Yes! It will go up or down!


If it closes even what are you going to stick in your arsehole?


buttered corn cob


You guys can afford butter ?


Churn it yourself, you will save nothing because cows have gone up 100%!


My wife’s boyfriend


no, its literally going to go up..


Hah it went down! I was right!


Idk, but fuck you VML.


I have really learned a lot. Don't buy anything that hasn't got projected cash flows and a well defined resource.


No don't buy things with projected cash flows and well defined resources! Those things are already priced in. You want ill defined resources and no cashflows. Only then do you have the shot at the big time!


Yeah, I know. I'm a sucker for downside risk....


I cut my losses out of that shit show a while ago. Encourage you to do the same. If a ship is sinking, don’t pray that it will stop sinking. Jump.


I feel like swimming with the fishes.


Crap investments distract you from other good opportunities out there. All the best


Yes but crap investments is where you learn what a crap investment is. AND I LOVE LEARNING!!!


True story. Just don’t keep learning the same lessons haha


The captain never abandons his ship


Factored in.. The market will do what the will do.. in other words I have no idea..


Trade resulting from Hedging will still move the markets as probabilities collapse


Professor oak’s voice whispers in your ear… “Everything is priced in”


0.25 is for pussies. gives us a full 1% ya flogs


Yeah how am I supposed to buy defaulted popped bubble houses dirt cheap if this fucker doesn’t crush the panic buyers to the full extent


Typical AusFinance would throw 50% of people and their families out on the streets to house theirs instead.


It's a doggy dog world mate


Lol whut.


'dog eat dog' *


Doggy dog




Only 33% of people own a mortgage and some of those are sub human investors.


But people forget that the rest of those people are just trying to get by and put a roof over their heads.


Their pain, my joy


Shit cunt.


u/0x6b-dev is a commie.


asshole 100% see a quack


Someone’s cashed out…


I mean in the context of the world now and Australian history, interests rates are pretty low still actually. The only issue is we've had crazy low interest rates, too low, and people have way over borrowed. I mean the media is drumming it up like it's the appocalypse but 3-5% interest rates for a country is more or less fine once it all levels out again. Idk man it's just insane to me how much clickbait is built up to freak people out around a .25% rate rise on 3.1%. If we level out before 5% and then work it back down, that's pretty fucking good considering the world has ate absolute shit for the last 3 years.


To be fair, 5% interest rates does seem like Armageddon when everyone’s leveraged to the tits. 5% on 100k is meh 5% on a milli is like oh…fuck.


Who are these everyone's lol


Yeah I’m fine, mortgage is $250k little fibro shack in Labrador Gc. Brother in law can stop with the mortgages for shit, $1.4mil in debt and just got a boat. He drives a garbo truck.


You mean STABrador


Yeah stabrador that’s the one. But we live east of Turpin rd. So we are in an area where the stabbers ain’t allowed to cross, we put up an imaginary electric fence on turpin. Kinda like UN protection zone


Is it really as bad as people say? I’ve been living on the GC for about 5 years now and heard lots of stories about Lockyadoor and Southport, but whenever I’m up that way it doesn’t seem that bad.


Maybe a few years ago when you could buy a house in the 3’. As rents were cheap then. But now minimum house prices are 850k and rents are up like 600. Chirn park shops are pretty great aswell


Bruh how’d he get approved for that much? Assuming he has other income or assets


His wife is on similar income both about 80k they do have one rental investment plus the house they live in. So I guess when you add them together $160k 1.4mil debt is only 8.75x their salary. But fuck that if interest rates go up a another few %.


I’m earn significantly more that that and would have a hart attack even thinking of 1.4million. These people are going to live in poverty soon.


Yeah that’s what feel. I feel bad for them, cause they just lack they lil bit of education on money. A shit load of people are in the same boat though


Not sure if the “same boat” line was intentional. But I laughed. 🚤


No pun intended


Garbo truck? Is he a teamster?


Who’s higher, the rates or governor Phil? Looks like he’s been taking something


If you earned $20k a week, you too would be balls deep in class A's.


Phil will kill himself if he earned peasantry salary of $20k per week.


If you can see the whites of his eyes, it’s not time to buy the dip


idk if its priced in


I'm a basic fuck,but how does rising ppls mortgages curb inflation.


Because people have less disposable income and stop spending money at businesses. Those businesses demand lower and prices reduce or stabilise.


Well I mean the less disposable income is checked off the list, when do the lower prices come?


Lower prices will cum when you give them that reach around you promised.


These days you can keep spending way past broke


Ah ha ha ha. You simp.


Less disposable income --> less demand --> hopefully businesses lower prices to be more competitive and attract consumers... ( lay off consumers or even less customer hours ) ...


You’d have to threaten to chop the cocks off the CEOs of the major businesses for prices to come down.


When profits get reigned in.




Rates don’t just affect mortgages, they affect nearly every single type of loan or line of credit in Australia, business loans, business lines of credit etc get more expensive so it gets more expensive for people to borrow, reducing their loan amounts, spending less = less demand = less inflation


I did state that I was a basic fuck guys


That’s alright mate, that’s why I explained it


Cheers mate


Raising people's mortgages isn't the aim. It's a sad side effect of what they're trying to do. When the RBA sets the cash rate too low too many new loans are written which "prints" money into the economy. If the economy isn't growing fast enough the balance of money vs goods and services is disrupted to the point where money loses intrinsic value and everything becomes more expensive. They also don't want to stop people spending money, they want to stop people being able to spend more on the same basic items like meat and fuel. The free money meant that people were able to buy investment properties and stop working earlier in life than otherwise, which simultaneously gave a lot of people income while they stopped working - and the oversupply of free money insanely increased the price of houses because people could suddenly borrow 10x their income. The part nobody talks about is that the cash rate is still way lower than inflation, so every loan is still printing money and causing inflation and this approach will only work when the cash rate is higher than cpi. (I.e. it costs you more to borrow in real terms than to pay cash)


This guy inflations


Explain how loans "print money" please unless they include reserve banks.


The bank only has to have 10% of the money it lends you. I don't mean as physical money, I mean as litteral funds of any description. It charges you interest rates which further prints money. It's all digital anyway so none of it has to add up. The bank can use the money you owe it as "corporate paper" to borrow against and lend 10x that in an endless chain, essentially meaning they can legally lend 999x what they have. So long as the interest rate is lower than CPI the bank is printing money long term. In reality it needs to be the time-value of money more than CPI not to cause inflation, usually around 1.5-2%. There's never been a time in history where anything less than a cash rate more than 1.8% higher than inflation has caused inflation to go down. I E. Sorry to break it to you, we're either having inflation or a cash rate of at least 8.6% eventually. Funny story about that law, a few people in Ireland got to keep their houses in 2008 post repossession, after they proved the bank of Ireland had lent more than 10x it's reserves so had unlawfully lent them the money.


It still involves central banks (fractional lending) but you are right and the CPI isnt just about the loan its about the saving rate for real interest rates. In the 1970s I think interest rates were 20% around 5% above inflation because its about the incentive.


Commercial banks create money with new loans made, debt repayments destroy that money. https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/-/media/boe/files/quarterly-bulletin/2014/money-creation-in-the-modern-economy.pdf


It’s more about raising in line with other reserve banks around the world so the Aussie dollar doesn’t completely shit itself. Higher rates = more investment in the aud. If we dont raise rates in line with other economies, foreign investment will move money out of Australia and into a better bet. Aud then sinks. If the aud sinks, everything we import which is almost everything, gets more expensive and inflation goes higher. While at the same time everything we export becomes cheaper for over seas buyers. If we go the other way and get a strong aud, all the stuff we import is relatively cheaper and inflation drops. At least in the short term. But by then we will have a new gumbie in charge of the rba.


Hell yea.. Bring it on!


That article was such bullshit, fuck the media can be such ass clowns, the problem is some people react to those sorts of articles and make bad decisions due to the fear they generate.


97% of the people who read news dot com dot au have the financial understanding of a 4 year old Moldovan child.


Waka waka yes


Predicting it will go up because the pussies cut rates from 50 to 25 early. 25 then 0 over the next few months. Big brother Powell will cut down to 25 due to pressure as well. He's no Volk after all.


He also predicted 2 years no rate rise...!!!! On the money. He will destroy the economy this time...by going to hard..and kill business also with it. Why announce another 4 rates risers in the making.Give less fucking hope..you idiot.


Less dollars for business loans equals less investing...so the whole cycle slows down...lowering inflation... just need patience


up up up! make those little piggies squeel !


Buy me a drink or pay a months mortgage payment and I’ll show you what’s “up” sweet cheeks


2% get it over with.


How about the fuckwits who FOMOd in the last 2 v years take a bit of lube and accept you're not the only ones in this lol 😶‍🌫️


Good buckle up Australia


No need to bring Lube Phil my asshole is already leaking from getting fucked by life.


Would t it be great if a major newspaper actually wrote headlines like that. ‘Just move fuck up to the top line, “more fucked pain to come


The ASX will go up. My $0.02 worth.


Finally, a good day to be below average


[This is my response](https://i.ibb.co/J5wttMJ/E74-C6-ACA-45-A6-42-C9-8983-0026-E97568-DE.jpg)


Very contradictory info for both arguments everywhere. Recession is on the cards yet stock market is pushing higher. Thing is, the stock market is not the economy.


I will bet all your money that it will rise




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Lol definitely down


ZIP go moon. Lambo fest 2023.


We should control the market.


It’s been done before.


FLT most shorted on ASX.


The ASX will stay exactly the same, because a 75% chance of a 0.25% rate rise has already been priced in by the market. See here: https://www.asx.com.au/data/trt/TargetRateTracker.htm The only noticeable impact may be a small spike in the AUD, as we should get some new inflows of foreign money.


Even when it is priced in it seems to go red then recover in a few days.


You were right.