Good bet, 30% of its ATH, good yield great value 👍


Unlevered. You'll be fine. Check back in a decade


Just came back from the future. BHP tanked as petroleum was too scarce for interplanetary travel as no other planets had dinosaur mush. Also all money is now toasted sandwiches.


Toasted sandwiches you say. I’m rich!


Damnit I invested in jaffles!


The sandwich heavy portfolio wins again!


Zoidberg FTW!!


I dont get the connection; BHP doesnt sell oil & gas anymore :(


They exchanged that side Woodside shares in a merger, which is now known know as the worst merge in the history of mergers.. and the is including the merge of Ethereum which lead to single most centralised asset in this sector of the galaxy.


Why is it known as the worst merge?


Yes. Big pineapple has bought out all the pig farms


So I was right


I'm gonna go get me a lightly toasted pussy sandwich i guess.


too early


That price is a real steel


I was on a drill program in 2008 and my boss said to me, if BHP ever falls below 30 dollars again you put every dollar you own into it. And then they did in 2014 or whatever, and I didn't do it. Moral of the story - I don't listen.


looks more like 20 is the magic number


Not bad dude


Get those divvies reinvested and just set and forget baby


Check this [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5j9v9dfinQ) out mate, divvies are not free money.


But if you've already bought a shit tonne of shares in a company, you might as well set up drp. You missed the point of that video, he's saying not to pick stocks based on dividend yields.


That’s fair


Still might have a bit too fall yet, but not the worst decision.






Picked up 600 FMG shares today. Futures looking 🤑. Now off to watch new rick and morty ep.


Ah fuck. I just refreshed the futures red now.


This is the way.


Back to green now- place your betsssss


its red morty, morty the futures are red


I sold mine but hope to buy back in cheaper


Anyone want to hear my sob story of buying them at $1.70 and selling again at $2.50 for a nice profit?




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Green steel. MGT. jusy sayin :)


At least delisting isn't one of your worries


well if you're lucky there'll be a small bounce before it dumps


Investing in brake horsepower I see.


Best to buy some Commonwealth Bank shares to go with the BHP ones. Not such a one-sided bet if you do this.


Should have poured your life savings into DUN today and join Twiggy Forrest on the rich list!


Too soon!!


Why wait for the dip before buying? - OP


I thought this was the dip, I wanted to but originally at 37.40 but it was way below that today so I saw an opportunity


10% compound gain per annum if you back date it to 10 years


Yeah just extrapolate the once in history China boom...


yeah thats what he said


Commodities cyclical in nature If you want to maximise your gains Take cash instead of DRP Use the cash to buy low Unfortunately the only time when they have high payout is when commodity / share price near cyclical peak /


Almost did the exact same thing.


Good luck 👏👍


Yolo. Godspeed 🚀


Bad money


Good luck


BHP hit $15 about 6 years ago at the height of the Asian slowdown. Anyone think sub-$20 is possible?


Depends on iron ore price. Which will prob be ok. It may fall quite a bit but likely won't get into massive oversupply territory. The good thing about our iron miners during financial crisis is a combination of our pacific peso currency and govt stimmy spending tends to prop them up decently even when everything else goes to shit. They actually do worse when things are more normal but slow, like 2015-2018 period.


If there's one company I wouldnt worry about in a downturn (or recession) it's BHP.


Try $12. Remember where I was thinking “do I don’t I?” Consulting to them back then convinced me not to Consulting to them now convinces me that if they can make that much money NOW while super wasteful in corporate BS, imagine if they actually got their shit together.


It appears they’re slowing changing their fleet over to automated trucks, too. South Flank comes to mind. They also have BMA Operating Services (OS) which pays their staff less than BHP staffers despite doing the same job. A lot of newbies are on these contracts. So technically should be a leaner version in the future.


Yeah I wouldn’t bet the farm on autonomous trucks bringing down costs And I wouldn’t bet on OS saving that much money either I shan’t be saying more….


It'd take a lot for that, but <$30 isnt impossible with sentiment.


They used to trade within a range of $24-28 long time ago. My brother bought some long time ago. Made a tasty profit over two years. Glad I wasn't advising him haha.


Wasn’t the $15 dip due to Samarco (Sp?) Tailings dam failure (joint Vale project) that wiped out a village?




Fair comment, not sure. Maybe tho


Well done I have 2000 of em and have had for years


I’d wait until SP500 hit 3400 though


I'm thinking 3200 but I'll probably miss out


I think we might see sub 3000. Might be wishful thinking as I am sitting on a lot of BBUS.


Best in class scale bulk commodity producer but you’re buying it just after the start of commodity down cycle. Iron ore prices about 40-50% above long run averages and coal prices hundreds and hundreds of percent above long run averages. Commodity producers track commodity prices 90% of the time. Expect lower dividends and don’t be surprised if shares fall materially from here in the short term. Buy commodity producers when they have shafted dividends and the media says they are f..ked forever. Think buying coal stocks 2 years ago.




after solar and wind fail spectacularly and we go damn near dark ages... the world will eventually recover and go nuclear power for most of its energy needs. uranium stocks anyone?


Olympic dam anyone?


> after solar and wind fail spectacularly and we go damn near dark ages lol, yeah when the fucking sun disappears from the sky and the wind stops blowing


that’s not why it fails. it fails because supply cannot handle demand with these technologies. it fails because costs outweigh benefits. it fails because sometimes it’s cloudy and not windy 🤦‍♀️ too expensive, create their own pollution in the form of materials that don’t break down, pollution from the process of making these technologies, break too easily, the list goes on.... it’s great to have alternative sources of energy, but you’re kidding yourself by the sounds of it.


The costs outweigh the benefits because fossil fuel companies have held on for so long trying to keep it that way. I’ve been to Australia’s wind farms and the turbines are generally flogging it around, so you’re talking shit. We don’t put turbines in “sometimes windy, sometimes not” places. We put turbines in always windy places, and they’ll likely not stop for ages.


geez you’re thick 🤦‍♀️ have you ever even made 1 stock trade in your life? How did you get here 😂


Actually I’ve got a whole stock portfolio that I’m doing incredibly well on. How about you?


you’re still thick lol. “Wind turbines always spin because we put them somewhere windy”. I suppose solar panels always work in your mind, because we put them where the sun is always shining 🤦‍♀️😂😂😂


Uh he’s mostly right Wind resource is measured for years before a wind farm is built. The builder/operator will have a very good idea how much energy it will produce over its life based on this detailed data and modelling It is no miracle when a location is chosen, likewise with the size of turbine it is optimised to suit the available resource which then feeds into the contract price it can be sold at It might not achieve a 100% capacity factor but at ~40% it doesn’t need to when contracted appropriately As for your solar comment, solar farms are also placed where the capacity factor is potentially highest. No one expects the Sun to shine overnight but there’s still a reason why qld and nsw have more large scale solar than vic Source: work for energy project development and analysis


if this is how the majority of people are currently thinking... then in a few short years, we are absolutely screwed lol Turbines fail, solar panels fail, batteries fail. All of these technologies break down at some point and require repair or replacement and this uses an incredible amount of resources. How is fibreglass created? Where does lithium come from? What happens when it hails during a storm? These technologies simply do not “save the planet”. And what an ironic conversation to have, all under the premise that someone invested their life savings into BHP of all companies 😂😂


Modern solar panels offset the CO2 used in their manufacturing after just 2 years, with 80% of nominal power output after 10 years. So they pay themselves off many times over. The only thing "incredible" about the amount of resources is how little is required compared to future offsets. Good system design involves redundancy, so panels/turbines/batteries occasionally failing is normal and accounted for by asset managers. Only in extreme cases is there an interruption to supply, but the same goes for GTs, coal, and all generation for that matter. In terms of pollution from materials, the extraction of iron ore, LNG, etc. for fossil fuel generators is no better than for lithium, graphite, silicon etc. for renewables. And for waste a similar story - disposal of engine oil, CO2 from emissions, etc. puts up a good fight against old panels and batteries (which btw are increasingly becoming more recyclable). I think your talking points are maybe 10 years out of date - please refresh them with info from anywhere except Sky News.


Have you ever heard of a battery?


wow... wind, solar, battery combinations are failing around the world, entire countries in the grip of energy crises... and yet here i am, being schooled on why these technologies are so amazing.... LMAO!! you’d think this would be a sub reddit where the “smarter” people of the world might be found, but seems not 🤦‍♀️


Thats because you missed out on the day they were taught in school You might not want to get your sources from the crack heads who work for the Murdoch press. There is a video by corridor digital that not only explains why solar and renewable energy is so great, but has some good VFX work cause well of who they are. https://youtu.be/IZEaYjo4ZJU


Hi Tony


Or Peter. He said just a couple weeks ago he can't think of anything that can firm renewables. I sent him an email with a few links. It's hard keeping up with current affairs while busy learning new ways to spy on citizens.


Battery, or hydrogen


You know what’s great about all of this, your talking points are the same clickbait headlines sky news has been pushing through paid adverts on google.


have you ever heard of a thing called “winter”. apparently not 🤦‍♀️


Wondering why this is a factor for bhp since they divested their oil


Fossil fuels definitely are the future


I bought a bunch during the Covid dip and they have served me well. God speed.


Seems pretty premature


Right before we enter into a recession.. GL. hope to US bounces tonight for you


Dam. You need to save move if that's your life savings.


RIP. We are about to head into the biggest and longest bear market the world has ever seen. But you do you boo


Ok Casgains Academy


Bears are fucked


Bro where can I get a crystal ball like yours?


Holy shit did I just fuck my life up?


Shit son, maybe.


Fuck maybe cut losses tomorrow, sell and forget


Or maybe don't base YOLO investing decisions on a random 🌈 🐻 BHP is one of the most profitable enterprises out there with diversified risk. Long term it has and will continue to outperform anything the bears will recommend.


Mate, so long as you don't need this money in the next 5 years you are on your way to becoming a hundredthousandsair.


*hundredthousandsair* from a $17k investment ... in 5 years?


> on your way


I hope you're not serious about panic-selling.


Dude don’t do that. We are going through cycles now. BHP is a quality company. I bought them at $8 and they tripped to $4 within a few years. Dividends alone have paid themselves off many times over, not even looking at capital gains. Will the world need iron ore in 5 years time. Yes. Are bhp going to still be the biggest in the world. Most likely for 100 more years.


Not to mention they're also into: Coal Copper Nickel Uranium Zinc Potash All these minerals are going to be in high demand for years to come.


Did you sell?


Nah I didn't but still watching closely


Up to 38 today. Markets go up and down all the time. You’ve invested in a good one. Good luck. I know how discouraging it is when things go down. Nearly every time I’ve bought in fact. You can’t time the market.


Get it back with SNAS over the next 6 to 12 months


RemindMe! 12 months


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And then lose all gains with SNAS after


You can absolutely know you silly autist. There is a multitude of global macro data and technicals out there. Haha silly boy.


Buy some BEAR to hedge




Update, im up by 5.33% since posting




Sounds tasty.


Well that didn’t go as planned :/


Wait for SP500 ~3200/3100 and rebuy