My guess was they had lots of Lithium shorts they needed to get off the books.


I'd say they probably missed their entry price and made a dip to buy.


I'd say you are both right


Wasn't there reports of them buying big on lithium after their report tanked the price? It was completely this


I loaded my pay check onto lithium that day, absolutely stupid report. Great buying opportunity though


This is the way


yep, that was my PLS buy signal as well pretty much


These dickheads made a lot of asx bets posters a lot of money. Thanks Gold Mansacks


Goldman released a new report this month ​ **Goldman Sachs Nov 2022: Lithium’s delayed decline** A change in tune and analysis since the June misjudgement, which moves lithium in their models from surplus into 84,000 tonne deficit. “Now, adjusting our global lithium demand assumptions for this stronger restocking environment… the lithium market is expected to be in an 84kt deficit in 2022 (vs 8kt surplus previously) and a small surplus in 2023 (vs 76kt surplus previously)” Goldman. Sachs


Feel like they are going to make this announcement a yearly tradition.


They've already essentially doubled their return through cratering it artificially. I'm still shocked they never got a plz fucking explain you dawgs. 😒


Yes. Shocking. Market manipulation doesn't seem to matter if you're big enough. Too big for the SEC.


ASIC literally joined asxbets to see if they could fuck us. Shame they don't have the same big dick energy to fuck the people that actually manipulate the markets. Weak cunts,


It's not that surprising. They know they can't do anything about the real problems so they try and create buzz around non-problems to justify their existence and release some of their existentialist angst. There also was admittedly, some concern around the whole GME thing. Concern that small players banded together to fuck the big players for a change rather than the other way around as is standard. ;)


That whole gme thing was pretty crazy tbh lol. Can't say we (retail) help ourselves with that shit....fck Melvin tho


Great time to be alive!




Thanks to the lithium gurus here during the dark days of June/July, I doubled my money by going hard into PLS. It was clear that PLS was going to print money coming into end of 2022. Thanks to this sub who expertly pointed out the rubbish and inaccuracies in GS’ report about Chinese mines and lepidolite. Hopefully no one actually fell for that garbage.


How much did you spend?


Added 80k worth at various points between June and August.


Bank wankers


Inverse JCrap.


I’ve come to realise that nobody knows shit.


Oh they know..


Did jcap say lithium prices were going to fall? Or did they just call LKE a potential scamdream? Jury is still out on the latter imo.


They forecasted that lithium demand would drop in 2023, but then pick up in 2024 and beyond again. It was honestly the most idiotic report


got a link to it?


Jcap on FFX: We believe Firefinch should be trading at a valuation of between $1.68 bln and $2.28 bln. With the current market cap at $990 mln, the upside is between 70% and 130%.


it's at $236M now :\


They split the lithium assets to LLL


Ah, the good ol days


LOL, and you know what else? Today The AU GOV just announced a 250Mil Financing to support PLS Lithium mine expansion!!!! YiPPEEEEEE


I’m not sure how they managed to nab any of the critical minerals loan with their cash flow at the moment. I’ve recently jumped on RNU since they got a fair chunk of it too


Yes I'm also with RNU, u can follow there subreddit like with cxo and pls subreddit. I know what you mean PLS has alot of cash flow, great bank book balance wish goes a long way for derisking. I'd say they got the extra gov funding because they are really steaming ahead with product and development, secondly most prob because they have already demonstrated positive successes. And thirdly there is so much to unlock for that company I'd say they are just moved from a crawling phase, to assisted standing phase to now starting to walk. In my analogy the p1000, that's when they truely start to run. Lol.


Major project status and gov funding were part of the reasons I jumped on Cxo, I’m seeing a similar story unfolding at RNU! I do see how PLS got the loan when considering their status, I guess it’s just interesting money spent when they are printing cash. I would have thought they’d prefer to bring more resource online faster, but I guess they technically are if pls can expand quicker.


I'm interested In the pls report which there is a sentance which states diversify into battery minerals. I'll put the report up in the sub later on. As far as RNU, while I'm in, they are very much way behind the 8 ball. For me RNU is a sit and hold and wait a couple of years. CXO moved at very amazing speeds, from mine development, construction, shipping and now there first delivery. I just don't see RNU moving as quick as CXO did. Not at present . Having said that, we must remember it takes years to bring a mine online, this is the reason lithium is in such deficeit and will be for years to come. This is also the reason why i held my pls and cxo, and didnt listen to the economists, those professionals that scared the shit out of investors earlier this year trying to say lithium crash ages ago, and other people slaming pls as a failure or would fail. And because i held strong, now I have big smiles, I bought pls around..80s I bought cxo around. .22


are u in any other lithium companies? thoughts on LTR?


Haven't read much into lLTR, because PLS is the largest hard rock lithium miner now, and will continue to be in future with that expansion. Is LTR not fully Australian or something? I can't remember there was a reason why I didn't go for them, but I can't remember. Perhaps it's mine location, or mine to service time , or is it they have a partnership? I can't remember.


it is fully australian! good memory. Also in WA. I was tossing up between LTR and PLS a while back when Biden won.. and I didn't know which one to go for. they were both sitting around the 24c margin at the time and I remember thinking how volatile the graphs were for PLS. I ended up going for LTR because their management team had come from big solid successful Mining companies. clearly I chose the wrong stock 😅 so just wanted to see what logic or reasoning others had for choosing the other miner instead.


My logic was.... 1 largest hard rock mine 2 past research and own projection for demand 3 ingenuity of the BMX showed me the company thinks out of the box 4 partnership with Calix also showed me 3.. 5 there solar showed me they wanted to really push for green energy 6 past data graphs 7 I wanted to support a fully Australian company, so I tipped my money there as I got the shits with the banks giving me nothing in return, yet would use my money to give to others so others could benifit taking money to buy houses and other investments . So in simple terms I got nothing, bank npbank borrowers get there investments, banks get there proffits....so I thought fuck that and removed my money fro the bank .


Where is the subreddit?


You mean these? r/Renascor_Resources r/Core_Lithium r/Pilbara_Minerals


Thank you, sir.




What possible motivation do they have to say anything publicly? They want you to do something for them. Any secrets they have to make money they aren't sharing, so if they say anything you can bet it's out of self serving motivation.


I work at a bar where we get lots of bankers and finance people in.. and when i mentioned the lithium price announcement by G&S back then, one of them said, "we have friends in there that told us this was just for them to get back on the bandwagon they missed."😬😬😬


Pepperidge farm remembers…


I thought the best option was to do the total opposite of what the loudest idoit in the casino is yelling.


Here’s a hint: when they said that, those cunts we’re buying hand over fist. Lesson learnt.


#send it


There’s a sucker born every minute Of course they’ve been setting their positions the last 6 months


Gold ballsacks just trying to manipulate the market as always.


Do you remember last time they said it and they were spot fucking on and prices collapsed?


That was Morgan Stanley, not GS, in 2017, and they got it wrong a month or so back.