Reflaired hole in the ground and a liar standing next to it. You used the term "hypothetical uranium price..."


"And if you don't trust the data you can still sell it at 2x" I've sold Uranium stocks in Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook, and, by gum, it put them on the map!


Is there a chance the stock could fall?


Not on your life, my radioactive friend!


Monorail ?


What's that commodity again??


yes the annual uranium pump


Annual? This guy pumps uranium here every second day


You could say he's radioactive.


Aha! You forgot to add DYOR and this is not financial advice! I'm calling ASIC!


We already looking into it


I so tope you did.


Solid punning there. Deserves a few more upvotes than what it got


I know!


I'm not a lawyer but if it's general advice and is a statement of fact and not a scheme to induce buyers. I think they can say whatever the hell they like. Again not a lawyer and my source is I was half asleep in a lecture while playing on my phone so grain of salt


A likely story. I'm onto you...


Really want to change my name to ASICunt now


SLX πŸš€πŸ§‘β€πŸš€πŸπŸ’²πŸ†


Best performer for me this year. Why it hasn't become a asx bets darling is beyond me...


It's blown me away, I got in at 70cents thinking "eh I'll see where this goes, uranium and silicon never go astray. Can't be worse than bank interest "


Nice! I bought in the week Russia invaded Ukraine, for some enrichment exposure @ $1.3 It's a reallllly solid play with Cameco set to purchase more in GLE ...I want to know what 'fair market value' will be in Feb next year..


It’s my new favourite toy :)


Napalm does sound like a pumper but doesn't mean he's wrong, what's the anti-thesis bear case? Full disclosure: I'm all in on uranium


The bear case is a catastrophic event. If a there was a meltdown then all stocks would get dumped. But got to weigh up the very low probability risk, and significant impact Against the rewards.


The bear case is that USA/China/France decide to be like the German govt. Personally I think that is unlikely, but if, for example, the Russians blow up Zaporizhzhia, it could happen. Full disclosure: I'm over-weight Uranium in my portfolio.


Nuclear Fusion is just around the corner /s


Actually do some numbers and work out how much uranium your miners would have to sell to justify their current market caps. Then actually work out what even the best case scenario demand is. Then look at the fact that these are small players who might be lucky to get a couple of percent of that demand and bang, you realise you sunk cash into a ponzi scheme.


That is a lot of words when you could have just said history repeats itself i.e. DYL: 23/03/2006: $1.57 29/03/2006: $3.21 24/10/2006: $3.04 07/11/2006: $7.18 23/04/2007: $12.25 x10 your money in one year. All aboard the fission train


It’s amazing how many anti uranium Boomers are on Reddit these days.


*wagged irradiated dildo* they know nothin'


Uranium is the True Green Energy


Look at $ADDing ADD to your uranium penny slot machine. Currently drilling uranium in South Australia at 1-30m of depth. The shallowest potential play in a tier 1 uranium jurisdiction that I can see. Shallower than AGE and with only 260m shares, not billions like AGE and most other U stocks.


Mine in Tanzania. I'm not keen on African political volatility..


Dev Ex Resources should be mentioned, Headed by Timothy Goyder. This one will perform strongly also.


I'm keeping my uranium investments to safer jurisdictions, namely Australia, Canada and the United States. Steering clear of some of those named above, likely going to miss the opportunity to make some good profits on the miners/explorers in the African countries but far less risk.


If you think the countries you've named don't have jurisdictional risks with permitting your kidding yourself


They certainly do, I should've stated that I'm considering sovereign risk also.


Namibia is a safe mining jurisdiction, probably one of the best in Africa, and Botswana is similar. To state sovereign risks exists for a whole continent is a narrow way to view risk. Africa is a big place my friend


Yeah I’m much more confident in DYL’s Namibian operations that the newly acquired Australian ones. Namibia 😍


Mulga rock will be Australia's next uranium mine (other than boss) No where else has permits, and good luck getting them. DYL chose wisely with VMY, and suspect borcshoff has another acquisition planned


What about DEV?


The irony is it's one of the strongest Uranium plays and may rocket pass all the popular ones in this post :D


Show us ya holdings


All aboard the El8 rocket ship ☒️☒️☒️ πŸš€


Username checks out… I’m sure you are aware that ticker has a number in it


No. It's a 'B'


So nice making this post after two 20%+ days in the last week πŸ™ŒπŸ‘


The risk is also huge with Paladin\*\*\* [which going by the wiki has had 2 mines](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paladin_Energy) based in Africa. As our mod u/letsburn00 points out, [Africa is fucking risky at the best of times](https://www.reddit.com/r/ASX_Bets/comments/wzjls4/comment/im3362a/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3). Throw in possible investment by Chinese entities mentioned in the wiki, and guessing your risk just went up again. \*\*\*that's the only one I looked at, so DYOR


Africa is a big place, it's small minded to view every country in Africa having the same risks.


>If you want to tell a mod who is in the mining industry that they're wrong, be my guest. yes, you too.


Haha I don't care who the mod is Different jurisdictions hold different risks, it's near racist to say a whole continent has sovereign risk. To state it clearly, Africa is not a country and each country in the world has different risks, so do your DD and assess your risks accurately. Also consider permitting risks, you could find the largest uranium deposit in the world but it's in a country or state that bans the mining of it, or simply there are native claims for the land as well then good luck getting a single pound out of the ground.


Namibia is the safest pocket of Africa, you're basically comparing Ukraine with Switzerland


If you want to tell a mod who is in the mining industry that they're wrong, be my guest.


Namibia is one of the best jurisdictions for uranium in the world. Africa is not a country. I doubt letsburn has much bad to say about Namibia at all? But if they do I’m here for the argument


I'm buying Thorium...but it usually comes with free Uranium and often Vanadium....sometimes gold. But my [Physchic 16 Powers ](https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.firstpost.com/tech/science/nasa-preps-for-a-new-2022-mission-to-the-golden-asteroid-psyche-16-near-mars-6889911.html/amp&ved=2ahUKEwjOwp2d7vD5AhUaSGwGHWduABQQFnoECA0QBQ&usg=AOvVaw00ixL6rbRnbooOJvVU2C1y) are telling me that gold might reduce in predicted scarcity in the next couple of years.


Berkely another one to keep an eye on.


This post aged like blue cheese in the summer sun