait for his mum to die so he can play up.


Give hiwm a bwake, hes been weewee busy and hiws mommy just died


I agwee


To be fair, for a raging inbred parasitic fuck, he's on brand.


Comedy gold


Cunty old man 👴🏽


Must admit, if it was me having to supply him that fountain pen, I'd have watered down the ink just the same. Nowt like a good chortle when everything seems so drib and drab...


If it was me, I'd see how much C4 could fit in the cartridge slot....


What a pansy little bitch


Camilla aged exactly as she deserved. Now her insides can match her outsides even more. Also I still dont understand the whole obsession with Meghan.... people are projecting all their frustrations at the wrong person. She is new to the whole thing. It's this lot you should be up in arms about surely.... priorities...


She's 75. I don't understand why people criticize her look, she looks normal to me...


She looks worse than the Queen did at 96...... The queen at least looked jolly. This one looks like she spits venom.




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Camilla is the 'right' colour... Meghan isn't as far as the flag nonces are concerned.


There was a Redditor claiming he hated Megan but never noticed she was mixed race so clearly the hate she received wasn’t racism lmfao


Classic excuse!


Not even a week into his first job, and he’s already struggling with signing a few pieces of paper. What a baby!


What do you expect from inbred morons?


inbred moron cunt


This is so funny, twice now he’s freaked over signing a piece of paper. It’s going well for him.. 😂


So he's supposed to sign it & then samo rando just signs it because of a leaking pen, just wow


I mean, that rando is technically Queen now. Though they have to add 'consort' on the end so as not to have the entire flag shagging world throw a shit fit over the disrespect to 'the Queen' or some shit.


They think they were ordained by God to run this sham lol


I can't believe there are Brits who worship these inbred dull freaks. Such a pathetic subservient serf mentality, yuck.


So… Camilla just breathes with her mouth open all the time? Like, even while “exerting herself” (sitting down and signing the book)?


Noticed this too. TIL Camilla is a mouth breather.






And you're just an uncaring arsehole, have you never lost anyone you loved?